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Best Hiking/Running Trail

2019 Best Hiking Trail

The Trolley Trail

Even if you’ve run through Fairmount Park a thousand times, you may have missed the still-being-built-out Trolley Trail, which follows the route of the old Fairmount Park Trolley and features gorgeous 19th-century bridges and tunnels. Start at Chaminoux Hostel. Read More »

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2012 Best Hiking/Running Trail

Wissahickon Valley Park

As an officemate with plenty of miles on him put it, "I'll drive for two or three hours to find a place to hike, but only because it's different. It's not any better than the Wissahickon. It's amazing to me that we have that right here." Start out anywhere, and follow your whimsy; thanks to the creek, it's easy to stay oriented. And you'll find history and landmarks all along the way: Lover's Leap, Mom Rinker's Rock, the Cave of Kelpius, Fingerspan, Devil's Pool, the Monastery ? Read More »

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