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Best Five Minutes of Fame

2021 Best Five Minutes of Fame

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Their time in the sun may have only lasted five minutes. But the memory of Donald Trump promising an election-theft press conference at the Four Seasons only to end up instead with henchman and Madame Tussauds figure Rudy Giuliani standing next to a porn shop and a crematorium in Northeast Philly will last a lifetime. Read More »

7339 State Road, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Five Minutes of Fame, Part II

The Convention Center Vote-Count Partyers

Dancing mailboxes, a Philly Elmo drum line, a days-long pop-up block party in the street drowning out the cultish pro-Trump protesters at the Convention Center — and all of it covered not just across the country, but around the globe. What more needs to be said? Good things happen in Philadelphia. Read More »