This Is an Online Dating Site Just for Gluten-Free Eaters

Photo via Facebook

{In my very best infomercial voice. Ahem.}

Are you single and wheat free? Do you enjoy gluten-free bread, pasta and cupcakes, and seek to enjoy those things with a life partner who does, too? Then GlutenFreeSingles is for you!

{End scene.}

Dear Internet: is a real thing. Yes, the stock imagery is a tad rough. And the website doesn’t look particularly slick. But as far as anyone can tell, this isn’t some kind of elaborate, Onion-like spoof. This is an actual, real-life website where gluten-free eaters can pair up with other gluten-free eaters to … eat a lot of gluten-free food together? Or something? It’s like E-Harmony, except that instead of being matched based on your personality, the only thing you know for sure that you have in common with your date is the fact that you both can’t tolerate gluten.

So let’s discuss: Good idea? Bad idea? Silly idea? Go.