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2022 Best Way to Reuse the Wedding Ring From Your First Marriage

Nishi Jewelry

You can peruse Joanna Bengoa’s delicate ready-to-wear diamond necklaces, engagement bands and stud earrings on her web shop. But the jeweler can also utterly transform your dusty old heirlooms that have been lying untouched in the bottom of your drawer for a decade. Bengoa, who has a degree in gemology, will work with you to design a new one-of-a-kind piece that feels contemporary, fresh, and totally personal. Read More »


2021 Best Ear Candy

Queen Mama Jewelry

These jewelry statement pieces made of colorful clay are crafted by hand in chunky shapes, and every pair of earrings is special enough to display at the PMA (or at least on your bedside table). Go for pink clay bheka earrings or a multi-textured pendant necklace to add a little more life to any outfit, any day. Read More »


2021 Best New Way to Wear Pearls

Feast Jewelry

Gone are the days of the fuddy-duddy string-of-pearls necklace (unless you’re Harry Styles, in which case, please carry on). Instead, we’ve been gifted with Adrienne Manno’s Feast Jewelry, a Kensington company that uses pearls on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets in delightful ways. At the end of gold spirals or sandwiched between heavy chain links, pearls take on new, modern appeal. Manno has even started making pearl Croc charms, for when you want to give your slide-on footwear a preppy upgrade. Read More »


2019 Best Vintage Jewelry

Maejean Vintage

One look at the rainbow-hued stacks in the photos of rings that Lancaster-based sisters Amanda Mae and Laura Jean Hornberger post on their Instagram feed, and you’ll snap them up six at a time (and probably a brooch-turned-necklace, too). Read More »


2019 Best Statement Jewelry

Bella Turka

If you like it when people say, “Ooooh, where did you get that?” — shop here. The rainbow beaded necklaces, amethyst rings and chandelier earrings are handmade and hand-sourced by owner Koray Avci here and overseas. Additional location in Rittenhouse. Read More »

113 South 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-560-8733

2019 Best Modern Jewelry

Ritual Shoppe

Angela Monaco has moved her NoLibs shop to the fanciest square in town and created a pink-walled store that’s as dreamy as the fine rings, necklaces and earrings designed by her and other local artists. Read More »

2003 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA | 267-606-6082 | Website

2015 Best Statement Jewelry


The jewelry at online shop Dylanlex (crafted by Drexel grad Drew Ginsburg) comes in the form of rings, bracelets and chunky multi-layered collars, made from mixed metals and Swarovski crystals, that have earned a cult following among style-blazers. (Rihanna's a fan.) Read More »