A Note About Our October Cover

Tom McGrath, Philly Mag editor, here. We just posted the online version of this month’s magazine cover story on how to choose a school for your child. Given the controversy the cover image has generated in the last 24 hours, I wanted to make a few comments.

First, simply put: We blew it with the cover photograph (which we’ve chosen not to republish here). To include not even one African-American child on the cover fails to reflect not just the diversity that exists at the Greenfield School (where the photo was taken), but also that within the city of Philadelphia. I’ll offer no excuses here about process, etc.; at the end of the day, I chose this photo for the cover, and it was without question the wrong choice. I apologize for my failings in judgment and for our insensitivity.

Second, it’s impossible to look at this cover without also acknowledging the magazine’s controversial history when it comes to race – as well as the culture within the magazine’s walls that leads to blown decisions like this one. I acknowledged following the publication of “Being White in Philly” two and a half years ago that we needed to do a better job of diversifying our staff and the voices who write for us. We made some progress, but obviously not nearly enough. So, after conversations with David Lipson, chairman of our parent company, Metro Corp, we’re recommitting ourselves to that goal, and pledging this time to make the process as transparent as possible. The details of that still need to be worked out, but we believe transparency is crucial, the only real way forward.

The magazine has always prided itself on taking on controversial subjects in Philadelphia. (Ironically, our upcoming December cover story focuses on racial bias on the Main Line.) But the October cover photo wasn’t some brave journalistic stand. It was a stupid, insensitive decision that I deeply regret.

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  • Mark Scott

    Sorry, still not buying it. “We’ve known about the institutional racism in our organization for over two years and done nothing about it, but this time we will, really, believe me.”

    • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

      Who cares. Go start your own magazine, “Losers of North Philly” and see how long it lasts before your hommies burn you to the ground.

      • rlw21

        sounding like your cave man ancestors more and more with every post lol

    • TNB247

      Greenfield School is completely fuxxated with nigġers.

  • Juicebox

    the picture reflects the magazine’s readership, i see nothing wrong with it. Jet wouldn’t have cute white kids on the cover of an education issue.

    • DTurner

      I think the picture was a bit crass, but I tend to agree that it is representative of the readership. Philadelphia Magazine (which I tend to see as almost a separate entity from the website at this point) has a readership that skews wealthy and mostly-suburban.

      • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

        White people are crass.

        They can’t help being born White. And Smart. And beautiful. And wealthy.


        Destroy them in the name of die-ver-city!

    • rlw21

      that’s a steaming pile of BS and you [should] know it. Jet is aimed at a traditionally marginalized and underrepresented ethnic group. It does not speak for a particular region. By saying this is representative of readership, you are essentially saying no people of color read the magazine? Wow.

      • Juicebox

        It doesn’t sound like you’re too familiar with the print version of PhillyMag. It’s readership is rich, white and from Center City or the Main Line. The website does diversity better to its credit.

        • rlw21

          They should represent Philadelphia or change the name. I don’t care what their readership is, Philadelphia is not comprised of all wealthy white people.

          • Juicebox

            Meh, we don’t all go to the Rittenhouse Square gala or the Radnor Hunt either but that’s what they cover. They have very shrewd people there in ad sales.

          • rlw21

            well, you must be a part of their target audience if you see “nothing wrong” with this cover in a city fighting extreme wealth inequality, gentrification, and the gutting of public schools in low income communities.

          • Juicebox

            It’s a monthly cover of a glossy society magazine with declining print readership. There are bigger battles to be fought in this city, starting with the ones that you named.

          • Kate Sannicks-Lerner

            The subject at hand, i.e., crass ignorance of the benefits of a racist system and the different ways that is presented and maintained, IS part of the battle.

            It’s a cog in the machine. Now, if you believe the machine is a good one, and beneficial, then leave it. If not, if it’s a badly designed machine, and causing harm, then…

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            Oy vey!

            So how come you can’t figure this out for yourselves and need the charity of White Christian men instead?

            You should be ashamed of yourselves but certain “religious” agitators earn a nice living stirring up hate and discontent instead.

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            Why should I give you money I made with my own sweat? That’s crazy talk.

            Not so long ago, you were obliged to stick a gun in my face before demanding my money.

            Now you have the gall to expect because you want it?

            Go jump in a lake.

          • Itzjake

            When education is not valued, the family is not preserved and hard work is not a priority, you get what you get. Btw, only in our liberal utopia would private homeowners using their money to improve run down neighborhoods be vilified

          • Juicebox

            I mean, it’s just the title of a magazine. Philadelphia Style mag would be lousy too if they had to cover the actual style in Philadelphia. Stories about which polo shirt to match with which sweatpants would get old quick.

    • Kate Sannicks-Lerner

      Um, Jet is not a city, either. Jet and Ebony publish articles for a Black readership, hence their names. Philly Magazine, on the other hand, publishes, if one goes by the title, for Philadelphians. Apples, oranges, I say.

  • browneyedgirly

    Overall the magazine seems to be about and for those who don’t actually LIVE in Philadelphia. More like those on the Mainline. Coming from NY this always confused me. Why call a magazine Philadelphia when it’s clearly written for those on the outskirts? (And maybe those in CC, Chestnut Hill and NoLibs) The ads, the stories, the images … None of it fits with what those of us who actually live here care about.

    • DTurner

      To be fair, their target market for the magazine is upper middle class residents in the region. If you look at basically any other monthly magazine (New York included) you will see the same focus on well-to-do suburbs and wealthy urban enclaves.

      • browneyedgirly

        Clearly, yes, that is their market. However, don’t call the magazine “Philadelphia” and pretend that it’s not for that group. New York is called “New York” magazine, not Manhattan or Bronx magazine. It is odd here in Philly how many want to claim the city as their home but dare not actually live in it. The “cool” city factor is used in name but that’s it.

        I moved here with my family 3.5 years ago. We happen to have a family that encompasses more than one ethnic group. We moved into the city specifically for the diversity, schools and all. It’s almost insulting that the magazine has made so many snafus just in the time we’ve lived here over the seeming racial tensions/issues. Just leave it be Philly Mag. It’s OK if you’re not really about the actual population of Philadelphia. Just stop pretending you are.

        • DTurner

          I really don’t buy that this is uniquely Philadelphia, how many people on Long Island or North Jersey consider themselves New Yorkers?

          I would argue that Philly Mag’s web presence has become much more inclusive over the past few years, it really the print magazine that has continued to represent the whiter and wealthier portion of the region (both in and out of the city).

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            You people! Can you not grasp that “Philadelphia” is not some stupid, pedantic, Asberger’s fascination with lines on a map or membership in a corrupt Democrat machine?

            Philadelphia is a state of mind of those people whose actual roots involved creating, building and maintaining a city and all that it represents.

            But no, you rabbit people think that, merely by sitting your butts down in a city residence, you are somehow party to an institution three and a half centuries old.

            Yeah, right.

            Rabbit does not begin to circumscribe the idiotic sense of entitlement you people have for yourselves. THAT is why you are losers. That is why it galls you the successful Philadelphians want nothing to do with your smelly, filthy, freaky, dangerous, Third World ghetto “communities” and prefer life along the Main Line instead.

            There truly is no cure for stupid. Go complain some more. Maybe Whitey will throw a few more crumbs to you if only to shut you up for a while.

        • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

          Go back to your third world ghetto and get out of our city.

      • Anon

        Your mouth to God’s ears. For most of its 40+ years, NY Magazine has been published on a weekly (not monthly) basis. It was just last year when they switched to bi-weekly publication. IMHO, NY Magazine is a piece of s–t in comparison to Philly Magazine. It would be much better off if it switched to monthly publication.

        Being from NJ, I am also a subscriber to NJ Monthly which I do not feel is as good as this magazine.

    • Whatwhatwhat?

      I completely agree. This magazine is partially about Philadelphia but told through the eyes of the upper-class educated white suburbanite who most likely commutes into town for work but enjoys an occasional night at the theater before driving home to Mayberry (as I type this, I’m looking at an ad for a Mercedes Benz that STARTS at $53,000. So yeah, that’s their reader). And truth be told, that’s fine, so long as the mag owns up to its homogeneous readership and doesn’t try to present itself as something that it isn’t: a legitimate voice in a complicated discussion.

      Once Philadelphia Magazine tried to weigh in on important socio-economic issues like poverty, crime, race, and education, it became obvious how little perspective their staff has for anything other the aforementioned viewpoint. They should stick to what they are good at, which is mostly ranking doctors through some obscure subjective measurement or listing new fun restaurants to try. Maybe cover a cocktail party every now and then.

      And because this isn’t this magazine’s first public mea culpa on the topic of race, I’m not sure why or how they would expect the public to believe their level of seriousness or sincerity.

      • browneyedgirly

        Exactly. I don’t really care if they are writing for their readership. It’s OK if it’s made up of the upper echelon of our area. But stop trying to say it isn’t or react as is if isn’t. How to buy a house on the shore? Yea, that one was extremely legitimate and meaty. Maybe they should stick to what they know. And if they truly want to diversify? Do it BEFORE you publish next time.

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        • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

          Why in the name of William Penn would a successful business venture — Philly magazine — want to destroy itself by polluting itself with a staff and “readership” of dysfunctional illiterates whose only apparent talent is to complain, blame Whitey and burn down their own neighborhoods, when they are not shooting, killing, raping and robbing their neighbors?

          Stuff it, losers. The Whites of America have carried your worthless carcasses during the entirety of your presence on this continent.

          Want a say in how the world works? EARN IT. BY YOUR OWN EFFORTS.

          Hell will freeze over first, won’t it?

      • DTurner

        Out of curiosity, do you believe that the New Yorker should not tackle issues that do not involve their mostly white and wealthy readership?

        • Juicebox

          It’s a different readership. The New Yorker readership is more culturally and globally aware. The PhillyMag print edition appeals mostly to those who want to see pictures of themselves at a party at the opening of a new bar.

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            Organize, fund and produce your own magazine.

            Of course, that would require learning, effort and risk, something the parasite class is incapable of undertaking.

          • Juicebox

            I don’t have the time nor stupidity to “start my own magazine”. Print media is dead.

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            You have a big mouth. Of course, that’s all you have. And it’s gotten you a lot of free stuff over your otherwise useless life, hasn’t it?

          • Juicebox

            Technically, you’re the one who started in with the ad hominem attacks. I get it, you’re a fan of the magazine. I see nothing wrong with that, it has a place.

          • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

            Wow I’m impressed — you learned a few words from Dead White Males.

            Too bad you comprehend them not.

            B****ing and moaning because a photograph of people shows their White skin is the dictionary definition of “ad hominem” which means, literally, “to the man” as opposed to “to the idea”.

            In the minds of Social Justice Warrioring rabbit people there is nothing more “to the man” than the accident of skin color.

            So here’s a suggestion for you: take a crayon from your box and scratch some color into the picture.

            Oh wait — you’d have to have purchased a copy to do that.

            Here you are, complaining about a magazine you don’t even own.

            Yo yo yo! Gimme mo’ sheet cuz I wannit! I burn down da hood if you don!

          • Juicebox

            Cool story, bro.

        • Whatwhatwhat?

          I don’t think the two are comparable. The New Yorker is really a collection of essays on national and international topics, sometimes written by authors with some level of standing in their respective fields. I think they are tone-deaf and overly elitist on some things, but they aren’t the same type of publication as Phila Mag.

          • DTurner

            I would agree that the quality is significantly higher and more geared to domestic and international topics, but it is important to remember that the first third of the issue is devoted solely to NYC.

          • Juicebox

            Just the theater listings really.

          • DTurner

            Theater, food, etc. Definitely not as focused on local issues as Philly Mag, but it still has an NYC focus.

      • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

        Because the infestation that inhabits the county of Philadelphia (1) can’t read (2) owns nothing those Main Line whites and their kindred didn’t give them and (3) aren’t even from Philadelphia – their baby-daddies waddled up here along with MLK to get dem sum gud Yankee welfare scratch back in da day!

    • PJ

      so society hill, center city, chestnut hill, university city, etc., are not part of the city?

    • Itzjake

      It’s for the people who can patronize the advertising……

  • rlw21

    So, in a city that is 50% black we can’t even get one racially ambiguous child on this cover?

    • The Legend

      nah bruh.

    • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

      Why does that bother you? Hate White people?

      • rlw21

        go take your meds

  • Guy

    Oh, ferchrissakes! Change the photo, and shut up about it. The public “apology” does nothing but offer a smug, narcissistic polishing of the author’s left bona fides.

  • Raina [ रैना पूनम ]

    When I saw the cover, I was truly shocked. I live in Fairmount and most of the kids in this district are kids of color (Black and Latino/Latina). Representation is super important!

  • martarose

    I’m just genuinely confused about how this could happen? The fact that he seems so genuinely contrite just confuses me more. I mean how does anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for decades not look at that photo and laugh? “Yeah, right, like I’m gonna print that! What do you think this is, The Onion?”

    • Kate Sannicks-Lerner

      If you believe Mr. McGrath is genuinely contrite, please allow me to hand you my business card; I specialize in properties (primarily bridges) in the Brooklyn area, and a few down Florida way… ;)

    • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

      You are a bigot.

  • martarose

    Then there’s the irony that this comes out the day Ta-Nehisi Coates wins a MacArthur Fellowship. I mean, is this magazine seriously edited by journalists? Who read, you know, JOURNALISM?

  • Nick

    Because if the kids are not all white then they must be black? You apologize for not having one African American on the cover? How about the large Asian population or the large Hispanic population? Everything is NOT always black and white.

    • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

      I don’t see any prison jump suits in that photo!

    • One of the children on the cover is South Asian, and one is a Latino.

      • And none of the editorial team gets it at all.

  • PhillyFootSoldier

    Is your sense of guilt on this issue why your subsidiary publication GPhilly is hell bent on creating a racial problem in Philly’s gay bars when there is none?
    Now things make sense.
    You have a fierce load of guilt and you are taking it out on institutions that are trying their best, while you never even come close to doing your best.
    Look to yourself when you start throwing down the race card. Look to yourself.

    • The Legend

      go home, you’re drunk.

      • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

        Yeah – destroy anyone that isn’t part of the Hivemind!

  • PhillyFootSoldier

    ANd another point which you seem to have neglected. Where are the Asian American students on that cover? The school has a diverse population, yet you only whine about forgetting one part of that diversity.

    • Eric the Red

      One of the children on the cover is South Asian.

  • Hakan Loob

    i don’t get the magazine, so i have not seen the cover. but it also surprises me that no one here mentioned the actual school story itself. it is pretty reflective and honest about the schools and has a positive message (something a city dweller with a 2 year old can appreciate).

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    Man you beta males need to grow a set of balls. Or maybe you enjoy being led around by them — by colorful vibrancy.

    It’s your life, until your masters take it from you.

  • Janice Rael

    I’m one of the white suburbanites who didn’t see the cover. But the fact that Philly Mag chose an all-white cover photo for a story about Philadelphia is freaky. When I think of Philadelphia, I think of the wonderful diversity of all the different people who live and work there. It’s beautiful to see so many different ethnicities represented in the City, and I hope that our media adequately portrays this medley of races that actually exist in Philadelphia.

    • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

      Are you for real?????

      You’re making that up!

      When I think of Philadelphia — I was born there! — I think of hordes of black welfare leeches that migrated in search of White Man’s money thanks to race huslters like MLK.

      I think of corrupt unions of Huddled Masses of Wretched Refuse that break knee caps, burn down construction projects, and sometimes throw scabs into the river for fun.

      I think of a bottomless pit where tax dollars go to die.

      I think of murder and mayhem on an industrial scale.

      And I thank God my parents were wise enough to flee when they did.

      And why don’t you go integrate Tel Aviv or wherever it is you really belong?

    • To be clear, it is not an “all-white cover photo” — one of the children is South Asian, and one is a Latino.

      • Oh my Philadelphia mag your true colours just shined right on through.

        So it is all about tallying for you.

        Sad, sad.

        • I am simply correcting the original poster’s misapprehension that it’s an all-white photo. Criticize us for what we did do — not fully represent the diversity of Greenfield in particular and SDP in general — not what you think we did.

          • jay

            Tom McGrath’s conclusion was appropriate.

            He’s smart enough to know there would be as many unwilling to accept his apology as there would be those unwilling to admit what McGrath admitted was a stupid insensitive decision he regretted.

  • CharlemagneIsMyGrandDad

    You know, I’ve read all the comments and watched a few news clips.

    Philly Magazine did screw up.

    There are no Prison Jump Suites on tattooed home boiz.

    There are no dead bodies, mangled coming home from school by drugged up home boiz.

    There are no bullet scars.

    There are no corrupt union “enforcers”.

    There are no mafioso.

    No roaches.

    No piles of rotting trash.

    No “human toilets” from the #LuvWinz! contingent.

    Yep. Happy, well adjusted, prosperous White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have no place in the Shittie of Brotherly Luv.

  • AP

    I can’t even believe the editor has to waste time on such a non-issue – all of you need to grow up already and find a legitimate cause to whine and complain about. Bashing the “New Yorker” readers as well, REALLY? It’s still a free country here, as far as I know and the magazine is a BUSINESS that is entitled to put any photo they want on the cover. If you don’t like that, then don’t buy or read the publication. And get a life already, all of you seem to have WAYYYY too much time on your hands apparently!!

  • “I’ll offer no excuses here about process” – pretty cowardly answer Tom. Why don’t you explain the process that led to the cover photo?

    How was the picture taken? Posed or organic? Who selected the kids? Phillymag staff or school personnel? How were the kids selected? Were there multiple photos with different kids that you considered for the cover before selecting this one?

    The “I’m at fault, I blew it, but no more questions” line doesn’t work here anymore. Andy Reid got fired.

  • Itzjake

    I love watching liberals twist themselves into knots. Has the photographer been fired yet?

  • ghetto_scum

    They could have filled it wit all blacks on the cover, then that would have showed it the be ghettofied, since we all know what goes down in the HOOD!

    It would have looked something like this at SKOO!


  • “We messed up”, “We were insensitive”.

    Folks, just admit it – “We were too caught up in our structural privilege to have our magazine reflect the reality of the diversity that is Philadelphia.”

    This is not insensitivity.

    This is the effect that structural privilege and racism has on us white people.

    We need to dig deep here, get uncomfortable, and call our actions what they are.

    And “messing up” and being “insensitive” does not go deep enough.

    “We were ignorant and irresponsible” is the best you can say.

    But ask yourselves: Have you been protecting your magazine from getting real? Did your magazine buy into the myth that it can’t be a success unless it only caters into the white elite, into the structural privilege?

    Or is your magazine ready to transform into something awesome that really reflects the soul of this city?

    Then step down. Bring on a diversity in your editorial team. Cover the diversity that is this city. Reflect it.

    Yep, it is going to mean we lose our position of power here folks.

    Go there.

    • If you truly are an ally to those of us seeking justice, you need to stay silent . Follow the lead of people of color. Don’t attempt to lead yourself.

      Seriously, I’m sick of you so-called progressives lecturing people about the white privilege you just discovered you had fifteen minutes ago.

      • Sorry but I refuse to say silent about this. Don’t ever tell me to keep my mouth shut when it comes to the structural racism in our society. My people were murdered – for hundreds of years and then in one big horrible period of time – because people kept their mouth shut. And trust me, there was just as much evil crap about my people in the papers that no one spoke up against.

        I sure am not going to keep my mouth shut now just because it makes you uncomfortable.

        And PS I am a humanist. Call me by my name.

        • You are a fake a$$ progressive. I’ll call you by that name.

          You need to do more listening to people of color and less lecturing. I bet you felt really guilty between bites of brioche at Le Bok Fin.

          You’re a walking cliche. White girl from suburbs discovers Howard Zinn, immediately starts lecturing colored folks on “structural racism.”

          • Hahahaha.

            Brioche. Le Bek Fin. Howard Zinn.


            You are so far off lost I don’t think you are ever coming home.

          • If you aren’t a minority, you have no purpose or voice in this debate. you’re perpetuating the very oppression you falsely claim to hate.

            Be silent. Follow.

          • Hahahaha.

            Sorry. My voice is here buddy.

            If you are a man, you have no right to tell a woman to shut up.

            And PPS never tell a Jewish woman she has no right to speak. Now you are crossing into sick territory friend.

          • sneaking off into the comfortable tower of your racial privilege I see. Very typical. I know exactly who you are. Middle aged WHITE woman reads “The Wages of Whiteness” or “unpacking the racial backpack” minors in Urban Studies and thinks she’s an authority on race and privilege.

            you’re embarrassing yourself. you aren’t a true ally. you’re a fraud.

          • You got me. Wow. Without ever knowing me, meeting me, or knowing anything about me, you figured me out. I am a fraud.

            Thank you, thank you so much for showing me my true colours.

            Thank you for throwing every insult in the book you can at me.

            It not only makes me think of you as someone worth listening to, it also makes me realise, it makes me doubt myself and feel all insecure.

            I see the light! I need to shut up and say nothing!

            Yes! That solves the issue perfectly!

            Thank you, oh wise one. Thank you.

            I hereby pledge never ever ever again to stand up against the racist society that is America.

            Nope, not when they are killing our children for wearing hoodies. Or going to pool parties. Or selling cigarettes.

            From now on, I will never ever ever speak out again against racism in America. because hey, it has nothing to do with me at all.

            Because RichC here is the voice of every oppressed minority in the US, because as we know, they all think the same as he does and so, this middle aged white woman has no right to think for herself and speak her own mind.

            Be well, RichC. I wish you happiness, a good life, and joy.

          • “Our Children” – you still don’t get it. And you never will.

          • Justthetruth

            Wrong about one thing. Both men and women have the right to tell someone of the opposite sex to shut up.

        • Eric the Red

          “I have a mouth and I was made to use it” #awesome

    • Itzjake

      You first Sara!

  • John Gehlbonee

    To properly reflect Philadelphia’s gentle giants they need to remove these non-gentle giants on the cover and get some wonderful, vibrant diversity gentle giants that contribute so much to the economy, neighborhood improvement, city safety and high educational marks that is embodied by the black community.

  • adopt from your local shelter

    Blacks make up 13% of the population. Does there have to be one in every photo taken to prove it’s not “racisssss!” Give me a break. STFU and get a life.

  • Croid

    da libs bees tryin to trick ignorant foos into believen dat dey aint no color at Phili skoos an dat lil Danny an lil Debbie gone bees safe cuz dey aint no violent feral groids runnin round tryin to mess thangs up fo reels

  • Rude_Mammy

    Every magazine should be n1***qqer free, unless it’s National Geographic.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Pitiful and offensive on so many layers and levels..I also reject the notion that Black Issues or Themes must always be negative or arising out of some grievance concern ..Black Americans are like the rest of America we have wonderful moments and experiences our lives involve our genius that we bring to our nation 24/7

  • PatrickHFriel

    This discussion has me thinking about the commercials advertising products and services during golf programming on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

    The sponsors are financial institutions and luxury car companies targeting upper middle class and higher.

    As with TV programming, magazines find; establish and nurture their target demographic over time. This can’t be expressed any more eloquently than it is what it is.

    Philly Magazine may have blundered, allowing its slip to show, but I don’t think any publication should be obligated to feature articles covering every imaginable ethnic group within fifty miles of its home base. Rather, critics should understand and look at the historical reality of magazine publications over time. There once were the Saturday Evening Post; Life and a handful of others but today there are a zillion magazines that target every taste; style and ethnic group on the planet. No single publication should be held responsible to carry such a burden as suggested by the critics. If you find a magazine “too white” then, maybe, that magazine has little interest for your lifestyle or heritage.

    This weekend I’m going to sit through hours and hours of BET programming to count the number of commercials featuring golf equipment products and I’ll report my findings Monday.

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Tom McGrath is a third-rate editor who is an embarrassment to journalism and the city, and he should resign immediately.

  • XanderDeWijs

    As apologies go, this is not a bad one. It seems sincere. Then again, this seems to be a magazine that says:
    Hey!!! it’s so cool to be white, and while we surely will throw a bone towards ….eeeer …. those MINORITIES …. this will never be integrated in our writing.”

    Half of Philly is black, but your magazine writes almost exclusively for whites.
    85% of Philly’s wealth is owned by whites. This doesn’t absolve you, Tom from a journalistic duty to ignore that.

  • jay

    Of course, because it’s about RACE (the lifeblood of CBS / WPHT Talk radio), the first I knew of this was from Chris Stigall who had Tom on his show. For the life of me, I don’t know why Tom makes that station relevant by going on with any of their single issue hosts.

    That being said, I thought Tom’s reasoning was on target, his apology appropriate and the push back by those consumed with race the same as ever.

    I would say as a white suburban Mom, when I looked at the cover, felt the message was how the well-heeled in Philadelphia could stay and find a so called better school in Philly.

    The dress down that Chris Stigall gave Tom McGrath was very PHT Stigall. One had to wonder if he was bonused for each time he said racist. The response Tom gave Chris was right on target, and the last person Tom needed to vouch for him was Chris Stigall. .

  • Nansea

    And yet he still has his job.

  • Andrew Michaels

    Another whiff by the leadership AND staff (especially one who is an outspoken parent at this school) of Philadelphia Magazine. Hard to take this publication on face value any more.

  • Jutta Gyllichsen

    I see asian and hispanic kid.what’s the problem?

  • Nightflyer

    Let me ask you, Mr. McGrath…do you actually have any interactions with African-American people? Please don’t tell me that “some of my best friends/co-workers/maids are black.”

    You couldn’t figure this out after the first offense? Do we have a learning disability here? You did get through middle school, right? High school? College? And you still can’t figure it out?

    I don’t believe your apology for a fraction of a second. I believe that as far as you and your entire magazine are concerned, you only want to see blacks doing one of three things:

    1. Hitting a baseball
    2. Singing a song
    3. Being hauled off in handcuffs

    I suggest you resign and work in one of two places:

    1. A Philadelphia Burger King to raise your sensitivity and understanding of the people you claim to work with and for.
    2. A white nationalist organization to match your actual sensitivities and contempt for the people you claim to work with and for.

    Your journalism is disgraceful. So are you.