Here Come the Animal Rights Activists: Outrage Over Verdad’s “Backyard Sausages” Dish

This morning, Bryn Mawr restaurant Verdad sent out notices about its new Salchicha de mi Patio (aka Sausages from my Backyard) dish. “Rabbits destroy the vegetable gardens, ducks feast on flowerbeds, and deer destroy millions of dollars in landscaping,” said chef Nick Farina in an e-mail. So, he found revenge in a $28 shared dish featuring house-made rabbit, duck and venison sausages.

“Diners can make sandwiches or tacos out of the furry creatures that trash their yards and flower beds,” Farina explained. “What a delicious way to flip the paradigm and take something from a few species that takes so much from us.”

Not everyone is enthused.

Over lunch service today, the emails began rolling in:

You’ve got to be kidding. Do you think that taking pleasure in animal cruelty is a way to promote a restaurant???? I doubt that your sick sense of publicity will attract diners to the restaurant — most people are not as sadistic as you obviously are.


My first reaction was to be sickened, and my second was to say, “WHAAAAAAT? Takes so much from us? Humans destroy habitat for endless unnecessary shopping areas and expensive homes, mutilate and kill all forms of wildlife for recreation, and injure them with our cars when we are speeding, talking on cell phones, and driving drunk and distracted. They try to survive by living on the tiny but of land which we have left to them. This is MUCH MUCH MUCH less destructive than anything we do. This is no justification for killing even more of them…

Jenny Reimenschneider, President
Mobilization for Animals – PA, Inc.

Reached by telephone this afternoon, the chef responds: “We were poking a little fun at things. All the animals used in making the sausage was all raised to be food. It’s no different than the steak that somebody  is eating. We were having a little bit of fun, and some people just took it the wrong way. I’m an animal supporter. I have a dog. One of the guys in my kitchen has three dogs. I think it just got a little carried away. If I was a hunter and legally licensed and went out in the proper season and killed a deer and duck and rabbit and made food and ate it, I’m not doing anything that mankind hasn’t been doing since its existence.”

PETA protesters, take note: Verdad opens for dinner service at 5 p.m. today.

Anxious diners, take note: the controversial dish is only $20 on Tuesdays.


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  • no

    I… don’t see what the problem is here? Other than $28 sounds a bit steep?

    I remember eating lion over at Zot well before the whole stupid lion-eating controversy a few years back. Didn’t feel bad about it then, don’t feel bad about it now.

  • Joann Needleman

    PLEASE!!! Where is the right to make choices without repercussions? We are talking about lunch. We are not engaging in war, inciting riots nor discriminating against a class of people. Freedom means the right to choose. There are no exceptions for “unless its not fashionable or cool”. Whether its wearing a Romney T-shirt to school, or deciding to have back yard game for lunch, no one, be it an individual, business or non-profit, should be the subject of bullying as the result of the decisions they make. Can’t wait to go to this restaurant and hope there will be enough Salchicha de mi Patio left after this story.

  • Suburbanite

    Omnivore, vegan, pescatarian, whatever… That description does not sound appetizing in the least bit of sense.

  • Susan Lindquist

    I love animals. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for myself and my family – we wouldn’t set foot or paw in the place!

  • larry

    Here’s a good video on animal rights:

  • Twan

    This sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it. Shame on all of you for protesting this. Obviously you’ve never heard the bloodcurdling screams of broccoli or the sad singing of tofu as it’s being turned into a gelatinous blob. You think corn doesn’t feel raped when you shuck it? You heartless people need to take a look at yourselves in the mirror.

  • no

    Susan Lindquist: I hate to break this to you, but quite a few other restaurants in Bryn Mawr, and indeed the entire Main Line, are also serving meat. So what’s your problem with this one? I’m seriously asking, as I literally don’t understand why you object to THIS particular restaurant over, say… Mediterranean Grill about a block away?

  • pmci

    I don’t have the least bit of a problem with people eating game or any other meat.

    I do think this was a clumsy, obvious, and above-all stupid publicity-grab. You don’t have your PR guy spray around a letter worded like that unless you’re trying to stir something up. For all that trouble, he could’ve at least gone the extra step and hunted the animals himself so that it would at least make sense.

  • Hideki F.

    Leave Verdad alone. They’re an honest business trying to make a living by serving delicacies. My biggest worry right now is trying to see if I can get a reservation tonight at Verdad! From this point on, for every negative posting I see on this thread I will eat a dog! Woof Woof, there’s my stomach growling!

  • Hideki F.

    If you don’t realize, obviously I’m kidding! I have a yorkie at home, and I just wanted to make sure you all know how ridiculous you all are being. There are plenty of restaurants in the city that serve venison, rabbit, and other strange meats. How come they haven’t been targeted yet?

  • John Dory

    Sausage looks dry

  • Susan Lindquist

    Hey No…
    I accept that meat is an inevitability for most people but this restaurant brags about cruelty to wildlife in order to promote itself. There’s a high road and a low road. Verdad opted for the low road. Each of us has our own ways to show (and feel) compassion for others and my compassion is for animals (non-human and human).

  • Yum-Yum give me some. As a life-long hunter, I enjoy the kill And the eating of pheasant, duck, rabbit and foie gras. I don’t even mind the rabbit ‘screams’ when they are wounded and have to be gunbutted to the head. How about the screaming of the spring lambs, Clarice? Ya know folks, Going or NOT going to a place like this is a pesonal choice, but Don’t try to disuade us. Plus, I LOVE the fact these guys have a sense of humor, and they Sure Did get a rise out of them humorless ‘pro-animal’people. One more thing-no matter How Much ‘pain’ is experienced, Dead is DEAD, and then there is no more pain. You PETA idiots, animals Don’t Have Rights! They are Property! Now go have a salad.

  • Natalie

    How is this any different than beef, veal, chicken, etc……? If they are hunted and not farmed in horrible conditions like chicken and cows, they are probably a lot better for us too. People ate deer and rabbit and all kinds of other animals all the time before the days of high fructose corn syrup and industrial chicken farms. get over it PETA (and I used to be vegetarian).

  • JTA

    “Where is the right to make choices without repercussions? ”

    Right. I’m always pissed off when the people get mad at me for taking the stuff they have in their house without permission. When, oh when we be able to live a life of just doing what we want!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • brother bluto

    Eat my meat you libtards