• 14thandBroad

    Too funny. This seems to contradict his feelings put forth in Esquire in 2010.


    “2. Beware bean propaganda. Super-geeks love to claim their coffee hails from single-origin Valhalla, unapproachable for any other roaster. Truth is, we live in the computer and commuter age; the world is tiny and coffee only comes from the small band around the middle. We all have access to the same beans.”

    So are we just hopping on the bandwagon? Or wanting some paid vacation and free publicity to avoid the realities of mediocre coffee served with bad attitude?

  • Thomas

    You must give the man credit for such an adventuresome spirit.

  • Orangutang?

    That picture was taken at Bukit Lawang in Indonesia. A great place which rehabilitates Orangutangs to re-enter the wild. It is a shame that Mr. Carmichael, chose to ignore the parks rules and paid his guides to handle a baby Orangutang. (I say this as I’m drinking La Colombe’s coffee at my desk)

  • manuel

    where can we find haitian coffee in seattle that todd has bought?