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Best Media Personality

2021 Best Grace Under Fire

Ukee Washington

The Los Angeles Times story in January detailing the racist/sexist culture promoted by some New York-based CBS executives aired a lot of dirty laundry about Philly’s CBS affiliate, much of which involved those execs’ despicable opinions of lead evening news anchor Ukee Washington. That Washington rose above the fray, summoning the love and support of the region, comes as no surprise to those of us who’ve adored him all along. Read More »

2021 Best Hope for Latinx Media

Perla Lara, Editor-in-Chief of <em>Impacto</em>

Lara is producing the best community journalism around right now, with a keen eye into the Latinx community. While we’ve come to expect diverse media from the likes of WURD, the Tribune and Al Día, this media leader offers a timely and promising alternative. Notably, she’s working with staff from the Caribbean, South America, and the Greater Philadelphia area to cover Latinx issues more holistically. Read More »


2021 Best Media Personality

Marc Lamont Hill

Cable news is best consumed as a form of punishment. One exception: Black News Tonight from Temple professor and Uncle Bobbie’s bookshop owner Marc Lamont Hill, which is premised on the idea that white media is institutionally incapable of covering the issues that matter to Black America. Hill’s skillful interviewing and intellectual chops make for compelling, insightful TV on the burgeoning Black News Channel. Given the medium, that’s no small feat. Read More »