Official Menu from Wokworks

wokworks-logoWokworks at 1935 Chestnut Street is oh so close to opening. They’re not saying exactly when, but we’ve got their finalized menu.

Like Agno Grill and honeygrow, it’s a step-by-step process. Diners will first choose their rice or noodle, add protein and veggies before finishing it off with one of eight sauces.

Also on the menu, Asian buns, dumplings and sides like miso soup and house-made Asian pickles.

Wokworks [foobooz]

  • Erica

    I walked by this location on Saturday and I could have swore that I saw people eating here… was it a cold open?

    • Art from Foobooz

      Yeah they did some practice rounds for friends and family over the weekend. Official opening is Tuesday, November 5.

  • Katie

    Are they really a byob? I didn’t see anything on their website!