The 100 Highest-Paid City of Philadelphia Employees

Chances are, these people make more than you do.

Ah, tax season. It’s that time of year when you’re reminded of how much (or how little) you make and how much of it you give away to the government. Well, with the per capita income in Philadelphia at just over $20,000 and the median household income at a paltry $36,000, I thought it would be a good time to see just how much money our local government officials and workers earn for the work that they do (or don’t do, in rare cases.)

Here, the 100 highest-paid employees in the City of Philadelphia, who collectively account for $14,790,649 of your tax dollars each year, assuming that you’re not one of those Philadelphians who cheat on their taxes. (Consider that if the city collected what people owe in Business Privilege Taxes alone, it would pay all of these people for 26 years.) No, District Attorney Seth Williams’s $75,000 party planner Monique Wescott didn’t make the cut, but guess whose department is the single biggest salary sucker on this list? Yep, the District Attorney’s. DA Williams has more people (and cash) on here than any other branch of Philadelphia government by far.

  1. Charles Ramsey, Police Commissioner, $255,000
  2. Sam Gulino, Medical Examiner, $239,200
  3. Michael Nutter, Mayor, $202,433
  4. Mark Gale, CEO of Aviation, $200,000
  5. Siobhan Reardon, Library President, $192,500
  6. Everett Gillison, Managing Dir.’s Chief Of Staff, $178,650
  7. Gary Collins, Dep. Medical Examiner, $176,341
  8. Shelley Smith, City Solicitor, $174,464
  9. Richard Negrin, Dep. Mayor/Managing Dir., $171,000
  10. Adel Ebeid, Chief Innovation Officer, $170,000
  11. Seth Williams, District Attorney, $168,541
  12. Robert Dubow, Finance Dir., $165,741
  13. Edward McCann, Dep. DA, $163,602
  14. Nola Joyce, Dep. Managing Dir., $160,680
  15. Alan Greenberger, Dep. Mayor Econ. Dev., $160,000
  16. Francis Bielli, Pensions Dir., $160,000
  17. Rina Cutler, Dep. Mayor Transportation, $160,000
  18. George Mosee, Dep. DA, $157,960
  19. Ann Ponterio, Asst. DA, $157,960
  20. John Delaney, Dep. DA, $157,960
  21. Ronald Eisenberg, Dep. DA, $157,960
  22. Curtis Douglas, Dep. DA, $157,960
  23. Jodi Lobel, Dep. DA, $157,960
  24. Sarah Hart, Asst. DA, $156,960
  25. Gary Steuer, Chief Cultural Officer, $156,750
  26. Richard Ross, Dep. Police Commissioner, $156,604
  27. Patricia Giorgio-Fox, Dep. Police Commissioner, $156,604
  28. Cameron Snider, Asst. Medical Examiner, $155,717
  29. Michael Garvey, Dep. Managing Dir., $155,000
  30. Teresa Gillen, Mayor’s Senior Advisor Econ. Dev., $155,000
  31. Donna Mouzayck, First Dep. City Solicitor, $153,645
  32. David Wilson, Dep. Managing Dir., $152,000
  33. Donald Schwarz, Health Commissioner, $152,000
  34. Michael Di Berardinis, Special Adv. Parks & Rec,$152,000
  35. Suzanne Biemiller, Mayor’s First Dep. Chief Of Staff, $152,000
  36. Darrell Clarke, President Of City Council, $150,904
  37. Kevin Bethel, Dep. Police Commissioner, $150,582
  38. John Gaittens, Dep. Police Commissioner, $150,582
  39. Charlotte Council, Dep. Police Commissioner, $150,582
  40. Thomas Wright, Dep. Police Commissioner, $150,582
  41. William Blackburn, Dep. Police Commissioner, $150,582
  42. Sumit Handa, Pensions Chief Investment Officer, $150,000
  43. Rochelle Cameron, Dep. Dir. Of Aviation, $150,000
  44. Rebecca Rhynhart, Dep. Dir. Of Finance, $150,000
  45. Catherine Paster, First Dep. Dir. Of Finance, $150,000
  46. Anne Marie Ambrose, DHS Commissioner, $150,000
  47. Arthur Evans, Dir Of Ofce Of Beh Hlth/Mental Retard Svs, $150,000
  48. Joan Markman , Chief Integrity Officer, $150,000
  49. Lloyd Ayers, Fire Commissioner, $149,968
  50. George Hayes, Medical Services Dir., $148,732
  51. Edwin Lieberman, Pathologist, $148,532
  52. Stephen Johnson, Dep. Police Commissioner , $144,790
  53. Clarena Tolson, Streets Commissioner, $144,612
  54. Richie McKeithen, Chief Assessment Officer , $143,850
  55. Amy Kurland, Inspector General, $142,500
  56. Judith Cassel, Dep. Dir. Of Finance, $142,500
  57. Desiree Peterkin Bell, Mayor’s Dir. Of Communications, $142,500
  58. Lori Shorr, Mayor’s Chief Education Advisor, $142,500
  59. Hugh Burns, Dep. DA, $142,000
  60. Howard Neukrug, Water Commissioner, $141,398
  61. Nancy Winkler, Dep. Dir. Of Finance, $140,000
  62. Folasade Olanipekun-Lewis, City Council CFO, $140,000
  63. Angela Dowd Burton, Exec. Dir. Office Econ. Opportunity, $135,000
  64. Giridhar Mallya, Health Dir. Of Policy & Planning, $135,000
  65. Barry Scott, Dep. Dir. Of Finance-Risk Mgmt., $133,900
  66. Laurie Malone, Dep. DA, $132,000
  67. Hal Fichandler, City Council Senior Legislative Advisor, $131,206
  68. Alvin Powell, Medical Dir./Lab. Services, $131,117
  69. Michael Covone, Behav. Health Mental Health Admin, $131,000
  70. Vanessa Harley, DHS Dep. Commissioner, $130,510
  71. Edward Cameron, Asst. DA, $130,400
  72. Joan Schlotterbeck, Commissioner Of Public Property, $130,000
  73. Patrick Blessington, Asst. DA., $130,000
  74. Jeremiah Connors, Dep. Dir. Of Finance, $130,000
  75. Deborah McColloch, Office of Housing Dir., $130,000
  76. Lewis Rosman, Mayor’s Dir. Of Legislative Affairs, $130,000
  77. Karen Brancheau Jordan, Asst. DA, $129,649
  78. Rita Eburuoh, DoH Medical Care Clinical Dir., $129,375
  79. Albert D. Attilio, Dir. Of Human Resources, $129,232
  80. Stephanie Singer, City Commissioner, $128,821
  81. Curtis Jones, City Council Member, $128,821
  82. Daniel Hertzler, Chair, Corporate Group (Law), $128,544
  83. Elizabeth Mattioni, Chair, Litigation Group (Law), $128,544
  84. Duane Bumb, Dep. Dir. Of Commerce, $128,544
  85. Louis Giorla, Acting Prisons Commissioner, $128,544
  86. Mark Gilson, Asst. DA, $128,000
  87. Daniel Heitzer, Dep. Chief Information Officer, $128,000
  88. William Carter, City Council Gen. Counsel, $127,500
  89. Gary Jastrzab, City Planning Executive Dir., $126,406
  90. Brian O’Neill, City Council Member, $126,366
  91. Blondell Reynolds Brown, City Council Member, $126,366
  92. Anne Kelly, City Council Chief Of Staff, $125,795
  93. Joseph Whitehead, Asst. DA, $125,660
  94. Barbara Ash, DHS Chief Dep-City Solicitor-Litigation, $125,510
  95. Frances Burns, L&I Commissioner, $125,000
  96. Lawrence Saltzman, Information Technology Officer, $125,000
  97. Keith Brune, Dep. Dir. Of Aviation, $124,997
  98. Calvin Davenger, Dep. Dir. Of Aviation, $124,997
  99. James Tyrrell, Dep. Dir. Of Aviation, $124,997
  100. Shane Creamer, Exec. Dir. Board of Ethics, $124,800

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  • Chuck Mc

    This is a joke!! No wonder the mayor keeps saying the city doesn’t have the money to honor the contracts of the HARD working men and woman of this city… Because if he pays the city workers what they deserve there will be less meat on the bone for all the people on this list.. Half of these jobs are made up they have a deputy to the deputy in almost every department. ARE YOU KIDDING ME… The mayor should be locked up for stealing from the tax paying hard working men and woman of this city that he has destroyed ..

    • I also feel that these salaries are much higher than I’m comfortable with.

      I think the problem is more complex though than you’re making it out to be.

  • Everyone on this list should get a 50% pay cut now.

    • I think that wouldn’t be a bad idea; I know I’d certainly be comfortable on half the lowest salary on this list, living in Philadelphia.

  • These people definitely do make more money than I’ve every made, and I have an Ivy League master’s degree in statistics. Then again, I’m not exactly chasing the big bucks and I’m sure if I really was motivated primarily to make money, I could.

    I do think these salaries are a bit high, especially for public employees. I personally would feel very comfortable (and feel like I had plenty of money to spend on luxuries, and plenty of money to put away in savings) on a salary half that of the lowest-paid employee on that list. A quick calculation shows that cutting everyone’s salary on this list by a minimum of 50% would yield savings of well over $6.2 million. This is only a very small portion of the city’s $3.75 billion budget, but also consider that there are probably a lot of other employees still making closer to the amount here.

    I understand it’s complex…there is pressure based on what people earn in similar jobs, and I would be willing to bet a lot that some of these people have very tough jobs that place all sorts of demands on them. That said, I still feel uncomfortable with public funds being used to pay salaries this high. I think the problem is bigger than just Philadelphia though; it’s a problem with American society as a whole. I feel pretty uncomfortable with some of the huge wealth disparities that exist in our society. It makes sense for people to be paid more for tougher jobs and less desirable jobs.

    The problem is when high-status jobs that are more-desirable are actually paid more. I think that’s one of the problems with some of these high-profile government positions, even in local governments…they are desirable and bring power and influence to people, but then they also pay a lot.

    I believe in only paying people if there is “market demand” so to speak, in the sense that the work needs to get done and no one else wants to do the work. For jobs that people are vying for and where many people want to be in the position, it might be prudent to lower the salary a bit.

    • Francis Graff

      If I were Mayor, I would fire all those employees not elected and go to all our colleges for resumes in public government who more that likely have new and fresh ideas. Starting salaries 75,000.00 per year. All the money saved would go to the streets department, who are the real servants of the city.