Philly Actress Emily Letts Films Her Abortion for YouTube

“This video is for all of us,” she says.


UPDATE: Emily Letts granted Philadelphia an interview about her abortion video. Read that interview here.


Emily Letts is a Philadelphia actress who also works as a patient advocate at Cherry Hill Women’s Center, a facility that performs abortions. And when she recently underwent her own abortion, she decided to film it and put it up on YouTube for the world to see. (For a parody of that video, click here.)

Letts posted the following message along with her video:

This is my story. This is ONLY my story. I do not pretend that it is anything more or anything less. I do not speak for everyone on this sensitive subject and I respect everyone’s opinions as long as they do not force them onto others.

My dearest hope is that someone somewhere will see this and it will provide some guidance, strength, support, or whatever else they need in that moment. I want to tell that person that you are not alone. Having an abortion does not make you a bad person, a bad woman, a bad mother. Having an abortion does not make you guilty. It is simply one step in your reproductive story. You are not along. I am here for you. We are all here for you.

PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO. Please help me spread it to all corners of the internet. 1 in 3 women will have or have had an abortion in their reproductive life. This video is for all of us.

And on Monday, Letts published an explanation for her video via Cosmopolitan.

Here’s an excerpt:

I found out I was pregnant in November. I had been working at the clinic for about a year. It was my first pregnancy, and, full disclosure, I hadn’t been using any kind of birth control, which is crazy, I know. I’m a sex educator, and I love talking about birth control. Before this experience, hormonal birth control scared me because of complications I’d heard about from friends — gaining weight, depression, etc. So I tracked my ovulation cycle, and I didn’t have any long-term partners. I thought I was OK. But, you know, things happen. I wound up pregnant…

Once I caught my breath, I knew immediately I was going to have an abortion. I knew I wasn’t ready to take care of a child. The guy wasn’t involved in my decision. I called my supervisor and said, “Excuse me, I am going to need to schedule one abortion, please.” It was very early in the pregnancy, only two to three weeks.

Patients at the clinic always ask me if I can relate to them — have I had an abortion? Do I have kids? I was so used to saying, “I’ve never had an abortion but…” While I was pregnant and waiting for my procedure, I thought, “Wait a minute, I have to use this.”

Go here to read the whole thing.

Naturally, a lot of people are upset about this. What do you think?

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  • Bud Strong

    She is evil.

    • cranemaker

      She is human as are you and I. I am evil too, dependent upon a greater power for redemption and forgiveness. Yes. The video is insensitive to fetuses and post-abortive moms. Emily should learn mocking abortion is wrong because it harms people.

  • Rocco Lamagela

    Should have neutered her while they were at it! If not maybe God or Karma will!

  • María P
    • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

      What a load of crap. The bottom line is be responsible. Either way it is not the baby’s fault you made poor life decisions. Adoption is a great avenue.

    • asdsfagagfedf

      Clever, but off the mark. Do you know of the multitude of religious organizations that provide food and housing and medical care for pregnant women? Not to mention safe homes for them to stay in during and after the pregnancy, and job training. The list is endless. Many without breathing a bit of scripture for fear the client will turn away much-needed help. Your cartoon disrespects those many people who are in it for the long haul.

  • Jacquelynn Hoffman

    I am a woman. I am an atheist. I wish abortion did not exist. I have been in the medical field for 10 years. I have seen for myself the results and it has completely turned me from a pro-choice to anti-abortion. I have met women who did not regret their decision to terminate a pregnancy. I have met women who regret it. I have met women who had their lives threatened and been abused for not gettin…g an abortion. I have met women who have gotten abortions, against their will because they have feared for their lives because they felt the father would have killed them. I have met MANY young women who have gotten abortions because of fear that their parents would disown them if they knew they had gotten pregnant. It is not a perfect world, abortion does exist and there is nothing any of us can do about it. We all have to make our own choices.
    The part that I have the biggest problem with is how it is glamorized. Women are meant to feel special and even powerful because they have the right to have an abortion. You do not have the right to get an abortion because it is your body. Frankly it is the fetus’s body. You have the right to have an abortion because it is legal. If you come to me in my work place I will speak to you as a professional. I will give you the positive and negative sides to the story. Luckily this is Facebook. This is my personal opinion and view on the situation. I hate that abortions have become this glamorous powerful choice that only women have. There is nothing glamorous or powerful about abortion. It is ugly from all angles. If you want to see power talk to a woman who was able to carry her child for 40 weeks and give it up for adoption. That is strength and beauty.
    The decision to have a baby should be made at the same time you are consenting to have sex. This is real life. The reality is that you are making the CHOICE to engage in an activity that has a great chance of becoming pregnant.
    Frankly the government has done the math. You getting an abortion will save them money of course they care about your mental health (being sarcastic)
    I have told you what I have come across. What I have never come across is someone who made the decision to carry their fetus to term. I feel my beliefs are always evolving perhaps that will change my mind.


      u spoke words of TRUTH and LIGHT (except that atheist part but to each his/her own)
      Thank you for your insight – ONE LOVE

      • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

        Nice side jab with the atheist part there. You say to each his/her own after as though it justifies being incredibly judgmental … it doesn’t.

        • asdsfagagfedf

          I understand, Andy. You and Queen Curten are on the same side of the abortion issue, but you are free to judge Christians, whereas, she is not free to have an opinion of your atheism, albeit a mild one. Thanks for your bald honesty.

          • none

            one love is typically a rastafarian expression. maybe you should gain a little more knowledge before you start commenting critically on discussions involving theology.

        • Jacquelynn Hoffman

          I apologize. I thought I made it clear that I was going to be intentionally judgmental. This is my personal comment to this video.

          • asdsfagagfedf

            Your comment was a winner with me, and many others. Mainly because it was based on your years of experience and captured the various viewpoints that you gleaned to form your own conclusions. It didn’t seem judgmental in the least, but more from someone wrestling with the issue. Thank you.

    • jaydeebee

      Thank you! I am sooo tired of people trying to make this into a religious debate. I am a Christian, so if I state that I am opposed to killing an unborn child, I’m labeled a “religious nut”. Thank you for showing that there are atheist who also see the problems that arise from abortion. It’s a women’s health/human rights issue.

      • Godsword Loch Streaker

        we’re not nuts dear

        • The Dog

          Um, yeah you are.

      • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

        Religion is not the basis of morality, believe it or not there is a whole world of atheists that are moral, conscientious, good people. My wife and I are both examples.

        • Guest

          Morality is the domain of human religion. Animals are not moral. They run a program, coded in their DNAThey never debate morality. Humans are animals. Therefore humans are not naturally moral, morality does not exist in nature, it has never been observed by science, there is no morality particle nor does science say humans are more valuable than rocks or trees. Therefore atheists must invent morality to control the population. Since atheists invent morals to control the population, and they usually steal their morals from religions they grew up around, like Christianity, they are practicing religion to a certain degree.
          Morality only comes from religion.
          I am an atheist nihilist.

          • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

            No, obedience congress from religion, and obedience is the opposite of morality.

      • kellyandtheboys

        I agree, I, too, am Christian. And, far from a religious nut. However, if I say I oppose abortion I am called a religious nut OR anti feminism.

    • kim morris

      Hmm, I’m 52 years old and I’ve never heard, read or viewed anything that hinted that abortion is glamorous.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        To keep it simple…”woman’s right to choose” look up the definition of “right.” I am not trying to be sarcastic but it is that deep in the movement.

        • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

          As Benjamin Franklin said: “The right for you to swing your arm ends at my nose.” The right for a woman to have surgery stops at the fetus’s.

          • The Dog

            Really? I guess you haven’t heard about the Supreme Court.

          • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

            Government doesn’t grant rights, it protects them, that is the only natural act for government, if you believe government legitimate, which I don’t. The supreme court is a joke, just like the rest of government.

          • Ashley Agloro

            I’m guessing you’ve never had an abortion.

        • Jacquelynn Hoffman

          Oops sorry I thought you where talking to me..

      • charnygirl .

        until now with this crazy lady!

        • TrixieRose

          Well she’s a low budget actress, so this does give her five minutes of internet.

      • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

        Did you not read this article?

      • AlejandroVargas CrippledKnight

        I encourage you to google Planned Parenthood’s initiative for “I had an abortion T-Shirt”.
        They talk about how great the experience was and have t-shirts to confess to the world how proud people should be to have the abortion done.
        Yeah, it is pretty sick and disgusting.

    • melissa

      you’re not religious but feel it is the fetus’s body rather than the womans? …..

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        Yes.Perhaps if I could believe in a mythical paradise the baby’s so called spirit could go to I would be ok with never giving it’s brain the chance to feel like I feel and make a difference in the world like I try to do.

        • Danira Von K

          if your mom aborted you…you’d never know you had a possibility of being.

          • Jacquelynn Hoffman

            But I did have a possibility of living. I had a possibility of thriving. I had a possibility of making the world a better place by helping people as a dedicated nurse. Maybe I have commitment issues. Once you terminate there is no more possibility zero posibility for the fetus.There are chances the mother can not conceive again. There is a chance the father could die. There is a chance you regret it and there is no turning back. It’s done it’s dead.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        When do you consider the fetus a separate being? and why?

    • kellyandtheboys

      Great post. Thank You.

    • Thorneel

      Jacquelynn – in time abortion, the killing of the innocent will go down as the most callous and inhumane crime the human race have ever perpetrated on this planet and those who stood by and did nothing to prevent it will be an accessory to it. There is something we can do, we can denounce it, recognize it as murder and make illegal once again.

      • Danira Von K

        soooo…let me just go have 25 kids and have the govt pay for them all, sounds good right?

        • Thorneel

          As apposed to killing them! Too right it sounds right!

      • The Dog

        “Make it illegal again.” Yeah, let’s go back to sticking our heads in the sand and pretending that unwanted pregnancies don’t happen, making women go to back-alley abortion doctors. Idiot.

        • Thorneel

          Yes that right! Dummy! What murder hole do you own?

    • Ashley Agloro

      Thank you!! It is such a sad topic, and while many women suffer from abortions, this woman is supposedly basking in how great and wonderful her abortion was. Seriously?

  • lori

    She is disgusting. She feels lucky? Giggles through the commentary and claps her hands and says yay when its over. Wow. I am more disgusted with myself for watching this idiot. Shame on Philadelphia mag for sharing this. It’s truly offensive and teaches us nothing about humanity.

    • JRok

      Maybe you should just censor what in the real world you choose to expose yourself to.

      Religious kooks. Mind your business.

      • JTLiuzza

        Murdering innocent babies is everybody’s business.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        I feel like you are quoting Nazi Germany

  • Shiva

    So a woman who: 1) Works in an abortion clinic but decides not to use birth control 2) avoids relationships and “watches her cycle” 3) Hums and sings through the process of terminating a life inside her to show women it’s “okay.” 4) Did not consult or even mention informing the father (I’m sure some of her male facebook friends had some nice WTF moments right now) 5) Considers herself a pioneer and role model for “positive abortion.” If she was a woman who A) volunteered to film it anonymously, B) had protected sex with a long term partner C) made a heartbreaking, measured decision that adoption was not the option for her and explained her thought process D) expressed sorrow, and regret for the other people involved (i.e….The father), and talked about what it was like to inform them of the decision, she’d be a MUCH more convincing advocate for abortion. As it stands, I think that people on both sides of the issue should condemn her and she should lose her job. She is a terrible role model and certainly not a woman that should be counseling young women in distress.

    • Kay

      I’m sure she’s very sorry she doesn’t fit your description of the “right” kind of patient for this procedure. As she mentioned, 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime. This amounts to millions of women each year. These women are married, unmarried, in long-term relationships, single. Some are using birth control, and some are not. There are women who express regret, and there are others who do not. They come from all walks of life, and, like every human, they are flawed. No one will fit your idea of perfect. Emily Letts is not claiming to be representative of each and every woman who has an abortion, nor was she trying to be. She was sharing HER story, giving us some insight into HER abortion (SOME insight, not all; we are not entitled to know her whole story). That’s all. Being pro-choice means allowing women to make the best decisions for themselves, period. We may not agree with those decisions, but we must allow them to make their own choices. To borrow a phrase from the president, I trust adult women to make these decisions for themselves. End of story.

      • ShellB

        Hell yeah. Well said.

      • Red Menace

        So a Female has the right to do whatever she wants to her body, because it’s only her body, and not mines or yours or anyone else’s. That talking point is very easily debunkable, just for the simple fact that no, we can’t choose what we do with our body.

        I’ll let you sit on that one for a while.

        • Linda Barr

          Our bodies are not our bodies. 1 Corinthians 3:16Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

        • Ashley Agloro

          She doesn’t feel bad about this whatsoever! Killing a life before it had a chance, just because it may be a little inconvenient in her life? You say everyone has the right to do with their own body. What about the fetus? Does it not count? Is it the exception because it’s not worth bucking up and taking responsibility for our own actions so that that child may grow up to make their own lives? She doesn’t even have to keep the baby! I wouldn’t want her to be a mother to that baby anyways. All she had to do was carry the child for 9 months and then give him/her to an orphanage. This is a much better option than ending its life.

          • Red Menace

            I think you misunderstood my point. I’m jumping off the moral argument and on the “it’s my body” argument. Many pro abortion people claim it’s their body and they can do what they want with their own body. I’m simply debunking that because the truth is that we can’t do what we want to our own body. It’s the reason why assisted suicide is still illegal, it’s the reason heroin junkies get thrown in jail if caught with needles up their veins, it’s the reason they will throw you in a mental institution if you self mutilate. The fact is that an abortion falls easily in between assisted suicide, and shooting up heroin.

      • Zoche

        Doing it for profit is never okay

      • Thorneel

        Being pro-choice means allowing women to make the best decisions for themselves. How selfish! What about the life inside growing in its mother womb.

      • Shiva

        Kay, on this website there is an article stating that abortion rates are at 15.1 women for every thousand ( You don’t even need to google to find it, it’s listed as a related article on this page. You are delusional. 1.5 percent is a lot less than 33 percent. This level of incompetence, and misinformation by someone claiming to be a trained professional is why she shouldn’t keep her job. Thank you for supporting my argument.

      • sad

        Its not about the chocies she has made. Its about the fact she had the abortion taped and she was laughing and happy. Thats sends a different kind of message. Its mocking the pro lifers, which will enrage them. They will fight harder to change roe v wade. She didnt help the cause. She made it worse.

      • muscle_artist

        I think most folks are mad that she doesn’t fit their model of what a woman is supposed to feel like when they go through this. None of us know her. That much is true. She expresses her emotions different from other folk. Not everybody is the same.

      • Lady D

        Emily Letts quote “This is for all of us.” Don’t you think that statement right proves she herself believes she is speaking for all women who have had an abortion. Yes she has the right to the choices she made. My question is why did she have to share it on the Internet? Sounds like an actress trying to get her 15 minutes of fame to me. I would love to know if her story has helped anyone in any way because I’m not sure how it benefits anyone contemplating this difficult decision.

      • peter fee

        no what she is …is an actress who is engaging in propagandizing a eugenics agenda and misleading young women into somehow believing that abortion is a positive experience. It’s totally disconnected from reality and only an absolute psychopath like ted bundy and apparently yourself could support such a claim. Police are taught that serial killers keep memento’s from their victims. Keeping her sonogram very nearly rises to that level of psychosis. And your subtle use of Obama’s belief system to bolster your support of a pro choice agenda is laughable. His agenda is Eugenics and not pro choice…get that straight. I wholeheartedly agree this woman should be fired and have absolutely no contact with any woman considering an abortion. If she truly believes what she says in her video…she herself needs serious long term counseling to come to grips with her delusional beliefs. period..end of story

      • Sad world we live in

        Planned parenthood and their ally obama claim that they are helping the health of women, but the sad fact is that more often than not abortions are performed as a method of birth control as in lett’s case. This is sick and now that Obama is forcing the taxpayers to pay for other people ‘a bad decisions has really pissed me off. Planned parenthood is the brainchild of population control

      • JEN

        And one in three woman will have chosen to end, terminate, eliminate, sacrifice, trash, remove, MURDER their unborn baby.END OF STORY.

    • Lolo

      Role models in real life are not perfect because humans aren’t perfect. Role models in religion (like saints and bodisatvas) are perfect. Emily is not perfect. Yes, she should have used a more reliable form of birth control, but that doesn’t mean she is not a role model. We can learn from her bravery (to share her story) and humbleness (to confess in the cosmopolitan piece that she was not using birth control) as an inspiration to evaluate our own practices and do better next time. Further, I don’t believe that a pregnant women considering an abortion should feel obilgated to consult with the father. Women should be free to make this choice for their body and their life and with the support network they desire.

      • Jeff Allen

        What about consulting with the child you are about to flush down the drain?

        • JeffWest

          A clump of cells is not a child. Biology 101.

          • Jeff Allen

            Somebody slept during Biology 101…

          • josparke

            Someone slept through Biology 101 and doesn’t remember humans are made of cells… What are people made out of then, dumbass? Granite? Marshmallows?

          • Guest

            I believe that is what I was saying…

          • Jeff Allen

            Sorry wrong Jeff

          • JEN

            You know I got bored and snooped on all the comments you’ve ever written and I noticed you have a real DIS- like for Christians.That’s fine, but it occurred to me that maybe you’ve felt very JUDGED or been burnt by a “Christian” I’d like to say sorry for that if that is the case. You know Matthew 7:1 and understand that particular verse well. Jeff it’s true Christians(ME) are hypocrites just like YOU or anyone can be.That shouldn’t be an excuse but it happens, ain’t nobody perfect. But that truly is the beauty of REALLY knowing Jesus Christ, your forgiven. That doesn’t mean carry on your sinning but acknowledge it and try to do better next time. Now I don’t apologize for my views on abortion, I’m entitled to that as much as Emily, you or any one, but I truly do apologize for any bad burn you have had from a Christian. We’re all hypocrites but were not all all about condemning. anyways..just wanted to say that, oh and my favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 :)

        • Danira Von K

          if your mum aborted you, YOU’D NEVER KNOW cus you weren’t a living breathing cognizant human…

          • Jeff Allen

            I find it rather odd that you are actively arguing FOR abortion when your own mother choose not to… Strange.

          • Jacquelynn Hoffman

            If I died right now I would never know because all of my brain function would stop… that does not make it okay to kill me. What is your point?

      • kellyandtheboys

        No one really expects role models to be perfect. However, I’d expect an abortion counselor and sex education counselor to practice her craft. How can anyone take her word for it that what she teaches is important, since, she doesn’t bother to practice it herself? Quite frankly, I doubt the whole thing. Just a publicity ploy for 1) the actress… and 2) the abortion clinic.

      • Rodolfo

        Lolo i dont think she was brave, she was irresponsible and cinic!! She was laughing and singing amd then she got a prized for terminating her pregnancy!, she may say that she is happy but I can clearly see her in streess and she may said that she dont regret her abortion .. Looks like she is just dinying…

      • Zoche

        Her reckless regard for such a hard and personal decision for most women is disgusting. Getting paid and rejoicing getting an abortion is sick! Any reasonable man in the future will not touch her with a ten foot pole. I hope she is proud of her lack of honoring the pain other women have struggled through. This is not why women have fought for the right for abortion, so some dimwit can capitalize on. It. Shame on you for advocating her action being right.

      • Christine Flowers

        Bravery? The woman is the perfect example of Hannah Arendt’s famous comment about the banality of evil

    • TrixieRose

      She also admitted she was paid for the video. That just takes it to a new height.

    • TrixieRose

      I know what you mean, reading alot of comments this evening and some women at my work who have had abortions are sickened by this video and her callousness. It was a dark and scary time for them, some regret it, some say they didn’t have a choice at the time, but most can’t believe her smiling like it’s nothing. …and to admit getting a prize for killing a baby video, so appalling.

      • Nunya Bidness

        Yeah. Why on Earth would anyone want a picture of the fetus before they kill it. It’s sick.

    • Amber @ Au Coeur

      I’m willing to bet that the “humming” and “singing” you saw was her trying to cope with the discomfort of the procedure. Women in labor make the same sounds; they are not son’t of joy or happiness, but sounds of a person audibly coping with pain.

  • Coleen1027

    I think this is the saddest thing I have ever seen. A woman murders her own child and then says she isn’t at all guilty about it? Wow, terribly sad.

  • Coleen1027

    Wait, it does say “actress” in this headline does it not? Hmm…interesting.

    • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

      Horror movie actress. Literally.

  • Coleen1027

    Also, this woman admitted to unprotected and irresponsible sex. Yet she doesn’t want any of the consequences of that behavior. Well, isn’t that lovely. Let’s try to keep our sexuality in check and not just behave like we are lead by our hormones. Let’s try to be thinking human beings who can control our bodies, yes actually control our bodies not just let them be mutilated and murder our children.

    Six weeks after the abortion? How about 10 years from now when, uterus and fallopian tubes scarred, she has fertility issues.

  • charnygirl .

    This makes me sick. Altho I myself would never have had an abortion, I believe it’s a womans right. But to hear her call it “cool” and smile and act like it’s just another day, makes me feel sad. To say she has no guilt is disgusting. I wonder if she has a heart? I feel sorry for her children that she may one day have….because she definately does not seem like she’ll make a good mom. She lacks empathy and compassion.


    I did not feel she was trying to be a role model at all. She was using her own experience to show that there can be a positive abortion story for a woman. Yes, she is foolish to not have been more careful with protection (especially given her job)–but she admits that herself. She has since taken measures to prevent this in the future until she is ready (she states that she has had an IUD implanted). I think this is a story that needs to be shown. Women have enough stress, concern, doubt and guilt without being shamed by everyone in the world that knows of it. Women have a right to see there can be another side to this made by an informed and confident woman. I find it interesting that the very same people that condemn her for being flip and silly and immature are the same that would want her to–DEMAND her to— bring an unwanted child into the world.

    • Zoche

      Explain why she made money off getting an abortion. I know no one who thinks getting an abortion is fun and cool! Who thinks her immature response of not choosing the day after pill instead just so she could experience the fun of a real abortion. That is just sick!

    • Jacquelynn Hoffman

      Pregnancy is not the worst thing that can result from unprotected sex. She is not in a committed relationship. An IUD is not recommended for her. She needs to be using a barrier method. She should know that as an educator. You can not abort HIV but you can certainly get it with a IUD.

      • XLUVMARy

        I am in total agreement with what you’re saying here. Good — and very important– point.

  • Solrac

    Miss idiot Emily you should have filmed your un protected sex instead of your abortion. This wAy you would have not been in this situation. There are risks of aids and other std diseases that can impact your life in a worse situation . Instead you decide to glorify a abortion on a video. Yes women have the right to do what they want with there bodies but you should inspire people on protecting themselves on getting pregnant . Not too smart of you. This is a way of you trying for to get media attention . Who knows if your really getting a abortion ? You say your a actress .

  • cassandra777

    I have no problem with legal first trimester abortion.
    But, this woman is seriously disturbed. The rest of her Cosmo piece which isn’t excerpted here she says that her abortion was like giving birth [um, no it wasn’t], that she feels positive and happy when she watches the video of her abortion and most strange and freakish is she has kept a sonogram of the fetus she aborted and claims the photo is what she would save in a fire.

    • TrixieRose

      Are you kidding? I think her family has some decisions to make. I think if anything the only good that could come of this is they take a real good look at
      this whole situation and everything she’s saying. This is so deeply
      disturbing as it is, but it just gets more bizarre.

  • BoDogit3

    fake news story attempt to drive an agenda

    • kellyandtheboys

      I agree

  • JEN

    HOW COLD!! You make a spectacle over taking the life of your innocent baby? A FETUS is not an alien, it’s not a frog, it’s not a tumor ITS A HUMAN!!!!Your child had no choice, but YOU weren’t ready right and it’s all about you. So maybe you should close your legs together or maybe tie your tubes up. Because I don’t really wanna see your murder flash up on my news screen. Your pathetically selfish…..disgusting

    • JeffWest

      And let’s welcome another good Christian to the conversation.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        Is that necessary to contribute to the conversation? You are making yourself look very unintelligent.

      • JEN

        Or how about someone with a moral compass Jeff west… Oh and you really should re-study your biology…moron

  • JamestheFin

    And yet, it’s the Aztecs who get a bad rap for human sacrifice. That’s what this is. More blood and lives for Molech. Disgusting and horrifying.

    • JeffWest

      Christians gave us the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Holocaust and eight centuries or more of witch-burning. Matthew 7:1.

      • JamestheFin

        Ya’ really want to go there. Ok, let’s do it.

        Sure the Christians were responsible for the Inquisition, burning witches, and the sacking of Constantinople against other Christians. There’s also nothing in the New Testament that would sanction such actions nor did Jesus ever do or say anything to excuse that behavior.. However, the Crusades were merely a reaction against 4 centuries of Islamic unyielding aggression and oppression in the Byzantine Christian Levant, North Africa, and Spain. Christian Europe was on the brink of extinction and something had to be done to defend it against Islam. As for the Holocaust, Hitler & the top tier of his fellow Nazi’s hated Christianity and the Nazi’s were clearly Pagan in faith. FYI, Hitler really liked Islam. A lot cf Hitler, the Bozniaks, and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Also, in case you missed it, Nazi is an acronym for the term National SOCIALIST and they had the ideology to prove they were socialists, albeit with a ethnocentric focus. Any perusal of Hitler’s rallies/parades will show that with lots of images of Odin, Germanic gods, Norse Gods, etc. It’s part of the reason why they hated the Jews so much. After all, they thought they should be the “chosen people” not the Jews.

        As for Matthew 7:1, that’s often misused. The better, more authoritative version is John 8 where Jesus Christ encounters the adulterous woman, and with the crowd urging him to apply to Old Testament punishment, Jesus peaces out. And while he tells the crowd in no uncertain terms that they do not have the authority to pass down punishments, he also tells the adulterous woman, “go and sin no more”.

        That last bit is equally important. With the coming of Jesus, the sins of the Old Testament are still sins, it’s just that only God can pass down judgment & punishment upon us for sinning. Sin is still sin, and the lack of authority to “judge” is no excuse for moral blindness. So with all sincerity to Miss Letts, stop sinning by killing your child on a youtube video and lying about how wonderful it is.

  • Godsword Loch Streaker

    Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

    • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

      And the bible thumpers sprout. Bible also says we should stone to death children who don’t mind their parents. Also women who are not virginal outside of marriage should be stoned. Your judgmental dogmatism is so cliche and hypocritical.

      • Godsword Loch Streaker

        dont make me laff at you fool, a fool says in his own heart there is no God. Don’t blame us on your own self destruction

        • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

          Spelling aside, your post makes no argument, just ad hominem attacks. I am used to this from the, by nature, hypocritical dogmatic. Judge not … yeah right.

      • JEN

        You tell me the exact verse where the Bible says to do those things Andy….oh can’t find it? yeah cuz its not there..Hating the bible is fine, it’s your right,but don’t make up complete garbage just because you don’t like Christianity. Your being quite judgmental yourself..The bible says to honor your mother and father to live a long and prosperous life EXODUS 20:12…The bible doesn’t say to stone adulterers, however pharisees practiced that, but that was not what JESUS taught, JESUS excepted all. Jesus forgives all if you but repent with a sincere heart. I challenge you to try to read the BIBLE without prejudice someday, maybe something will speak to you.

    • JeffWest

      So you’re in favor of a middle-aged men raping an underage girl, then buying the girl as a bride from the father for the price of two cows, as the Bible says?

  • Jeff Allen

    I bet it was scary for the baby that you killed! You are a disease!

  • Jeff Allen

    I’m really starting to see why people bomb abortion clinics!

    • Kay

      Why? Because the sanctity of life is so important to them? (Nevermind the lives of the doctors, nurses, patients, and other staff, of course!)

      • Jeff Allen

        You actually want to bring up the “sanctity of life” when in defense of the doctors, nurses, patients, and staff when they are the ones killing children?

        • JeffWest

          A clump of cells is not “children.” Try being truthful.

          • Jeff Allen

            And just what are they? Bookends? o.O

  • Sharon Reinen

    I am watching this pig send every wrong message she possibly could to young women pregnant. She has a throw away attitude that is absolutely sickening. Smiling, humming and yahooing it’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. She’s done nothing but glorify the abortion procedure. It didn’t show anything to do with the procedure all it showed was her ugly face enjoying it. I hope that she never gets pregnant ever again and when her immature punk ass grows up & she wants a child she won’t be able to and hope she will feel the deepest regret ever. Everyone is aware that they can have an abortion and have the right to. She hasn’t shown anybody anything they didn’t already know or could have researched. (Einstein) However to glorify it and act as if it’s so easy rather then having the child she is a self-centered pig. I wish her mother had the same throw away attitude too! There are a lot of couples looking to adopt a new baby why not take that avenue to help make someone else who isn’t lucky enough to get pregnant have a chance to have a family. I see she has no quilt at all and wants others to be as empty as she is. You people who support her are as sick as she is. She was trying to justify to herself during her five minute abortion that other say it’s okay they are behind her. Yeah sure laughing and no quilt. Who the hell justifies that. Even animals morn over the loss of a baby. She less then an animal and I hope I never have to look at her ugly face ever again especially as an actress. Absolutely disgusted!!!!

    • Zeke Schrempf

      The silver lining to such a repulsive spectacle is that this will always show up in the first page of her google results, whether she wants to get another job or any dating partner decides to learn more about her.

  • Andy Ruggiero-Smith

    There are medical cases where abortion makes sense. I leave that up to the doctors. When it is for convenience, as it was for this “lady,” it is disgusting and abhorrent. She should be absolutely ashamed of herself. I hope she gets fired, I hope she is subject to public ridicule, and I hope her budding horror film career comes to a crashing and burning halt. The one positive thing about this: a woman such as herself probably should NOT have kids to screw up anyway! There are plenty of families out there that cannot have a child that would have loved to adopt that beautiful little baby. My wife and I are one of them.

  • texas2zee

    It’s bad enough this mother-to-be blithely killed her own baby, recorded the whole thing on video and put it out for the whole world to see. But additionally this actress/abortion worker used the footage of her child’s death and made an ad out of it for the clinic she works at and for abortion in general, the very thing that killed it. How callous is that?

  • Exhausted

    If it is ok for a woman to get an abortion and a “right” how about its a “right” she should keep her damn legs shut. It is a woman who decides if she gets pregnant or not. It is the woman who decides if she has sex or not. It is the woman she makes sure she is gonna have protected sex or not. And this stupid woman isn’t even in a long term relationship yet she wants to show it is ok to have something that SHE HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OVER WHETHER IT HAPPENS OR NOT. I am A woman and I am embarrassed to say she is in the same species as I am. I am not religious nor conservative, just a plain woman who thinks this kind of stuff is what makes women look stupid and not in contra; of their mental facilities .

    • Jacquelynn Hoffman

      Not to mention she is a sex educator! Be safe everyone you can not abort HIV.

  • Ryan Drew

    Equating an abortion to a “cool experience” because you were too lazy buy protection or too irresponsible to use it, is like equating open heart surgery to a “cool experience” because you were too lazy to exercise or too irresponsible to eat right. This entire post is disturbing because regardless of your stance on abortion it should never be regarded as “cool”. This woman is in some serious need of counseling.

  • Gina

    The fact that she said she was in “awe” for the fact that she can children was repulsive. If you were in such awe, then you should have respected what was inside of you. The baby didn’t ask to start being conceived in your womb. Okay, you made a mistake, but you should have been in awe of the higher power that gave you the ability to be able to do such. There are many people that aren’t able to have a baby and you decide to “kill” one. Shame on you.

  • D Y

    Women have the right to choose, yes that is a right. Women going public sharing something that should be a private personal time with an entire world, not caring how it will effect others is just sad. Is this for publicity, 15 minutes of “fame”. Not everything we do needs to be publicized. There was never a thought about the numerous couples who try and try agin, blowing through financial resources, and emotional breakdowns trying to have a baby, and failing. There is no concern about people who do view life as sacred and how this will tear them apart (not because of their religious views, but empathetic views). There is no concern for the young girls who are in a tough predicament, and tortured by the decision. And do not have the maturity or strength to process their decision. I know many women who had to make that choice, and it was never so blaze. It was a difficult life choice, that they paid a price (guilt, sorrow, sadness). Shame on this woman, shame on You Tube for not taking it down. What is this society coming to… Basically , we are disposable, life is disposable, emotions are disposable … ll in the name of “reality TV” Disgusting!

  • Infinite Grace

    This young lady is so deluded. My heart breaks for her and for when the reality of what she has done comes bubbling up to the surface, and it will. My prayer is that she reaches out for healing.

  • Dr. Ivan

    Feel so sad for her. We know its easy to do, justify and rationalize. What concerns me more is the greater picture and how it will affect her spirit and that of her future children and generations to come. We dont live in a vacuum. Every action has its consequences. What are the ramifications that will emanate throughout this lady’s life? She is responsible. What will be the responsibility for this action. Howi will It affect her love, sex, children and The rest of her life? As a father of two daughters, i feel so terrible for emily’s decision because i already know the answers to these questions. It is not good for her love, sex, children, life, and does not help one become more responsible. So sad.

  • abortion speak out!

    Thank you for posting. I’m about a month and a half after my own abortion, and for me as well it was an almost non-decision. I don’t feel regret, or sadness, mostly relief, of course accompanied by a whole other cascade of emotions; as comes with the loss of any potential. Whether someone has an abortion is only their business, but it can be a hard and traumatizing process to go through without support. The reality in this country is that 1 in 3 women/female bodied persons has had or will have an abortion in their life, but these stories are so stigmatized and silenced that that brings the trauma, the grief, and the feelings of regret. I have been very careful with who I’ve told, particularly in my professional life, but with each person and each voice of support the load lessens. Stories told readily and eagerly like Emily’s make the process for people on the fence or people who don’t feel they have support in their communities know that they’re not alone and support and love are out there ready to pour in, because it is their decision, their body, and they know what is right for them.

    • Zoche

      When will you start taking responsibility for your own stupidity? There are a myriad of birth control available. You do not deserve to be a parent. We have enough liberal idiots who lack the ability to take responsibility. Maybe one day her future child will see this and ask, “Am I lucky you chose not to get rid of me?” People like you and Lett are examples of no self control. You make excuses for your stupidity.

  • Holly Sarrazine

    I watched a woman sob as she told us about her abortion that she had 30 years ago. How she did not feel worthy of her husband or son. Is not easy, it has a lifetime of sorrow and guilt attached. This video is not how it “really” is. This video is propaganda.

    • Jonathan Hall

      For every personal anecdote you have like that, I have one from the opposite end. Thats why personal stories aren’t good proof that something is wrong.

  • matthew brandley

    Terminates a human life all because your to damn ignorant to keep your damn legs shut you ignorant piece of fecal matter! what a despicable thing to do! If you wanted to get off why didnt your sorry ass go to a adult store and get some damn toys!

  • Jeff Moore

    Congratulations Emily, you are officially a murderer now. Bad choice, I’m sorry that your clinic didn’t take the time to inform you of the future emotional and spiritual repercussions of your actions. However, God is good and full of grace and mercy. He will be there to accept and love you if you ever feel the need to call on Him.

    • JeffWest

      Yes, call her a murderer and then say “God is good and full of grace and mercy”–obviously qualities you should adopt.

  • Kay

    Thank you, Emily Letts. I am so grateful to you for sharing your story. The backlash you are facing is intense, and I just want you to know that there are many of us out there who appreciate this video. We need more women to come forward to tell their stories. Millions of women undergo abortions each year, and each one has a different experience. Although you’ve received some awful comments about this, I hope that more will come forward with their stories. We need to move towards a public, frank, and unashamed discussion about abortion (and, judging from some of these comments, sex in general).

    Thank you.

    • Zoche

      I thought birth control was supposed to stop abortions. How can you be proud of someone so irresponsible.

      • JeffWest

        Matthew 7:1

  • SimplyTheStats

    I feel bad for the baby who had no choice in this matter. I feel bad for any man, wishing to be a father who makes the huge mistake of forming a relationship with someone like this. The good thing is all they will have to do is Google her name to realize who she really is on the inside. I’m not sure how anyone could sleep securely next to someone who seems to find such joy at ending a life. I feel bad for her when she realizes what she actually did and that she can’t bring the child’s life back or stop others from witnessing her video. Her gleeful actions of snuffing a child’s life as if playing a party game will be on the internet forever to haunt her. Having lived almost 50 years dealing with the karma of life everyday, it would not surprise me for her to actually want a child someday, only to find out that she is unable to. Life is a gift and a miracle. Lastly, I’d like to think there will be a way for her to heal from this when and if she comes to her senses, but I’m not sure there is.

  • Mastro63

    An actress- oh goody

  • kris

    Just another pathetic example of someone who simply doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions; easy way out. Sad.

  • Mila

    I agree with Shiva wholeheartedly. I almost feel like this woman became pregnant on purpose to make this video. I identify as pro-choice, but everything about this woman’s story seems strange. If she works at an abortion clinic, she surely knows about contraception. If she made the decision to have sex, she could have either been on birth control or used a condom. Even if she didn’t want to use a condom, I’m sure she knew about the Plan B pill. And she must have been trying to get pregnant if she was taking a pregnancy test every two weeks, as she stated in a blog post. Not to mention the fact that she’s an actress, clearly just trying to jumpstart her fame. However, I have another question. If she was only three weeks pregnant, why did the doctor clearly perform the abortion using the vacuum aspiration method? I was under the impression that this was reserved for abortions performed after the first 49 days of pregnancy? My thought is that an abortion in such an early state would require the methotrexate or mifepristone drugs. Can anyone answer my question?
    It’s my opinion that the abortion debate has really run its course. No amount of debating is going to change anyone’s opinion on the subject because it’s such a personal topic. But imagine that the pro-lifers won and abortion became illegal under all circumstances. How would society be different? Well instead of being allowed access to safe, inexpensive abortions, women would just seek them elsewhere. We, as a society, would be reverted back to the 1960’s, where coat hanger abortions and back-alley procedures dominated. Though abortion isn’t legally considered “murder,” think about it the same way. Murder is illegal, isn’t it? Yes, of course; but people still do it. The same can be said for abortion. If we pass a law illegalizing abortion, it won’t stop completely. Instead, women would just risk their lives to try and obtain one. And it likely won’t come cheap, either.
    In a perfect society, women wouldn’t feel the need to abort their unborn children. However, society is not perfect and these are the realities we are faced with.

    • Zoche

      Doing it for profit is just wrong.

  • Steph

    I wonder how many times the word “I” comes out of her mouth? Too bad she’s too young and stupid to understand how self absorbed she looks. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    I’m an atheist. I have no “religious” opposition to abortion, in the sense that I have never even opened a bible, been to church, and I personally don’t believe in any kind of higher power.

    With that said.

    I think this is disgusting. It baffles me that in the pro choice/pro life war that continues to rage in this country, adoption is never brought up. Almost never, in any of the conversations I’ve ever had on this topic, has adoption come up.

    I was adopted, my birth parents were in high school and they used protection when they conceived me but it failed, and I was essentially an accident. I don’t know their names or where they were from or really any information besides the fact that they were an unmarried teenage couple that wasn’t ready to raise a child. And they put me up for adoption. My birth mother could have been smiling lying down on a table as I was aborted out of her saying “this is so cool” (and posting the footage on youtube to try to get her 15 minutes of fame), but she CHOSE to let me live, and she also chose to let a loving couple (my parents who have raised me my entire life) take me as their own. Every single day I’m thankful she made this choice. Every single day I wish I knew her so I could call her and tell her how much I love her and thank her for letting me live, and thank her for choosing such loving parents to raise me in her stead.

    I find this disgusting. I am more than sympathetic to women who either through accident or rape have conceived a child that they cannot raise, but I urge them, and anyone reading this, to consider adoption. It’s the obvious choice. You don’t have to raise a child that you aren’t capable of raising, the child gets to live, and a loving couple that isn’t able to have a child of their own gets one; its a win-win-win. I can’t think of anything more irrational than not considering this choice.

    • kellyandtheboys

      Very good post. I’m happy your loving birth parents made such a courageous choice. My sister in law and her husband adopted a beautiful boy 18 years ago. My cousin has 3 beautiful adopted children. I agree, this is such a wonderful loving option. I just don’t understand why more women don’t chose adoption

    • Jonathan Hall

      Yeah maybe you should adopt too, there are lots of kids out there waiting to be picked up:

      Each year more than 20,000 children age out of the foster care without
      being adopted. Today there are 104,000 children in foster care waiting
      to be adopted ranging in age from less than a year old to 21.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        I do see how the statistics can seem. Have you gotten the chance to meet these young adults aging out? Many are beautiful people. Having worked with orphans I have yet to meet one that I wish was never born. Also can you include statistics for parents waiting to adopt? I feel like that is also important to factor.

    • Jacquelynn Hoffman

      Beautifully written! I also mentioned adoption. I have several wonderful adopted people in my life I can not imagine if they didn’t exist because their mother didn’t make the same choice.

  • ajk718

    I’m not going to get into whether it not I’m pro life or pro choice but I think she made a terrible decision in sharing it with the whole world. Why? What is she trying to prove? It’s her choice! A personal decision, and leave it at that!

  • TrixieRose

    She admitted on Cosmopolitan comments that she was paid for the video. I don’t even believe it’s real, many are saying the same thing, she got her five minutes.

  • Anne

    This takes it too far . Fine do what you need to do in privacy but don’t exploit the termination of a birth for profit … that is sick and you are making a mockery of women who make this decision . Your fame is not the important issue here .

  • JamestheFin

    I should have stated this earlier, but I have a few questions.

    1) Is this real? Emily Letts’ profession is a actress after all.
    2) The timing is suspicious. Before the Mid-Term Elections. Directed towards the biggest demographic that elected and re-elected Obama aka Single Women. It reminds one of Sandra “I want everyone to pay for $3000.00 birth control” Fluke and dodgy “War on Women” meme that ensued. Perhaps we’ll know when ABC’s George Snufaluphagus and MSNBC keeps pumping this story.

    • kellyandtheboys

      I agree totally. I don’t believe it for one second. Just a publicity stunt for a 1) rather poor actress 2) an abortion clinic 3) to beat a dead horse over and over again. I’ve read that she was paid for this making it even more suspect in my opinion.

  • Don’t Kill

    She says that she’s in awe that she can make a baby/life? Well, if you are in such awe, then why the hell did you get an abortion? Makes it sound like she had experimental sex to see if she could make a baby, knowing that if she ended up getting pregnant that she would terminiate the life that is growing inside of her. This person disgusts me partly because she had an abortion, but the fact that she has no remorse and that she was happy for her decision. Babies are living and they are not someone to determine their fate. If someone gets pregnant and they don’t want the baby, then give it up for adoption. So, let me just ask you and everyone else there that is for abortion: What if your mother aborted you? You wouldn’t be here right now. No one would know you. You would be nothing and mean nothing. Just think about that.

    • Zoche

      Exactly, it seems like she wants us to congratulate her for her stupidity. Too bad her mom didn’t abort her!

  • theresa

    Keep your legs closed, Emily. guess you thought you’d get your fame from this??? How sad for the baby. I’m not Christian. I am appalled. Hope you are haunted, hope your karma from this stays for several lifetimes, maybe in your next life, the child will be able to murder YOU.

  • Zoche

    What an idiot. She should have gotten steraluEd so we end her gene pool before it pollutes the rest.

  • Andrew

    Wow never thought someone would go so low in order to get their 15 min of fame.

  • jesuslovesyou

    Emily Letts I feel so sad for you and your miracle
    baby that you decided to kill. :( You were convinced that your baby was not
    human or alive. Hmm I guess that’s what the Nazis made themselves believe
    before they killed millions of Jews. I pray for your salvation, healing, and
    deliverance in Jesus name! One day you will feel overwhelmed with sorrow and
    pain and only Jesus can forgive you and heal you! He loves you and don’t worry
    your child is with him. :) Here is an awesome documentary about abortion called

    • Jonathan Hall

      I watched the documentary it didn’t change my opinion in the slightest. A fetus if you look at it from a logical perspective is pretty much just another parasite. Until it can be viable outside of a womans body I’d feel no more emotion about this as I would about a woman getting rid of her tape worm.

      People keep making the holocaust/abortion comparison, when there really is no comparison at all.

      • Jeff Allen

        “Parasite”? Did you really call a fetus a parasite?

  • jesuslovesyou
  • Guest

    I don’t think the video is real, she said she got a prize from it and she’s from Kalamazoo, long way from New Jersey. I say publicity stunt and now noone can prove it’s real or not.

  • Roy Johnston

    What’s positive about murdering a baby? Hold your head in shame.

  • b1

    Is it too late to abort this stupid lady that made the video

  • mom at 17

    Winning prizes, furthering your career, and not participating in ANY other form of birth control should never be reasons to kill your child. I hope her uterus is destroyed and she will never have the chance to pro create again. Then she can be as lazy and ratchet as she wants to with her Cumb Dunt. I get a feeling she planned this stunt and wish she wound up with an STD instead. Make a video about dealing with an uncontrollable itch, blisters, and rash wouldn’t get popularity but I bet she’d learn to use a condom real quick. SMH in disgust.

    • JeffWest

      Spoken like a true Christian.

      • Jeff Allen

        Spoken like a true Jackass.

      • Jacquelynn Hoffman

        um… ok?? wait only Christians can be on the anti-abortion side now?

      • Modern libs are an abomination

        Spoken like a true libtard

  • Wayne Tempel

    She will have to answer to GOD someday! That’s on her, but a little advice for you little girl: REPENT! Also of note, to the editor and owner of this newspaper: REPENT!

    • Sonnie Marie Slagle

      hahahahahaha your’e stupid

    • expect_resistance

      “Little girl?” She’s a WOMAN, duh.

      • Wayne Tempel

        A real woman wouldn’t have an abortion. She’s a little girl that needs to grow up! ABORTION IS WRONG, IT’S MURDER!

        • expect_resistance

          You’re a misogynistic pig.

          ABORTION IS NOT MURDER IS IT A MORAL RIGHT! In fact it’s a constitutional protected right.

  • PedroGonzalez

    Emily is a piece of trash and I spit on her.

  • whatistruth

    She looks like she is going to cry when she says “I don’t feel sad”.

  • InternetStranger

    Emily, if there’s a chance you’re reading this, I’m so sorry! Please know that you, your opinion, and your decision should be the only things guiding how you feel. Please don’t let the ignorance of the general public shame you into feeling guilty. You made a legal decision and chose to show the world what it may be like. You may have even influenced someone in their decision to have a child. You are brave, and I’m so sorry about the comment section. Don’t listen to these people and their negativity. Only YOU should control how you feel. You’re strong, you’re courageous, and these twits will only try to hurt you. Congratulations on being a mover and a shaker in this world. You’ll experience hate, but all new ideas are criticized. Please, remain well.
    Your friend,
    An Internet stranger

    • Jeff Allen

      Sad, I thought you were writing that to the child she aborted. Silly me…

  • popeye2009

    This washed up class B horror movie actress agreed to play the part of a bogus video sponsored by “soon to be released” as a test of the public reaction. No proof that she was pregnant, just a PR stunt. Are you shocked?

  • John Pettimore

    Being a professional actress is a really tough gig. You have tens of thousands of competitors for roles, many of whom are at least as pretty and/or talented as you are. It’s absolutely vital to market your brand, to become well-known and so on. You vastly help all this. That’s all this is — it’s a brilliant PR move. It gets her into Cosmopolitan, it gets hundreds of thousands of people talking about her, it makes her seem serious and thoughtful and important and it just might lead to a movie, or a movie role. This is a career move, period.

  • Ashley M

    “I’m in aw I can make a baby….a life”

    Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward!! -Psalm 127:3

    What a sad day if this video encourages one person to abort the life of their child.

  • Roger Brown

    Well that’s just messed up

  • JeffWest

    It’s unbelievable how judgmental, obnoxious and insulting some of these posts are, and how stunningly ignorant of basic human biology these negative commenters seem to be. The nastiest comments seem to come from fundamentalist Christians, who are apparently unfamiliar with the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:1.

    • Jeff Allen

      You bring up the Bible when defending abortion? Really? SMH.

    • Jacquelynn Hoffman

      I bet if you stopped calling people names and actually to the time to debate you could actually contribute quite a bit to this conversation. I know how you feel. People who are very religious are never going to listen to you if the first thing you do is attack them. If you want people to actually listen and you actually care about what your saying that is.

    • Chance Boudreaux

      Said the judgmental, obnoxious, and insulting bigot.

  • TrixieRose

    I’m wondering if this is effecting her mother’s Kitchen and Bath
    business in Kalamazoo, because when you go public on controversial
    issues it involves everyone around you. So has this been a positive or
    negative affect on the family and was this discussed with them prior to
    releasing the video? Does she have their support?

    • TrixieRose

      Also, has her family watched this video, if so does anyone have a link to an interview? Listening to her speak I’m very curious as to her upbringing,was she adopted, in foster homes, what led her to this point in her life? Can they shed any light to this desperate outreach for public attention?

  • marietree

    I’m pro-choice and I’m all about feminism etc but this crosses the
    line. There’s freedom of speech and standing up for something you
    believe in then there’s insensitive, crazy, attention–whorish
    stupidity. It’s like those women who pop a boob out in public to make a
    point…It’s unnecessary. Do your thing…Leave the rest of us out of
    it. Do it because it’s something you want to do but don’t do it to get attention.

  • JTLiuzza

    I say filming an abortion is a good idea. But let’s put the camera on the business end of it all. Show the world what’s going on.

  • Lori

    She really should watch the YouTube video “Silent Scream”. If you haven’t seen it then watch it. There was a baby in her womb. He or she was ripped apart no matter how old he or she was. Is there really anyone out there with a child who wishes they would have aborted him or her?????????????????

  • Fran B.

    My friend made a video about Emily Letts, the filming of the abortion, and the pregnancy/abortion issue in general. If anyone wants to watch and comment — I know that ALL views are accepted & appreciated here. Thanks :)

  • Oren Ichi

    Here is the link to a trailer for a local movie starring Emily Letts:

    • TrixieRose

      The abortion video was enough publicity stunt. She’s getting her 15 minutes, if she ever had a chance at having an acting career before, this is the only thing she’ll be remembered for now.

  • Fuzziness

    Some of you folks are soooo elitist it’s not even funny. I will never get why what YOU think should matter to anyone else but you. She made a choice with her body for herself and that’s it. You don’t want to make that same choice, don’t, but don’t sit up here and say your idea of the world should be everyone else’s to satisfy your sensibilities. People who are pro-choice aren’t interested in seeing babies wantonly killed long before there’s even a consciousness; but we don’t want our ideal to be the rule of law for someone else. When you boil the debate down it’s all about control and making narcissists feel better that their beliefs are held above others. Got news for you…a communist state is what you’d prefer.

    • TrixieRose

      Actually she made the choice so she could put it out in video for an advertisement and she got a prize for the video. Not sure what that going price was for the baby’s life, but if you put yourself out there for publicity and you want feedback, good or bad, you’ll get it.

      • Fuzziness

        I actually agree with you – what this chick did is annoying. I’m more annoyed by the folks who have a problem with what she did instead of how she went about it.

  • Susan Teresa

    Can you say publicity stunt? Her mom must be thrilled!

  • Susan Teresa

    I am pro-choice and this video makes me sad. Great job at making the pro- choice movement look really, really bad. Publically glorifying a private medical procedure with a Glib attitude (yes that’s glib with a capital G) makes me embarrassed on her behalf.

  • Sal

    I looked up a study into this unrealistic video and found this “The problem with Emily’s on-camera demeanor, is that it risks undermining the experience of other women.
    In other words, by showing the procedure to be easy and seemingly painless, Emily has insulted women who have found the experience to be much more traumatic.” at… Do your own research before you take some ones so posed word for what’s true.

  • Anchored North

    This is crazy! Abortion is not harmless! Here is a video about a family torn to pieces by abortion.

    Please watch:

  • wydok

    I don’t think this woman has enough experience in life to talk intelligently about this situation. When talking to Cosmo she said it was like giving birth, but had never given birth. You’d have to do both in order to compare them. Reading about it, or being a dulla, or whatever, isn’t giving birth.

    And through the video itself, she’s acting like a sociopath.

    Lady’s not right in the head.

  • itsherchoice…

    this was interesting.

    if all fails, abortion it is…

  • John 3:16,17

    Obviously what she thinks is her cycle is not……………God”s in control!!
    Her state of mind will eventually catch up to her………..God’s in control!!
    What would the child have grown up to be? So sad to never know!
    God loves Emily Letts and can effect her life for good and forgive her sin.
    Romans 10 9-13

  • Bianca Steele

    Bet she didn’t film a child having his limbs torn apart by surgical instruments…

  • Robert Corso

    Im an atheist and pro-life. Religion is not the basis of morality. Scientifically speaking, we are all “blobs of cells” to borrow a phrase from the pro-choice crowd. We come into existence at conception—we are organic material, nothing more. We all start out as a tiny cell or blob if you want and continue to grow from that point. There is no magical point where we become more human. To believe so requires faith

  • PouponMarks

    I didn’t know that a Shetland Pony could impregnate a human, until now.

  • amerikenny


  • Frances Shannon

    Ms. Letts may have very well gotten pregnant only to have an abortion, film the procedure and post it to YouTube. She wasn’t using any form of birth control at the time she got pregnant and talked in her video about bringing life into the world only to snuff it out. Why on earth is the media praising her?

  • SNLPhiladelphia

    I am VERY liberal, very pro-choice, and fully believing in a woman’s right to choose, I myself have had an abortion. IN NO WAY do I find anything about her story positive, uplifting, or inspirational. What a joke. She should be ashamed of herself. Seems like a publicity stunt if I ever saw one. I actually feel sorry for her. She obviously is attention starved and must have very low self esteem. Shame on you, Emily. You give pro-choice women everywhere a bad name.

    • Modern libs are an abomination

      Hmm…a broken clock IS right twice a day.

  • The Dog

    Abortion was made legal in 1973. Eighteen years later, crime in the US drops. “Legalized abortion led to less unwantedness; unwantedness leads to high crime; legalized abortion, therefore, led to less crime.” – Freakonomics

    If any of you out there are “Pro-Life,” put your money where your mouth is and adopt a child.

    • Thorneel

      You forgot to mention it led to the death of millions of little humans, you clown!

  • Chance Boudreaux

    What a horrible, horrible, broken person she is.

  • Thorneel

    The new Casey Anthony!

  • mrshaase

    Per the Mayo clinic-signs of a sociopath personality:

    -Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

    -Disregard for right and wrong

    -Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others

    -Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure

    -Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority

    -Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation

    -Child abuse or neglect

    -Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others

    -Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behaviors

    -Poor or abusive relationships

    -Irresponsible behavior

    -Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior

    I think that most of these apply to this woman. Doesn’t it disturb you that symptoms of being a sociopath are praised and encouraged? This scares me about where our society will be going in the future. How long until we live with an annual event like on the movie “The Purge” where it is encouraged for people to murder and break the law. If compassion can be removed for children inside the womb then how long before after birth abortion (infanticide) is done with the same level of sterile indifference?

  • CMLJD88

    For those commentors accusing those who are outraged as “judging her for not being the right kind of patient”, whatever the hell that means, are embarassing yourselves by demonstrating your inability to reason beyond the surface and exposing your deficient understanding of common human decency.

    There is no pre-packaged “feeling” a woman is supposed to feel. Everybody is different. Everyone handles different situations in their own way. However, the fact she was paid makes me think the financial incentives induced her decision into
    becomming pregnant. If that’s the case, then she’s not a young victim of circumstance in an impossibly difficult situation as much as somebody lacking the basic empathy one would expect from a woman who counsels pregnant woman when they’re faced with that decision. When taking into account her self-proclaimed awe and amazement at her ability to create a life then her actions seem to border on sociopathic.

    I’m sure she’s not too worried about her job though, as she’ll probably have a role on HBO’s Girls within a week and a spot on dancing with the stars before the years out. Giving her just enough time to go around and gin up the fake “war on women” rhetoric for the midterms.

  • cranemaker

    That’s a tactless flick. Emily should support a more fulfilling purpose than advertize abortion insincerely. Why should Emily not support women who accept life, or use her talents to raise awareness for concerns that do not kill?

    I folded a thousand origami cranes as a statement against abortion, giving each one away to remind people Life is paramount to all other human rights, encouraging hope for abortion’s abolition wherever the cranes were distributed. Why doesn’t she try making plenty of origami birds or participate in another long term project?

  • mel

    This makes me sick. Will be praying for her soul. She could have avoided this and knows better but still used abortion as a form of birth control. I agree the emotions she shows sends a very wrong message on abortion.

  • Guy Smith

    Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Emily Letts
    Emily who?
    Emily Letts kill the baby.

  • Ashley Agloro

    Watching this I cried. How could I not after seeing a baby be killed by baby killer professionals. She mentions how “having an abortion doesn’t make you a bad mother”. Uhhhh I don’t think she realizes that having an abortion means she doesn’t have the right to call herself a mother.

    I really hope this was just an stupid actress trying to get her face all over the internet. I hope she feels ashamed.