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Best Charcuterie

2018 Best Charcuterie

Royal Boucherie

Housemade charcuterie is something people will travel for. And we’re flocking en masse to Royal Boucherie, where loaves of terrine get inlaid with rabbit loins and bits of pistachio, and where thick slabs of foie gras have cocoa coursing through their veins. Read More »

52 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA | 267-606-6313 | Website

2012 Best Charcuterie


Andrew Wood is a pig-whisperer. Lomo like rose petals and lardo like vellum distinguish this Old World-inspired BYO. Not to mention pancetta, prosciutto, pitina ? and those are just the p's. Read More »

1521 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-546-1521 | Website

2010 Best Charcuterie


It seems like everyone's hanging a salami out to dry these days, but Fork's ample platter, made and curated by sous-chef Andrew Wood, is a step ahead thanks to lardo (just what it sounds like) and the finocchiona (fennel-seeded salami), served with house-made conserva and dried-fruit mostarda. Read More »

306 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-625-9425 | Website