The Edit: 10 Statement Sandals We Love This Summer


As I write this, it’s 89 degrees outside, but it feels like 3282359 degrees—in my professional opinion—because it’s 50 percent humidity. When you can basically feel the moisture in the air, the last thing you want to do is pile on the layers in the morning. So, because you can’t wear a bathing suit to work, take the guesswork out of your a.m. outfit prep and start pairing basic with some statement-making sandals. We’ve found ten pairs that look just as good with jeans and a tee as they do with a work-appropriate shift. It’ll be your end-of-summer uniform in no time.


The Edit: 9 Ways to Wear Embroidery This Summer


When it first occurred to me to do to a roundup of embroidery for The Edit this week, I found myself reciting a Miranda Priestly a la The Devil Wears Prada line: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” (Except in my head it was, “Embroidery? For summer?”) Embroidery isn’t exactly a trailblazing summer trend, but the typical iteration is more likely to be seen on a pair of ancient Levi’s than on a polished jacket or a pair of barely-there d’orsay flats. Here, 9 ways to make embroidery look polished and chic this summer. Miranda Priestly be damned.

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The Edit: 8 Mini Skirts to Wear During Hot Weather


If this hot, sticky weather has you in a style rut (no, a clutch doesn’t double as a hand-fan), don’t fret: Mini skirts are the freshest way to stay cool and bare some leg when the temperatures soar. But before you start stressing about the implications of wearing a mini in the city, the new polished iterations pair just as nicely with a structured blazer as they do with an oversized tee (the ultimate warm weather outfit). So, rather than cowering in the air conditioning until September, snag one of these effortlessly chic minis and show off those gams with pride.

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Chambray


Chambray is a closet staple at Philly Mag HQ. (Seriously, half the staff owns this shirt.) So, when this season’s iteration of the breezy fabric trend extended past oxford shirts and started popping up on all types of garments, we knew a roundup was in order. Here, eight ways to get your chambray fill on everything from crop tops to slouchy trousers. Think of it as your warm weather version of denim.

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The Edit: The 9 Most Comfortable Sandals Out There


It’s mid-June, which means if you’ve been enjoying the warm weather or have a lengthy walking commute, your feet are probably aching and covered in blisters. (The winter doesn’t prepare you for the epic walk-a-thon that is summer.) To combat hot, sticky, not-shoe-friendly-at-all weather, here are the nine comfiest sandals you need to buy now. Plus, they all have traction, so they’re almost like sexy walking shoes. Almost.

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The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Track Shorts


If the recent humidity has been any indication of the weather to come, you might be taking stock of your shorts (or, at least we are). If you’ve found yourself with a shortage of the warm weather staple, we suggest giving the track short trend a go.

How to wear ‘em: To look more tomboy-chic and less like a cross country star, try pairing them with an oversized oxford or a sleek blazer to balance the high hem. Think of it this way: This is your chance to don sporty apparel in everyday life while still looking totally fashionable. It’s like elevated yoga pants.

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The Edit: 10 Ways to Wear Rose Gold


I know everyone lauds crisp whites for being the perfect color to pair with a tan, but I’m a fan of rose gold. It’s less severe than white, more flattering than it’s gold cousin, and peachy-pink gold looks great on every skin tone. (Listen up, fellow pale chicks.) From sandals to t-shirts, see how rose gold has moved beyond just jewelry—though the jewelry is still pretty darn cute. Here, 10 of our favorite ways to wear rose gold this summer.

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The Edit: 10 Modern One Piece Bathing Suits to Wear Now



I can’t help it: Until today, the idea of a one-piece had me thinking of pseudo-bathing-suit-skirt combos. Not exactly the cutest beach attire. But the modern one-piece is So.Much.Better. They have cutouts! Underwires! Curve-smoothing neoprene! Basically all the reasons I avoided one-pieces are remedied in these ten picks. So, go on, don one of these beauties and leave the wardrobe malfunctions to the other beach-goers.

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The Edit: 11 Ways to Wear Raffia This Summer


Originally I was going to include only raffia purses in this post, but upon doing a little research (aka: online window shopping), it became evident that raffia is popping up all over place and it certainly isn’t limited to purses. In fact, I found raffia shoes, necklaces, dresses—even crop-top and midi skirt combos. Read on for proof that raffia has moved way beyond beach bags.

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