The Checkup: A Nutritionist’s Guide to Ordering Fast Food (It Can Be Done!)



• Because sometimes you have no choice but to scarf a Mickey D’s meal, allow this to be your guide: what nutritionists order when they eat fast food. [Prevention]

• If you feel hungry 20 minutes after you slurp your favorite smoothie, chances are you aren’t adding enough protein to the mix. Try these 10 smart protein boosters that work perfectly in blended breakfasts. [Women’s Health]

• Oh, my. Now there’s a juice cleanse that promises to boost your sex drive. Do I smell a marketing gimmick? [Well + Good NYC]

• A ha! So this is why you’re not seeing results at the gym. [Men’s Health]

• Thank God the days are getting longer: why running in the dark feels more difficult than running in daylight. [Runner’s World]

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