Kristina Ruehli Says Bill Cosby Drugged and Tried to Sexually Assault Her in 1965

In an exclusive interview, his tenth public accuser details the earliest-known allegation against the comedian.

Kristina Ruehli in her 1967 wedding photo (left); Bill Cosby in an uncredited 1969 publicity photo | Wikipedia Commons (middle); Kristina Ruehli today (right)

Kristina Ruehli in her 1967 wedding photo (left); Bill Cosby in an uncredited 1969 publicity photo | Wikipedia Commons (middle); Kristina Ruehli today (right)

These days, Kristina Ruehli is a 71-year-old New Hampshire woman who spends her leisure time skiing and being a grandmother to eight. But back in 1965, she was a 22-year-old woman trying to make ends meet in California, working as a secretary at a talent agency in Beverly Hills. And that is where she met Bill Cosby.

How did you come to know Bill Cosby?
I worked for a talent agency called Artists Agency Corp. They had big clients like Bob Culp, Richard Crenna and George Burns, and these people were always around. And that is the way that I met Bill Cosby.

He was a client?
Yes, well, he came into the office. There were always all these contracts going around from the studio lawyer to the artist’s lawyer, and I’m assuming he was there to talk to a lawyer about a contract.

Cosby came back to where the secretaries were and said, “I’m going to be on Hollywood Palace tonight, and I’m going to have a party at my home afterwards.” So he invited me, and I went.

Did you think it was unusual for him to invite you to his house?
No, it was supposed to be a party, and the agency was a very social place. And I was quite an attractive young woman with an A-plus figure and natural blonde hair, blue eyes. I was always compared to Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie. I was frequently invited to parties. At an agency like that, back in those days, being attractive was one of the reasons you got hired. Like stewardesses.

What happened when you got to the house?
When I arrived at his house — it was probably around 10 p.m. — I was surprised that there was no one else there. He was very well liked at the agency, and so I expected others to be there. But no one else arrived.

But you went in.
Yes, I remember the front of the house was brick and it had a slight Tudor design. It was in Brentwood or Bel Air — they all start with a “B.”

He said that his wife was out of town, but he brought me in and into one bedroom where there was an infant child in the crib. He actually showed me, a very young baby. The child was fast asleep. He seemed so proud of it. He wanted to show me his little baby. I don’t know where the nanny or maid was, but someone had to be there, because he had come from Hollywood Palace.

We went out into the kitchen. He proceeded to pour some bourbon. I drank a bourbon-and-7 at the time. I could really hold my liquor. I’m Irish. And I had a couple of those — just two — and then I just don’t remember much.

What do you remember?
Well, off his kitchen was a pool, and I somehow ended up around that pool for a while.

Was it supposed to be a pool party? Were you in a bathing suit?
No, no. I was wearing nylon stockings and high heels and a dress. This was 1965, and that’s what you wore to a party. So, I ended up by the pool, and, well, I was in quite a foggy state. I have vague memories of someone walking next to me at the pool, and the next day, I realized that the bottoms of my nylons were completely tore up. Not just a run, but tore up. So I must have been walking around the pool for quite a while.

Off the pool in one direction was a bedroom. Whether it was his bedroom or a guest bedroom, I really don’t know, but I think it was not the master bedroom, because there really wasn’t much to it.

And somehow, I wound up in that bed.

Did you lose consciousness at some point?
Yes, I completely passed out. At that age, two bourbon-and-7s would not have knocked me out cold, believe me. In those days, I could drink most men under the table. It was a standard eight-ounce glass, and they were not overly strong, or I would have noticed it.

He must have drugged me. There is just one point at which I was having a drink and feeling normal and the next I was somehow passed out completely. He must have slipped something into my drink. It’s the only way to go lights-out like that.

When did you wake up?
It was all foggy, and I woke up in the bed. I found myself on the bed, and he had his shirt off. He had unzipped his pants. I was just coming to.

He was attempting to force me into oral sex. He had his hand on my head. He had his cock out, and he had my head pushed close enough to it — I just remember looking at his stomach hair. And the hair on his chest. I had never seen a black man naked before.

And it never went past that. I immediately came to and was immediately very sick. I pushed myself away and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was feeling really ill. And I never got sick like that from alcohol, at least not that small of an amount.

Once I threw up — it was five in the morning by now, I think — I left the bathroom and he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he went. But I left right away. I was able to drive myself home. I didn’t live that far away.

And what did you do the next day?
I showed up at work at 9 a.m., actually. I asked two of my girlfriends in the office why no one came to the house. I more or less got the sort of tip of a head, shake of a shoulder … It was sort of a body language communication, but nothing verbal. Sort of a looking away. Sometimes you know something but don’t want to say anything.

What were your interactions with him like after that?
I never saw him again in my life. And not long after that, I resigned and went to work for a law firm, and then I got married. Every time I saw him on TV, I thought this isn’t the good guy that he’s portrayed to be.

Did you tell anyone about it?
Not for a long time. I didn’t want to bring it up. I was embarrassed. How did that happen? I was embarrassed that I had put myself in that position, because the woman always blames herself, right?

But eventually you did say something.
Yes. When Andrea Constand brought her lawsuit against Cosby, I decided to come forward to her attorneys. I didn’t think I was damaged, so there wouldn’t be any lawsuit coming from me. I don’t need money or aggravation. I’m very wealthy, so I have nothing to gain. But I wanted to come forward to tell the truth to back up other people.

Their stories are all the same. Suddenly, I was passed out, and the next thing I know, there he is. It’s almost like he wants you awake. He waits.

So I spoke with a lawyer in the Constand case. I was one of those Jane Does. And then they settled it, and I got a letter from Constand’s lawyer saying thank you very much.

Until I read about Andrea, I never really had a reason to tell anyone about it. But when I read about her, she’s getting called a liar, and I don’t like that. So I am going to say these people are not the only ones. And now that more women are coming forward and people are calling them liars, I decided to come forward again.

Were you ever deposed?
No, they said I may be deposed, but I wasn’t. They told me that I may be subjected to a lot of hostility or bad publicity, and I said, That’s fine. I’m telling the truth. That’s fine.

Do you know any of the other accusers, the Jane Does or otherwise?
No, no I don’t. I never met any of them. Never spoke with them.

And you never told anyone else but the lawyer?
Well, I did tell — I was living with the man I am now married to — I did tell him when the Constand case came up. I told him I was going forward.

What do you want to see happen now?
I’ve done what I thought was the right thing for me to do. I’ve come forward. But I am not trying to drive a process.

These things catch up with you eventually. Kind of wants you to lead an honest life. It all catches up. And now this is catching up with him.

As of Friday morning, Kristina Ruehli was the tenth woman to come forward publicly with allegations against Bill Cosby. Cosby’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment, and, in recent weeks, Cosby and his legal team have refused to comment on any allegations.

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The Bill Cosby Accusers

Andrea Constand

In 2005, former Temple employee Andrea Constand accuses Cosby of “inappropriate touching.” She claims that the year before, he “touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated” her after giving her some “herbal” pills to relax her. Cosby’s legal team calls the claim “plainly bizarre” and “utterly preposterous.” Later, after Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor declines to file charges against Cosby, Constand filed a civil suit against the comedian and reportedly had 13 Jane Does available to testify that Cosby had done similar things to them. The case was later settled.

Tamara Green

During an interview on the Today show in February 2005, a woman named Tamara Green claims that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her some 20 years prior. The Cosby legal team says “absolutely false.”

Beth Ferrier

In June 2005, Beth Ferrier accuses Cosby of drugging her in the 1980s. She claims that she woke up in a car and that her “bra was undone.”

Barbara Bowman

In June 2006, Barbara Bowman tells Philadelphia magazine writer Bob Huber that Cosby assaulted her. “I was screaming and crying and yelling and begging him to stop,” she said.

Joan Tarshis

Last weekend, eight years after the most recent allegation had surfaced, Joan Tarshis claims that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her twice in 1969.

Janice Dickinson

On November 18th, the former supermodel tells Entertainment Tonight that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982.

Therese Serignese

On November 20th, Florida nurse Therese Serignese tells the Huffington Post that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1976.

Carla Ferrigno

On November 20th, Carla Ferrigno — wife of Lou Ferrigno — tells the Daily Mail that Cosby attacked her in 1967. “[H]e came at me and grabbed me in such a powerful way,” she alleges. “Grabbing me. I had never been treated so roughly and he pulled me hard to him, so hard. He was much bigger than me … I had never been treated so roughly … No one has ever been that physically violent to me.”

Angela Leslie

On November 21st, actress Angela Leslie tells the New York Daily News that Cosby forced her to fondle his penis in 1992.

Kristina Ruehli

On November 21st, Kristina Ruehli tells Philadelphia magazine that Cosby drugged and tried to sexually assault her in 1965. This is the earliest alleged incident to surface.

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  • djbaconsmom

    I started this petition to demand that Temple University end its affiliation with this man:

  • KEL

    “And I was quite an attractive young woman with an A-plus figure and natural blonde hair, blue eyes.” Need a little attention, huh? This is really getting ridiculous. Enough overblown media coverage of these old drama queens.

    • Ferblungen

      Really? Is this the best you can do? These women were raised in the 50s and 60s – a far and distant time. For someone in her 70s to come forward and tell her story of sexual assault is commendable. It’s heroic. Apparently you don’t have any heros in your life.

      • Lyn Wilson

        She could ‘drink most men under the table’, she could ‘hold her liquor’ just 2 8-oz drinks; she went to and stayed at a married man’s house with no one else around, knowing his wife was gone…she may be a ‘victim’, but she certainly contributed. I wouldn’t consider such a lush a “hero”

        • swissmrs

          There was someone else around — an actress from the agency. I believe he assaulted her first. Two drinks do not make anyone pass out or all the bars would be out of business in a week. K Ruehli

      • swissmrs

        Thank you.

    • Mercyneal

      That’s the ticket: blame the victim. Your comment is disgusting.

    • swissmrs

      I guess I am a liar because I was attractive at age 22????? A 71 year old grandmother of eight prefers plenty of attention from her family rather than attacks when she has the courage to come forward to tell the truth.

  • Amala

    Keep up the good work ladies. You may have been totally dissed and abused back in the day … But this is a new era and Cosby is getting his comeuppance. Dr Alvin Poussaint, your boy needs some professional help. Among your colleagues, get him some much needed counseling.

    • Jane

      Unfortunately, they are still being dissed. And they are being dissed more on Philly Conservative Talk Radio than anywhere else. It seems Conservative Talk Radio has become little more than a haven for talk that used to be limited to Bars most Hosts would be thrown out of the minute they opened their mouths.

      • swissmrs

        Yes. It’s interesting that I was never contacted by Fox.

    • swissmrs

      Thank you. Unfortunately, Cosby has narcisstic personality disorder and is a sexual deviant. There is no cure for that.

  • Me

    Lets dissect a few things- lets look at the similarities in the stories. Could it be, they used him, he used them? Like that never happens. good old Bill, was never going to the type you said, damn he’s hot! Peoples sexiest list. Was he? Sorry Janice – you let the man fly you half way around the world for the weekend – to discuss world hunger? Get the hell off the block. And then you say he made you drink – made you? Was he freaking ISIS with a clever to your throat. Well, things didn’t work out, you never were an A lister. And then there’s the one who says he made her have oral sec before the tonite show -made you- bite if off – if you had to. You were in a studio. Walk, no run to security. Bam ! you wouldn’t have to prove a thing. But you never made it big either. They thought or possibly were promised a push up the ladder and it didn’t happen.
    As for a guy grabbing you- geeze what do many girls do. Move your hand away, kick him run. As for the herbal pills- really? Especially in 2005 we teach our girls never to take any pills, even aspirin from anyone you don’t know – oh you know Cosby, and you knew it was to relax. You are an adult. You took a pill to relax not really knowing what is was? Now- IF this is what Ol Bill did- gave you something that did more than relaxed you he’s got to answer for that. But you freely took it.
    THEY TRIED TO USE HIM, HE USED THEM. Hell, at the very least I wound have had my blood drawn to find out what it was.
    Just not credible. yes it’s disgusting if he tried to push himself on you. But it seems like you were in public places not one of you said, I tried to get away. There’s a lot missing. why now? He’s getting up there, and if he promised career advancement – it didn’t happen. About the one that said it went on for 4 months- why did you go back? ( you have to read all the interviews if you didn’t read that one)

    • Mercyneal

      Um, these were women with no power or money. Ever heard of the Sandusky case or the priest cases? Men in a position of power know how to choose their victims very carefully. They’re always weaker, vulnerable. They can sense that these victims won’t speak out right after it happens.

      Do not underestimate the power differential, pal.

      • swissmrs

        Wow! You are right on target. Rape is about power and Cosby chose powerless, vulnerable and even needy women starting at least in the sixties. He already had a well known reputation in Vegas and elsewhere. It’s just that I was ignorant of that at the time he took advantage of my powerless vulnerability. Figure it out. He’s a sexual sociopath.

    • swissmrs

      You are a complete simpleton.

  • Bertie Pimplebum from Britain

    Here’s a joke Bill Cosby might like to include in his comic show.

    Want To Come To My Party?

    There are some gorgeous girls working at supermarket checkouts.
    So, this fella thought he would try his luck. As he’s going through the checkout he says to the checkout girl, “Hey, do you want to come to my party?”
    “Umm…I don’t know!” she replies.
    “There will be plenty of booze,” the fella said, “and lots of dancing. As the night goes on there will be some smoking and likely some wild sex.”
    “Who’s coming to this party?” she asked.
    “Just the two of us,” the guy answered.

    • swissmrs

      Cosby is not a comedian. He is a bad joke. Your contrived story demonstrates you cannot read.

  • LeonaD

    You can’t remember if the house was in Brentwood or Bellaire (they’re both “B’s” like 5 hours apart), but you drove yourself home because you didn’t live far away. You don’t remember where you lived? After being drugged, you woke up in a room. When you felt sick, you ran to the bathroom. I’m assuming it was an en suite and easy to find. You left around 5am, drove yourself home, and made it to work by 9am. So, his home, your home and your employer should have all been pretty close, but you don’t remember if it was Brentwood or Bellaire. Ok.

    • Anon

      Actually, Brentwood and Bel Aire are 5 miles apart from one another. They are both in Los Angeles. You seem to be thinking of the Brentwood in Northern California.

    • KensiBlonde

      Huh? Brentwood and Bel Air are right next to each other. Do some Googling before you type nonsense.

      • goldsphinix

        don’t respond to stupid ppl. LeonaD is just a rape apologist.

    • swissmrs

      I lived in Santa Monica at 22nd and Santa Monica in Santa Monica. Is that good enough for you? I was able to drive home because I had thrown up the drugs and was not hung over. Two drinks do not give you a hangover.

      • Rhonda

        No where in her statement did she say that she threw up the drugss and was not hung over. Actually this is what she said:I immediately came to and was immediately very sick. I pushed myself away and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was feeling really ill. And I never got sick like that from alcohol, at least not that small of an amount.
        Once I threw up — it was five in the morning by now, I think — I left the bathroom and he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he went. But I left right away. I was able to drive myself home. I didn’t live that far away.

        This very thing happened to me when I was 18, I was taken to 2 different locations and for years I was confused about the first location I was taken to because I was drugged, So no it’s not unusual to have some confusion about some details, but there’s one thing for certain I’m NOT confused about I WAS DRUGGED AND RAPED!!! I wonder if this happened to you would you remember every single detail? It’s appalling when someone like you dismisses what this women is saying because she can’t remember every single detail of her rape!!!! You sir are PATHETIC!!

  • jleafe

    Love how Kristina says she’s “very wealthy” but is so low class she can’t use the word penis and how she could drink everyone under the table. Classy person. As far as Dickinson goes she’s definitely trying to get her name in the news AGAIN! If he is guilty then shame on him and had they documented this with an attorney at that time then they would definitely have solid proof.

    • Mercyneal

      Stuff and nonsense. These allegations appear to be making you nervous. Attacking the victims is disgusting and will get you nowhere, pal.

      • jleafe

        First off pal. if you read the whole blog you’d see that I said if HE IS GUILTY then shame on him, etc…… and the allegations are not making me nervous but because Kristina had to insert how very wealthy she is she could have shown that she had class along with it.

        • swissmrs

          The point of the story is that I didn’t want his money — I don’t need it.

    • swissmrs

      I did use the word penis in many interviews but the word was cut out in final editing. I am wealthy now but I was making $433 a month then. It happens to people — rags to riches. I got an education and a law degree. That’s my idea of class.

    • swissmrs

      For your information, the media DO check out the facts. They have their lawyers do that for them. Many of the facts in my story have been checked out.

  • Jordan Washington

    I believe that these women are being truthful. Not that many women would lie about something as serious as this anyways.

  • Mercyneal

    What a nightmare for these women. I also don’t get Camille Cosby’s bizarre delusional and enabling behavior.

    • Justthetruth

      Don’t get it? He’s been an incredible meal ticket and trust fund for Camille for decades. Sad truth about horrible men with power: many women may suffer but one may benefit – immensely.

      • swissmrs

        Yes, just take a look at Ray Rice and other abusers. Women stay with abusive men for a variety of reasons. Some of them end up getting killed.

      • Rhonda

        Dottie Sandusky (wife of Jerry Sandusky) had to know what he was doing to those boy’s yet she remained silent and no doubt it was because she didn’t want to give up her elaborate life style. Camille is doing the same thing and no matter the outcome she will still be right there with her husband defending him to the end just like Dottie. At some point Oprah will interview Cosby and more than likely try to help him convince the world of his innocence. (SMH)

        • swissmrs

          Thank you, Rhonda. You understand completely exactly what happened. People ask me what I think should happen to Cosby and I say, I don’t care. He never cared about what happened to his victims.

    • Darhyl

      Nobody wants to believe that a famous star who we admired could do horrible, despicable acts. Nobody believed OJ Simpson would beat, bully, and finally murder his wife either. Wake up America!

      • swissmrs

        You have hit the nail on the head.

    • swissmrs

      I’ve wondered about that myself. Fifty years — she must have known.

  • Mercyneal

    Has any reporter determined whether Cosby ever attacked African American women?

    • swissmrs

      Yes. One has come forward who was a 15 year old at the time.

  • Balou2u

    It is a travesty when multiple accusers, most of whom don’t know one another, have eerily similar facts relating to their complaints and are dismissed as gold diggers etc. These allegations should be treated with paramount importance and respect, not only for the accused but for the accusers as well. Yes , innocent intil proven guilty and therefore vigorous investigations are needed. Misogyny is a serious problem and when it manifests itself into a violent act such as rape, it must be dealt with, with respect for the victim and in the quickest, most severe manner.

    • swissmrs

      Thank you.

  • denbenenki

    had Kristina reported cosby then, about 20 women would not have been victimized by this scoundrel and I would have had a chance with one of them.

    • swissmrs

      I wish I had, but Cosby was a powerful client. It would have cost me my job.

  • denbenenki

    I remember sending letters to all the women at Artists Agency Corp. back in the 60s, offering to hold birthday parties for any of them free of charge, provided they showed up to my house. I even sent birthday reminders to each of them. all 14 responded except Kristina. I was told she preferred black guys and I left it alone. It was the 60s and white women who dated black guys were paving a new way for us all, so I knew she had a lot to deal with.

    • swissmrs

      This is an outright fabrication. I am white and was in a long term loving relationship with a white man far better looking than Cosby. No invitation was sent because my name was not Kristina at the time. It was Donna. I told my boyfriend the story and left the agency.

  • Daisy21

    It’s interesting how the media has been going after Bill Cosby, but then turn around and celebrate Bill Clinton, who also has been accused of rape and other bad behavior towards women.
    Why doesn’t the media take the rape allegations against Clinton just as seriously as they do the ones against Cosby?

  • melissa smith

    From what I have seen 99.9% of the purported victims are white women, and the others are likely mixed race or so light they could pass as a race other than black. It’s clear from looking at his wife and these women that he is obsessed with white women. He probably would have married a white women if it had been politically safe to do so 40 years ago and literally safe to do so even earlier. He settled for Camille even though she is obviously mixed. Regardless of how much white America loved Cosby the entertainer, it did not want to see him with a white woman, who has been promoted as the epitome of womanhood, motherhood, and femininity. These women were clearly seeking money and fame. Unfortunately,they made the mistake of assuming that Cosby was their ticket. Black women have never been foolish enough to see Cosby or any other black male celebrity and certainly not white male entertainers as an opportunity because they are simply not valued the same. Furthermore, they have never had the same level of access to these men as white women still have. In contrast, black women were legally raped by white men for hundreds of years. There was no outcry by white women or coverage by white media. And there damn sure wasn’t any financial consequences for the white men who raped them. So, from the perspective of a black woman, it looks like a case of cause and effect or chickens coming home to roost. Frankly, I really don’t give a damn.