Swift Year and a Half

Swift Half Pub on the Piazza at Schmidts has announced it will be closing after New Year’s Eve festivities. The pub opened along with the Piazza in Spring of 2009.

Below is the quote on Swift Half’s Facebook profile.

“New Years Eve is Swifts last night in existence. Come join us for tears, laughter, celebration, and let’s drink the place dry. Thank you all for a great year and a half. We love you all.”

Update: It looks like Swift Half won’t be dark for long. Michael Klein has the details on what might be Gunners Run.

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  • http://www.mikegeno.com mike

    holy crap! hard to believe, but Ive heard of the stupidity of the blatstien’s tendency to raise rent while the economy is slow. I wonder if that’s the reason.

  • http://www.adsumrestaurant.com/ Dan

    No big loss here. Food was mediocre and it was often overrun with douchebags and delinquents. When I heard it was owned by the Good Dog people I was psyched, but after one $24 dried out rib plate in suburbanesque surroundings the place was dead to me. The bigger problem is the PYTization of that square. Too clubby and douchey. Coke is a hell of a drug…

  • bob newhart

    i like the cut of your jib dan. nice beer though.

  • Andrew

    I think this sucks. I liked this place alot. I wonder what the reason is. wack.

  • http://www.twitter.com/phillygrub Philly Grub

    Vilify PYT/Tommy Up all you want, you can’t deny whatever it is he’s doing is working. In any case, sorry to hear about Swift Half.

  • Andrew

    I agree with Philly Grub. I was at PYT a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t necessarily “mesh” with a large swath of the clientele, I still had a good time dancing and drinking strongbows with my friends. If you can put seemingly divergent cultures into one party and make it work, that says something in my opinion.

  • Gregg

    People actually go to the piazza?

  • Andrew

    Additionally, PYT might bring a somewhat “clubby” or “douchy” element to the Piazza, but that statement alone suggests that a “hipster” element is preferable to hair gel and collared shirts. I don’t agree with that at all. It is quite possible that bar owners are tired of selling 2 dollar PBRs to guys who make an effort to look like they are homeless and girls who make efforts to look as jaded and homeley as they can look. Maybe they want to sell a 5.00 heinekan to some “bro” who is wearing a collared shirt from Express.

    The faux “loss of integrity” and parochialism that so many hipsters seem to express when their previous “haunts” are invaded by a “mainstream” element is really grating. The same can be said when one of the bands that they “listened to before everyone else” blows up. I don’t want to start bashing hipsters for the sake of it, i’m just expressing a more prevalent reaction to the changes that have been taking place in Northern Liberties.

  • cleevus

    places close because they don’t make enough money. it was poorly run, the food sucked and it looked like a high school senior layed it out. just sayin. good beer is a standard these days. not enough to make a place.

  • heather

    Well as a bar owner who’s struggled to keep things going I really feel for everyone. There are people losing jobs. Not to mention all of the hard work everyone put in to the place. There’s a very human factor to all of this–something to consider before trashing them.


  • donna

    That’s shocking it seemed to have the best business there, well before PYT at least but I always saw huge crowds there. I do agree the food wasn’t my favorite, I only went once myself so I guess I can see it ah well without specifics to why they’ve closed I can’t call it but I am surprised to hear them go.

  • JDobs

    Excited to find out what dumb store selling items you could only ever really peruse once moves in.

    =( Sad to see this place go – I liked it because it was never loud. That might have been the first sign though.

  • Food Phan

    making a comment and randomly throwing in “hipster” is the new version of randomly saying “Cliff Lee” in a Phillies discussion in 2010.

  • SB

    Though their food wasn’t as strong as their Center City sibling, I still enjoyed their offerings. It was crowded every time I was there. I do have to agree that the layout was a little strange and uninspired.

    I think that we can all agree that the Piazza is really missing the point by raising rents. All Blatstein really wanted was to have some “edgy” hipster tenants in the beginning to raise the Piazza’s scene cred – and then kick them out with higher rents. Now that plan is backfiring, buddy.

  • Rick Flair

    I have to agree with uninspired layout, douche magnet, mediocre food. Liked the place, but was hoping for something more….Good Dog-ish. They probably just got sick of dealing with Bart.

  • Katie

    The food was definitely lacking. I agree with the comment that a good beer list no longer hacks it in Philadelphia. Almost every neighborhood bar has Sly Fox and Victory on tap now. I did enjoy it for watching Phillies games, but the food was overpriced for being so poorly done.

    Oh well. I’ll just keep bringing my own sandwiches and will sit at those uncomfortable tables when I want to watch the Phils.

  • Sean

    Cliff lee is the reason there closing.

  • Daytime Drinker

    rick flair is probably correct. tower development is annoying as f*ck to deal with and they built the swift half before the good dog guys took it over which is why the layout sucks.the piazza is so lame, i live here and there is nothing to do except stare at dogs.that apolinarre place is always empty,pyt is a drug den and will eventually be busted and the only thing that may save them is the new place opening but even that seems in limbo.even path mark filed for bankruptcy before they opened.piazza is done.tower people are just con artists.that tendensa place is the epitome of douchey.

  • Womp

    RIP Swift. Only place in the Piazza to get a decent beer. Tommy Up has burgers. and thats about it.

  • http://swifthalfpub.com DNM

    I’m not speaking as an employee, or representative of Swift Half, the following is completely my opinion.

    I’ll be there on New Years Eve closing down the bar with customers, friends, all the great people who’ve become regulars at Swift Half, the phenomenal staff who have stuck with us til the end, & the best managers & owners I’ve ever worked for & with.

    You anonymous whiners can go Yelp yerselves…

  • Andrew

    I will be going to swift half tonight to commiserate with my friends who loved the place. Hopefully it is replaced with something good, but i will really miss it.

  • bp
  • jax

    I was very sad to hear this news. I always enjoyed the food, the staff and the atmosphere. I went had lunch today. I will miss the place

  • JDobs

    The staff was pretty kick ass. I hope they all stick around in the neighborhood.

  • Steve Odabashian

    So sad to hear this. My favorite place in the piazza. Great owners, chef and staff.

    And not that expensive when using restaurant.com certificates.

    Best place to watch a game.

    Steve Odabashian

  • Inquiring minds

    Dan… Do you really work for Adsum or did you link your name to the Adsum web page for fun?

  • Jimmy

    It’s a shame that the staff will lose jobs, but I am not surprised this place closed. Aside from being a poor man’s Good Dog (mediocre food, terrible design, average beer list, no signature burger to attract people), I don’t think the Piazza has enough firepower to draw people who live outside Nothern Liberties or Kensington.

  • Dex

    Ah, the restaurant replacing it will be better anyway.

  • Rose B

    I’ll miss it– never noticed a higher-than-usual douchebag percentage, at least in the early evening. I thought the food was fine for a pub, the staff were neither intrusive or condescending. They made a good “dark & stormy”.

  • Marshal

    Gonna miss this place for the awesome staff and beer. Not sure why nobody liked th atmosphere, seemed fine to me. Good luck to all the staff. I will consider all of you for positions in a restaurant I run I’m CC. Speak to Aaron Weber for details. I know it’s tough out there. Marshal

  • orchidmask

    where will i get my bacon peanut brittle now?

  • HotTeacher

    I liked this place. It was nice, clean, loved the Old Photographs from when this was a Brewery. While I never had the food and only went there twice for drinks, it was jam packed. While I do frequent other places in the area, this one was pretty nice. I am sad to hear that they have closed!