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2022 Best Bike Builders

Engin Cycles

Right off the bat: These are not cheap bikes. They start at $4,500, so we’d understand if your eyes just bugged out. But hear us out: They’re gorgeous. Nearly every piece of the bike is machined in-house, and the titanium frame adds a level of durability that no off-the-rack frame can match. So maybe put this on your “someday” list. Read More »

7837 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2015 Best Bike Builders

Bilenky Cycle Works

Whether you opt to custom-build because you want your steel-framed steed to fit you like a glove or because the ride of your dreams (say, a touring cargo semi-recumbent tandem in electric blue) just isn't available off a rack, the legendary Stephen Bilenky and crew are your hookup. They're the masterminds of Philadelphia Bike Expo and the madcap Junkyard Cyclocross, and their Olney-based cyclery has become the matrix of our indie, artisanal two-wheeled scene. Read More »

5319 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-329-4744 | Website