Chip Opens Up About Faulty Front-Office Structure

Chip Kelly. (Jeff Fusco)

Chip Kelly. (Jeff Fusco)

BOCA RATON, FL — Chip Kelly‘s hour-long session with reporters at the owners meetings Wednesday helped shine a light on the level of dysfunction that existed in the Eagles’ front office last season.

Kelly said he never really saw Howie Roseman after the power shift that gave the head coach control and pushed Roseman out of the personnel department. Further, they did not talk directly, per Kelly, and instead used Ed Marynowitz as an intermediary.

Is that a way a front office should work? Shouldn’t there be communication between a cap guy and a personnel guy?

Kelly waited a beat and then replied, “Yeah, you would think.”

The disconnect proved problematic in a variety of ways including, it seems, when it came to player acquisition. According to Kelly, he and Marynowitz sent Roseman players of interest without regard to how those players might fit from a financial perspective. It was then Roseman’s job to make it work.

“We never came up with any parameters. I wouldn’t have paid anybody. I’m really frugal. I think some of the money that all these guys are getting…that’s a huge leap of faith with anybody,” he said. “We were given a statistic by the league that 97 percent of all free agents don’t make the Pro Bowl three years after signing the contract. Free agency in its own right is a huge gamble.”

So the Maxwell and Murray contracts were negotiated by Roseman?

“Oh yeah. I’ve never negotiated a contract in my life,” he said.

The power structure is different in San Francisco from what Kelly experienced in Philly. He has less sway when it comes to personnel — the bulk of that responsibility falling to Trent Baalke, whom Kelly said “has a great feel for how to put together a team.”

Is the trust factor a reason why it works for Kelly?

“Oh yeah, definitely,” he said. “Whenever you’re working with anybody, that’s a huge component in terms of how things work on a daily basis. He’s got a proven track record, too, so it’s not like it’s trust without evidence. There’s a ton of evidence in terms of them being able to put together a really, really good football team.”

The trust factor, clearly, wasn’t there as it applied to Roseman. Kelly made that known after the 2014 season when he took his concerns to Jeffrey Lurie. Kelly maintains that he did not request/demand a specific structure during his conversations with the owner and never threatened to leave.

So that was Lurie’s design?

“Yeah,” said Kelly. “I would have been content to just go hire a general manager.”

A general manager other than Roseman, obviously.

Why didn’t you like the set-up as it was?

“I just didn’t think we were on the same page,” Kelly responded — a fact that is now as obvious as ever.

There are plenty of partial truths when it comes to the downfall of the Kelly era, and it’s no surprise that Kelly’s version paints him in a more favorable light and sheds him of some responsibility . But it’s difficult to escape this notion, particularly after hearing Kelly’s version of the story: the chosen set-up following Kelly’s power play in 2014 proved not only faulty, but an impediment to front-office harmony and regime sustainability. In short, it was doomed for failure.

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  • erformc

    Chip said “you would think” there would be direct communication between the cap guy and the personnel guy. I guess the reason Chip never tried to talk to him was that his legs were too broken to the other side of building to Howie’s office or that Chip’s phone and email was constantly broken so he couldn’t contact Howie by those means.

    • CloisterWaterMakesMeDooDoo

      A phone works both ways. Gotta take what all three of them say with a grain of salt, but I’m getting the impression they set Kelly up for challenges and shaped the outcomes in a way that it made it look like he hung himself.

      • That’s your take-away from this article? How about this? Kelly continues to prove what we all suspected. He’s a tubby a$$hat.

        • CloisterWaterMakesMeDooDoo

          Oh no, not entirely. Chip certainly made his own bed, no doubt there. The way he couldn’t motivate a team didn’t help either. Just sounds like those who should have been in a position to aide him, sort of shunned him, and some of it was certainly for good reason. Lol on that tubby name!

      • qweezyq

        This is ridiculous. It is not an elected office. If Lurie wanted Chip gone he could have fired him. It makes no sense for Lurie to set him up to fail and allow him to blow up the roster in the process. I don’t believe much of what comes out of Chips mouth. He made a power play and possibly an ultimatum. The Eagles were already invested in Chip and he had two 10-win seasons under his belt. At that time Chip was looking like a genius. So Lurie let him prove it. If the Eagles were just ok last year Chip probably gets another year to figure out the personnel stuff. But what he did was pure incompetence if not insanity and he failed miserably.

        • Mr. Magee

          Well said

  • Ghost of Steve Van Buren

    The man who wouldn’t return Maclin’s phone call should not be pointing fingers regarding communication issues.


      Exactly. I think Laurie had to chose between two guys. He’s a billionaire. I trust his decision. Hey Chip Chipperson. Listen to Van Buren’s ghost.

    • GreenScabs

      Well it sounds like Kelly wasn’t the person to talk to about the contract with Maclin??? Sounds like that was Roseman’s job…..

      • Charles Smith

        It’s chips job to make him feel wanted. That’s what GM’s do

        • GreenScabs

          Well we all know Chip couldn’t make anyone “feel” anything but uncomfortable. The dude is an A-Sexual-Autistic….

      • Mr. Magee


  • OldDocNewSeason

    Well this should be a fun thread….

  • myeagles_need_OL

    Coward is one step above rat on the scale of manhood.

    Chip Kelly is a fraud, a sissy, and a scared chump. All he does is use side stepping semantics.

    Man up.

    • Flyguy22

      And you call people names on the internet

      • myeagles_need_OL

        only know-nothings that start preaching nonsense.
        and there’s only 1 or two habitual line steppers.

  • TC

    Accept that the real problem was/is Roseman and Lurie. Was Chip awful? Yes, but to turn a blind eye on the damage Howie has done to this organization is insane.

  • B-West

    I agree with the closing line. Two things can be true. Chip is very flawed as a head coach and Lurie’s set up last season was a disaster.

    Moving forward, I think Howie still has a massive hurdle to get over to prove himself. He can’t continue to leave scorched Earth behind him. Keep in mind, Chip is in the majority when it comes to how people comment about Howie after working with him. Howie has always been a good with contracts and reading the FA market. He has to show that he can build a staff that trusts him and actually likes to work for him.

  • Bdawkbdawk

    This was out and out sabotage. The only conceivable way that Howie could oust a guy with two 10 wins seasons was to negotiate those two awful contracts and feed Chip to the Media. Then everyone craps on Chips poor social skill? Do people care about Belicheck’s personality? Parcels? Landry when he alienated Staubach? No you will say, of course not, those guys were successful. But Chip could have bee successful too. And when you fire a coach after 1 losing season you look like the Browns.

    • Ghost of Steve Van Buren

      Even Chip’s own mother couldn’t create a more ludicrous defense.

      • Bdawkbdawk

        What defense does he need? He was fired because he had a single bad season (under 10 wins). He didn’t address the offensive line (which was arrogant – but several teams have holes on the offensive line- and everyone ex ante said that Chip would take 4-5 years to turn over the roster). And because everyone at the drop of a dime decided he had a poor personality. Well that’s weird. It’s not a surprise that Howie was always good with the Media and Chip wasn’t. The seeds were there with immature players like Shady, DeSean, and Mathis. And now we find out with some of the biggest personnel moves that Chip was blamed with were Howie’s doing. Seriously, what defense does he need. It’s all right there.

        • Ghost of Steve Van Buren

          Okay, now I am convinced this is Chip’s agent. Are you dizzy from all that spinning?

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Nah, just a big Andy Reid and Chip Kelly fan with a little distance. I used to write on the boards in 2014 when this outfit started out,

          • Ghost of Steve Van Buren

            Bdawk, in all due respect, I feel like you are over-defending Kelly and oversimplifying the reasons for his firing. Let’s not forget how often we heard opposing players say they knew exactly which plays were coming. He may be able to turn things around, but his stubbornness and lack of willingness to admit his own faults proved his undoing here. That wasn’t Roseman’s fault.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            I get your point, but I think this defense was sorely needed. And I really don’t buy your even opposing players knew what was coming his offense was too simple argument. Remember sheils early posts, or chipwagon? The hallmark of this offense is similar plays with small but effective wrinkles. And the packaged plays were all about knowing what was coming but not being able to stop it. Chip made some personnel errors. But not more than league average. We had a poor year because of bad execution and a new injured qb. We should have given a year to see if he could bounce back. Instead we tar and feathered him, which is shameful

          • Ghost of Steve Van Buren

            Well, he’ll get his chance in San Fran. I doubt they’ll bail as quickly unless he just alienates everyone there.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            You are definitely correct. It just kills me to see all the ugliness that we give bright, hardworking semi-successful coaches on their way out of town. After all Reid did people were writing that he was fat and dumb and a terrible father. Now Kelly comes in and everyone lives him. He loses a power struggle with howie because we miss the playoffs for two years (how many teams would kill for.a 33 per cent success record of getting to playoffs) and people are writing that he is fat and dumb and autistic. We need to stop eating our own. Instead people should start examining whether a guy with zero football knowledge who burned his former mentor, Dan Jeremiah, Louis riddick, Andy Reid, Tom gamble, and now chip kelly out of Philadelphia should really be in charge.

          • gw

            Really? Howie has been doing this for a living for how many years, yet still you say he has zero football knowledge? You say this after the accolades he received for how this offseason going? Nice try…..

          • Jmatt22

            Do you know what the word accolades means? I didn’t realize Howie won any offseason trophies,

            Read Up. Roseman can tell you when someone is going to go in the first round, but he couldn’t tell you if they’d be good.

    • TypicalDouche

      Chip is a pathological liar that brought everything on himself. He had two 10 win seasons with a majority of the players being holdovers from the previous regime and when chip got “his” players the team was horrible. Also says alot that no teams contacted him for interviews and he had to run to the niners and ask them to interview him. Chip is a joke plain and simple.

      • Bdawkbdawk

        Football is full of liars. The people saying Chip inherited his talent are the same people who called Reid the Fat Man and was angry that he “stripped the cupboards bare” and left no good personnel/ was a poor drafter. Eagles fans need to realize that we are part of the problem. When you fire a a winning coach and then smear him on the way out, the whole league laughs at you.

        • TypicalDouche

          So if Chip is such a great coach why did no teams call him to set up interviews instead of him having his agent contact the desperate niners? His isn’t well liked on league circles. As a head coach you must take responsibility and have accountability when it comes to your team. Chip takes no blame and puts the onus on others.

          • Bdawkbdawk

            Well he was heavily smeared on the way out by the owner and the Media, so that probably doesn’t help. But despite that he still found a job with the Niners. And beg you say? Did he have to beg for a four year 24 million dollar contract? I wish I begged so well. Believe whatever you like TypicalDouche, but the narrative just doesn’t add up.

          • Philonious

            We don’t know what transpired. Stop taking mentions from anonymous “NFL sources” as truth.

          • TypicalDouche

            I’ll say whatever the hell I want and refer to whatever I read. You don’t like it then don’t respond.

          • Philonious

            I’ll respond to whatever I want to. You don’t like it? Stop posting.

          • TypicalDouche

            Wait is this your blog? Do you run it? No you don’t so stop talking like a boss. Like I said I’ll continue to post whatever I want whenever I want and I really don’t care what you think.

          • Philonious

            You are free to post anything you want and I am free to respond to anything I want.

    • Brian Gallagher

      Let’s be clear. Two 10 win seasons versus a weak schedule. Of course you can only play the teams on the schedule. I get it. But he beat one playoff team in two years. Third year, the team goes spiraling down into the toilet with him totally in charge. So saying “he could have been successful” is a ridiculous notion, considering the team was moving backwards. When you alienate an entire profession (the media), when you alienate the fan base, when you alienate most of your players, you have no one there to help pick you up. So when he fell from grace last year, he was dead in the water. Don’t make this out to be a “sabotage” story. Kelly shot his own foot. He just had no one there to help him.

    • LuckyJava

      I have a friend I’d like you to meet; his name’s Token.

      • Token

        I do love me some Chip.

        • glngarryglnross


    • Charles Smith

      He’s a trash coach. Get over it

    • mawst95

      You talk about personality and mention Belicheck and Parcels. Sure both of them had/have prickly relationships with fans and media. But you had the overwhelming majority of players who played for Belicheck and Parcels willing to run through walls for them.

      On the other hand it seems there were a few players who support Chip publicly, but a majority that either remain conspicuously silent or outright trash him. Belicheck and Parcells have been in the NFL for decades and you have a handful of players that have trashed them. Chip’s been in the league for 3 years and his hater list is lengthy.

      Team was trending the wrong way. Suspect decisions backfiring. Lack of a coherent long term plan. Little evidence of adjustments in any aspect of coaching. Refusal to accept responsibility. Team built around culture “quitting” in some games.

    • Mr. Magee

      Wow, lots of upvotes for this perspective… I’m guessing they are Trump voters as well

  • knighn

    It all went wrong when Chip Kelly quit wearing visors and started wearing ball caps.
    It’s clear that getting hired as an NFL Head Coach went to his head.

    • CloisterWaterMakesMeDooDoo

      You’re killing me today.

  • jabostick

    This sounds like classic Chip saying what he needs to say to get through an interview and fans/media taking him literally. None of his rationale lines up with logic unless Roseman had an elaborate sabotage plan work out perfectly (including the part where Kelly, Marynowitz, et al never out him as the contract man). If that is the case, it might be good to have someone that diabolical on our side.

    • Brian Gallagher

      You’re absolutely right. His story doesn’t really line up with the facts. I’m certain that Kelly absolutely did not want to be there in front of the media. Whether he likes it or not, it’s part of his job. If he continues to be the roadblock that he is, he will never last in the NFL as a HC.

      • peteike

        His story about having to have an intermediary doesn’t have to line up with anythng. That’s horrible work place mgmt and believable. Chips coaching is almost secondary to that kind of dysfunction. Falls on owner

      • Crimzin

        What are the facts you’re referring to?

        The facts are that Kelly didn’t start that power struggle. Roseman did. It’s well known that Kelly’s chief concern about taking the Philly job was Roseman, a glorified accountant who’s never played a down of football and has a significant history of questionable to downright awful personnel evaluation including the “Dream Team” free agency fiasco and wasting first round picks on the likes of Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith II, being the de facto GM with sweeping say over personnel matters.

        The facts are that Kelly stipulated when taking the job that he be allowed to bring in his own hand-picked personnel man. That man was Tom Gamble.

        The facts are that before last season, Roseman went behind Kelly’s back, fired Gamble and had him escorted out of the building by security. That’s when it all hit the fan.

        Look, Kelly made a lot of mistakes and I’m not necessarily upset that he’s out. But make no mistake, Howie Roseman is a slimy, conniving snake in the grass. The toxic culture inside that front office where everybody except Roseman is held accountable because he has this inexplicable hold on Lurie’s ear has existed and been well documented before Chip Kelly showed up. That’s why countless well-regarded football minds have been thrown in to the fire when the Eagles failed but Roseman always remains and never gets held accountable for anything.

  • Howie Had My Puffy Coat

    Wasn’t it Chip that moved Roseman’s office?

    Oh well, it’s too easy to poke holes in all of their stories. I don’t really care any more. The only funny thing to me is calling Baalke a team builder. He inherited a McLoughan- built roster and has ruined it since, with the help of some early retirements.

    • B-West

      LOL. It’s straight out of a terrible comedy routine. “You know, I think that Roseman has been ducking me ever since I told him not to come around here anymore.”

      • Melissagheintz3

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  • Andy

    This is definitely an interesting narrative Kelly provides and probably has some basis in reality. But him saying he’s cheap and wouldn’t have paid anybody doesn’t fully square with me. Didn’t he say at the end of his first season that he thought all the players should be paid more?

    • Howie Had My Puffy Coat

      He clearly doesn’t think WRs should be paid.

      • JosephR2225

        Riley Cooper and Miles Austin got paid pretty well, all things considered.

        • Howie Had My Puffy Coat

          Howie did all that.

  • Token

    Just get rid of kickoffs. They are dumb at this point. Could see this rule backfiring though. Teams prolly dont wanna give up the 25 for free. Kickers will try to not kick touchbacks.

    • TimKerrForPresident

      I thought a “free kick” was after a safety, not all kickoff touchbacks at 25.

      • Token
        • TimKerrForPresident

          Gotcha. I was confused by the language of the rule as a “free kick.” I had only heard of that as referring to the kick after a safety.

          • Token

            I still dont know that this discourages returns. Would seem to encourage kickers to work on kickoff accuracy more.

          • TimKerrForPresident

            As in kick away from returners but short of the endzone? That may be.

          • Displaced Philly Fan

            Ohio State often tries to kickoff a high kick that’s designed to land at the 5-10 yard line. It allows their coverage team to get downfield and they have a chance to prevent the receiving team from having a free start at the 25. I could see NFL teams adopting the same thing.

          • TimKerrForPresident

            Interesting. As Token said, this may backfire in that the kicking team has more incentive to create return situations rather than giving it up at the 25.

          • Displaced Philly Fan

            I agree. It discourages returners from bringing it out of the endzone, but that’s a moot point when returners wind up catching the ball at the 5 yard line.

    • Howie Had My Puffy Coat

      Exactly. However, this makes me not want Huff as a returner. He’ll catch the ball 2yds in the end zone and try to run it out instead of taking the 25.

      I love the kickoff and I hate seeing it go. It is a game of field position, the kickoff is important, and starting teams at the 25 is too generous. It eliminates the potential for a TO on the play or for catching a guy making a mistake and having his team start at the 8. Plus, STs is how some guys get noticed, so now they’re reducing the opportunity for some players. If you want to eliminate the kickoff, teams should start at the 20, maybe even the 15 (make it interesting).

      • Token

        Yea just eliminate kickoffs and start at the 15. Headed that way anyway. Even less reason to roster 15 ST only guys.

  • @jimkempner

    I believe in track record. In three years time Chip contradicted himself a number of times while claiming he never did. So he lied. Maybe he never negotiated a contract but, if he ordered Roseman to hire player X, he probably said, I don’t care what he costs, get it done.
    Rex Ryan said Chip called out of the blue offering McCoy, that asking for Alonzo was almost an afterthought. So, yeah, maybe he never negotiated a contract.
    On the other hand, Roseman is known for his ability to negotiate contracts, so there you have it.
    Lets stop talking about Chip.

  • GreenScabs

    Something was really off about last season….. Everything was different in regards to the play on the field. The creative offensive play designs were completely scrapped, and replaced with the most archaic 4 plays in modern football history. Why did this change so drastically? And when it CLEARLY wasn’t working, why did Chip continue to do the same things over and over again? This never happened in years one & two, when the offense became stagnant Chip would create a new wrinkle to get the offense moving. There was no evidence of that last year.

    It’s as if Chip was intentionally trying to sabotage himself, and the team.

    While I applaud the moves that Roseman has made this offseason, they seem much less impressive if he was the one giving out those contracts to begin with. If Roseman was the one giving out those crazy contracts, while having Chip as the scapegoat for those contracts, it again seems to me that Roseman may have been trying to sabotage Chip in an effort to paint him as the man responsible (which he clearly has by so abruptly trading those players and their contracts off the team as fast as he possibly could).

    There was clearly a poisonous atmosphere surrounding the entire organization last year, and possibly from the moment Chip was hired. Most concerning is I’m not positive that the venom has been adequately extracted, and if history is any indicator, that crippling toxin may have already reached the vital organs.

    • Token

      Chip isnt going to be a successful NFL coach. Hes just not. All the BS he does is suited for kids on scholarships.

      • GreenScabs

        I now agree with you (not so much a year ago). I would bet something similar is going to happen in San Fran when things don’t go so smoothly this year. Chip absolutely has a personality issue that will continue to rub just about everyone the wrong way.

      • Cedric Basedprophet Bost

        He already is a successful nfl coach

        • bizurk: Asher Dark Knight

          So was Kotite by this definition

    • Mr. Magee

      Again with the upvotes for crazy conspiracy theories… Are all you guys new fans? Or were people just not paying attention to everything that was going on?

  • peteike

    Roseman just the way we assumed in terms of relationships. Spin that however you want. Lurie shouldn’t have allowed that regardless of who you want to believe. Big time fail all around just to assuage his friend Lurie insists on protecting and keeping around. Chip the weird guy is an easy finger to point when the losing began but to me thats more coaching than this other stuff. Makes you wonder how that Murray signing went down after Matthews was already signed.

    • TimKerrForPresident

      How did Mr. “Hands On” owner not realize it is a problem when the coach/GM and salary guy literally don’t speak to each other? Was Mary-on-a-blitz just doing laps between their offices and passing notes like a 6th grade girl?

      • peteike

        Right wtf

    • bumpassesdogs

      Agreed- ultimately this is all on Lurie for lack of knowledge of how to run an aligned Organization, and to manage people/ personalities.

  • bumpassesdogs

    I still believe to this day if Howie hadn’t run off Tom Gamble, Chip would still be here.

    • Rockedupeaglesfan

      Would Chip have coached better if Gamble was here? Because all of this is moot if he coached well last season

  • Kevin,

    Here is story, and for fans of V for Vendetta… A story can be true or false, I leave such judgments to you:

    Roseman cans Gamble…. who Chip trusted and had a relationship with (Spoiler – Chip does have functional relationships)

    Chip then suggests a plan to Lurie that helps him have people in the personnel department that are more in line with his thinking, the plan includes less personnel say for Roseman and more for Chip.

    Roseman freaks out because the guy who drafted MSII and the Fireman knows talent, so to appease him Lurie keeps him around and gives him a raise. Roseman still retains cap and contract responsibility because that is his area of expertise. If you look at the Murray and Maxwell contracts, they had Roseman’s signature on them as they were all voidable after 2 years.

    Now, under what circumstance, does it behoove Roseman to place maximum collaborative effort behind Chip’s plan? If it succeeds, Roseman is relegated to cap management and contracts when he wants to be a personnel guy, if it fails, Roseman has a chance to regain power. The situation had Hindenburg written all over it before it began.

    • glngarryglnross

      probably the most legit way this all went down.

    • botto

      I love that movie

    • EuropeanEagle

      Watkins had talent. Just didn’t have NFL motivation, and I don’t blame Howie for not realizing during interviews that this guy didn’t give a bat’s butt about playing football and that he would therefore be completely un-coachable. He called Howard Mudd “captain” for crying out loud!

      The general feeling when he was drafted was that he was a safe pick and the biggest question mark was his longevity, based on his “advanced” age.

      The MSII pick however… fingers crossed for a “late bloomer” :/

    • Mr. Magee

      All these upvotes for a highly unlikely spin on ultimately unknowable events confirms that Roseman continues to be the most hated guy in philly sports, and that eagle fans generally speaking are not very bright and suffer from a major case of groupthink.

      • Kevin, Nine Wide & Run Free

        As I said, I leave such judgments to you; however, it is as likely as some of the other theories that have been posted. Disgruntled workers displaced by another’s promotion typically don’t play nice in the same sandbox.

        FWIW, I don’t hate Roseman, he has had hits and misses and has his strengths and weaknesses (just like most people). His ‘popularity’ seems tied to recency (his last set of moves), rather than his track record. My belief is that he is mediocre based on that record, and if Lurie was jettisoning mediocre, as was his explanation, than the whole house should have been cleaned.

    • JustAgog

      There is a good chance that If Howie hadn’t canned Tom Gamble, Chip would still be HC of the Eagles today.

      Chip and Howie “weren’t on the same page.” Tom and Chip were on the same page. As long as Tom was around, Howie was the odd man out on personnel matters. Howie wasn’t going to live with that, so he cans Gamble.

      Chip is surprised and angered by this, and goes to Lurie. Chip says he worked well with Tom and doesn’t understand why Howie fired him. Also, Chip says that he and Howie don’t see eye-to-eye, and neither trusts the other. Chip needs to work with someone whom he can trust.

      Lurie’s Solomonic decision – I’ll split the personnel function in half.

      Chip, get your own guy (ultimately Marynowitz) to help choose your players, and I’ll keep Howie out of your hair and leave him to handle only the negotiation and cap side. Howie is angered and shamed by the obvious demotion – so Lurie says here, take a raise and handle the paperwork (and maybe do a little benchmarking research on successful sports franchises), and we’ll see how it all works out.

      It didn’t. Surprise!

      Howie is not going to help Chip out by doing any more than the minimum, at best. Howie may well have chosen to sabotage Chip by not attempting to cut better deals in FA (while still making sure the contracts are essentially short-term in the event Howie gets back in the saddle). Chip is not going to deal directly at all with Howie, even he doesn’t understand why and how the contracts are being structured to hand out big (up-front) money – which also limits his (near-term) cap flexibility to perhaps add other players. A house divided against itself….

      A year later, Lurie cans Chip, Howie springs back into full control of personnel with renewed energy and focus and gets out from under the bad contracts he negotiated last year, and Tom (who has since moved on to SF) gets Chip hired as HC in SF.

      The Eagles (and new rookie HC Pedersen) are now on Howie’s page. SF (with Chip, Tom, and presumed fellow traveler Balke) is now on Chip’s page.

      Today there is unity in the FO of each of these two franchises, a necessary if not sufficient condition for success.

      Results? TBD. Chip may or may not prove to be a great coach. But regardless, don’t eff with Howie – capisce?

  • eagle fan

    For those who have concluded that Chip is a bumb after 1 season, trust the back to the future leadership of Lurie and Howie. They have many years of experience and have proven they can’t win a super bowl.

    • Howie Had My Puffy Coat

      I can’t stand bumbs.

      • Doug, the Schwartz is with you

        Especially dum bumbs.

        • daveH

          Ba dum bum

    • Kev_H

      Unfortunately they kept Kelly around for 3 years.

    • daveH

      Lots of nfc east teams have never won a super bowl

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Is it possible that Chip went to Lurie about his concerns with Roseman & Lurie, frustrated over Chip questioning his prize pupil, pretty much said, “well if you don’t think he can do the job, why don’t you do it?”

    • DesertEagle

      Yes. In fact, my guess is that Chip did that more than once–basically, b*tching about the personnel like Jackson, Mathis, McCoy, and the others, and throwing Howie under the bus to anyone that would listen–that both Lurie and Roseman were tired of it, and basically forced the job onto Chip to end his whining.

      It’s completely dysfunctional, but that’s how it appears to have happened. And Chip can’t blame Howie or Lurie for that–it was the predictable result when Chip constantly undermined Howie by letting everyone know he was not “a football guy.”

    • Rockedupeaglesfan

      I believe that Chip believes he was fine with Gamble. So he didn’t want to be GM, he wanted Gamble. Once it was a decision between Chip or Howie, we know who chip wanted

    • Mr. Magee

      Very unlikely

  • peteike

    Howie vs Chip becomes excuses for Howie vs chip is a bad coach lol. The FO dynamic was doomed to fail. Even if Chip stinks it doesnt make Howie some great GM or devoid of responsibility, we shouldn’t conflate the two

    • glngarryglnross


  • Admiral Nissan

    Kelly is a pompous horse’s patute.

  • dislikedisqus

    Ultimately Lurie was responsible for all that went on among his top decision makers

  • Brian G

    I can’t believe I used to like this guy. Blind allegiance, I guess.

  • Saurabh

    After all the lies and blame shifting, should I believe Kelly when he says Howie made those dumb contracts?

    Kelly needs to man up and own his mistakes. He sounds like my previous manager. Such an a$$hole she was.

    • glngarryglnross

      I think Kelly should have been fired after that WAS game. But I think its ridiculous to believe that he negociated the Maxwell or Murray contracts.

      • Rockedupeaglesfan

        I think it’s ridiculous to believe Howie was given a list of players to acquire with no input from Chip on value.

        Chip: go get me Demarco Murray
        Howie: I don’t think so, he wants 25 mil and he’s only worth 17 mil
        Chip: ok Howie, if you say so

        Sounds plausible to you?

        • glngarryglnross

          i thought that kelly would probably say he wanted player X and then the contract guy would sign him. Cant imagine Roseman became a yes man and just acted out what Chip told him to do w/o any of his own input into the contracts.

          • Rockedupeaglesfan

            That scenario doesn’t make any sense. Chip had to have some say in basic structure like years, total money and guarantees. If he didn’t, and he was just telling Howie to get guys, then how we would lose all negotiating leverage since he’s basically being told to get a player at all cost. And if Howie truly had say in value, he could just as easily say a player was asking for too much money, without Chip being any the wiser, and Chip wouldn’t give him that control.

            How about Maclin? If Chip wasn’t doing any negotiating, then why was Maclin trying to call him? And if Chip didn’t have anything to do with it, you know he would’ve said that last year. It would’ve been a perfect out. He could’ve just stood up at pressor and said, I wasn’t involved in the negotiations, but then that would be admitting Howie had a role in personal decisions, and it sounds like he didn’t

          • glngarryglnross

            dont know. you raise good points. I never really thought too deep into it. It always sounded messed up to me w what Rosemans new title was and how that translated to his function/job was with the Eagles.

          • Rockedupeaglesfan

            Make no mistake, Jeff screwed up royally by trying to keep both in house. I’m not defending that. But some people are on here today acting like Chip is blameless in the mess from last summer FA period because he said so at a presser

          • daveH

            I think chip is all to blame

          • Kev_H

            Bottom line- Chip got the guys he wanted and he failed to effectively coach them.

          • miketd1

            Yup. Got his shutdown corner who shutdown. And his north-south runner who was previously straight north and went straight south with us.

          • glngarryglnross


        • PaoliBulldog

          Not at all. You can’t build a roster in a capped league without some coordination of playing ability with cap value. Chip made it sound like ordering Chinese takeout.

      • Saurabh

        Then may be it was Ed. After looking at latest and pre 2015 deals that Howie has made, I cannot fathom he dished out 63 mill contract to that whatshisface corner and 40 mill to Murray. Alternative theory would be that Howie had no leverage whatsoever, within the organisation and with the agents. Kelly asked him to get a player, no matter the cost.

        And moves like Alonso for shady straight up are pure Kelly. If not anything else, he should own up for those blunders.

  • alwaysbleedgreen

    Kelly is the best salesman I have ever see in my life, the guy is slick!

  • KJ

    It’s all top-down, starts with Lurie. We can all make excuses as to what/why happened but it’ll always circle back to him.

    You are either drinking the CK juice, the Roseman juice, or more than likely everyone is blinded by the real guy in charge.

  • KAO

    None of this surprises me. If I had to pick one way or the other I would guess Roseman will be gone within 3 seasons one way or another. Likely never to have close to as much control on an NFL team again, his track record speaks for itself.

  • London Eagle

    I don’t think these revelations really put any more responsibility on Roseman with respect to the contracts we took on last offseason. Chip’s explanation is exactly how I thought it worked. And when you divorce player selection and contracting, you get the situation we saw.

    When Chip sends players to Roseman and its Roseman’s job to “make it work”, you’re going to overspend on people because Roseman has no leverage/decisionmaking authority in the negotiation (and I think everyone knew that). He can spread the money out and structure the contract in team-friendly ways, but at the end of the day, he can’t walk away from the table without Chip’s permission.

    I’m not saying Roseman is a great personnel guy, but last year’s structure was just never going to be effective.

  • Kobrakai7272

    We’ve watched Howie structure contracts before and after Chipper so we know, for all his other failings, he is very good at negotiating cap-friendly contracts. Then, at least Chpper would have us believe, for one season, he negotiated a series of genuinely awful, cap-UNfriendly contracts. Bottom line: Either Chip is full of it, or Howie was overtly and aggressively playing a Machiavellian game of trying to make Chip look as bad as possible with no concern about what his actions might do to the franchise and its fans.

    • G_WallyHunter

      Then he turns around and fixes it

  • afannaz

    sooo, it sounds like York, Baalke, and company hope that things don’t fall apart in Santa Clara, or now we know what kind of talk there’ll be (from Kelly) about them in interviews later! Trust is always a big factor and issue to watch (remember Harbaugh’s last year?) Now 49ers fans…stay tuned for the 2016 show! Go Kelly, Go 9ers!

  • ODB

    Chip on whether Kaepernick will be cut: “I don’t think you cut talent.”

  • Junior Tautalatasi

    Maybe Chip will rent my underwear since he doesn’t OWN anything .

  • JofreyRice

    oh, baloney!

  • ManxThor


    All I can remember is Andy Reid & Donovan McNabb in the last quarter against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, they were moving at a speed like the slow motion 1970’s NFL Highlights footage with Howard Cosell narrating! Time lost = Game Lost! Andy Reid as Eagles coach broke a long standing Eagles commitment to signing players of good character! (CULTURE)… Coach Reid broke that commitment, went to a 4 & 9 record and was fired!

    Did Andy Reid as Eagles coach stick it back to Lurie & the Eagles??? When he called Titan’s Coach Ken Whisenhunt just a few days prior to the 2015 draft & convinced him to draft Mariota & not to trade the 2nd pick to Philly…Reid told him, you’ll never get another chance to get a franchise quarterback to build your foundation on!

    That my friends destroyed the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization??? Or was it Lurie / Roseman intervention???

    Poor Chip Kelly inherited this 4 & 9 bunch from Andy Reid along with those of the poorer character & poor commitment to the TEAM! I agree with all the moves the Eagles & Coach Kelly made, better yet as each of these problem players went down, everybody else agreed!

    Kelly’s attempt to get Mariota was clearly sabotaged…Reid, Roseman & Lurie! Braford was rumored to go to Cleveland, for Philly to have greater draft leverage to get Mariota…by the way; former Eagles president Joe Banner was Cleveland Brown’s CEO till mid 2014 as the plot thickens!

    So now the dots are connected as Eagles selected “Reid’s” Doug Pederson as their new head coach! Going backwards to an Andy Reid regime/offense?? Doug Pederson??? History is repeating itself in Philly?

    In Philly it will be 1970’s Monday Night Football highlights in slow motion without the highlights…just the slow motion!

    Moral to the story: LeSean McCoy is the fulcrum of disillusionment bestowed upon the Eagles Franchise; he is the root cause of the destruction of the Philadelphia Eagles football organization!

  • Melissagheintz3

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