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2023 Best More-Than-A-Smoothie Bar

Callo/whill Greens

Nearly four years ago, former Miss Haiti Universe Christie Désir set out to create a space in Philly where people could feel good from the inside out. At her Spring Garden cafe, there are smoothies packed with superfood ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom and goji berries, sure. But Désir also hosts skin-care workshops where pals create their own serums and creams while sipping good-for-your-gut-and-skin beauty elixirs (from Désir’s Callo line) and discovering what “beauty from within” really means. Read More »

1800 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2015 Best Smoothie

Honey Love from Sip-N-Glo

Remember how the cast of Seinfeld flipped over that not-nonfat yogurt? This thing with banana, spinach and a hint of cinnamon is like that, but actually good for you. Read More »

932 South Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-273-0639 | Website

2014 Best Smoothie

Animo Juice

You'll do a double take: only pressed juices, organic granola and low-fat yogurt? Seriously? Because the Blueberry Cobbler Blend tastes just like pie. Read More »

1701 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-501-7754 | Website

2013 Best Smoothie

Groothie at HipCityVeg

You can't help but hit your fruits-and-veggies quota with this yummy (and filling) meal in a cup, which includes blended-up organic apples, greens, bananas and seasonal fruit. The real trick is making it back to the office with any left. Read More »

127 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-278-7605 | Website