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Andrew Saltz

Philadelphia School District Building

Insider: The SRC May Be Sizing Up Your Neighborhood School Right Now

Saltz: Even if your school is on the up and up, the SRC could still turn it into a charter.


Why the Teacher’s Union Didn’t Endorse the Teacher Candidate

Saltz: The PFT wants to run with the winners, even if the winners aren’t good for teachers.


Teachers Should Be Opting-Out of Their Own Uninspired Tests

Saltz: State-mandated standardized tests aren’t the only classroom assessments that suck.


Beware the Creation of a “Roid-Rage SRC”

Opinion: A state-run “achievement district” is a terrible idea with too many Philadelphia backers.


Insider: 4 Things Jim Kenney Must Do To Fix Philly’s Schools

Saltz: Kenney should take on Harrisburg instead of hiding under the table.

School District of Philadelphia

Inside Take: 3 Bogus Problems With the Teacher’s Contract

Saltz: Red herring alert.

Philadelphia book dungeon

The Book Dungeon Isn’t the Real Scandal

Teachers and the district have had “had to focus on keeping the lights on instead of distributing outdated books.”


Inside Take: Don’t Call Me Superman

Expecting teachers to be superheroes undermines the profession.


INSIDE TAKE: Time for Real Talk on Charters

The best charters are whiter and wealthier than district schools


INSIDE TAKE: Standardized Testing Isn’t Worth It

A week of tests, all for questionable data.