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Best Grilled Cheese

2016 Best Grilled Cheese


"Artisan grilled cheese sandwiches" sounds like exactly the kind of stupid thing you'd read about on Goop, Gywneth Paltrow's insufferable lifestyle site. But look, if you've got your own dairy, make your own cheese, and then combine that cheese with things like cranberry chutney, duck fat, barbecue potato chips, brisket or cornichons, you know what you've got? An honest-to-God, no-bullshit artisan grilled cheese sandwich that would make Gwyneth's delicate, pastel-colored and cruelty-free heart explode if she got within 50 feet of it. Read More »

46 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-687-4950 | Website

2015 Best Grilled Cheese

The Classic at Milkhouse

Question: Is the sandwich better because of the surprising locale in which we found it served (Suburban Station) ... or is its perfect simplicity (country white bread, butter, lots of American cheese) excellent on its own, apart from geographical bias? Answer: Both. Which bodes well for the forthcoming Rittenhouse outpost in the former Matyson space. Read More »

Suburban Station, Philadelphia, PA | 267-606-6757 | Website

2013 Best Grilled Cheese


You cannot beat grilled cheese made with Valley Shepherd Creamery cheddar. Read More »

Reading Terminal Market, 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia, PA | 267-639-3309 | Website