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2023 Best One-of-a-Kind Date

Beekeepers for a Day

Sure, you could meet at a bar or try to get a table at the best new restaurant in Philadelphia. But if you really want to see what your possible future better half is made of, both of you can don some beekeeper outfits and spend half a day delving deep into bees and their hives with South Philly apiarist Mark Berman. Bonus: You get to take home a bottle of backyard honey. What you do with that honey after this segment of your date ends is your business. Read More »


2022 Best Spicy Date

Old City Kitchen

If even the “dinner” part of your typical"dinner and a movie" date night needs an upgrade, sign on for a chef-led class at Old City Kitchen. Start with the Pastamaking 101 class; if the date’s a hit, there’s a more advanced class you can try later. Read More »

218 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Sober Date

Cocktail Culture Co.’s zero-proof cocktail workshop

If you’re not drinking, check out Cocktail Culture Co.’s weekly zero-proof cocktail workshop, which will teach you to make mocktails with non-alcoholic spirits and liquor alternatives. Read More »

16 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Hot Date

East Falls Glassworks

Getting creative in the kitchen not cutting it for you? Try a furnace and a blowtorch instead. Book a private lesson at East Falls Glassworks, learn the basics of glassblowing, and take home a self-made souvenir of your red-hot evening. Read More »

3510 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Daring Date

Callowhill Archery

Make like Cupid and take aim with Callowhill Archery’s “Love and War” date-night package. This 90-minute tryst includes intro-to-archery lessons and some games to inspire a little friendly competition. Bull’s-eye! Read More »

446 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website