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Best Restaurant Deal

2017 Best Meal Deal

Friday Lunch at Vetri

Considering that dinner here can cost upwards of $155 per person, an $85 meal out of the very same kitchen, cooked by the very same chefs from a very similar menu, is a steal. Perspective is everything. Open for lunch on Fridays only. Read More »

1312 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-732-3478 | Website

2016 Best Sunday Dinner

The Fat Ham

On Sundays, the Fat Ham rolls out a $30 family-style dinner with nine dishes from Top Chef Kevin Sbraga's Southern menu — including his signature hot chicken. How can you afford not to go? Read More »

3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-735-1914 | Website

2016 Best Deal for Carnivores

Pineville Tavern

Most restaurants have a loss leader — a product that's sold at a loss in order to get customers in the door. We're guessing it's the porterhouse for two at Bucks County's comfy Pineville Tavern. For $59, you get a two-inch-thick porterhouse freshly cut by the butcher down the street, perfectly char-grilled by the chef, and served with a few comfort-food side dishes. Read More »

1098 Durham Road, Pineville, PA | 215-598-3890 | Website

2015 Best Restaurant Deal

Nine Ting

You know what's good? Korean barbecue. Also good? Shabu shabu. But what's awesome is having them both in one place -- and getting them for an all-you-can-eat price of $32. It sounds a little expensive on the surface, but if you wanted, you could literally just sit there all day and make the servers bring you one of everything off both menus. And who wouldn't want to do that? Read More »

926 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-238-9996