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2022 Best Reason to Hit the Rink

Great on Skates

Old-school roller-skating has made a major comeback, thanks in no small part to this captivating troupe of roller dancers and skate instructors, whose motto is, “If you ain’t sweatin’, you ain’t working!” With uniquely Philly “fast-backwards” skating and moves that defy gravity, their performances will make you want to lace up a pair of four-wheelers and join the party. Feeling a little rusty? They also teach skate classes around the city. Read More »


2022 Best Pastime

40+ Double Dutch Club

This year’s Best Pastime winner started from a 2016 gathering of friends in Chicago and is now a nationwide women’s fitness movement. Sharon Hatcher and Iesha Jackson steer the Philly chapter. “It started off with two friends who wanted to do something that was just for them to have fun,” Hatcher says. “They were in their heads about different things — divorces, kids growing up, all that. They thought back to how they jumped rope when they were kids and how much fun they had.” From that original duo, the club has amassed more than 30,000 members across the country. Read More »