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Best Eco-Friendly Program

2021 Best Block Cleaner

Philly’s Circular Non-Delivery Decal Program

You know all those menus and supermarket inserts scattered in your storm drains and whipping into a twister every time the wind blows? Now there’s a way to get rid of them. Sign up for the city’s Circular Non-Delivery Decal program, and they’ll send you a shiny decal to let companies know you don’t want their handbills. Read More »


2021 Best Way to Help the Delaware

Rain Check

Since 2012, the city water department’s Rain Check program has paid homeowners to install stormwater management tools like rain barrels, downspout planters, and permeable pavers, which in turn keep grimy runoff from flooding back into the rivers. Rain barrels are free; everything else costs as little as $100. Don’t say they never gave you nothin’. Read More »