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2023 Best Dance Parties

Riot Nerd

These local dance-party promoters have something for (almost) anyone at various locations in the area, whether you want to shake it off with Taylor Swift tunes, unleash your inner diva at “Beyoncé vs. Rihanna,” gather with fellow K-pop enthusiasts for a few jubilant hours, or brood the night away with “Depeche Mode vs. NIN.” Read More »


2019 Best Dance Parties

Warehouse on Watts

This warehouse feels like it could be busted by the cops at any moment, but rest assured: The once-illicit spot, with its rave-tastic rooms, killer beats and mesmerizing lighting, is now totally legit. Read More »

923 North Watts Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-853-6358 | Website

2016 Best Dance Party


We're over the neon dance clubs of yesteryear, where you can't find your friends if you get separated, you can't hear yourself think, and the drinks have stupid names. We prefer this French-inspired club, where DJs spin hip-hop, R&B and club classics (best is DJ Muhammad on most Friday nights) but you don't have to drink Buttery Nipples to fit in. Read More »

624 South 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-592-0656 | Website

2013 Best Dance Party

Salsa Caliente at Painted Bride

Dont know your salsa from your merengue? Get yourself to the Painted Bride Arts Center on the first Friday of the month (from September through June) for lessons in sexy Latin dancing with experts from Flacos Dance Factory. After the one-hour lesson, youre ready to dance the night away with a real live Latin big band. And if youve never done the cha-cha to a live Latin band, well, youve never done the cha-cha. Read More »

230 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-925-9914 | Website