The Mysterious Philadelphia Snow Stomper

We don't know who you are, but you made us smile

Snapped from the 36th Floor of 1818 Market Street on February 3, 2011.

My co-worker, Kathy Kramitz, just forwarded me this picture that she snapped from her office window last Thursday.  It appears that, in the midst of all of the grumbling and complaining coming from Philadelphians (myself included) over the city’s recent snowfalls, there was at least one joyful soul who appreciated the white stuff so much that he or she took the time to stamp out a declaration of love on the corner of 19th and Market, right beside the Blue Cross building.

Just looking at it the footprint-written “I ‘heart’ snow” makes me happy. While there isn’t much snow left, I thought this photo might help all of us haters preemptively adjust our attitudes toward any future storms.

To the unknown snow stomper, thank you. We will try to remember your youthful exuberance the next time we’re lamenting our wintry commutes to work.