Eagles Wake-Up Call: Howie Roseman’s Plan

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Since returning to his throne earlier this year, Howie Roseman has reshaped the Eagles in his vision. His desire to build around a core group of players has been well documented, and he clearly believes the team’s current path is the one that will lead them to the organization’s first Lombardi Trophy.

But the Eagles spending a lot of money in the offseason isn’t an entirely new concept. Five years after “The Dream Team” fiasco, fans still shudder at the mere mention of Vince Young’s words. More recently, the Byron Maxwell and DeMarco Murray deals serve as cautionary tales. According to Roseman, however, there’s a key difference in the Eagles’ approach, even if they have doled out hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteed money. Read more »

What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

Doug Pederson. (USA Today Sports)

This week’s roundup of the best Eagles links around the web.

Howie Roseman was a guest on Andrew Brandt’s the Business of Sports podcast to explain what the Eagles were looking for in their head coaching search, as well as Doug Pederson‘s staff.

When we went into the coaching search, we had to find the coach that was best for the Philadelphia Eagles. Maybe not the best coach for other teams who were looking for a head coach, maybe not the best coach for what the media thought was their best coach, but what was the best coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and what we were looking for. We were looking for a leader, we were looking for someone who had a clear plan. We were looking for someone who understood this market and the people in this market, and someone who understood how it looked like when we were having incredible success. And so Coach Pederson had all of those qualities. Read more »

Wisniewski: Quarterback Drama Has ‘Blown Over’

Sam Bradford, Carson Wentz, and Chase Daniel. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford, Carson Wentz, and Chase Daniel. (Jeff Fusco)

Stefen Wisniewski joined SiriusXM NFL radio yesterday to discuss the Eagles’ quarterback situation and how his teammates feel about Doug Pederson compared to Chip Kelly, and he said the tension Sam Bradford created by demanding a trade has since dissipated.

“I think it’s definitely blown over from the viewpoint of the other players — I think from the coaches as well,” the offensive lineman said. “(Bradford) seems to be the No. 1 quarterback. Now, is that set in stone? I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems to be that way right now. And he’s looked good through OTAs and minicamps.”

The free-agent signing added that while he didn’t play under Kelly, his teammates are “very excited” about Pederson and the coaching change. He also raved about Carson Wentz. Read more »

Weekend Reading: Fletcher Cox’s Impact Across the League

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Here’s this weekend’s roundup of the national stories about the Eagles:

In Denver, the Fletcher Cox extension puts the Broncos in a more difficult situation to sign Von Miller, as Mike Klis of KUSA reports.

Even with Cox’s $63 million guarantee coming in over four years — $55.2 million over three years in “new” money, while [Ndamukong] Suh’s $60 million is over three seasons and the Broncos’ offer of $58 million to $59 million in guarantees to Miller is over three years – it can’t be argued the Eagles just guaranteed more dollars to Cox than the Broncos are offering to Miller. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Strengthening the Core

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Howie Roseman retold the Fletcher Cox draft story Thursday. About how they had a trade worked out with Seattle to move up from 15 to 12 if one of their targets happened to still be on the board; that they never anticipated one of those primary targets — Cox — to actually last that long; and how a last-second offer forced them to contemplate their chosen course of action.

“When he got to 12 and we were ready to make the pick, we had agreed on the trade, and then we got a call from another team offering us to move back for a future one,” said Roseman. “And so we just kind of took a minute and just thought about Fletcher and what we projected him to be. And if he was that, how would we get that guy again? And all around the room, everyone agreed that to get a 6-4, 310-pound guy, 35-inch arms, powerful, athletic, great character, we’d have to pick in the Top-5 — 21 years old. For us, even if that future one was a 12 or 13 or 14, we thought it was a unique opportunity that we were able to get that kind of guy, so we just kind of made the pick.”

Roseman called it “one of my favorite stories that we’ve had here.” And no wonder: it’s a triumphant tale involving the single-best pick he’s ever made. Chances are, he’s got some good ones about Vinny Curry and Zach Ertz and Lane Johnson as well.

The key thing, as we work to make sense of the decision to pour $143 million of guarantees into those four players, is the very fact that there are stories to tell. Read more »

Roseman Explains Approach To Cox Negotiations

Fletcher Cox

Talks between the Eagles and Fletcher Cox accelerated over this past week. The two sides were far apart during a portion of their months-long negotiations, Howie Roseman said, but were finally able to come to an agreement earlier this week that includes $63.3 million in guarantees for the 25-year-old defensive tackle.

What made it come together now?

“I think I just said, ‘Yes,'” Roseman responded with a laugh. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Cap After Cox

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

The Eagles actually picked up about $1.5 million in cap relief for this season after inking Fletcher Cox to a mega-deal and now have a touch over $8 million to play with, according to former agent and contracts/salary cap expert Joel Corry. A nice perk for the here and now. It’s down the line where the obstacles lie.

Given the $280 million spending spree they have been on since the start of the year — including the recent Cox contract  that includes $63 million worth of guarantees — it may not come as a big surprise to hear that the Eagles have more cap commitments than any other team in the NFL for 2017.

The number, Corry says, currently sits at just shy of $178 million. OvertheCap sees it the same way. Even when you factor in an 8-10 percent increase in the league salary cap (it’s currently a touch over $155 million) and some carryover money, the Eagles are projected to be north of the ceiling. (OTC has them at plus-$11 million at the moment.)

“They’re going to have to shed people next year,” Corry said during a conversation with Birds 24/7. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Cox And the Spending Spree

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

The Eagles went into the offseason with two philosophies top of mind: take care of your own and invest in the quarterback position.

And boy have they ever.

To execute the first part, Howie Roseman — itching to make up for lost time after a year in exile — handed out the following contracts to core players between January 25 and February 22: Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Roseman’s Tale

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports has started a podcast where he goes one-on-one with decision-makers in the league about how they worked their way up the ladder and the different experiences that have helped shape them.

This week’s subject was Howie Roseman, who spent nearly an hour talking about his path. He recounted his serendipitous run-in with Jack Elway on a plane when he was seven-years old that gave him the confidence to go after a career in football, to his dogged pursuit of said career and the many obstacles he faced. Roseman revealed that he chose to attend the University of Florida because he was “obsessed” with the passing game at the time and wanted to find a job with the Steve Spurrier-led Gators en route to the NFL. Read more »

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