Marcie Turney And Valerie Safran Are Taking Over Fish


Over on the Insider, they’re reporting that it’s a done deal–that the owners of Barbuzo, Jamonera and Lolita (which just picked up a liquor license) have now officially decided to expand off of 13th Street (which they essentially own) and try to take on a new neighborhood by snapping up Fish.

No news on what, exactly, the pair plan to do with the double space (remember: this is also where Rhino Bar lived and died), but Klein does have a nice, succinct look back at the history of the embattled space under Mike Stollenwerk and others.

Owners of Lolita, Barbuzo and Jamonera Taking Over Fish [Insider]

  • Sandy Smith

    “Off of” 13th Street? “Further down 13th Street” is more like it. Rhino’s space occupies the southeast corner of 13th and Locust. Thus the melding of Midtown Village and the Gayborhood into one hetero…geneous mass continues.