Baby Boomers: Five Reasons They Are Our Worst Generation

Ten thousand are retiring every day. Good riddance.

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Wow, so it looks like we have a budget deal in Washington. A debt ceiling and spending crisis has been averted. It’s good news. But let’s all calm down. It’s only temporary. The agreement does not address the long-term fiscal problems we have. Problems that were mostly created by none other than the “baby boomer” generation. Yeah, you know who you are.

You’re tanned and healthy and living way past average life expectancy. You’ve got a defined benefit pension plan from a large company or government that was created years ago when people didn’t understand how horribly these plans can go wrong and now can’t afford to meet its liabilities, but you don’t care as long as you get your check which you don’t really need anyway. And your social security check. And your Medicare reimbursement check. You once hated the government. You smoked pot and protested against Vietnam and President Nixon. That was a long, long time ago.

Life has been good for you. You’re a baby boomer. You were born between 1946 and the early 1960’s. You had Woodstock and the Stones in the ’60s, discos and coke in the ’70s, Wall Street in the ’80s, Bill Clinton in the ’90s and now you’re retiring to Arizona and Florida on the backs of your stressed-out kids whose own children stay at home with them into their 20s because they have no jobs. Tom Brokaw once wrote a book about the greatest generation, those brave people who survived the depression and fought in World War II. Unfortunately that great generation spawned a generation of narcissists: the baby boomers.

The boomers have created liabilities that will take generations to pay off. Our national debt is now at around $17 trillion, larger for the first time in recent history than the size of our entire economy. And it’s projected to continue to significantly grow over the next few decades unless something dramatic is done to reduce it. Boomers don’t like to talk about fiscal responsibility or living within their means. They like their credit cards and government secured mortgages on overvalued properties. They enjoy their malls and their cars and their houses and as long as someone’s willing to lend them the money to buy this stuff they don’t seem to care much about how it will be one day paid. They still represent an enormous voting block and have no intention to have this lifestyle threatened. This is the real reason Washington can’t create a long-term deficit reduction plan. The boomers love their safety nets.

These safety nets were created over the past few decades by boomers and for boomers, with little regard to the future. One of the major reasons our national debt is so high is because 40 percent of our government’s spending goes to some type of insurance: social insurance, retirement, health benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. These systems are bankrupt. But they’re needed to pay for the boomers’ healthcare and pension plans. People that were born after 1965 are working hard to make sure that the boomer generation gets their retirement and disability paid for by the government. But it’s still not enough. So our government has to borrow and print money. And our debts balloon. Who will pay these debts? Ah, who cares says the boomers. Not my problem.

They are the source of one of the biggest problems with Obamacare. Whether you support the Affordable Care Act or not (and I think there are lots of great things about it), one undeniable fact is that the cost of this new system is being put squarely on the shoulders of the young. People in their 20s need less health care than the boomers in their 60s and 70s. This is not only because younger people today have healthier lifestyles but because many boomers spent most of their young lives smoking, drinking sugary sodas and engaging in risky, unprotected sex. There are 34 million mostly young and uninsured people who will be required on January 1, 2014, to pay for health insurance just so the boomers can take advantage of the added benefits that health insurance companies have to now legally provide.

They are, thank God, the last reminders of our racist, homophobic, sexist past. When you look at those “white only” diners and drinking fountains in those photos from the 1960s you just can’t believe it. Or how women were treated. And gays. But many of our beloved boomers were teenagers back then, living with parents who watched Ozzie and Harriet and were raised to believe that people who weren’t white weren’t to be trusted, women were meant to stay at home, and gays were sinners. Over time, these attitudes have changed, mainly because people in their 20s and 30s are smarter, better educated and more open-minded. Unfortunately, and although we now have a black President, the last remnants of the boomer generation who still wield power in their churches and companies are doing their best to keep women out of the corporate suite, protest against gay marriage and fight immigration reform.

We’re scrambling to fix the environment because of their excesses. For years, and despite warnings, the boomers refused to recycle and ran companies that spewed ozone-destroying chemicals into the air. There are countless plots of land that are unusable because of chemicals and pesticides dumped by this generation. I’m no environmentalist, but even I have to shake my head at the destruction laid upon the planet over the past 40 years alone: decimated forests, extinct species, smog filled skies, islands of plastic floating in the ocean. Only recently are steps being taken by younger generations to attempt to reverse this trend.

The good news is that the baby boomer generation is quickly getting older. Ten thousand boomers are retiring each day. We can’t ship them all off to an island, unfortunately. But I’m optimistic that the next generation of leaders will not make the same mistakes. Governments will take care of people who are truly needy — not just because they turned 65 and have a car payment — and this will help fix our deficit problems. Racism will continue to decline as the world becomes smaller and more social. Our environment will improve because kids in elementary school are being taught to care about the planet. Ultimately, these generations will fix the problems that the boomers created. And we can soon bid farewell to that horrible generation.

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  • djc

    This is a gross generalization of a generation. This is the generaltion that fought for civil rights and equal treatment for women. It is the preceding generation that is reaping the pension benefits and social security, Medicare…because they did not pay into the system.

    • b. wagner

      the civil rights movement, womens’ movement, and the hippies of the late ’60s and early ’70s were a product of communist subversion. none of them were actually about helping people. they purpose was to weaken the USA. and it worked.
      it’s not the baby boomers’ fault for believing. they sincerely wanted to help people. after realizing that they were the victims of those communist scams, i guess that they just got greedy (1980s – present). they learned political correctness from the communists. so they are greedier than ever. but they put on a show of liberalism.

  • Friend of Marco

    Holy Carp! what a giant pile of stupid.

  • Bill

    I’m embarrassed that someone from my generation can write something like this. So much for thee future.

    • PAPlan

      He is in his late forties at least.

  • Jan

    Will you feel this way when some jackass writes an article in 40 years about the Millenials? It was a different time when knowledge was way more limited and inaccessible than it is today with the internet. In 40 years, there may be someone talking about how idiotic we were that we protested GMO’s for years when they are harmless and solved the world food crisis. Just saying think about YOUR future before you badmouth our elder’s pasts.

    • PAPlan

      He might be dead in 40 years. He is at least in his late forties.

    • Paull

      Christ. Just to let you know its those Christian Baby Boomers out there that are actually protesting GMO’s. All my friends are in favour of them.

    • Jason Quinn

      And so what if they do? They will have some valid points, no doubt, just like this article does.

  • Les

    Sorry, guy, you’re wrong. All generations have problems. The WWII generation saw Commies under their beds and lynched black people and called gay folks ‘fags’ when they were being extra polite. Young people today are less concerned about the future of the environment than the ‘boomers’.

    Do you honestly believe that the young and healthy should not pay into the healthcare system? Who will pay for THEM when THEY get old and sick?

    • James

      Nobody will pay for them when they get old and sick. The baby boomers children and grand children will still be paying for the baby boomers far after they are all dead. The debt is closing in to $18,000,000,000,000.00 because of their excesses and communistic ideologies. The middle class has been nearly wiped out in the last decade, their rich asses have gotten 30% richer and to top it off the death tax won’t even allow their kids to inherit the 30% riches that they have stolen from their children. Not to mention their racist asses are making competition for high paying government jobs based on race, so even if you spend $100,000 on a decent education, you will not be considered because someone less qualified will be hired to meet race quotas. This generation did more harm for the future of our country than any generation in the history of this nation. Baby Boomers, you can take your acid induced civil rights, your free love f-ck fests, your Agenda-21, your Obamacare, your black panthers, and all your hippy habits and bury them with so we can try and rebuild what your grandfathers left your selfish butts.

      • hypnotoad72

        Not entirely complete.

        The us has offshored jobs, and fewer employed people means less tax revenue. The same is said for when we shift the tax burden to those who make less money, which Reagan did. Where else do more millionaires come from? The same people who’ve seen their wages stagnate while inflation suffocates them?

        The article mentioned housing costs, forgetting the market sets their value in the first place. “What the market will bear” is the oft – stated excuse… and when the market is too big to fail, that is the only time socialism has stepped in. At our expense, again.

  • Well young (you sound young) Gene Marks, you are wrong on many assertions, from “social security being bankrupt” (it isn’t), to Boomers receiving pensions (we are the first generation to watch pensions disappear and 401K’s take their place, which is why so many of us lost our nest egg in the Great Recession) and being the bastion of racism/homophobia/sexism – in fact it is our generation that led or supported the civil rights movement, led the women’s movement of the ’70’s that gave women the equality they experience today, and led/supported the gay rights movement (starting with Stonewall riots, now known as Gay Liberation Day, in 1970. You can fault us for many things, from making debt and divorce chic, to being very wasteful after being so eco-conscious as youth, but your specifics are not among them.

    • PAPlan

      He’s not really that young. He’s at least 48, maybe older.

    • PeterAndrewNolan


      just remember. 99.9% of western women like yourself openly support and condone women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion theft and child abuse in the family courts.

      Indeed there is not ONE woman of note in the western english speaking world that is willing to say women must be held equal before the law to men and will sit on a jury to make it so. None of those “boomer women” hold women accountable for their crimes. And that is what we are telling the young men. The backlash against you women boomers by young men is going to be very severe.

      • Roskybosky

        Geez, what planet are you from? perjury? kidnapping? extortion? Did I miss the female mafia or something? Backlash? If you’re talking about women usually getting custody of children, well, past experience tells us that many/most men skip out on their kids whenever possible. It’s no wonder the moms get the kids. But maybe you’re referring to some other imagined injustice? Maybe you are too young to remember the bad old days.

        • PeterAndrewNolan

          In my specific case I have proven that my ex committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft. I am yet to prove the crime of child abuse as that will require testimony of the children concerned.

          The proof of these crimes has been collected, placed on to affidavits of accusation, and served on all members of the Australian and Irish Paraliaments as well as the relevant attorney generals and the relevant police officers.

          The entire sordid episode has been documented in my book called The Truth Be Told which is available for USD12 on A-MAN-ZON.

          More than 30,000 women know about my case. Guess what? Women do NOT want to hold my ex accountable for her crimes. Western women are deeply evil people and I am denouncing you as such.

          Given our parliaments, police, judiciary and ordinary women do not wish to hold women criminals accountable for their crimes we have established our own courts, our own peace officers, our own private investigators, our own armed services and we will hold women accountable for their crimes whether you women like that or not.

          We are no longer talking to you. We are denouncing you as the DEEPLY EVIL PEOPLE you chose to be.

    • Hammerstrike

      And soon enough, retribution comes in coming full force.

      No bearded dude sending fire and brimstone, just the prices of food and medecine mounting while taxes rise.

      When SHTF, the governement snake is going to swallow all the eggs for sure, thanks to the NSA you won´t be able to hidde them from it.

    • James

      Your points are exactly what is wrong with the baby boomers. It’s like the acid you took when you were a hippy messed up all rational thought throughout your life. There are no pensions for us, they won’t ever disappear because they never existed due to the excesses of your generation. The big houses, expensive cars, fancy pools that you all bought on credit created huge amounts of inflation from that incoherent creation of money through debt. Civil rights only caused the qualified to not be considered and the under-qualified to get the job to fulfill race quotas. This is causing huge amounts of animosity to those people who are trying to do the right thing and who payed for a vastly overpriced education to do this right thing. Women’s rights destroyed the family unit making it a necessity for both parents to work lesser paying jobs than before to support the household. Gay rights shouldn’t even be broadcasted to the general public because it doesn’t affect most people. All gay rights have done is gave a rebirth to your sorry generations civil rights movement and allowed you relive the time once again. No gain was made, civil unions always could have been made through a contract, but now you have succeeded in dividing religion and eroding morality. I only hope the damage you baby boomers have done will be able to be fixed.

    • Terri, when Rosa Parks sat down on a bus, it was December 1st, 1955. The oldest of you boomers was at the time, 10 years old. The civil rights movement was done by the Silent Generation – not you.

      The same is true of the woman’s right movement. The National Organization for Women was founded in 1955. The oldest of you again were 10 years old at the time.

      Your generation likes to take credit for a lot of stuff they didn’t do.

      Here’s what I give you credit for. You protested the Vietnam war, but were happy to send Generation X and later Y off to Iraq to turn the Middle East to glass. In the early 1970s, you stopped national health care, but now that you need it, were happy to push it through. You have allowed the national debt grow to an obviously unsustainable level. You were very upset about Nixon doing a breakin on the Democrats, but couldn’t care less the Bush lied us into a war in Iraq, and don’t seem to mind Obama attempting to do the same in Syria.

      You’re a hypocritical, and very self serving group. You have no principles. From make love not war, to doing drugs, to later “just say no”, to “greed is good, coke it better”, to allowing the Patriot Act, then later NSA to spy on the entire population, and giving everybody in government a free pass to steal from the young so as to keep your home prices up, and to keep the stock market from imploding.

      You’re grade A hypocrites.

      • Roskybosky

        Holy mackerel. I thought we saved the world.

        • James

          You only saved yourselves.

    • FedUpWIthInsanity

      In short Gene Mark”owitz” doesn’t have all his facts. And needs to research or shut up.

  • Philly Gal in Virginia

    Just remember as we were paying into Social Security, Medicare and all our taxes that were due, the Government spent every dime to do whatever pork stuff needed to be done to keep the masses in step.

  • kate

    woah! You need to do your homework, Mr. Marks. As many of the comments here indicate, you are way off base. As a baby boomer, I have my own 401K–never, ever had a pension, and I am not even sure I can ever retire. And I work very hard at staying healthy because I pay $14k/yr for health insurance. Before you continue your rant, remember that boomers laid the groundwork for diversity. Assuming you are not a boomer, your likely of the “trophy” generation (yeah, you CAN blame the boomers for that one) where you have been rewarded simply for drawing breath. Remember that, and then we can talk.

    • PAPlan

      He is not a millennial.

      • Jan

        You obviously are missing the point of everyone’s comments, regardless of his age this article is incredibly negative and inaccurate.

        • PAPlan

          No I’m not. I agree that he’s off base. But we should attack his arguments not him. Several commenters have made arguments that seem to imply that he is a millennial and, therefore, not qualified to comment on the subject. Not only is that a bad argument, it’s not true.

    • Ryan Dulac

      I’m mostly mad about how the economy was handled by boomers. There were some great things, but they will be undone as we spiral downwards into economic hell. I have no faith my generation or z will be able to solve it.

  • just maybe

    Well regarding healthcare we need to raise the penalty (on uninsured/young people) – $95/year doesn’t do it. Need something more like $600-$750, now!

  • afisher

    Please look at all the hate being spewed by the GOP currently in Congress…that is the next generation to which the author refers as enlightened….it seems that is not the case. One could also consider that pensions that are short is because the entity who said give me your money, we will match and invest…kinda sorta failed to perform their own due diligence and used those dollars for gambling.

  • Mike Wronski

    1. The first boomer president (Clinton) had a budget surplus.
    2. Safety nets of Social Security was created by Roosevelt, Medicare and Medicaid by Johnson – they were not boomers. You should learn some American history.
    3. Obamacare (aka Romneycare) was a Republican idea.
    4. The boomers were the ones ending segregation in the 60s.
    5. EPA was created in the 70s and environmental movement was created.

    Are your parents boomers? To wish then death is a bit harsh, eh?

    • John Doe

      You baby boomers are too retarded to understand that all these social justice movements in the 60s were engineered by Jewish communists.

      You boomers are just as worthless as your parents, who went and fought against Hitler, who was trying to stop communism. You are all worthless garbage.

      • Roskybosky

        Somebody cue the theme music to the ‘Twilight zone’…

    • Pigbitin Mad

      Just what I was thinking. And if this guy is not a boomer, he looks older than I do. (He’s definitely more out of shape that is for sure). The other thing that ticks me off is that some of us who are nominally called “Boomers” — born in 1961 — are 15 years away from retirement. Everyone thinks we should all retire at 50 as if we don’t need the money and we are some doddering computer illiterate deadweight who should just make room for the millennials who think they are geniuses because they know how to text and Tweet. Give me a break!
      Us late boomers got to the party very late. We did not get in on the job market when all you needed was a pulse to get hired. We did not get pensions or high interest savings accounts. (in the 1970’s you could get 18% interest on a five year CD account. Not anymore. It’s less than 1%). The result is that you are forced to keep your money in stocks which get crushed every few years because of outright theft and collusion at the top which will continue because nobody gets sent to prison.
      I think every generation consists of idiots who got themselves in debt. And yes, there were many in my generation who could have been cast in Oliver’s Stone’s Wall Street (“Greed is Good”), but I can honestly say I hated those people even then they and I were young. It’s not my fault that you have to be like that to be considered successful.

      • robtal

        Amen brother the idiot that wrote this article is trying to blame a generation of people for corporate, banking, political greed that has birthed this new age of economic decline. Stupid people turn people against each other because they are to stupid to see the energies that evolved politically and stole a nations wealth. This guy has the insight of a tick on a dogs back side. What is really funny are the morons who jump on his band wagon of generational hate.

        • James

          I disagree. I do think it is the baby boomers fault. They are the ones leading the current political, economic, and social programs across the U.S. They are the ones who praise the system of forced integration and created an era of rampant borrowing. They are a spoiled generation whose upbringing consisted of fruits from the war of their fathers. They became drug addicts in mass, communists in culture, and believed everything should be given to them. Now they are leading us down a path of never ending debt. Both nationally and personally. They are orchestrating massive entitlement programs that they will never have to pay for and will only receive its benefits. They sit in their houses and drive their nice cars on the pensions they receive due to the labors of their children, while their children work jobs that can’t even pay for rent. Their children pay for healthcare that they don’t need. Their children are being suffocated in a failed system, while the baby boomers drink lemonade by the pool at their summer homes in Florida and cuddle by the fire in their winter homes in New York. When asked why they have all those things, they all say in unison, “I worked hard for this.” We work hard too, but barely have the ability to live because of you. Baby boomers, you were a despicable disgrace to your parents and you are the worst of burdens to your children. Do something to help the future of America, as your parents did, or just die and let the next generation take the reigns. We are not like you.

      • kevin

        absolutely—61 we were def late to the party

  • Harry

    Blaming Boomers is a cop-out by those not willing to look in the mirror and assess their own issues/failures. Instead of focusing on their lives, future and eventual retirement writers like this one have generated copycat anti-boomer articles everywhere.

    “People that were born after 1965 are working hard to make sure that the boomer generation gets their retirement…” If you are really concerned about your retirement do something about it. Plan and start to save/invest early in life, take advantage of any employer matching plans, max out contributions and work to develop multiple sources of income for retirement (social security, dividends, pensions, annuities, etc.) so you don’t have to rely solely on SS. There is a great deal of information on this on the web and most is free. Use it. I use several sites and recently found the site Retirement And Good Living that provides information on finances, health, retirement locations, part time work and also has a great blog of guest posts from around the globe about a variety of retirement topics.

    • John Doe

      Harry, you’re an old dinosaur that is out of touch with reality.

    • scottstephens840

      Yeah too bad that the gen x retirement won’t be nearly as easy as the boomers. You all had the ground work laid out for you. Then you got greedy and took ours too. You had it easy and still f$%ked everyone else. This is why we hate you.

      • SkySailor

        Yep hate will take you a long way. Always easier to blame someone else.

        • Ryan Dulac

          How is that his fault Sailor? I’m from gen Y. My plan is to work until I drop dead :( .

  • ErShava

    The hippies of the 60s, and the leeches of the 2000s.

  • Robert_Lee_Hotchkiss

    Believe it or not someday the rest of you will also be looking at 65 and wondering how to afford a small room that allows you some small sense of dignity.

    The reality is that Social Security would not be in trouble if wages weren’t stagnating. Young people be earning enough and paying enough into Social Security. The reality is that the rich are capturing a larger and larger percentage of the GNP.

    Eventually you too will get old, and you will need medical care whether you have smoked, drank, or slept around or not. You just get old and the sins and assaults of life catch up with you.

    But because we have allowed the balance of power to shift from the workers to the employers you won’t necessarily be able to bargain for the health insurance you need. The fact of the matter is there is plenty of money for a modest retirement and medical care for everyone.

    It just is that this money is now kept by employers instead of given to the employees. You could band together an unionize and get the money you deserve from your employer or you can band together in government and bargain collectively that way with your employer.

    But there is no nobility at all in working for less than you deserve. Believe me I have seen the way that old people who don’t have social security live. There is no dignity in slowly dying in a hospital bed in what should be your children’s living room. When I worked in a residential hotel for seniors I saw people go who lost their jobs or got divorce go from their house is a suburb to a rat a bedbug infested residential hotel room. There is no dignity or nobility in that.

    Don’t sell yourself short you have a right to dignity in your life. Your work should provide you with healthcare and a modest retirement. If not you should bound together and withhold your labor. It is much better to face hunger on the picket line now in your youth than hunger and lack of medical care in your old age.

    • John Doe

      Wages are stagnating. Oh, and I wonder who did that, considering that the vast majority of corporations are run by baby boomers.

      • rickvonf

        Go out and start your own corporation – we did. Stop living off your parents and move out. Stop living off the backs of your parents and make it in the world like us boomers had to. We left home at 18 – your generation won’t leave even into their late 30’s. Mama’s boy.

        • Ashley Johnson

          You had the means to leave home when you were 18. You’re out of touch with this generation.

        • ThothAmon

          Yeah they probably will live there that long thanks to the depression you boomers left them.

    • Ryan Dulac

      That doesn’t work anymore. They will just hire someone else.

  • happyindc

    Talk about brainless click bait. You don’t even have your generations right or your facts. The civil rights injustices you ID in the 1950s pre-date the boomers. They were kids then. It was the boomer generation that helped to set in motion some of equality issues you site. Obamacare is really designed to provide healthcare for people of all ages, especially low income. But I suppose 20-30-somethings can go without health insurance and save, since they are immortal. To blame the boomers on the debt and environmental issues, is just wrong. Congress, which is made up of people of all ages, had ample opportunity to address the debt issues but can’t seem to. The modern environmental movement began in the 1970s and has had success, but addressing climate change is going to take action by Congress, and, again, nothing there.

  • Foxlor

    Pretty broad brush to categorize 76 million people. My FIL was a WW2 vet and didn’t do much until after the war in his late 20’s because of the depression. The economy works in cycles with every 60 years or so we have another depression. Now and then a generation is born in poverty and retires affluent and vice versa. You don’t say how old you are but the consensus is over 40 and employed in an industry where you work in an air conditioned office and probably seldom break a sweat. It doesn’t sound as though you have suffered much. I served my country and put myself through college on the GI bill and working weekends. I am in my first home and drive 4 cylinder cars for 10 years. I have no credit card debt and am proud to be a baby boomer. Put that in your pipe and smoke it punk.

  • John Doe

    GREAT article. You nailed it. The baby boomers ruined America and until they are all dead and gone, nothing will change. Until the boomers hurry up and DIE OFF, we can’t even begin to fix the problems they created, since they still have so much power in society.

    If you’re a boomer reading this? Hurry up and drop dead, okay?

    • Steve Dwyer

      Hey Johnny Boy why don’t you grow a set and try and act like a man instead of a little PUNK. Us boomers are laughing at you girlie men with your skinny jeans and how women push you around like shopping carts. Get out of the way and go make some money I need a raise. And oh yeah your mom thinks you suck

      • Chasr R Tuna


      • John Doe

        I have 5 years of hand to hand combat training. I could break your hips with one hand, old man. Die boomer scum.

      • Aestu

        Says the generation that prefers to run up a debt hiring a mercenary army rather than doing the draft like every other generation

    • Steve Dwyer

      Hey wow he can write? i thought all your geeks just played video games and with yourself.

    • rickvonf

      You are a good example as to why abortion should remain legal – boomer did that too. lol lol

    • Dustymack

      He doesn’t even touch on how the previous generation fought against true communist just so the Boomer generation can give all our jobs to them. Also, great job with the feminist movement Boomers. Now we have both partners that work 40 hours a week that make peanuts. Now both partners can barely take care of their kids. I’m all for women’s freedom but take a step back and see how free you actually are(mothers with children). They ruined the family unit! Third, how does letting Mexican invade our country help us? There is a reason their GDP is 1:15 of ours! What a stupid generation……

      • Aestu

        This guy really gets why the Boomers backed Feminism (and still do)

      • hypnotoad72

        The market decides wages so get a job the market wants… simple. And please understand the difference between singular and plural terms…

        • James

          The market doesn’t decide wages when the industry moves out of the States. Asia and South America sucked up all of the manufacturing jobs because the boomers allowed our countries corporations to move over seas where they can utilize legal slave labor. As time moves on and the brain washed boomer communists continue to reign, their short sighted gains for their generation and only their generation will end with their children being dependent on service type jobs, thereby becoming slaves in their own land. Any race based laws are wrong. Job quotas based on race, hate crimes, anything. It doesn’t cause an equal playing field, it causes a reduction in quality of employment, creates animosity to those being left out simply because they don’t have the same skin color, and creates a system of entitlement to those who “benefit” from it. Dustymack is absolutely right about about both partners having to work for meeger wages and it has a lot to do with the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement, however good intended it was meant to be, is breaking the backbone of our nation. The federal government and all of the communist baby boomers running it needs to back off, stay out of social issues, and concentrate on what it was intended to do. Keep us safe from foreign enemies only.

    • Rachel

      I doubt very seriously you will live long enough to see it with that attitude! Someone is going to hurt your sorry A__!!!

    • FedUpWIthInsanity

      So your little sad asses can have ALL that WE contributed. Go jump in a lake you stupid idiot. The economy will FALL when we retire—because the young are contributing NOTHING!

      • FedUpWIthInsanity

        They’re all on welfare. I was an RN, taking care of 19 yr. olds on disability because of their “nerves.” Not so bad they couldn’t get drunk and fight. Since at 19 he had never worked in his little life–JUST WHO DO YOU THINK WAS PROVIDING THE FUNDS FOR HIS DRINKING “DISABILITY?” MY taxes, my funds. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

        We’ll die soon enough—but believe me, when we do, YOUR LIFE will get a LOT worse.

    • Unelectcongress

      I believe you are confusing the Baby Boomers with the Republicans.

      • Lowne Wolfe

        Really…are you serious? BOTH parties are nothing but F*** ups. YOU bought into their shit that they are different. Nope…all money hungry irresponsible jack asses. Mind you I DID NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM currently holding a position either, you guys did, and KEPT doing it AFTER they screwed you over, GENIUS! Keep pointing your moronic finger at ONE party because that’s what they
        want. Instead of fighting to get those in office who should be there you want to focus on one of TWO parties…both of which have RUINED our country? You actually believe the parties are different or that one is actually better than the other? That’s another problem, you guys have “party loyalty”…and why? They haven’t done a damn thing for you but lie, cheat, steal, and kill! They work for THEMSELVES…not even their party but themselves. You must have been blind and deaf for the last 30 years.

  • KevinGF

    I would have just one thing to add to the following –

    The boomers have created liabilities that will take generations to pay off. Our national debt is now at around $17 trillion, larger for the first time in recent history than the size of our entire economy. And it’s projected to continue to significantly grow over the next few decades unless something dramatic is done to reduce it. Instead of looking at a solution to the problem, Boomers have done the same thing they got away with at work – Clutch to their expensive benefits while passing the cost to the new guy. I am getting sick and tired of boomers with health premiums for the same coverage 1/3 of mine, three times as much vacation time as me and a fat pension with no requirement that they contribute at all while I fork over 15% of my paycheck to a 401K. They are out as much as they are in the office and barely productive when they bother to show up, yet my compensation package is a fraction of theirs. The kicker is that I would move on to a company that doesn’t subscribe to this stick it to the new guy mentality, but they are few and far between due to the outrageous costs of boomer retirements. Additionally, the fact that this policy of making the new guy pay is escalating, it is likely that should I would be in an even worse position if I changed employers – to become the new guy somewhere else.

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    let is also not forget that the boomers, 99.9% of the women and 99% of the men, openly support women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in the family law courts.

    Countless tens of millions of men have had their lives destroyed by the boomers and the criminal family law courts. Hundreds of thousands of men committed suicide because of these boomers supporting the idea men are mere sperm donors and ATMs.

    This is what we are telling the young men the boomers did. We are telling the young men the boomers betrayed them and sold their future down the toilet. And the young men are not happy about this.

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    PS. This is what one 26 year old client of mine said to a man about 40….and he is more critical of older men too.

    “You are one such man Bill. You disgust me with your cowardice. You are no friend of mine. You are no friend of ANY young men. And we know you are no friend of us young men. We know your older male readers are no friends of us young men. We know you are cowards. We know you pretend to not believe what Peter has published to hide your cowardice. We know that it is not that you do not understand what he is telling you when he says “legislation is not law and you can rescind your consent to be governed.” We know that you are only pretending to be stupid and ignorant because appearing to be stupid and ignorant is better then being known to be a coward.

    But the cowardice of you older men is very clear to us young men who are well informed. You disgust us. The sooner you older men die off or are killed in wars the sooner us young men will fix the mess you older men are were so happy to PAY TAXES TO CREATE. If you older men think we will be paying for your pensions in your old age? You can think again. We will give you your demise pill and tell you to go kill yourself for your betrayal of our futures.

    So Bill, and all your older male readers, we have a saying in Australia. “Consider yourself told”. Consider yourself told you are no friends of us young men. Consider yourself told that we will not be paying for you in your older age. Consider yourself told that we think you are “gutless mongrels” as we say in Australia. Consider yourself told that we know you older men are nothing like Peter. You older men are not worthy of licking his boots. “

  • Steve

    Spot on article and I’m a boomer. A greedy generation on whole who are stealing from future generations. Did some terrific things socially which the author acknowledges, but sound financial management was not one of them. The only question to answer in the final chapters that are approaching is whether boomers will truly bankrupt the county and how bad the financial legacy they leave behind will be……….

    • hypnotoad72

      Don’t forget how the off shoring of jobs leads to less tax revenue, which leads to deficit spending… and corporate welfare given to companies that do so. Even Obama, a boomer, pointed that out… so not all baby boomers are bad.

  • Brent Green

    Great Example! Ignorance fully realized.

    • Jack Knife

      No, cold, hard realism. It’s always good to put down the crack pipe very once in a while.

  • Trend Cartoons

    My comment is my novel “The Boomers Must Die” that I’m currently blogging starting at

  • Tim Johnson

    A left wing pile of poop..

  • john

    I am a 50yrs old Generation jones Baby Boomer born in 1963. The Baby boom Generation are people born between 1946-1964. The Baby Boom Generation has two parts Baby Boomers born between 1946-1953, & the “Generation Jones Baby Boomers born between 1953-1964 (both groups are baby boomers) The Baby Boomers were spoiled, & are Selfish, arrogant, immoral, & bad parents; as evident buy the younger generations
    Modern America was not created by my generation the baby boomers, it was created by the generations born between 1900 & 1926 the WWII generation/The greatest generation & their parent generations. we Baby boomers grew up believing that we were entitled to the American dream & that all we had to do was go out and work for it after high school & or college, why because our parents & grand parents had sacrifice, suffered & created modern America for the future generations & our fathers, uncles & great uncles had fought for our moral & just way of life in WWII, we also thought that with hard work we would not have to suffer the difficulties, hardships, or make the sacrifices that our parents & grandparents had. Here is the real problem the Baby Boomers as a generation are immoral & godless, doing whatever they want, ignoring right & wrong. After WWII the returning G.I’s having been expose to lots of different people, different cultures & having grown up during the Great Depression started questing their general value systems & way of life, in doing so they unknowingly accepted the heresy of “”MODERNISM/LIBERALISM”” which basically says that all morals, dogma, ethics, right & wrong, & etc, if it can’t be proven, explained, & justified by modern science & thought then weather it is right or not must be updated to the modern/liberal scientific version, back in the 1950’s people would listen to what the pope had had to say even if they weren’t Catholic because the pope was usually right. The Catholic church had it’s Vatican ll ecumenical council between 1960-1965. The council was not about doing away
    with the Latin language or streamlining the church & the Catholic mass.The council was purely about the heresy of “”MODERNISM/LIBERALISM”, the council gave it the good housekeeping seal of approval. our parents & grandparents weather Catholic or not accepted the “”Modernism/Liberalism mindset & passed it on to our generation the Baby Boomers who passed it on to the younger generations. The baby boomers having had a very lax religious upbringing or little to none at all naturally fell into the “Modernism/Liberalism” mindset & started doing & thinking whatever they wanted to weather it was right or wrong. Not all of the baby boomers have the “”Modernism/liberalism”” mindset, there are still millions of Boomers who know right from wrong but they are considered weirdo right wingers, racists, chauvinist, or just plain old fashioned, old fashioned we are not. before all the generations can move on into a moral & just modern America & world, we must first do away with all the errors of the past centuries especially the 20th centuries errors.

  • john

    P.S. I am a 50yrs old Generation jones Baby Boomer who war born in 1963. our countries problems are not totally the fault of the Baby Boomer, our countries problems didn’t just start, they haven been going for decades , when I was a kid in the 1970’s in grade school we had stagflation and the oil crisis, when I was in high school my parents used to say that in the future it would take a basket of money to buy a loaf of bread because inflation was so bad. My father in 1982 (the year I graduated from high school) was offered a years salary to retire early from American Airlines because like other companied at the time they had cut their costs every where else they could & they still couldn’t afford the high wages they were paying their older employees. Competition from unrestricted imports in the
    late 1960’s,1970’s, & 1980’s cause the death of our countries manufacturing industries, all of our jobs being outsourced to foreign countries, the lousy wages paid today, and everything you buy being made in a foreign country, putting Americans workers out of work. our politicians say that to be middle class in our country you must make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year, that is wrong!! I was raised middle middleclass, at the height of his earning potential my father in the mid to late 1970’s as a avionics mechanic at American Airlines was making $32,000 – $35,000 a year, if you use a online inflation calculator middle class wages including medical, dentay & eye insurance, sending your kids to college, retirement, & end of life issues today should actually be $120,000- $170,000 a yea,r forget 401k plans, ObamaCare, & student loans they are a joke and suck.

  • Good

    Well I’m not too thrilled with my generation (Generation X); as far as I can see, they have more or less copied everything the boomers have done with regards to culture and attitudes, and added very little of their own worth mentioning, hence the endless rehashing of 50s and 60s so called “culture”.
    I think the most interesting and valuable thing to come out of our generation is probably Google, because they weren’t interested in anything interesting at school, and they aren’t now; they are the most unadventurous, dour-looking, backward-looking, unimaginative bunch. I used to dread the thought of them being what we now call “thought leaders” when I was at school, because I thought, how on earth are they going to thought-lead? They had absolutely no va va voom, you wanted to put a firework behind them!
    Now they are in their 40s and the men mostly look like older, or unprettier, versions of Chris Martin or Michael Stipe; unfortunately the unisex, uniform, universal trend of monochrome, urban “plain” clothes, tattoos and shaven heads does not age well, but only serves to make them look even more grey and boring than they are already, and this is why no-one notices them, or cares about them. At least the younger generation have Lady Gaga and Prince William!

  • Sun

    An idiot that doesn’t get that the Baby boomers are the beginning of hyperliberalism. They started the cultural revolution against racism, sexism, and homophobia.

    Their parents of the a older generation (still liberal [just less degenerate]) were better than them. They were the slightly more racist, sexist, and homophobic ones (and better for it).

  • OldRangeRat

    Gee, I didn’t know that JFK, LBJ, and especially Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Ronald Bonzo Mc-Reagan were all BabyBoomers. Clinton and Obama were ineffective to undo their predecessors’ damage. Either your stupid or you found some suckers to pay you for rather poor fiction.

    • OldRangeRat

      Damn – can’t correct errors on your site? That figures.

  • Ernie Sal

    I can’t believe this got printed in a major magazine!

  • Steve Dwyer

    What a whiner this writer is. People cannot help what generation they were born into. And just like any race of people not all baby boomers are the same. There were pluses and lots of minuses being born in the middle of the 20th century. For one you younger than baby boomer people did not have to grow up with the very real threat of nuclear war. When I was 8 years old I thought the world was coming to an end, and it could have in 1962. So stop your whining Mr.Marks and go out and get a second job so you pay more taxes because I need more social security increases and a new boat, Punk

    • Roskybosky

      Pass the bong.

  • ChasRTuna

    Im one of the few that’s been sweeping up their party (roaches, empties, sticky condoms etc.. exit stage left, please); only to turn around & see their kids ready to do the same thing in lite version (sigh- enter stage right) wtf. :( Im screwed. Whens MY time??????

  • Chasr R Tuna

    boomers are like a huge carcass digesting in the belly of a snake. By my estimation, the next big step for you all is the colon. BTW, your kids dont party HALF as hard as yous once did. they are lightweights indeed.

  • Mike

    Gene Marks has lost perspective. This editorial is idiocy.

    “The boomers have created liabilities that will take
    generations to pay off.”

    And, guess what, the Greatest Generation created the Cold
    War, invented (and used) nuclear weapons, destroyed Vietnam, and started an
    Arms Race that cost nearly 6 trillion dollars. After WWII, they kept feeding
    the military industrial complex that still today eats 650 billion dollars

    “40 percent of our government’s spending goes to some type
    of insurance: social insurance, retirement, health benefits, Medicare,
    Medicaid, etc.”

    And, guess what, the Greatest Generation created these
    programs, benefitted from them, and died happy on that “insurance hammock.”

    “[Boomers] are the source of one of the biggest problems
    with Obamacare.”

    And, guess what, the Greatest Generation set up the system
    that made Obamacare necessary. They were responsible for making the US
    healthcare “system” the most expensive in the world.

    “[Boomers] are, thank God, the last reminders of our racist,
    homophobic, sexist past.”

    And guess what, the Greatest Generation gave us that racist,
    homophobic, sexist past. While boomers tried to end these problems, our conservative
    fathers made the KKK a powerful political force in their day.

    “We’re scrambling to fix the environment because of [the
    Boomers’] excesses.”

    And guess what, the Boomers’ “excesses” were no match for
    those of the Greatest Generation. The Boomers invented the environmentalist
    movement that gave us the EPA, the Superfund, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and
    the Endangered Species Act. The Greatest Generation gave us Three Mile Island, Chernobyl,
    the Oil Shock and Big Oil.

    • WillyPGuts

      Biggest difference between the Greatest Generation and the Boomers….the former **paid** for their expenses, projects, programs and retirement, while the boomers do not.

  • Pat

    Well Gene, that’s YOUR opinion, and it’s a rather nasty one at that!

  • Marylyn Coffey

    I’m a boomer, but I never, ever made any money except enough to live on. I don’t even know any boomers who are as wealthy as this article describes. All my friends who are my age live “alternative” lifestyles in the sense that they haven’t pursued wealth and they are involved in the arts. I’m proud to finally be making more than $40K per year at my secretarial job. My husband is a freelancer and makes less. My values (yes–as a hippie–and a Catholic–I guess) would not let me have money as a goal. I was always trying to do good for whatever community I lived in, albeit focusing mostly on the arts. I still work for non-profits. It is now almost time for retirement. I will still work part-time if I can, and/or do volunteer work. I have very little saved. I fear that my small pension will be reduced. I fear that Social Security will be reduced. I fear that people who hate baby-boomers as a group might hunt me down & kill me. I fear lots of things. But if there is anything I know how to do, it’s how to live within my means. And I’m still in good health, so I promise I won’t be spending too much Medicare money. Forgive me for being alive, OK?

  • Virginia Moher

    The worst generation compared to who? Rant away, my children, but you’ll still be kissing my butt for years to come because money talks and BS walks. I’ve got it, I’m keeping it, and you’ll just have to figure out how to earn your own. And stop moving back into my house!

    • Rachel

      I love that! LOL

    • pleasespareit

      When my generation are into their 60s, we’ll look at the history books and laugh about retards like you, you can keep all the money in the world but you’ll never have any dignity.

  • Rachel

    Way to blame the Baby boomers for all of your problems! Must be tough to live with such bitter thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Oh and way to generalize that all baby boomers are set for life. LOL Ignorant A h____e!!!

  • Dudley

    Oh and Hey Gene…you’ve already lost your hair…Is that our fault too! LMAO!!!!!

  • b. wagner

    baby boomers were the victims of communist subversion, after WW2. a lot of them really believed in socialism, in the late 1960s. but they abandoned that. and were totally greedy in the 1980s. now, they have been taught political correctness (by subversives). they put on a front of socialism, while being greedier than ever.

  • ThothAmon

    Pretty much a spot on article. Thomas Paine said, “Let there be trouble in my day so that my children may have peace.” The boomers and the generation before them believed the opposite, and that’s why we have so many problems today. They simply were not going to sacrifice anything for the benefit of the next generation, and even worse, they have the nerve demand that the next generation sacrifice so that they can continue living the good life, despite the financial situation in this country (caused by them). Any nation that sacrifices its youth for its elderly is doomed. But as our elderly would say, “That’s not our problem.”

  • Roskybosky

    I’ve never read a more misguided or fictitious article. This guy picks the worst traits of all generations and sticks them on Boomers. Boomers fixed racism, fixed gender inequality, supported civil rights for everyone. Hell, they even started the health movement. ( Nobody even heard of jogging before 1968.) The way our country changed toward ‘outsiders’, blacks, gays, Asians has it’s roots in the 60s. The earlier 20th century gave birth to social channeling, not the children of the 50s and 60s. We blew all that up as unjust. And, I have to laugh at the ‘big job with pension’ point. Boomers were all the sociology, psychology and history majors; lots of useless degrees. The 80s started the yuppie stuff with MBAs, BMWs and a big mortgage. Boomers were lucky to find ANY job back in the 70s. It’s easy cherry pick social problems and blame it on a group other than yourself.
    I had a good chuckle over this tirade.

  • The Anti-Boomer

    Not to worry, the anti-Boomer novel has arrived:

    The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land
    ISBN: 978-1499282092

    “The Baby Boomer generation (known as 68ers in Europe) pulled out all stops when it came to rebelling against their elders, but were treated with kid gloves by the ‘pig system’ they affected to overthrow. What would happen, though, if a new generation decided to rebel against them?

    That’s exactly what occurs when a group of young Tasmanians embark on an extended campaign of subversion, exposing the many hypocrisies of the Boomer establishment…

    ‘The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land’ is a satire that works on a number of levels. It is a book desperately needed by the Zeitgeist of this pivotal era…”

  • Cale

    Don’t forget about the war on drugs (WoD). I know that conservative people usually turn a noise when this gets brought up, but its a HUGE issue. The WoD has caused a lot more damage the you think. It’s swept generations of families under the rug. The WoD was 100% a boomer thing. Support for it among the younger generations is single digits. Just think about how much stuff that you and everything you know has had stolen from them by drug addicts that should have been able to get their fix a clinic for free so they don’t have to rob people. It a HUGE crime problem, and a human rights violation.

  • Guest

    Funny, the boomers look at it this way–WE PUT ALL THE FRIGGIN’ MONEY INTO THE ECONOMY. WHEN YOU TAKE AWAY OUR CONTRIBUTIONS, THE WHOLE THING FALLS. The Boomer hold up America, the churches–when our salaries go to a PITTANCE of what we put into it—it will all collapse. Not because we’re taking it out, but because our work ethic was so much higher. We didn’t expect WELFARE to pay our way. You’ve got it so bass-ackwards.

  • My Generation

    Boomers were the generation that participated in the women’s movement and civil rights. They were the youth movement, but now they’re old. Someday you will be old too.

  • pegsbored

    What a moron. And, look at all the people jumping on the bandwagon to blame the boomers! This sophomoric excuse of a megaphone for the elite is actually being successful at turning on a witch hunt aimed at the boomers.
    Let me tell you children something, the corporations and 1% who own all of the wealth in the world hire idiots like this to turn you on grandma and blame her for your loss of wealth. If you actually read anything you would see that the boomers were lied to and stolen from just like you. First off, we didn’t create the social security mess, the people in Washington at the behest of the industrial war machine, among other entities, decided to put all of the social security into the general fund and spend it. Social Security would have been in fantastic shape had it not been spent, to fund wars that truly were not needed, and placed into it’s own separate interest bearing account. Second, your government allowed our industry to fade when they let all of these corporations claim to be U.S. but ship the jobs overseas without taxing incoming goods all while slacking of on inspecting for your safety (think lead laden baby toys, mad cow, and dead dogs) Third, the safety nets were put into place by the generation before the boomers. It is the 1% that want to remove them so you, our children, will become street people in the event of job loss, sickness, and old age. Think carefully before you jump on this bandwagon, as your generation is the one that will suffer. Fourth, we pay our debts. We were taught by our parents to do so. Sometimes kids, when the jobs run out, age discrimination takes hold, and you are not quite old enough to retire (if your company didn’t cheat you out of your pension that you paid into to for years by selling off the company in a scam move that happened so many times you children should read up about it, ENRON was just a drop in the bucket) you don’t have any money to eat on let alone pay your mortgage. Add on the fact that your are upside down in one of the greatest scams the 1% ever devised to steal your last bit of wealth(your home equity) your really have nothing to pay on your mortgage or even the ability to sell. Fifth, the people eating up the social welfare are illegal immigrants, not the boomers. Immigration has allowed legal and illegal immigrants to scarf up the social welfare and our kids (you guys) college funds. Most of the people using the system are immigrants who have not paid into it. The boomers did. Same thing with colleges, look at the roster in the medical schools. Most are foreigners. I personally love having a doctor without a thick accent. I want MY children to be in medical school. I want MY children (you guys) in engineering, technical, computer, law, etc. .. but today’s college rosters include too many foreigners and not enough of the boomers children. Your scholarships, grants, and loans are being given to Nigerians, Haitians, Serbians, Mexicans,etc….not the boomers. I can’t begin to tell you how many foreigners move to Georgia to eat up the HOPE scholarship. Now that’s in trouble and instead of cutting out the people who did not pay into it, they are cutting HOPE for the kids who came up in the system and whose parents paid into it!
    The boomers have been lied to, stolen from, cheated, etc., just like you have and it’s not us you should fuel your anger at. It is the people who tell this so called mouthpiece what they want printed and what they want you to believe.
    If you don’t believe me, then implement Soylent Green and turn grandma and grandpa into food for the masses while the rich eat fresh organic strawberries and the best of everything else. But, don’t be a bunch of mindless witch hunters at the bequest of one idiot mouthpiece. If you are looking for someone to blame your troubles on, blame it on people like him. The boomers worked so hard to make your life easy. We want our kids to succeed, we did NOT steal your future, and we had our future stolen as well! Educate yourselves kids and don’t believe every article you read and every pundit you listen too. Otherwise, eat me (soylent style), I’m ready to go. I don’t want to live on a planet where brainwashing is the norm and is actually working.

  • pegsbored

    Hope you all get cut out of the will.

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  • Allison Webster

    For those with an ax to grind, have you heard the new “Baby Boomer” song that rips them up one side and down the other?

  • allison webster

    If you are anti-Baby Boomer, listen to the new “Baby Boomer” song on YouTube. It nails the truth about the whole Baby Boomer generation:

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  • Adrian Langford

    Hello from a so-called baby boomer. Without me I am not sure what several younger family members, friends, clients and associates would do about their lifestyles and major decisions that have been improved vastly because of me. It is not just the baby boomers who have contributed to our current troubles economically and environmentally, etc., It is all to easy to pin ‘who is at fault’ on one group or another. We ALL need to take a look in the mirror. And really, the previous generation (my parents’ generation) did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. Things like putting aluminum in jet planes exhaust in the early 50’s for example, pre-dated the boomers. Trying to erase a race of Jewish people, pre-dated baby boomers. Using DDT predates the baby boomers. So, beware when ANYONE starts making big generalizations that they may be making on some foundation of truth, but largely it’s a self-promotional stunt. Always do your homework no matter what the claim from ‘who’s at fault’ to health miracle cures, to the latest trend. Often, when you dig deeper it turns out to be quite something else. We all need to begin with the man or woman in the mirror.
    Kind regards, Adrian Langford, Naturopathic Doctor, Food & Health Coach

  • Baby Boomer wannabe

    Ok. So I see how the anger is alive and well between generations and thank God it is. If you can picture a world of no boomers for a moment: women still stay home, men still work and support families only, no one is allowed to swear or listen to their kind of music, and blacks are still living well below human rights. Being gay isn’t even a question, because no one even knows you are gay. You can’t be discriminated against, because you have no rights either. If you have a child with a disability, might as well forget about it, cause the child would be in an institution. If you are a woman that likes to draw and might want to become an architect, forget that also – you would never work in a man’s world. Basically, let’s look at Russia or the Middle East! Move to either place, because they are the closest thing to pre baby-boomer society. This article is the most ignorant thing I have read in a long time. All generations have to work, but don’t place blame on your situation because of another. Instead, make a list of all the things you enjoy because America has moved from pseudo communism to a free for all society. It’s spoiled children of baby boomers that don’t know how good they have it (both psychologically and financially) that complain even more.
    You have no clue what it was like for vulnerable populations in the 20’s and 30’s and before. Check you Human Rights history through googling your Apple – the only advice I give you is fight as hard as your parents did to be where they are at because it was definitely NOT handed to them on a computerized platter. Really dumb – really spoiled – work harder !!!!!! That’s your answer. I agree that it was easier for some things, but not for others. You don’t realize one thing – baby boomer’s parents died much younger than they will – they were struggling orphans that HAD TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES!!!! You want to call that narcissism, go right ahead and do so – it is the incorrect use, but go ahead.

  • Guest

    “one undeniable fact is that the cost of this new system is being put squarely on the shoulders of the young. People in their 20s need less health care than the boomers in their 60s and 70s. ”

    Is the author that naive? Of course it is…by design. The only way universal health care works at all is if younger people who don’t need it very often have to buy it to cover the cost of the older people who do. The author is taking a very static view of his life. The author will one day be the older generation and a new younger generation will be paying for his care.

  • mokicat2

    This article is so factually wrong it can’t really be taken seriously. Let me set this kid straight..
    1. Boomers have created liabilities….The biggest jump in national debt was created by Barack Obama in 2008 and the national debt has almost doubled in his six years in office. Although he was born in 1961, Barack Obama is a Gen X’er (they claim him as one). Gen X’ers and millennials are racking up debt at unprecedented rates.
    2. Safety nets. You are not paying for my social security or medicare, I paid for it. Taxes specifically for that have been taken out of my check my entire working life (since I was 12). If congress misspent the money they took from me, that’s their problem, not mine.
    3. Our racist, homophobic and sexist past. Past? Because of course none of that exists today, and on member of any generation after the baby boomers ever had a racist, homophobic, or sexist thought..right. Oh, and if minorities, gays, and women are better off today it was because the baby boomer generation got that ball rolling. You’re welcome.
    4.They are the source of one of the biggest problems of Obamacare. Seriously? You’re really that naive? Universal healthcare is designed to work that way. In fact it must work that way. It requires a portion of the population who don’t need to use insurance very much to buy into the system so the system is financially viable. If you don’t like that, you obviously are against universal health care.

    5. The environmental movement was started in the 60’s and 70’s. If it wasn’t for that, acid rain would still be falling on our heads.

    The author is obviously a young, inexperienced person who hasn’t has the life experience yet, or the appreciation of the efforts of those that came before him.