QVC Laying Off 220, Shipping Jobs to Poland

Some had been with the company since the 1980s, a source said.

QVC is laying off 220 people as it ships parts of its HR, IT, finance and legal departments to Krakow, Poland. Approximately 100 people at the company’s West Chester, Pa. campus are expected to lose their jobs. There are also 40 layoffs in the U.K., 70 in Germany and 10 in Italy.

QVC CFO Ted Jastrzebski broke the news to Pennsylvania workers on Wednesday, leading some long-time employees to get emotional, according to a source familiar with the situation. Some of the terminated employees had been with the company since its very first years in the late 1980s, the source said.

The layoffs are expected to begin no earlier than January 2017 and will be a gradual process.

A QVC representative said in a statement that the company is “always evaluating the structure and scale” of the organization and now plans to establish a “global business services organization” in Poland. 

“The global business services model is part of QVC’s long-term strategy to continue modernizing how we operate as a global entity,” the statement said. “It will provide more efficient and streamlined business services in order for QVC to stay competitive and continue expanding globally.”

QVC told the employees about the layoffs at least 10 months in advance, something the employees appreciate, according to the QVC source.

“They’re not doing anything fast, which is nice for people who haven’t even written their resume in 20 years,” the source said. The company is also providing them outplacement services.
So why Poland?

“Many of the world’s largest companies have a global business services organization in Poland,” the QVC statement said, “leveraging the country’s high-quality business environment, workforce with multi-lingual capabilities, and lower cost which enable seamless support for the U.S. and Europe.”

The announcement comes of the heels of 147 QVC layoffs that late last year when the company permanently closed its jewelry returns department and began handling all distribution and returns at its Florence, S.C. facility. The terminated workers mostly held warehouse jobs.

QVC is an $8.8 billion company with 17,000 employees that broadcasts in seven countries. It shipped 173 million products in 2014.

Despite the current layoffs, QVC is currently hiring for 230 positions in Pennsylvania and more than 500 in the United States.

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  • Someone

    Why does this version of this article omit information that is on the version I read on my phone?

    “QVC is an $8.8 billion company with 17,000 employees that broadcasts in seven countries. It shipped 173 million products in 2014.

    Despite the current layoffs, QVC is currently hiring for 230 positions in Pennsylvania and more than 500 in the United States.”

    I heard this article being used this morning on the radio to disparage US/PA taxes on corporations, yet that argument is undercut by the above information.

    • Jared Shelly

      No part of this article is omitted on mobile. We don’t even have that capability. Just checked on my iPhone and it’s working just fine. Also, happy to hear that it’s getting talked about on the radio. Glad to see my articles spawning debate. What radio station?

      • Jared Shelly

        I just saw a little glitch in our coding that could have caused the error. Should be working fine now.

        • Someone

          Thanks for the update. They were discussing the topic on 1210 this morning, and clearly citing the wording from your write up. I came here to check the accuracy (they were taking some liberties). I’m glad the glitch got fixed. Thanks again for your work.

  • HolyFrijoles11

    Guess Lori needs more money for her Shark Tank appearances?

    • BirdisTheWord

      She won’t be getting any from us! As of now the wife and I will not purchase anything from QVC nor will we watch or read any multimedia on any source produced by them. Someone should tell Donald Trump of this also. Makes an excellent case example of what is wrong with Business in America right now. Sure outsource the call center work to Poland for less, Lori obviously an’t learned you ALWAYS get just what you pay for. In EVERY case.

      • roe

        It said nothing about the call center going to Poland, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the next to go overseas. As far as “Someone should tell Donald Trump”!?! You DO realize ALL of Trump’s merchandise is produced overseas, don’t you? Even his ‘Make AMERICA Great Again’ campaign merch!

        • Sally Geyer

          I purchased 4 hoodies from and they say Made in the USA. I believe the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hats are Made in the USA.

          • Jean Sha

            yes the ones made in china arent the real hats..i havent bought any yet but Im in several of the Trump FB groups and people have posted pics of these fake chinese made hats

          • nycee

            The ties he sells are Made in China.

        • Jean Sha

          no the Make america great again hats are made in America (by latino women i saw a video of them) the ones not made in america arent real they are knockoffs..however some of Trumps clothing line is produced in his suits #makeamericagreatagain

          • pauld315

            Where does he sell his suits ?

          • Jean Sha

            idk i dont buy things that expensive im a normal american.i couldnt afford a button on Trumps suit

        • pauld315

          Totally wrong, all his official stuff is made in the USA

        • kim gustafson

          Hi Rob. Call centers are easy to move. It’s the data centers that are costly. Either way, sure seems wrong.

  • Nobody

    What about the omitted part of the 800+ employees who will have lost their jobs when the Port St Lucie, Florida contact center shuts its doors for good on 3/1/16?

    • triplets

      Little by little they are leaving America, why should we buy anything from them now?

      • Guest

        Because they sell products made in America. Even though some jobs are shifting overseas, they are also creating jobs…

        • Nobody

          Alas Guest, the article is true that they are opening the distribution center expecting to employ about 800 employees. Interesting that that is roughly the same amount losing their jobs at the Florida site. So in reality, it has not “created” new jobs, just moved them across the country.

        • kim gustafson

          Agree with Nobody. Just switching coasts. Moving jobs offshore does no good for the US

      • Havertown Pa

        Do you buy from Amazon? Much of their merchandise is manufactured overseas, how about Walmart/Target/etc…WAKE UP AMERICA..we don’t MAKE things we CONSUME things, have been for 30+ years…where the hell have you people been???

        • kim gustafson

          I know what you mean, even though there is a new distribution center opening in Minnesota.

  • donna a

    laying off, but then hiring? whats that all about. Why aren’t those 100 people being offered one of those 500 new positions. just saying

    • renny

      Because you can pay a new hire less money than an employee of 20 years.

    • triplets

      It’s all about the money….corporate greed.

    • Havertown Pa

      Perhaps the layoffs and the new jobs are in completely DIFFERENT Dept’s/divisions/busn functions!

      • Billbabe

        They could train them for these other departments. Loyalty shiuld count for something.

        • Billbabe


        • Mike

          Not at QVC.

    • Mike

      They are probably slightly above minimum wage call center representative jobs.

    • auapplemac

      The lost jobs look like mostly white collar – IT, legal, finance etc. New jobs may be blue collar or require other skills.

      If your in law or technical positions, would you want to change professions?

    • kim gustafson

      Donna A… Good question. Jobs that are offshored pay less money. And in Poland, compared it’s do not need to pay for health coverage since the country picks it up. Relocation packages cost a fortune, especially to go overseas so those are seldom offered. MoneyGram did the same thing.

  • triplets

    It’s on to HSN only for me.

    • Mike


    • packerpoke

      Also HSN.

    • Phillygurl

      They are both owned by the same company.

  • Translation. QVC’s board of directors want to earn more and the only way to accomplish this without reducing shareholder value is to terminate members of their US workforce. This is not America. This needs to be illegal and if not illegal, it should be extremely tax adverse to any company that does this. It’s a disgrace.

    • Randy Dockery

      no, they are moving because of the already tax adverse conditions in america. this isnt something new

      • The Dog

        “Tax adverse conditions in America.” What a joke. With all of the corporate tax breaks in America, it’s one of the cheapest countries to do do business. These layoffs are pure 100% greed.

        • Dharder

          If that were true, why are so many businesses overseas? The real corporate greed is in the WH. Trump can fix that.

        • KCisKing

          United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Just take the time to reasearch.

        • KCisKing

          Poland Corporate Tax Rate – 27.04%
          United States Corporate Tax Rate 39.01%

    • kim gustafson

      Ditto Darrell. It happened in Minnesota too. MoneyGram went to Poland and Medtronic went to Ireland.

  • notmyfirstnamechoice

    Goodbye American jobs.

    • kim gustafson

      I saw a few folks forced to leave with weeks or days to go before a milestone anniversary and yet, nearly paid out of my pocket for a bon voyage cake for one of them because there was a cost freeze.

  • Nope

    Come on guys-they only made $8.8 Billion last year. Gotta cut costs or the whole ship will sink! Good to see that people are outraged here. Truth is QVC is a totally greedy and unethical company that hates its long term employees. I worked there for 23 years and was an exemplary worker. Then out of the blue, here comes a completely false negative performance review from the new boss and I got the choice between taking a job that paid half as much or get let go. My heart goes out to everyone who’s losing their jobs in their late 40s or 50s–good luck getting an interview let alone a job offer. Thanks for ending my career QVC-BOYCOTT THEM!!

    • Mike

      Amen!! They got to keep paying their CEO and top staff millions of dollars yearly. And their hosts make a ton of money. Six and seven figures. That cost is passed onto the customer. QVC is indeed extremely GREEDY. They show no loyalty to the staff who has shown loyalty since the 80s. Despicable.

      • Nope

        Yes, but I don’t really have a problem with the hosts making a cut of the enormous sales they bring in. They actually don’t make as much as local news personalities. The execs make all the money and get giant Christmas bonuses for sitting in pointless meetings 5 hours a day. Hard workers get shown the door. It is exactly the opposite of everything a big company is supposed to be, especially one that’s always crowing about how they “value their employees.”

      • kim gustafson

        Mike, same thing happened with MoneyGram in Minnesota. Your posts are sentiments exactly.

    • disgusted

      Typical corporate america. Same thing happened to me at Vanguard

    • curioustoo

      8.8 billion = 8.8 thousand million dollars to make it easier to concieve.

      • Conceive

        I before e except after c

    • kim gustafson

      Ditto Mike.

  • Mike

    QVC is a dirty company. Of course they have to lay off these employees when they are paying their hosts high six and low seven figure paychecks. Of course that cost is passed on to the customer. I use Amazon a lot more than QVC anymore. And I actually prefer HSN with their lower prices on the same product as well as half the shipping. QVC is GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY. They can’t get enough. Their quality has taken a huge nosedive the past few years as well. Overpriced junk.

    • Billbabe

      That sucks but I’m not surprised at all. I agree their quality is terrible lately. I have spent SOOO much money there and have gotten many good things but lately I feel like most of the “brand new” items, specifically clothes, are someone else’s returns. Gross. I’ve moved on from them. Hopefully many others will too.

    • packerpoke

      I did like Lisa and she did a find job especially on the Jerewell and when she was in Italy for the gold items. Shawn is off base and I cannot watch her. She needs to take a break.

  • DismalNewWorld

    I work for this company. They don’t give a damned about us, more for less is the attitude. Worthless employees get all the praise while the ones that do work repeatedly get coached or wrote up.Screw the “Q”, looking forward to retirement.

    • Nope

      I hope you can make it to retirement. Usually people conveniently are dismissed for some bogus reason way before that. When I worked there, they only people I heard of retiring was someone in Jewelry in the 80’s and one of the VPs. You’re right on the money-they need to be exposed and I’m more than happy to talk to anyone from about the stuff they pull.

      • DismalNewWorld


      • Jean Sha

        the ONLY thing i knew about QVC was i knew billy mays & him & his wife did great with it..i had never known they treated employees so badly but ill be sure to tell all the people i know that shop there because i actually never do…

  • KayEmWhy

    I noticed changes a while ago. They are selling junk now. My mother and the rest of the family won’t order anything from them now because of their new return policy and the garbage they try to pass of as quality. I’d rather go to a brick and mortar to see what I’m buying. So long QVC you stink!

  • packerpoke

    I used products from Evine, the make up by Skinn cosmtics

    • kim gustafson

      Way to go Packer poke! EVINE is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota!

  • Kielbasa

    QVC CFO Ted Jastrzebski moving jobs to Poland?

  • Juicebox

    The US tax code for businesses needs to be simplified and in general businesses need to be taxed less. That will make us more competitive globally for these types of jobs.

    • BobSmith77

      Would it help? Possibly especially smaller businesses but larger multinationals like this already pay an actual rate lower than the top rate. This is simply about labor arbitrage and margins. Imagine their Polish counterparts are 30-40% vs their US counterparts if you include benefits packages.

  • roe

    “So why Poland?”?? Maybe QVC CFO Ted JASTRZEBSKI (!) is the reason!

  • DismalNewWorld

    Mike George, please, let your labor managed employees hear your take on this

  • BobSmith77

    It’s crazy that HR outsourcing is becoming so common place but the next decade is going to be about outsourcing white collar service jobs en masse including HR, IT, Legal, and Marketing.

  • Nope
  • ljblady

    I won’t shop QVC then.

  • bem

    Poland – the Mexico of Europe.

  • Toothless
  • thesilentmajority

    The leadership especially the CEO, Mike George who licks his corporate masters boots (ie. Liberty Media) are absolute disgraces. George who was failure at Dell talked his way into his the CEO position at QVC with the ability of snake oil salesman. Expressing his love for QVC, respect for the employees who created a magnificent and ethical company under Joe Segel’s vision, he proceeded year by year to cut corners, make a joke of values and eliminate any and all employees that built the company he had the honor to lead. He established forced rankings to rate employees and a HR department that often times acts as the Gestapo rather than a support function. The result is all the employees that knew what the hell worked in the industry and upheld Joe Segel’s values of trust and integrity are long gone. The latest elimination of administration jobs with replacements to Poland is just a continuation of what George’s vision (or lack of vision) is. QVC is a sinking ship because George is no businessman, just a smooth talker and a man who seems to have no problem negotiation millions of dollars for himself through compensation, options and stock while laid off employees worry about health care and tuition bills. Recently George combined all his International operations under one entity so that no one can see how certain countries really are failures. Well Mikey, the rubber will hit the road soon, you will be gone counting your millions and if this is a measure of success I guess you win. But for the rest of the dedicated employees you stepped on to gain your millions, life is a continual struggle. I don’t know how you sleep at night but I suppose guys like you have no trouble.

    • Larry

      Agree plus whenever this weakling of a CEO delivers his “bad news” (read more for me) he has one of his lackeys do it for him. Some leader…

  • NBG

    QVC takes advantage of the lion’ share of the state’s tax incentives for film and TV and this is how they repay that investment?