Best of Philly

Best Musician

2021 Best Singing Hope

Cam Anthony

Jubilation over the Philly phenom winning season 20 of The Voice was tempered by the show’s confounding inability to convert winners into stars. But Anthony — a 19-year-old with the smooth tenor of someone decades older, the boyish good looks of the Jackson 5, and the style of vintage Al Green — had even jaded Voice coach Blake Shelton predicting he’ll reverse that trend. Read More »

2015 Best Musician

Son Little

A bit of Bill Withers, a bit of Marvin Gaye, a little Curtis Mayfield and a whole lot of himself, this local singer/songwriter has a distinctive "future soul" groove. He recently toured with Mumford and Sons and has a debut album in the works; in the meantime, download his singles "O Mother" and "The River" -- and call everybody else front-runner fans when he makes it big. Read More »