La Colombe’s Todd Carmichael to Star in Coffee Hunter

The Travel Channel has announced it has started development on Coffee HunterLa Colombe’s Todd Carmichael will star in the series that will track him as he travels the world looking for the perfect cup of coffee.

From the Travel Channel release:

Coffee Hunter: Produced by Nancy Glass Productions with Travel Channel’s Bill Howard as Executive Producer Would you risk your life for the perfect cup of coffee? Todd Carmichael would. As owner of La Colombe Torrefaction – a premium coffee company based in Philadelphia, he travels the globe, sleeping under his car, avoiding warlords and bodily-harm, risking it all to bring back the perfect cup o’ joe. His business focuses on the best – coffee so rare it’s sought by the world’s top chefs and restaurants. Carmichael seeks out the most exotic, fascinating and dangerous places to find the perfect seed in the coffee plant. There’s an amazing story behind every cup.