Kickboxing Studio Hosting Hilarious (And Slightly Insane) Anti-Valentine’s Day Class

Well, here's one way to get out your anger.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most inclusive holiday that’s ever been thought up. But this year, the folks at ILoveKickboxing, which has seven Philly-area studios, is hosting a worldwide Anti-Valentine’s Day kickboxing event on February 13th that just about anyone who has an ex they regret could easily join in on. You’re instructed to bring a photo of said ex, whether that’s an ex-boyfriend, ex-bad habit, ex-boss, ex-illness or ex-BFF. Can you see where this is going?

If you think you’re going to punch that picture, you would be right. Before class (the event is taking place at all locations during the 5 and 6:30 p.m. time slots on February 13th), you will tape the picture to your heavy bag, and then you’ll go to town. As ILoveKickboxing brand spokesperson Teresa Oxford Parrella said in a press release, “It allows attendees the chance to finally rid themselves of any issues that they may be harboring against someone or something, in a supportive setting, and have great time!” Okay.

In the true spirit of celebrating Anti-Valentine’s Day, there will be a live DJ, raffles and maybe a few other surprises for all to enjoy. You can find the closest studio to you (there’s one South Street) and sign up here.

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