Farmers’ Cabinet Raided By Police, Owner Matt Swartz Arrested

farmerscabinetbarOn Wednesday night, the Liquor Control Enforcement arm of the Pennsylvania State Police raided the Farmers’ Cabinet on Walnut Street and arrested co-owner Matt Swartz, according to police.

Squad Supervisor Frank Spera explains that the raid occurred because the Farmers’ Cabinet was allegedly selling liquor even though its liquor license had expired back in October.

Not long ago, I contacted the Farmers’ Cabinet to find out why they seemed to be selling liquor with an expired license. A manager told me that they had been granted temporary authority by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and that the certificate was posted at the front of the restaurant.

Later, Matt Swartz sent me the following email:

License has been renewed letter is in front if the restaurant taxes have been settled ….if you try to destroy my business on more time with lies you will be sued for slander ..just like the sherif sale 2 months ago … It’s all ready at the lawyer waiting for you to cross the line One more time …you just can’t say outlandish things and hid behind thats it only a “blog” and its ok …I really don’t know what your problem is with me considering I never even meet you….didn’t you run the same untrue story last year to….

But according to Spera, that renewal letter was a forgery. “He forged the temporary authority letter he was given last year for 2012,” claims Spera. “He went and just changed the year.”

According to Spera, police arrested Swartz on Wednesday night and seized the alcohol on the premises. Farmers’ Cabinet is allowed to remain open. They just can’t sell beer, wine or liquor, says Spera.

It’s not the first time that Swartz has been arrested. He previously spent several months in federal prison for wire fraud, according to court records.

The Farmers’ Cabinet could not be reached for comment, and Swartz did not reply to an email seeking comment, perhaps because he is still in custody.

UPDATE 12/19 4:35pm: The Farmers’ Cabinet is still open… as BYOB.

UPDATE 12/20: Farmers’ Cabinet Owner Matt Swartz Charged With Forgery and Conspiracy

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  • Tracer Bullet

    Maybe Swartz can use his time in the pokey to take a few basic literacy classes.

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  • Jim

    The Jackasses at Farmers Cabinet have a long history of screwing the system and their employees. I really for bad for what little employees they have left.

    • fcab x-pat

      Its not a “jackasses” situation. Its just one singular jackass

  • Grammar police

    Obviously Swartz didn’t graduate 5th grade.

    • DTurner

      Can we expect a raid in the near-future by your department, officer?

  • DTurner

    I was there once and I was not impressed. Everything seemed far too overpriced for the quality and the mixture of the speakeasy environment with a farm-to-table concept is bizarre.

    The email is bizarre as well; while Twitter is notorious for allowing users to say unwise things, usually the slower pace of email allows for at least a little wisdom.

    • industry wife

      It in no way resembles or tries to resemble a speakeasy, and the prices are similar to comparable craft cocktail bars in the city.

      • DTurner

        Not saying it was overpriced vis a vis other cocktail bars, simply that the quality did not match the price point.

      • me

        Colleen your an idiot

  • Boo-urns

    How does this guy continue to exist in the restaurant business?

    • Christopher Sawyer

      Because the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is fucking useless.

      • Boo-urns

        I would think by now he’d have trouble finding any food or beer/liquor distributors willing to work with him, or employees to work for him. Most people have enough trouble getting one restaurant off the ground, and he’s had how many now (all with dubious activities and utter failings)???

  • Adam Lang

    For some reason I thought there were rules about people with criminal records (oops, forgot, Nutter says they are now “returning citizens”) and liquor licenses.

    • vfiorillo

      In point of fact, Swartz is not on the license. It is his wife.

      • Adam Lang

        Maybe his wife should have been arrested as well then.

        Also, it would seem to point out a major loophole in the liquor license procedure. You’d think all the owners of the business that are operating under the liquor license should have to have a clean record, not just the proxy they put up.

        • lolwut

          So, if a person gets something like an open container misdemeanor in college, they should be banned for life from getting a liquor license? What does that accomplish?

          • Adam Lang

            You’re comparing an “open container misdemeanor” to “federal prison for wire fraud”?

          • lolwut

            There’s obviously a huge difference between felony and misdemeanor, but a record is a record. I’m just going by what your comment stated.

          • Adam Lang

            When I say “clean” I am referring to what is required by the existing law.

        • Walter George Kealey

          You can’t arrest a husband and wife for the same crime…

    • owens4414

      Criminal records are taken into consideration but I don’t believe there’s a per se bar on someone with a conviction from getting a license. You’d be surprised how many people in the industry have a record of some sort.

      • Cellar Rat

        There’s a ban on anyone with a FELONY conviction holding a liquor license. That’s why he put the license in his wife’s name.

    • Hal Schirmer

      There are some standards. The LCB reviews felonies going back 5 years and MAY deny based on them. However the LCB has basically unlimited discretion to consider whether the person is a “reputable individual”. If the licensee is a corporation, then the shareholders are reviewed as well.

    • CM

      The PLCB has been known to grant liquor licenses to anyone — regardless of criminal history or previous violations. I really hope this story is an indication that things are changing over there.

  • Sarah Lockard

    Phew!!! Thank God!!!!

    • Jaded

      Thank god for what Sarah? That he took the heat off of you for a moment?

  • The Scotsman

    You are a hack, as is your two-bit rag. Publishing a private email sent to you is unprofessional at the least. You’ve had a hate-on for the restaurant since it opened its doors. Anybody can see that from the tone of every pseudo-article you’ve written about them. As to the comment about him screwing over his employees, perhaps you should ask the employees themselves. Most of them have been with him for a long time, through multiple ventures. That wouldn’t be the case if he was screwing everybody over. A lot of you also seem to take joy in this. For those people I can only say “Shame on you.” You’re talking about people’s livelihoods and reveling in a setback to the restaurant that employs these people a week before Christmas.

    • phoenixxxrising

      All you motherfuckers are gonna pay. You are the ones who are the
      ball-lickers. We’re gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like
      little, whiny bitches. Once we get to Hollywood and find those Miramax
      fucks who is makin’ the movie… we’re gonna make them eat our shit,
      then shit out our shit, and then eat their shit that’s made up of our
      shit that we made ’em eat. Then you’re all you motherfucks are next.
      Love- Jay and Silent Bob.

    • RC

      i didnt see him say the email was off the record.

    • Little Lindsey

      I’m a former employee who has had $400 worth of checks bounce. There, primary source.

      • karmasucks

        Also a former employee still waiting on payment. He is classless but I do feel bad for the employees who are all friends of mine.

    • ScotsWHAT?

      Yes. Totally Foobooz’s fault that he never paid liquor or wage taxes. Also, Victor’s fault that the license was forged. If the spelling and grammar wasn’t well done, I’d assume Swartz wrote this. Swartz never has take responsibility for any of his actions. I’m more worries about how the strippers at Delilah’s are going to get through their holidays now.

    • Ooops.

      He owes a friend of mine well of a grand from when he worked at Fork & Barrel. Multiple requests have been ignored and checks have bounced. He is a douchebag, I hope he is finally shut down for good.

    • areimer22

      The Scotsman…I agree with you that yes it is a shame that people’s livelihoods have been altered HOWEVER:

      Swartz is the only person to blame here. He brought this on himself as well as, unfortunately his employees. Laziness and lack of financial effort to renew a liquor license? Forgery? LYING.

      I don’t know why you are so hostile with the author of this article. He is simply noting facts.

      • The Scotsman

        I am hostile with the author of this article because he is a hack blogger with no journalistic integrity. He will regularly post unverifiable information, twist statements, and it’s even been alleged that he has, on multiple occasions, planted evidence or completely made something up in order to generate a story. Remember the story about the rats that he saw because he just happened to be walking by that cafe at 2am? And rats outdoors in a large city? Heaven forbid. How about the story about the Sherriff’s sale notice posted on the door of the Farmer’s Cabinet that no employee or customer of the place ever saw and that not a single person in the Sherriff’s office or city government knew anything about? Mr. Fiorillo is a news reporter because he blogs for Philly Magazine in the same way that I am a car because I am standing in my garage. It’s called professional integrity and it’s largely missing from journalism as a whole, but Mr. Fiorillo is a notably terrible offender. The article was snarky, unprofessional, and about as close to real journalism as your average National Enquirer piece on this week’s alien landing.

        • Kenneth Columbia

          The only hack here is you, Swartz, with all the bounced checks and egregious acts you are responsible for.

        • Hal Schirmer

          The Sheriff notice appears to be valid. It seems there was a claim by an unpaid cook, Municipal Court #SC-13-04-23-5164, the cook got an execution (sheriff sale) order issued August 6th 2013 for the contents of the restaurant. It would have been posted 30 days later, which fits Sept 5th 2013, when the story ran. Appears the cook was able to seize money from their First Niagara checking, so the sheriff sale never went through.

        • Joe blow

          It’s a blog, not a newspaper. He can post what he wants. More posts must be accurate than not because it’s still around, and it is associated with one of the largest magazines in the tri-state area.

    • Hated on it since its opening? Not exactly..

      • The Scotsman

        Duly noted but one positive article doesn’t negate everything he’s done to try to bring down multiple restaurants in the city. Maybe we should apply his journalistic model to him and his colleagues at Philly Mag. Wonder what sort of dirt we’d turn up. What a fun little article that would be.

    • Guest

      Challenge accepted. I worked with this organization, very closely, for over 2 years. I saw a lot of crazy things happen in that time, but did my best to take it as professionally as I could and focus on my job. Mostly my co workers kept me going, and the beer program was one of the best in the country, which I was fanatical about. The fact of the matter is checks did bounce. A LOT. Checks to servers, checks to vendors, checks to landlords, checks to ME. I never understood how anything remained open with so much unpaid debt. I implore you, Scotsman, to take my first hand account of the allegations abound here to heart – I was right there, in person, every day. I try not to wish ill on anyone, but this guy has been screwing people over left and right for so long that things like this were bound to happen.

      • The whole lot of arrogence

        Abound here…….get over yourself douchebag…… is what it is

        • Guest

          Sigh. I was simply refuting the allegations Scotsman was making from a first hand perspective to avoid excess speculation. Your right, it IS what it is; an indisputable track record of offenses that many people have every right to be angry about. And I’m willing to bet that once your 4th, maybe 5th paycheck bounces you start to feel a little angry. Of course, you could always rely on long strings of periods and name calling instead of being civil. What do you think this is…the internet?

    • Kenneth Columbia

      Why don’t you just post under your real name, Mr. Swartz? Nobody is going to fall for your fraudulence again, clown.

      • Current Employee

        Kind if hard for him to post from jail. I bet it really burns your ass that current employees of his would stick up for him. You can say many things about Matt Swartz but that he’s not paying his employees is not one of them. That’s disingenuous and completely erroneous. To the earlier comment about the checks being late, I can recall two times in my tenure there. Both times were due to extenuating circumstances, not his inability to pay, and the checks were there in full bright and early the next morning. Say what you want about Matt Swartz, but he’s always treated me and my family more than fairly. And to Industry wife, I feel your pain. We will all pull through this setback and be stronger than ever.

        • Kenneth Columbia

          Yeah he’s probably treated you fairly because you’re his wife. Why are you wasting time on this message board when you could be out screwing some more people over?

      • Forgers Cabinet LLC

        Unfortunately I know Matt- he used to come on here himself but now he uses his wife and a certain manager as his internet white knights. As you can see, their grammar and spelling is well above Swartz’ level but you can still id their posts by the massive stench of BS that accompanies them.

    • industry wife

      Thank you. My husband works there and is paid fairly and on time. We have two small kids, and I seriously wish I didn’t have to deal with all of this drama the week before Christmas. This is all just bureaucratic nonsense that will hopefully be resolved in no time. I wish Foobooz would stop trying so hard to make life hard for my babies. Of course, the attempts been entirely unsuccessful since very few people actually read the middle school gossip column that is Foobooz, and Farmers’ Cabinet is wildly popular because they have fabulous drinks and excellent service.

      • Psssh

        Yup. This whole thing is about you and your babies.

      • I am not Mr or Mrs Swartz

        Yes Colleen, we all know that your husband is paid on time, he is the owner after all. Unfortunately, his empoyees regularly have to deal with bounced checks, while his purveyors receive no checks at all for the goods they have delivered. I know that you know this, since you both have been sued so many times. I am sorry that you chose a criminal to be the father of your two babies, but that is not Foobooz’ fault.

    • Guest

      Colleen? Shouldn’t you be at the Police Station, of on the phone w/ your attorney figuring out how to get Matt out of this, instead of hanging around here, shooting the messenger?

      • smh at those whacky Swartzes

        lulz, could she have made it any less obvious?

    • Last Man Standing

      What about the livelihoods of all the people your sainted employers fucked along the way? You expect everyone to feel sympathy for your plight, yet you don’t give two shits about any of the countless lives and pocketbooks damaged by their criminal behavior.

    • Ex-employee

      Another former employee here. Had multiple checks bounce. Regularly had to deal with a drunk, power tripping, wannabe tough guy restaurant owner treating myself and other employees like peons. Can only recall 2 employees who stayed on for a long time through multiple ventures (both managers, I believe 1 has since quit), but I can think of dozens who quit due to bounced checks and Swartz’s unprofessionalism.

  • TheScotsWOMan

    I’m sorry Scotsman, how many times have the checks been late in the past month?! People talk. I do feel awful for the staff, as my boyfriend and I are in there often. But that owner is complete scum. Hopefully my favorite bartenders will finally take a hint, and go where they are cared for.

  • Guest

    That asshole owes me money too.

  • JA

    This guy brings more crap down on himself and those around him….

  • Mika

    Swartz is such a lunatic. I dealt with Farmer’s Cabinet a few years ago for an event and they tried to screw me out of several hundred dollars. I hope they go under.

  • Gregwashere

    I’ve been to special events there and the food and service have been fine. I’m happy to pay extra to drink exotic craft beers that are often unavailable anywhere else (and in Philly, that is saying something).
    That said, as much as I loved Farmer’s Cabinet, the guy sounds like a total dick. It’s one thing to make stupid (even unethical “mistakes”), it’s another thing to bounce checks to your workers.

  • Former Employee

    Anyone talking about the fact that workers had their paychecks bounce and tips taken while working there?

    • Current Employee

      As a current employee I can tell you that I have not had a single check bounce, am compensated more than fairly, and treated very well by Mr. Swartz and the entire staff of the restaurant. I can’t personally speak to anything that may or may not have happened in the past. All I can relate is my own experience with the restaurant and it has been great.

      • Kenneth Columbia

        Haha nice try, Swartz, posting as “Current Employee” to troll your story with bogus PR. Are you ever NOT steeped in fraudulence?

        • Veillantif

          I dunno. You think Swartz learned how to spell that quickly?

        • er

          How Exactly Would Swartz Be Replying From Jail?

          • Guest

            Maybe the same way he got the liquor license in the first place – have his wife do it.

  • OP

    It’s always Victor with this kind of crap reporting. PLEASE find another line of work. You have absolutely no integrity.

    • The Scotsman

      He does have another line of work…drag queen, although he’s not very good at that either. Razors were invented for a reason Victor.

      • LeeAnne

        You’re all riled up over a post on the internet. You need to relax a little. Insults against someone’s appearance are pretty juvenile. It would be a different story if you were at least funny or witty, but you’re not.

  • Alimentarian

    What’s the big deal? It isn’t like this guy was offering two-for-one happy hours.

  • coco loco

    wire fraud:
    A: “this is a wire”
    B: “are you sure? it looks like a piece of string.”
    A: “trust me man, it’s a wire.”
    B: “sold!”

  • Cellar Rat

    This group has always been a shit show. That it managed to last this long is astonishing. Much like the mess that was Tapestry, they were undone by not paying taxes, screwing employees and playing fast and loose with the PLCB, thinking they were smarter and slicker and wouldn’t get caught. While the PLCB is a dinosaur, they do keep excellent records. They might not have the manpower to police things daily, but they’ll figure it out eventually and shut the place down. Arrogance will eventually lose out to ordinary administrative record keeping. Some pencil pushing civil servant will be the undoing of these sociopaths that think they’re above the law. Seems fitting.

    • Jmac

      PLCE not PLCB. Just saying…

      • Cellar Rat

        ??? What are you talking about. Who is PLCE?? I’m referencing the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

  • TIppy

    Way back in the day, Matt owned two restaurants in the Lehigh Valley: The Bookstore Speakeasy and Tap & Table. He skipped town without notifying his workers, left checks unpaid, and screwed a lot of good people out of jobs. He did the same thing with a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach called the Atlantic Jazz Yard. I’m routinely surprised by how willing landlords are to rent to the guy, employees are to work for him, and patrons are to visit restaurants owned by such a total and complete d-bag.

  • Dana Y Bowles

    This guy clearly thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He’ll never learn.

  • Boy who cried wolf

    Wait, I thought that this place closed on September 23rd due to a Sheriff sale:

    Although it’s surprising it made it through the troubles Foobooz reported during July of last year to get even that far:

    And even a little before that:

    I think Foobooz should hire Harold Camping as a reporter. He has years worth of media experience and a proven track record of making predictions which measure up perfectly to your standards. And at least he reaches a more diverse crowd than Fiorello.

    • umadbro

      How many sockpuppet accounts are you going to create? Also, those stories you posted were both accurate but I guess you already knew that. Yup, there was almost a Sheriff Sale until the debt was quietly paid off and yep, in July there was a mass walkout due to employees not being paid. Thanks for refreshing everyone’s memory.

      • Me

        Notice how often the word “troll” appears under different account names. Didn’t realize it was such a common word, Colleen.

    • me

      Question. How is it that matt and colleen have no money for taxes, employees or vendors yet are living in a 4.75 million, yes million, dollar home on a well to do road in Bethlehem. Also with a BMW SUV, a hummer and several other vehicles parked in their .25 of a mile driveway on 73 acres????? With a no trespass king sign..go figure.and eating at high end restaurants.

  • Current employee

    People who are taking pleasure in the failure of a place of employment for dozens of innocent workers during the holiday season should bite their tongue. As a current employee, Swartz may be a vile human being, but he’s an owner, essentially a figure head. In my time there (quite some time) no checks have bounced, that ended before I started. And while you may get paid a day or two late, everyone always gets paid. Don’t feel bad for the employees, we are all very happy here, which is why most of us have worked here for years. It is unfortunate that we have had to work under a mad man, but we are proud of our cocktail program, our unique beer selection, and the atmosphere we provide. Most importantly, we enjoy working together and it is unfortunate our owner has burned so many bridges that so many are delighted to see us fail. The employees at Farmers Cabinet are hard workers and some of the best at their job, it is a disgrace that his actions are leaving us essentially out of a job during the holiday season.

    • Recovering FCabber

      If all the above is true, you should no problem finding employment at reputable establishments with reputable owners, just as many people before you have done. Swartz created this mess. “Irregardless” (Swartz’s word, not mine) of what anyone says, this is on him, solely. If wishes and hopes got him shut down, the place would have never opened. Now take that to the bank…(but don’t bring your check. That will bounce.)

      • current employee

        Not positive that response was even meant for me, as it addresses nothing I touched on in my comment. I clearly agreed Swartz was hated by many, and never said the employees here couldn’t obtain a job elsewhere, I thought I was making a statement on how we like our place of employment and coworkers. And again, no one here Is having problems getting paid. That isn’t to say Swartz isn’t a douchebag, because he is, but those accusations have long since been untrue. You may be surprised at the Farmers Cabinets’ ability to rise to any occasion, I doubt this will be any different than previous issues.

        • jack

          you’re not having problems getting paid b/c matt continues to steal money from others. when he is in jail now, see if you get paid. :)

      • SomeGuy

        You’re a disgruntled a little turd who has no friends. You’re all mad because the new employees are obviously better at their jobs than you were (hence you getting punted outta there in the first place). Sad little girl.

        • FCabber

          Yep. You nailed it. Of course, you don’t need to have your checks clear. He pays you all in cash with voided checks. (FYI, also illegal in PA). Also, when you go to apply for unemployment, good luck as he never paid into it even though he took the money from your “check” every week. Now go get a job that you can put on a résumé in this city. Good luck with the BYOB. Have you read the reviews of your food?

          • Current Employee

            Nice, go from slamming the owner to slamming the cooks. The fact of the matter is that the restaurant puts out wonderful food and has a very talented kitchen staff. I have full confidence that this enterprise can run successfully as a BYOB until the liquor license is restored. As to the negative reviews you’re referring to I’ll let you in on a little secret. Nobody in the industry takes anything seriously that’s said on yelp. You obviously have an axe to grind with Matt Swartz. That’s all fine and dandy, but leave the food out of it. The kitchen staff are good people who work their butts off to turn out good food for the customers.

          • jack

            Go work for a real restaurant then, if you want to be taken seriously. Obviously there are a lot of people who do not like Matt Swart for valid reasons. YOu choose to work with someone with that reputation….what do you expect. idiot

        • jack

          You’re an idiot

        • Forgers Cabinet LLC

          Outta jail already? How did the arraignment go?

      • current employee

        Not positive that response was even meant for me, as it addresses nothing I touched on in my comment. I clearly agreed Swartz was hated by many, and never said the employees here couldn’t obtain a job elsewhere, I thought I was making a statement on how we like our place of employment and coworkers. And again, no one here us having problems getting paid. That isn’t to say Swartz isn’t a douchebag, because he is, but those accusations have long since been untrue. You may be surprised at the Farmers Cabinets’ ability to rise to any occasion, I doubt this will be any different than previous issues.

      • jack

        Well said!

    • Reader

      Very well said. People on this forum often forget this isn’t meant to be a gossip rag.

      • jack

        Gossip is gossip. Facts are facts.

    • jack

      Stop Crying about the loss of the Farmer’s Cabinet. AS you stated you full well know that Matt and Colleen are dirtbags! It was YOUR choice to stay employed under dirtbags. You could have went somewhere else. The money that has been paid to you so faithfully is STOLEN money from some poor innocent victim of the Swartz’s. This is not a guess, this is a fact! NONE of that money is Matt and Colleens. They are crooks, scammeres, liars….the list goes on. That money that is in your pocket….belonged to MY family. So shut your face. So good for you that you were paid from someone else’s loss.

    • Last Man Standing

      You did not have to work under a mad man, you chose to. As long as you get paid, it’s OK for everyone else in Matt Swartz’ wake to get screwed up the ass?

    • intheknow

      I’m sorry but I don’t see how you could have been there for “quite some time” and say that no checks have bounced. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones whose check cleared when there was still money in the account, but others did experience bounced checks. Perhaps not everyone talked about their check at work – perhaps some employees believed that publicizing the issue would not be good for their jobs. Yes, everyone eventually got paid, but not always just a day or two later, and not always without problems (such as bank fees, overdrafts) created by the bad checks.
      Know that every time employees do get paid, someone else is getting stiffed, be it the food purveyors, beverage distributors, supply companies, etc. The longer that FCAB stays open, the more people and small businesses that will get screwed out of their money. But realistically, how much longer can that place stay open with Swartz at the helm? How much longer until you show up for a shift, only to find a “PERMANENTLY CLOSED” sign on the door? I’m sorry for what you’re going through, but this should be a wake up call for you to start looking for employment elsewhere.

  • Charlton Heston

    Victor should write for that magazine with all those crazy stories that nobody believes. Oh wait…. he already does. Hahaha

    • umadbro

      If this site doesn’t work out, maybe he should get a job for that restaurant run by the convicted criminal who screws over purveyors and employees alike. I’m sure that Victor could teach him a thing or two about the English language.

  • aginphila

    spelin cowntz

  • Chuck Norris

    So…… whos watching the Eagles on Sunday?

  • Last Man Standing

    Mr. Swartz and the missus should not be allowed to repeatedly screw over vendors and suppliers and whomever else is unfortunate or foolish enough to do business with them simply to keep a couple dozen of employees gainfully employed through the holidays. The timing may be unfortunate, but this deck of cards has been allowed to stand quite long enough. This is not “bureaucratic nonsense”. This is ongoing criminal behavior that has negatively impacted countless former employees and purveyors. Any bartender or server worth his salt will snag another position in short order. I can only feel so much sympathy for this staff. If you knowingly and willingly work for someone who engages in criminal behavior, you share in his guilt, and ultimately, his unavoidable downfall. Karma is real, folks. There are lots of lessons to be learned here. Número uno: Choose your bedfellows wisely.

    • Barstool Sample

      Please sir. Feel free to divulge your real name instead of pussifying yourself through an alias. You have such strong words. If they were “worth a grain of salt”, you’d actually stand by them. Stop hiding!

      • joe blow

        “Please sir. Feel free to divulge your real name instead of pussifying yourself through an alias.” Ummm, well said there Barstool Sample.

      • Last Man Standing

        The moniker “Stool Sample” fits you well. You should consider getting it monogrammed on your forehead, troll-boy.

  • Mehoff Jack

    Just reading about how much of a boner this guy Victor has for this dude Schwartz gives me diarrhea. Like, why don’t he stop beating around the bush and just ask Schwartz for a job at his restaurant already? But then again from the way this guy cooks up a story I wouldn’t want him cooking my meals either. Just your everyday internet troll who thinks he’s a big deal from his computer desk.

    • Forge This

      Why would Victor want to get a job at FC when Foobooz pays him with checks that actually clear?

  • J

    This guy needs to get run out of town.

    • Barstool Sample

      I’ll run you out of town!

  • Roy Taylor

    I don’t live Nor ever lived in PA ,however according to some indeviuals,if you get a speeding ticked by the police ,you should not get business license of anykind ,Driveing over the speed limet is a MISDEMEANOR

    • Oye Jones

      What if you get a spelling ticket?

    • philman

      Driving over the speed limit isn’t a misdemeanor.

  • Dr Phil

    I find it amusing how this went from a so called food forum to a conversation about the dude’s personal life. And I kinda feel like the comments below are just a bunch of useless and obviously disgruntled x employees battleing it out with their replacements who are obviously more useful and talented. But to all the employees who are there right now who are working hard to make a living, dont worry. With success comes jealousy. Bad attention is STILL attention. And obviously these trolls have nothing better to do than sit around and think about you.

    • Last Man Standing

      If you can find one ex-employee who was happier working for the Swartzes than whatever position he fled to next, I’ll blow you in the middle of Times Square. Talent is not the issue here. Having the backbone to walk away from an employer who does not value you and repeatedly screws you and your co-workers over financially, isn’t being disgruntled or bitter. It is integrity. At this point, any person who chooses to continue under their employ, is stating loud and clear that he does not care who else gets hurt or used by the Swartzes as long as he gets his paycheck. There is no integrity in that, only selfishness and a willful disregard for others.

    • Life Code

      “With success comes jealousy.”
      What success? lol And what planet are you from where restaurants benefit from bad publicity? Yeah yeah I know, I am just a jelis hater who wishes that I, too, can work for a madman who pays his employees in Monopoly money.

  • Asshampster

    I’m not one to gossip but rumor has it Victor likes the smell of his own farts.

  • Ron Burgundy

    In other news, Victors bum bum was raided last night by gerbils. They recovered 800 grams of fecal matter, and one Barbie doll head. He will be taken in for questioning about the Barbie and a whereabouts of the body. He will also be questioned about why he enjoyed the gerbils during the search. From all of us here at Channel 4 news, I’m Ron Burgundy……….you stay classy San Diego.

  • Guest

    Help me out here folks. From reading the comments there seem to be only two possibilities under consideration – either the Schwarts’ are criminal scumbags, or Fiorillo is a hack w/ an axe to grind.

    But (and maybe this is crazy, so check me here) maybe the Schwarts’ are criminal scumbags, AND Fiorillo is a hack w/ an axe to grind. Or what if, and this is where it really gets far out – what if Fiorillo has an axe to grind BECAUSE the Schwarts’ are criminal scumbags? Maybe he feels somehow compelled to shine a light on what Matt and Colleen have been up to lately in order to warn the rest of us about them. As some kind of public service or something.

    Think it’s possible?

    • Guest

      Without a doubt, regardless of any rays of sunshine that may have penetrated their black cloud from time to time, there is an overwhelming body of evidence that supports any and all disgruntled employees in this thread. Nothing is black and white. Were there good points? Yes. Were there bad points? Far more than the good, I’m afraid. I was treated with respect many times during my tenure with them – shit I even had a lot of fun at times. Like every story there are complex circumstances that need to be taken as a whole to fully grasp what the hell is going on. The fact remains, I know for a FACT, first hand, that unpaid bills, incredibly erratic behavior, broken promises, and a complete disregard for ethics and respect for any relationship be it personal or professional, will be the legacy they leave behind. It really is a shame because the concepts were so sound.

  • Pam Joyce

    My 4th grader could write a better letter than this guy!

  • Michael Hollander

    Any Farmers Cabinet worker that hasn’t been paid or had checks bounce should come to Community Legal Services (1424 Chestnut St; 215.981.3700; We are a free legal aid organization that helps people with, among other issues, problems like this where you are owed money by an employer. In fact, we already have taken judgments against Matt Swartz and have collected in the past.

    We have income guidelines, so if you have a spouse that is making a good chunk of change, you may not qualify for our services. But if you are unemployed now or don’t make very much, we likely can help you. Our intake hours are 9a-12p, M-F. Be aware that we are a bit light staffed next week and through Jan 1, so don’t all bum rush us Monday!

    Also, anyone that has or is going to lose their job because of this, don’t forget to file for unemployment.

  • Stephanie Ricci

    They should’ve been charged with robbery, too. Those drink prices? YIKES!

  • picklepuss fartbox

    Sounds like a movie

  • Giovanni Gino Caffarella

    I was excited when this place opened up because I am such an Italian craft beer lover, and always had great service. But this, I have no words……