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Best Healthy Breakfast

2012 Best Healthy Breakfast

Veggie Patch Omelet at Mrs. Marty’s Deli

EXPERT PICK: "If you have time in the morning, a veggie-loaded omelet is always a good option. Add two kinds of meat and you have a hearty breakfast. This omelet has no cheese, but you wont miss it one bit." — Mike Smaltz, director of operations at Platoon Fitness Read More »


2013 Best Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast

Bryn & Dane’s

What's fast (drive-thru!) and healthy (low-calorie!) and now serves breakfast (egg and bacon sandwiches!)? This wholesome Horsham cafe, where ingredients are sourced from local farms—blueberries and strawberries are even grown in the parking lot—and almost everything on the menu clocks in at under 300 calories. Here's to a fast breakfast that will actually fill you up. Read More »

400 Privet Road, Horsham, PA | 215-675-1599 | Website