Can HAARP, Chemtrails or Cecily Tynan Explain Those Giant Streaks in Philly Sky?

The theories behind Monday’s strange sightings.

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On Monday afternoon, I was doing some reporting in West Philadelphia when I noticed this pair of huge streaks stretched across the sky. And as soon as I posted about it, the conspiracy theories, practical explanations, silly observations and wild guesses started rolling in. Was this some secret government activity? Alien invaders? Something even worse?

1. Geo-engineered Clouds?

2. Is Veterans Day to Blame? Wonders Cecily Tynan

3. Contrail Shadows?

4. Santa Is Totally Plausible

5. Or Angels Sledding…

6. The Ominous-Sounding Chemtrails

(Really geo-engineered clouds but under a better name)

7. Back to the Future Comes to Life


8. Anticrepuscular Rays

Seems too simple.


It stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, but it’s best that I just let nutcase Jesse Ventura explain it to you:

10. Photoshop


Well, these reader-submitted photos seem to show what the big blue streaks are: shadows. But shadows of what, Mr. Ventura?



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  • joe

    Simple – con trail shadows above lower hanging clouds

    • Steve Svensson

      A contrail takes a massive amount of particulates for it to stick around.

      • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

        No it does not. Unless clouds require massive amount of “particulates” too. I don’t think you believe that clouds never persisted for more than a couple of minutes in the past, or do you?

        • Skinsuit Tim

          What is happening to the sky is not Natural. Listen to Navy Physicist Ben Livingston explain how planes were used in the Vietnam War to seed clouds to make it rain as a military strategy.

          • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

            Contrails are anthropogenic, but it’s just a side effect of how natural atmospheric phenomena interact with each other. They are not weather warfare, and they are not part of an experiment. Such beliefs are due to ignorance and paranoia.

            If you want to protest against too much condensation trails in the skies, fine, I would not argue or even think you are wrong. Too much air traffic is a legitimate problem. But it’s simply that – too much traffic. There is no conspiracy behind it. And people like you should be smart enough to realize this.

            That some people created rain in a situation of war more than thirty years ago does not prove anything about “chemtrails” if you actually think about it. You are making invalid connections between dots just to force fit the picture to match your already made up conclusion. Because that is how you have been told to think.

            You do realize that people like Ben Livingston also make a living on providing believers with information they want to hear. Alex Jones does this especially. There is no honesty or truth in what they do, they simply want to get you hooked on their information by scaring you. Buy their books or products. Don’t you see?

          • Ben’s Mom

            Ben the TROLL…Back again?

            We all know better. Your gig is up.

          • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

            And now you assume that just because someone disagrees with your view, that person must be the very same last person who disagreed with you. It looks to me that you support the “chemtrail” narrative.

            Belief in the existence of “chemtrails” is a tiny minority compared to those who realize the unreason of it all. It should not surprise you that you are in fact a tiny speck within a small speck of people who believe weird things because they do not posses broader knowledge about the subject. There are more than just a couple of people out there who disagrees with you, you know.

            Bring some arguments to the table or leave the discussion to us who actually provide arguments.

          • Z Richington

            Are you outright denying the existence of chemtrails? Do you think our military might conduct weather experiments to control the weather? If so, how frequently?

          • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

            I don’t find any claims yet presented about what “chemtrails” is or what they are for to be realistic claims to begin with. I can’t “deny” something that I find unrealistic. Finding “chemtrails” unrealistic is a matter of how much objective information you have before you learn about “chemtrails”, and whether you are susceptible to claims supporting the notion of the “evil” of government and authority.

            Let’s just take the claim that contrails should not persist for more than some minutes, and if they do they must be “chemtrails”. This assumption is completely inaccurate, yet some people accept this notion to be of highest accuracy. To these people, observing what is actually just a contrail persisting for a longer period of time is evidence enough that “chemtrails” exist, regardless of what your definition of the word is. Why do you think these ignorant people use phrases like “look up”? Obviously they have been told inaccurate information without being able to question that information, and now they’re getting all hysterical about it.

            But to answer your question, yes of course controlling the weather is a valuable thing in times of war. No doubt about it. But how exactly is that proof for a “chemtrail” conspiracy?

            Controlling local weather for various reasons is nothing secret, like cloud seeding. But it is not performed with airliners, and looks nothing like what you see behind airliners. And neither does methods purposed by ‘solar radiation management’ look anything like what you see behind airliners. It’s amazing that believers in the conspiracy actually have not read anything about how these proposed SRM methods will be carried out, IF they are ever carried out.

            They propose tethered balloons flying higher than any airliner, using reflective surfaces to reflect away sun, or even grow crops that absorb less infra-red heat.

            No I’m sorry. Belief in “chemtrails” is just what you get when paranoid people who know nothing about science will try and understand it. They don’t have patience to fully understand anything, and they ignore everything that contradicts their already made up mind that someone is out to get them. They are too scared to even think that they might just be wrong, but as these ideas gives them that sense of importance they always felt they lacked it’s not an easy thing to question yourself in that case.

            And they love to spread their paranoia everywhere, like in this threads as you can see. Their hearts and in the right place, but they are completely off the track when it comes to the science.

          • Z Richington

            First I would like to address the term chemtrail. It was written in the space preservation act of 2001, So there existance had been noticed by a legislative body classified as an ‘exoctic weapon.’ Chemtrails is primarily a slang term for ‘stratospheric aerosols’ proposed by the geoengineers of the world. You did mention above that the military was/is doing weather experiments and stated “does methods purposed by ‘solar radiation management’ look anything like what you see behind airliners” Could you please describe what it would look like. From my research, stratospheric aerosols would ‘bleach the sky white’ which is what i see on occasion around my area, not everyday every plane. Patients exist for distributing stratospheric aerosols to be dispersed out of a classic commercial looking plane.

            How can the average person analytically deduct, for certain, when its a contrail vs stratospheric aerosols?

            Also, check the rain samples in your area, and Soil PH levels

            US Patient: 7413145 (look at the bottom of the patient when you look it up “The aerial fluid delivery system may use a Boeing 747 aircraft.” which is a commercial airliner, thats why people will get it confused from a contrail off of a normal commercial flight )



          • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

            Thank you for illustrating my previous point that believers never research the claims they believe support the existence of “chemtrails”.

            Space Preservation Act was written by two UFO enthusiasts who were concerned that US military scared away extraterrestrial visitations by using what the UFO enthusiasts believed to be “exotic weapons”. The listed “weapons” were simply what the UFO enthusiasts themselves believed was being used, among them “chemtrails”.

            And if you find it suspicious that revised versions does not contain the word “chemtrails”, consider all the other “exotic” stuff that were removed as well, such as “extraterrestrial weapons”. These were removed simply because they were too unrealistic, but despite this, the act was never accepted by the congress anyway.

            So as you see, the reason the word “chemtrail” was put into the “act” was because of two ET believers put the word there and asked Dennis Kuchinich to present it to the congress.

            I already gave you examples of how ‘solar radiation management’ looks like. It can mean many things that does not involve airliners. In fact, the only remotely similar PROPOSED method is to produce heavier cirrus clouds (by increasing particle sizes), which forces these clouds into warmer regions where they will melt and evaporate, letting more infra-red heat off the atmosphere. This method also PROPOSED that this method could THEORETICALLY be carried out by using already occurring airline traffic. But please note, this method seek to REDUCE cloud cover, not increase it.

            Also I can inform you that I have debunked a couple of so called “rain samples” from around my area. They show completely normal levels. Believers however still think these tests prove something because they believe a rain water sample should contain nothing but water, which is a completely unrealistic notion. Ask any with real knowledge in soil and water testing about this.

            And as for the image, that is actually the tanks from a 747 Supertanker, which is a plane designed to suppress wildfires. The patent is simply one designed to expel fire retardant substance into the air.

            You don’t seem to know anything about what you claim.
            Thank you for further illustrating my point Z Richington.

  • tres

    I’m with jesse

  • Skinsuit Tim
  • LibertasBelle

    Angels Don’t Play This HAARP:

  • Steve Svensson

    I’m looking at those clouds, not one of them are natural, they are all manmade clouds. Now if one studies the requirement to make a cloud, the main ingredient is particulates, usually dust. The geoengineers (chemtrailers) are pumping particulates into the atmosphere. Particulates that are tiny and sharp, and they stick into your breathing passages and also block your thyroid, which causes weight gain and other problems, and the particulates are metallic, so we are also getting the benefit of heavy metal poisoning.

    • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

      Contrails are natural in a sense that they are formed by natural processes. The formation can be explain by natural science, and has so for the last half a century or so in case you’e missed it.

      The specific “particulates” you are talking about does not exist though.

      However, that does not mean various small particles do not exist in the atmosphere where they can act as nuclei to build water droplets or ice crystals. But these particles of natural origin have existed in the atmosphere ever since the atmosphere formed around the earth. Ask any meteorologist or geologist about this. They can be anything from very small grains of sand, minerals or even biological. This is despite what you think just as it has always been.

      There are some anthropogenic sources for these type of particulates, such as pollution or urbanisation. But what is PROPOSED by geo-engineers as a LAST RESORT IF ALL OTHER EFFORTS FAIL TO REDUCE GREEN HOUSE GASSES, and if the PROPOSED methods are deemed SAFE, these methods are not the reason for these particulates, anthropogenic or natural.

      The concept of “chemtrails” originates from Richard Finke in the late 90s who tried to scam gullible people by convincing them that contrails were actually poisonous and that Finke himself could provide you with the antidote if you paid him. Yeah, this is actually true. And it is bizarre for me that his hoax have got so immensely out of proportion by now that people become hysterical over what is basically conventional clouds.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying too much contrail is a good thing, because it acts like a greenhouse gas. But we should at least see the problem for what it is. And geo-engineering, or secret death programs by the government it is not.

      • user

        Nice to find out about the originator the chemtrail lunacy. A small detail: the effect of contrails is like cirrus clouds, to prevent sunlight to get to the ground. As such, even though contrails are CO2 and H2O (and some non-completely burned hidrocarbons) they don’t necessarily act to warm up the planet. In fact the excess of contrails over an area usually brings the temperatures down.

      • Not amused..

        You have “no clue” what you are saying! Chemtrails are not a hoax.. and if you had any common sense at all you would know that. To anyone that listens to this guy’s nonsense of contrails and Chemtrails being of the same, all i ask of you is start paying attention to the skys and you will know the truth.

        • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

          I don’t think pointing out to you that you speak like a scientific illiterate, brainwashed and paranoid person really helps you understand better. But let me explain it to you like this:

          I did not say contrails and “chemtrails” are the same thing.

          I said – there is no proper proof yet presented by people like you that “chemtrails”, regardless of definition, exist. Only bad “proof” exist, you know, things that are incorrect. Too bad you lack the general knowledge to realize this. Or you lack the patience to go back to the claims you have already accepted as truth and really do a background check on them.

          Because if you leave out the fact that conventional combustion engines do produce exhaust gasses and particles, and the fact that water is technically a chemical compound as well, there is no proof that there is some sort of “chemtrail” program in the works. And yes, I do include geo-engineering in that statement as well. Because I have yet to read a geo-engineering report that says “hey we have actually started a global operation that will kill everything”. The only thing I have seen up to date have been HYPOTHETICAL PROPOSITIONS of FUTURE METHODS, which should only be used if the method becomes completely safe.

          Everything else is just paranoid hysteria created by individuals like you.

          “Don’t listen to him, he is evil! All you need to do is look at the trails and you’ll find all the answers!”

          What is the reason you don’t suggest people to read about atmospheric science which might help them confirm if the said phenomenon is “natural” or not? I do think we both know the answer to that one, and that is because once you understand how contrails form under various atmospheric conditions, the whole concept of “chemtrails” falls apart.

          But then again, paranoia is obviously a stronger mental state than the will to actually learn how nature works and how it changes when we interact with it.

  • Ingaorama

    I have seen like this but mire thin lines when the sky have become like a plasma screen..The chemicals seam to leave a shadow on the “screen” the sky have become..But here I think the spraying chemicals used may have made like a cut into the chemical who are already up there..But Im no scientist-only a person who have been watching the sky as far back as I remember..

    • user

      No, it’s just the shadow of a contrail. If the contrail persists and there is a thin enough cloud below you may see its shadow through it. These are examples of it.

  • Ingaorama

    If someone think this is “contrail” I hink they need their eyes checked….

  • Ingaorama

    Maybe this is fake- anyway-it have been taken down often-

  • Ingaorama

    Have you seen this or rather listened to also..?

  • Ingaorama

    And why do they keep taking this video out on youtube? It is new…
    The pilot say ,, yes he knows about chemtrails and say it is
    necessary evil”…. I just hope the poor pilot is okay! That he have not been taken down for saying this….

    • Bert_Karlssons_Semla

      The pilot never wanted to end up on the internet, he even asked the guy not to film him. But the video was published uncensored anyway, that’s why it’s being removed from Youtube.

      Besides, the pilot could just have told a lie not to upset what is actually a paying customer of his employer. There might be company policies involved, who knows. What is strange with the original video though is that the pilot says he knows very little about the subject, but then goes on to say it is a “necessary evil”, and he tells it with a laugh as well. They both laugh in fact.


      Could it be that the pilot knew very well what kind of crazy people believe in “chemtrails”, and when he thought he wasn’t being filmed he just told the man looming in the cockpit something that he wanted to hear and be gone with him, and not risking upsetting a paying customer in the process?

      As they are both laughing when the pilot says it’s a “necessary evil” suggests to me that this comment was meant as sarcasm and humour. Too bad that believers doesn’t understand jokes and sarcasm. It’s basically what happened when one person hoaxed Max Bliss (another prominent believer in the conspiracy) and Bliss believed he was being targeted by a “disinfo operation”, when the purpose was just an experiment to see how gullible he actually is. And as expected, he bought the hoax without question as it supported his preconceived notions.

  • elle

    he’s not as much a nutcase as the people can look up in the sky for themselves and know that something isn’t right….man trying to out GOD…… we are in trouble.