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Best New Restaurant

2022 Best New Restaurant, City

Her Place Supper Club

What began as a temporary deal in a shuttered pizza joint is now a full-blown, deeply personal restaurant. Amanda Shulman has transitioned Her Place Supper Club from a short-term project to a permanent operation while retaining its sublime French and Italian-ish food and a human touch so integral to the original concept. Coming here feels like having dinner at your cool new friend’s house — if your friend made the best steak tartare and fries in the city, always seemed to keep a truffle hidden somewhere in her kitchen, and had a wine and cocktail program crafted by Julianna Bursack. Her Place may have started as a pop-up, but lucky for us, it’s not going anywhere. Read More »

1740 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best New Restaurant, 'Burbs


The seventh-floor sunset views bring drama to Nick Elmi and Fia Berisha’s new spot, but the menu remains the real reason to seek out a meal here. Try uni deviled eggs topped with caviar, and roasted dorade scattered with golden raisins that go off in your mouth like tiny sweet firecrackers. Add a plate of Lark’s gnocco fritto, puffy beignets crowned with prosciutto and served with preserved lemon. Eating Lark’s food will make you feel like you stole a millionaire’s picnic basket. Read More »

611 Righters Ferry Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA Website

2021 Best New Restaurant


Every so often, a restaurant summons all its confidence, swings open its doors, and absolutely nails every single thing it sets out to do. In Sally’s case, Anna D’Isidoro, D’Onna Stubblefield and Rob Marzinsky set out to do pizza, wine and small plates — which, well, feels so very … common these days. But the menu here is deceivingly special, a treasure trove of perfect, deeply considered vegetables (the charred cabbage drenched in a spicy, tangy “who knew?” sauce is so confoundingly good, you’ll be wondering about it for weeks), sourdough pizzas that range from margherita to clam and leek to South Philly-style pizzazz, and a thoughtfully curated wine list the whole staff seems excited to chat about. The servers are having fun, the music’s always bumping, and every time we go, we leave feeling happy, full, even a little bit resentful that there aren’t a hundred more restaurants in Philly like Sally, bringing that same kind of youthful, future-thinking vibrancy to our dining scene. Read More »

2229 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2020 Best Restaurant We’ve Been Waiting For

Laser Wolf

Laser Wolf is the restaurant scene’s way of writing science fiction — our boldest vision of the future of dining out. Before the pandemic, it was a place that existed entirely outside the customary definitions of casual/fine dining, one to which crowds flocked to smear kale baba ganoush on the best pita anywhere and devour merguez sausage and chicken shishlik off the kitchen’s blazing grills. It tasted fancy but felt like a nonstop party — complete with shots of arak and ice-cream sundaes for dessert. And after everything changed? Laser Wolf shifted gears and became the go-to spot for procuring the best backyard grilling kits for the summer. Read More »

1301 North Howard Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-499-4660 | Website

2019 Best New Restaurant

Pizzeria Beddia

Joe Beddia used to run the best pizza joint in the city that no one could get into. Now he runs the best pizza joint in the city that everyone can get into — provided you’re willing to show up early, wait in line, and/or make a reservation. Read More »

1313 North Lee Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Millennial Bait Restaurant


Pastels, plants, and a butterfly mural that was meant for selfies. If you were born in the ’90s, you’ve probably been here. If you haven’t, get your grandkids to set you up on Snapchat and come see what the fuss is about. Read More »

1500 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-761-5582 | Website

2018 Best New Restaurant


It was one of last year’s most eagerly anticipated openings: a gigantic Lebanese bakery, market and all-day cafe in the middle of Fishtown. Dinner service was rolled out a few months later, and it made the place even better, with excellent cocktails and a menu of deceptively simple Middle Eastern staples (labneh, muhammarra, kebabs) done with remarkable attention to detail. There’s no restaurant like it anywhere else in Philly, and no place more representative of what it’s like to eat in this city in 2018. Read More »

1528 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA | 215-302-1900 | Website

2017 Best New Restaurant

Palizzi Social Club

There’s no place quite like Palizzi. The private club, recently reopened by Zeppoli’s Joey Baldino, is magical—like eating at the party for Louis Prima in Big Night. The drinks are powerful, the food is simple Italian, and the rules are there to keep the place special for those willing to jump through a few hoops in order to have a singular food experience at a time when not many of those exist anymore. Read More »

1408 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2016 Best New Restaurant

Double Knot

When you open in a former Midtown Village porn theater and have a mysterious basement dining room and a menu that reads like the scattered, Adderall-fueled scrawlings of a culinary obsessive, you have to be pretty goddamn amazing to snag the Best New Restaurant slot. And Double Knot is exactly that amazing. A cool and casual coffee shop/lunch spot with a great happy hour up top and a candlelit warren downstairs offering sushi, robatayaki, scrapple bao and Japanese fried chicken nuggets, this is one of those restaurants that Philadelphia has been waiting for years to call its own. Read More »

120 South 13th Street, Midtown Village, Philadelphia, PA | 215-631-3868 | Website

2015 Best New Restaurant


Just when we thought French food served on white tablecloths was headed for the obituaries, chef/owner Townsend Wentz's energetic seasonal compositions and finely wrought sauces made us swoon all over again. Especially in the company of sommelier Lauren Harris's adventurous and fairly priced wines. Read More »

1623 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA | 267-639-3203 | Website

2014 Best New Restaurant


Yes, it's expensive. Yes, the menu is essentially Jose Garces's memoir, sketched in food. Yes, it's 14-plus courses, takes hours to get through, and requires you to buy tickets for what is unabashedly referred to as a "performance." Go with it, because dinner in the main dining room at Volver might be one of the best meals you have in your life. Read More »

Kimmel Center, 300 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-670-2303 | Website

2013 Best New Restaurant

Vernick Food and Drink

Greg Vernick has gathered ideas from places as far-flung as Qatar and Tokyo but the best thing about his restaurant is the way it makes you feel at home. While the Cherry Hill native comforts you with his stupendous toasts or lulls you into a daze with his grilled black sea bass his best pal, GM Ryan Mulholland, makes everyone who comes through the door feel not so much like an honored guest as a welcome friend. Read More »

2031 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-639-6644 | Website

2010 Best New Restaurant (City)


Meat pops up in dishes here and there chorizo nestled among steamed clams, bits of chicken skin (!) scattered in a salad but it's a seafood-lover's paradise at chef/owner Mike Stollenwerk's Rittenhouse spot. Fans of Stollenwerk's previous restaurant, Little Fish, which closed earlier this year, might recognize a few dishes (and the attentive servers), but there are plenty of new and utterly delicious ones to make this larger, liquor-licensed location a star on its own. You haven't had skate until you've had Fish's version over truffled spaetzle with parmesan broth and melted leeks, although you really can't go wrong with any of the inventive fish fare. Read More »

1234 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-9600 | Website

2010 Best New Restaurant (Suburbs)


At this quaint Lansdowne BYOB, Chef Sam Jacobson is doing a lovely job with market-fresh fare, and doing justice to the dream of original chef/owner Meg Votta, who passed away shortly after opening the place. Her protg's thoughtful touches (creative cocktail mixers served in silver shakers), skillful execution of complicated dishes (tender, cumin-scented lamb "steak" with artichoke-pistachio pesto), and smooth service (even especially? for the 'burbs) make the place stand out. Read More »

14 South Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne, PA | 484-461-2867 | Website

2009 Best New Restaurant (A.C.)

Chelsea Prime

No offense to the spectacular in-casino eateries (we love you, Izakaya!), but its about time we got a trendy, atmospheric, high-end restaurant that overlooks Atlantic Citys best asset: the ocean. And at Chelsea Prime the crisp black-and-white supper-club-like steakhouse from Stephen Starr, in the Chelsea all of the tiered, oversized booths face the blue Atlantic. Which is why we suggest you have a few drinks while the sun sets before you turn all of your attention to the steak, which is perfectly charred, buttery, and matched only by the close-your-eyes-and-moan loaded potato skins. Read More »

111 S Chelsea Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ | 609-428-4545 | Website