The Edit: 11 Spring Sunglasses Under $150


Sunglasses can be an accessory staple if you want them to be. They can also be the perfect way to test out shapes and color in moderation. We’re proponents of the latter, so we rounded up the best spring shades under $150. Because really, what’s better than actually being able to wear sunglasses? Being able to to buy them on a budget. Here, 11 ways to do just that.

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The Edit: 8 Backpacks to Wear Right Now


Backpacks are back, people (and we’re not talking Jansports). What this means: handy exterior (and interior!) pockets to store all your purse necessities, leaving both hands free while still wielding all your belongings, and a spring bag that’s fresher than the boring totes of yesteryear. With these picks, you’ll look more like Miroslava and less like Michelle Tanner a la Full House.

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The Edit: 8 Tropical Fashion Buys We’re Loving Now

8 Tropical Fashion Buys We're Loving Now


Let’s get the obligatory acknowledgement of the weather out of the way: It’s freezing cold and ridiculously windy. Now let’s move on—specifically, to these tropics-inspired pieces that have us thinking gentle island breeze rather than crazy-harsh city wind tunnel. Embrace texture (fringe, raffia) and patterns (palms, flowers) and let’s spring forward, my friends.

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8 Best Spring Clutches Under $100



The simplest way to punch up an outfit is with a bag. And spring’s collection of cool arm candy doesn’t disappoint. Go bright and bold—I’m partial to interesting materials and textures like straw ( #7), rubbery semi-sheer plastic (#8) and see-through acrylic (#6). Keep reading for the prices—you won’t believe how much bang you can really get for your buck.

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Fringe Without Looking Like You’re Headed to Woodstock

How to Wear Fringe

Forget boho or Gatsby references. Fringe can actually be totally chic and not at all costume-y when it’s employed in luxe ways. A fine lacing of it on a necklace, for instance (I love the dip-dyed one above), or a poof of it on a leather sandal. It adds movement and texture to an all-black look—see the amazeballs dress up there—and it’s way cooler than a bare cutout on the back of a shirt. When wearing it, keep the rest of your look restrained, and stay away from DIY tassel earrings. They always, always look like this. And curtain tie-backs are not a good look.

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Mint Green


Mint is one of those colors  that popped up a few seasons ago and never really left—and this year is no exception. If you’re looking for pieces to transition into spring, or simply want to lighten up your dreary winter duds, this pastel shade is the way to go. Plus, the color is super-adaptable to different skin tones, as it comes in a variety of shades. Pale chicks: Steer clear of green undertones, and opt for a mint with a tint of blue. Darker skin tones can don an avocado hue.

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The Edit: 7 Ways To Wear Non-Cheesy Heart Prints

7 Ways To Wear Non-Cheesy Heart Prints

Much like mules, heart prints get a bad rap. I can see why: There are plenty out there that are cheesy, twee, or downright ugly. I long detested them, along with my friend and colleague Carrie (who, it should be noted, is the editor of Philadelphia Wedding—if anyone should love hearts, it’s her). Then I bought this pair of Alice + Olivia shoes: black-and-white calf-hair Mary Janes. They’ve reformed my heart-hating ways (Carrie even loves ‘em!) and proved that—when done right—hearts can actually be chic. Here are my top 7 ways to wear your heart on  your sleeve (literally). Better than roses? I think so.

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The Edit: Why You’ll Be Wearing Mule Shoes This Spring

10 Best Mules For Spring

Never in footwear history has there been a shoe more controversial than the mule. It’s been maligned  by many for the clomp-clomp sound it makes (which I don’t think is nearly as bad as the flip-flop slap) and adored by others. If spring 2014 runways are any indication—which, of course, they are—the backless shoe is staging a comeback, only this time with a higher vamp (that’s the top of the shoe, for those who don’t do fashion-speak) so it stays more firmly on the foot and makes less of a clack-clomp sound each time you step. And with crackled silver, crystal-bedecked and red lace versions out there now, there’s never been a better time to kick up your heels. (Literally.)

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