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Best Roller Coaster

2021 Best Bone-Rattler

Great Adventure’s New Jersey Devil Coaster

We can’t even watch the YouTube POV videos from the front seat of this brand-new ride — the tallest, fastest and longest single-rail roller coaster in the world. You’re on your own. Read More »

One Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson Township, NJ Website

2015 Best Roller Coaster

El Diablo at Six Flags Great Adventure

It's not the biggest. It's not the fastest. But this new ride is absolutely terrifying. Your car rolls backward and forward on a 360-degree looped track, slowly building up enough momentum to send you hurtling upside down over and over again. Read More »

1 Six Flags Boulevard, Jackson, NJ | 732-928-2000 | Website

2012 Best Roller Coaster


Opened this past Memorial Day weekend, Hershey Park's Skyrush is a blue-and-gold behemoth-200 feet high, 3,600 feet long, top speeds up to 75 mph, five zero-G hills, lift speed of 26 feet per second. What sets it at the pinnacle of our list, though, are the "wings": While the two center seats of each four-seat row sit securely on the track, the ones on either end are floorless, leaving riders' legs dangling 20 stories up. Eeek! Read More »

100 West Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA | 800-437-7439 | Website