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Best Bread

2019 Best Bread Baker

Claire Kopp McWilliams of Ursa Bakery

Is it a surprise that the longtime baker for Vetri Cucina makes the best bread in the city? No. Is it worth the trip to the Fairmount or Ambler farmers’ markets for McWilliams’s cloudlike challah, focaccia, and rustic sourdough loaves? Absolutely. Read More »


2018 Best Bread for Grilled Cheese

Mighty Bread Company

This East Passyunk micro-bakery’s three-cheese sourdough – made with parmesan, romano and asiago – will carry your bacon-and-gruyère straight to the Grilled Cheese Hall of Fame. Read More »

1211 Gerritt St, Philadelphia, PA | 215-778-3520 | Website

2018 Best Bread Basket

Noord Eetcafe

Every afternoon, Noord’s longtime chef de cuisine, Jonnathan Yacashin, bakes big, hulking boules of tangy rye and buttery milk bread. And every night, you’ll get a big, hulking bowl of it, served grilled, with a hefty smack of garlic butter on the side, completely free of charge. Read More »

1046 Tasker St, Philadelphia, PA | 267-909-9704 | Website

2016 Best Bread Service


Best thing about Neuf: sitting at the bar and snacking on the kitchen's house-baked bread. It's crumbly, crisp-crusted and perfect, served with only parsley pesto and a few olives, because nothing else could improve it. Read More »

943 South 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-309-5847 | Website

2014 Best Bread Basket

High Street on Market

Even if squid-ink bialys are a bridge too far for you, the buckwheat cherry loaf will recalibrate your expectations for what bread baskets should taste like. Read More »

308 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-625-0988 | Website

2009 Best Bread

Parc Restaurant

Man cannot live by bread alone unless we're talking about Parc's house-baked baguettes. Copious slices are provided for every table, filling the restaurant with their deliciously yeasty aroma. Like genuine French loaves, these have a richly browned, crackling exterior and a flavorful, chewy interior that's substantial without being dense. Slathered with butter, pt or brandade, or used to mop your bowl clean of bouillabaisse, the bread will be the most memorable part of your meal. Pick a loaf up at the hostess stand on your way out ($3 each). Read More »

227 South 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-2262 | Website