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2023 Best Meats

Heavy Metal Sausage Co.

At this South Philly specialty deli, you can stock up on homemade pork sausages or stop by for lunch and listen to owners Patrick Alfiero and Melissa Pellegrino talk about local sourcing while you eat zungenblutwurst sausage and pickled vegetables stacked on rye. Or you can snag a ticket to the weekly family-style dinners, where you’ll be treated to pork liver pâté and veal-stuffed pasta made from local grains. No matter how you Heavy Metal, Alfiero and Pellegrino’s approach to whole-animal butchery will keep you coming back again and again. Read More »

1527 West Porter Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2014 Best Deli

Ben & Irv’s

Family history (60 years of it, in fact) is what makes the food that comes from the kitchen so heartfelt. Just scan the options for anything that has the excellent pastrami, corned beef or smoked fish on it, and you'll leave with a big smile on your punim. Read More »

1962 Country Lane Road, Huntington Valley, PA | 215-355-2000 | Website

2012 Best Deli

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

Sure, they've got the best Jewish deli sandwiches and free pickle bowl around. And don't miss the humongous crinkle-cut steak fries. But what cinches the deal are the free-with-an-eat-in-lunch fresh chocolate chip cookies. If they moved onto the Main Line, they'd put Hymie's and Murray's out of business in a week. Read More »

700 South 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-922-3274 | Website