Hunty Games: RuPaul Gets Roasted, Alaska Emancipates From ROLASKATOX

Every week, Philly drag chanteuse Tammy Faymous recaps the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

When returning to the workroom, Coco warned the girls to watch their backs and Jinkx repeated her complaints about not being good enough. Alaska was still reeling from being read to shreds. Being called out for not being an individual, the 49th state decided it was time to show her true colors by abandoning ROLASKATOX. The next day ,when they enter the workroom, instead of screaming ROLASKATOX, Alaska screams her own name. After saying, “We cant do cliques its too dangerous.” This surprises the other girls and saddens Roxxxy and Detox, but they understand why. Good for Alaska. I mentioned last week that I thought this move would be necessary if she wanted to win, and I’m hoping this move takes our home-state beauty in the right direction. 

Mini-Challenge Rucap: In the great tradition of Paris is Burning, Ru opens the library for some good old-fashioned reading which we all know is fundamental to the drag world. With T and shade being thrown every which way, the girls all do a superb job. Even Ivy Winters surprised everyone when she asked Coco if she used Tang as powder. Detox called Roxxy Boxxxy Mandrews. Roxxxy told Coco that for someone who claims to be a top, she sure does love being on the bottom. Coco told Jinkx that Boy George wants his hat back. But Alaska’s perfect comedic timing led her to the win.

Main Challenge Rucap: For the main challenge, the queens had to roast Ru. I love a good roast so I was really looking forward to this. The challenges this season have been superb. Alaska’s win got her the prize of choosing the order. She chose to play nice instead of strategically and asked the girls when they wanted to go. When no one said first, she placed herself at the front of the bill, probably the toughest place to be.

Michelle Visage let the girls know that there is a difference between a joke and a read during her one-on-one consultations. She also chastised Alaska for being too nice, asking her if she was going out for Miss Congeniality or America’s Next Drag Superstar. Roxxxy and Alyssa struggled with this idea and Ivy couldn’t come up with much. Coco decided to copy Shangela by creating a character from the projects. She did a great job, but her performance was predictable and, well, a copy. I can’t believe none of the judges brought that up. Instead, they crowned her the victor, giving her her first win. Ivy failed to impress and Detox only dropped f-bombs to mask her nerves. But, Alyssa flatlined horribly and Roxxxy only drew awkward silences, putting them both in the bottom.

Runway Yes’s: I think all the queens knocked it out of the park, but kudos to Jinkx for finally getting the stamp of approval from critic Ms. Visage.

Lip Sync-Off: Alyssa and Roxxy found themselves in the bottom, so we knew this lip-sync was gonna be fierce. But regardless of talent, I think “Whip My Hair” is the easiest song to knock out. all you have to do is fucking whip your hair back and forth. Roxxxy’s hair reveal, while genius has been done before. Both queens whipped it out. Right before elimination, Roxxxy had a breakdown that seemed like a desperate attempt at pity. So many queens let the tears flood the runway right before elimination. I knew this was bound to happen this season, but, alas, Ru let both queens stay after they whipped out so much passion on the runway.

Best Sound Byte: “We as gay people get to choose our family.” —RuPaul

My Top Three: Roxxxy and Detox are fucking up regardless of being early contenders. Are they Top 3 material? Everyone continues to label Jinkx as a threat regardless of her whines, moans and groans that she is vulnerable. I hope that Alaska and Jinkx continue to turn it out and listen to the judges, because I’m rooting for them.

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