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LeSean McCoy

Here’s this week’s roundup of national media coverage.

Cris Carter references his time in Philly when speaking on the Josh Gordon situation, Chris Wesseling of NFL.com writes:

Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, who was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles in the midst of his own substance-abuse problems, believes the Browns should take the same approach with Gordon.

“I feel for the kid,” Carter told ESPN’s Mike & Mike on Monday. “My situation was very, very similar. If I’m the Cleveland Browns — and it’s gut-wrenching for me to say this — I really think that the only thing that’s going to help the kid is if they release him.”

Carter pointed out that he had a great support system in Philadelphia, but he simply wouldn’t stop drinking until coach Buddy Ryan gave him a wake-up call. Taking away football was the “catalyst” to recovery.

Phil Sheridan of ESPN.com introduces the first of three plays nominated as the best in Eagles history:

The Eagles were on their way to a 17-12 loss to their NFC East rivals after a Giants interception late in the game. New York quarterback Joe Pisarcik took a knee on first down, but Eagles linebacker Frank LeMaster crashed through the line and hit him. The Giants didn’t like that, so they responded by calling for a handoff to bruising running back Larry Csonka on second down. Csonka ran for 11 yards. That made it third-and-2, and the Giants again called Csonka’s number.

It was an all-time mistake. Pisarcik bobbled the snap and, turning toward Csonka, lost the ball. Pisarcik dived for the bouncing ball, knocking it right to Eagles cornerback Herman Edwards. The future NFL head coach and ESPN commentator scooped the ball up and ran it 26 yards for a game-winning touchdown.

Michael Fabiano of NFL.com ranks Nick Foles as the No. 9 quarterback in fantasy football:

People may think that’s a little too low for Nick Foles, especially after he scored so many fantasy points once he took over as the starter for the Eagles, but I want to tap the breaks on that. DeSean Jackson is gone. I think he’s going to be a very good quarterback, but this is more about how deep this position is than anything to do with Foles. I do say this: he’s not going to have 20-plus touchdowns and single digit interceptions again. That’s just not going to happen.

The Eagles have the second-best rushing attack in the NFL, according to Mike Tanier of SportsonEarth.com:

The Eagles would rank higher if Nick Foles could run. Foles does not have to be able to run like Wilson or Cam Newton. He just has to be able to run about as well as Andy Dalton. Unfortunately, Foles runs like Joe Flacco trying to carry Philip Rivers up a flight of steep stairs. This would not be a problem in other systems, but Chip Kelly needs those 32 designed carries from his quarterbacks, plus a few more. Foles averaged 3.95 yards per carry on 21 designed keepers, which is not terrible, but it sometimes looked like 39.5 yards were available before the lumbering commenced.

Zach Ertz is one of the most undervalued players in fantasy football, says Adam Levitan of Rotoworld.com:

Chip Kelly didn’t dump DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant without a plan to replace them. A big part of that comes in the form of Ertz, who projects to continue a long tradition of elite tight ends who began their blowup in Year 2 (Gates, Graham, Gronk, Witten). He’s been the apple of every beat writer’s eye this offseason, and has also drawn Shannon Sharpe/Ozzie Newsome comps from his position coach. At 6’5/250 with unique route-running ability, Ertz creates the kind of mismatches Chip Kelly knows how to exploit. The key here is for Ertz to continue his progression as a blocker so he can be an every-down player, allowing the offense to remain multiple. He played on just 41 percent of the snaps as a rookie.

Tim Rossovich, the Eagles’ 1968 first-round pick, was selected for USC’s Athletic Hall of Fame, Mike Huguenin of NFL.com notes:

Rossovich made his presence felt with his play and his outsized personality; he was known for chewing glass and (we’re serious about this) setting himself on fire. He was a three-year letterman (1965-67) and was an All-American defensive end on USC’s 1967 national championship team. He played seven seasons in the NFL, with Philadelphia, the San Diego Chargers and Houston Oilers. He was one of five USC players taken in the first round of the 1968 draft.

Charles Ashe of ProFootballFocus.com wonders whether Mychal Kendricks calling out plays in OTAs means anything:

Ryans called the plays last season, but Kendricks is learning how to at least help out. While this could simply be the Eagles preparing themselves for injury or the future, if it means that Ryans will lose any snaps this season it would be huge. Ryans was a top 10 linebacker in many formats last season, and a lot of that had to do with the fact that he played more snaps than any other ILB in football.

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  • Dominik

    The Eagles would rank higher if Nick Foles could run. Foles does not
    have to be able to run like Wilson or Cam Newton. He just has to be able
    to run about as well as Andy Dalton. Unfortunately, Foles runs like Joe
    Flacco trying to carry Philip Rivers up a flight of steep stairs.

    Do some research, Tanier. He LOOKS like giraffe while running, but he’s way more effective than you claim. Look at the stats, you know, facts, for a minute:


    Sooo, he has 42 Yards more than Dalton, with Dalton having 5 attempts more, which leads to 4.0 vs. 3.0 in YPA. And I don’t even want to start with the 6 games Dalton had more…

    No one will ever mistake Nick with RGIII, Vick, Newton or even Luck or Rodgers when it comes to their running ability, but do some research before you write things that are just wrong.

    • ohitsdom

      I’m not sure you can just look at YPA to see who is the better rusher. Did the Bengals protection just break down more often, and Dalton was forced to salvage what he could while avoiding a sack? There are many scenarios that could lead to a poor YPA, so it’s not a direct correlation to rushing ability or even decision making.

      • Dominik

        Of course you can criticize the stat. But it’s still better than to say: he looks awkward, therefore he must be uneffective at running. And you should definitely not say: boy, if he would just be as mediocre as this guy, while he’s statistically better in every category.

        • ohitsdom

          NFL Combine Numbers
          Foles’ 40: 5.14 secondsDalton’s 40: 4.87 seconds

          Dalton is a much better runner. A better runner with Foles’ other skills would be even more lethal in this offense, but I think Foles’ has proven he’s plenty lethal. I don’t think anyone thinks this offense would be better with Dalton.

          All I’m saying is, I thought Tanier made a good point while being funny. Our rushing attack would be more dangerous if Foles was a legitimate running threat. That being said, I love Foles and will always look at passing skills before mobility when assessing QBs.

          • Dominik

            Our rushing attack would be more dangerous if Foles was a legitimate
            running threat.

            No doubt about that. But I’ll take NFL rushing numbers (in total, average, TDs…) over Combine numbers all day. ;)

          • Jack

            One problem – just because a guy is faster doesn’t make him a better runner. If you run in the wrong situations you could end up a terrible runner, even if you are very fast. You can’t just look at speed or you will have very erratic results.

          • ohitsdom

            If you are talking about raw running ability, I think 40 times give you a good baseline.

            Sounds like you’re talking about decision making (when to run) or vision (which hole to take), which is obviously important. But the criticism was of Foles’ running ability, and I think his 40 time shows that.

          • Nunya

            Our DBs would be more effective with jet packs … I’ll take Foles, warts and all

    • wow, should have read down first. said the same :)
      Based on there Foles conclusions, I’m guessing Tanier and Prisco watch film together.

      • Dominik

        The argument was silly, but don’t be too harsh on Tanier. Comparing him to Prisco is like to compare an NFL QB to Blane Gabbert (four month ago, I would have said Sanchez, but nevermind :D).

        • myeaglescantwin

          Prisco is a no talent ass clown.
          Him and Eskin need to take a walk

          I wish they would turn to vaGiants reporters so my disdain would be justified.

      • Charliefoxtrot

        The reacharounds are strong with these two.

  • Andy

    I do say this: he’s not going to have 20-plus touchdowns and single digit interceptions again. That’s just not going to happen.

    If Foles doesn’t through 20 TD passes in 16 games it is because he gets injured. In this offense I have to think he will easily throw more than 1.25 TDs per game. And I really doubt he throws only 2 INTs, but 10 or more??? That suggests he will throw an INT in more games than he doesn’t throw one. I think 8 is more likely than 10.

    • Dominik

      I think he meant he won’t have the same TD:INT ratio again, which is pretty realistic. But it sure was awkwardly worded, no doubt.

    • Andy124

      12 picks in a season is still very low, especially when paired with 36 touchdowns and world peace. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nick stay in the single digits, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to preditict somewhere in the low double digits either.

      • OldDocRoss

        Yeah, of the top 20 guys buy passing attempts last year, only three had less than 10 INTs and one of those (Kaep) only threw the ball 416 times which isn’t that high.

        Brees, Brady and Manning (non-crappy-edition) all hit 10 or more and Rodgers would’ve done if you pro rate his numbers over 16 games.

        Odds are against Nicky keeping it in single digits if he stays healthy.

  • jabostick

    Whats in everyone’s top 3 Eagles plays? I skew new because of age but the DeSean return against NYG is there for me. 4th-and-26 might be there too. There were some ridiculous Cunningham plays (which turned me into an Eagles fan to begin with) but I dont know any had the same level of meaning, other than being a spectacle.

    • NickS1

      Bednarik crushing Gifford is too epic for me to exclude from top 3, despite only having the privelege to watch and remember anything from about ’89 on up (I’m 30). Herm’s play, DeSean’s return, and 4th and 26 battle it out for the last two spots. I say Herm’s play and DeSean’s return.

    • OldDocRoss

      I skew new because of terrible memory but off the top of my head and in no particular order:

      4th & 26
      Donovan running around for about a minute and a half then hitting Fred-Ex on a deep bomb vs Dallas (need a snappier name for that one).
      DeSean punt return
      Westbrook punt return
      Sooo many plays from the D in ’91.

      Oh, and I’ll always have a huge man crush on Eric Allen, not least because:


      • jabostick

        The Eagles-Cowboys game in TO’s first season with Dallas where Lito returned that late, long pick-6 was awesome too. I had so much TO hate built up, I let out the most cathartic scream when Lito got that one

        • OldDocRoss

          Yeah, that was sweet. Just looking back at the plays I listed two things jump out. Actually three.

          1. You could probably split the plays I remember most into “stuff that meant so much in the context of the match/season” and “stuff that was just so hella cool you could show anyone the play in isolation and get a ‘wow!'”.

          2. Freddie Mitchell features in two of my most memorable plays. FREDDIE MITCHELL!

          3. I completely forgot to include the greatest Running Sky High Powerbomb in the history of ever:


          • NickS1

            Damn near looked like a running chokeslam.

          • OldDuckMcDoc

            I remember watching that at the time and after the first replay I was getting mad at the TV because nobody was talking about the awesomeness Clemons had just bestowed on the world*. A few seconds later I got a couple of text messages to the effect of “Chris Clemons just chokeslammed the snot out a perfectly innocent Viking” and I consoled myself with the knowledge I have friends who share my appreciation for man-on-man violence.

            *From memory I was already pretty fired up because AP did the whole “show the D the ball as you saunter into the end zone” thing just before half-time in that game. Hated Peterson ever since.

          • jabostick

            Holy sh*t! I have never seen that replay. That was my first ever live Eagles game and I remember the pick-6 clearly but I guess I was cheering/high-fiving by the time he reached the end zone.
            That’s hilarious.

          • OldDocRoss

            Weird. I attempted to reply but got ‘moderated’, either because I used a censored version of sh…. or because you’re not allowed to express a dislike of Adrian Peterson :(

            Anyway, it were a glorious block. Remember being amazed the commentators didn’t pick up on it at the time, but glad to see somebody on the YouTubes has me covered!

          • Brennan Hildebrandt

            How about the 71 yard screen pass for a TD from Mcnabb to Westbrook that play stood out the most it sealed the game.

        • NickS1

          It really was a thing of beauty.

        • Brennan Hildebrandt

          44-6 watching those highlights never get old

          • jabostick

            That was 3 hours of awesome (plus the 2nd halves of the earlier Tbay and Oakland (I think?) games that made it meaningful), dont know that I could pick a play out of it tho.

      • NickS1

        He was awesome.

        • John E. Zang

          No idea how he as well as more of those players aren’t in the hall of fame. Oh yeah, the media HATES Philly.

      • Tikkit

        Eagles beating the unbeaten Giants…


        Randall on Monday nights…especially nearly being taken down by Carl Banks and firing a TD to Jimmy Giles


        • borntosuffer

          Yea. I remember that Cunningham play where Carl Banks hits him. Crazy.

    • PhillySean

      Here’s one I won’t forget, courtesy of #31…


    • PhillySean

      Another courtesy of #12, arguably a 9 pt play……


      • Warhound

        This is the one that popped into my head.

        • PhillySean

          could easily put together a top 10 Randall plays. Amazing player.

    • PhillySean

      Not a single play, but a goal line stand for the ages…..


    • borntosuffer

      How about Wilbert Montgomery’s 42 TD run against Dallas in the NFC Championship game – 1981? Someone had to have mentioned that one. It’s against the Cowboys so it counts extra.


  • Eagles1018

    he’s not going to have 20-plus touchdowns and single digit interceptions again. That’s just not going to happen.

    I agree…because I’m expecting 30 plus tds with single digit INTs.

    • myeaglescantwin

      i don’t know how you can be so sure.

      granted 27-2 would be hard to duplicate,
      but what about 35-9
      or 25-10?

      we are talking about 100 more passes this year in a system that he now knows far better than last year.
      I don’t think that Foles will start forcing passes that he didn’t attempt last year.

      • NickS1

        Your last sentence sums it up for me. Just because he’s more familiar and has the reigns unquestionably, does not mean he’s going to start forcing things and making awful decisions.

        • myeaglescantwin

          hey, i’m 100% behind Foles taking a ‘drag-down-sack’ after 5 seconds, rather than throwing an int.
          I don’t know why so much emphasis is placed on Foles DECISION to take a sack rather than risk a turnover.

          That’s good game management in my eyes.

          • NickS1

            Because the option to throw it away doesn’t lose yards, and it’s almost always an option…. However, throwaways ruin comp% and we don’t want that haha

          • I can’t count the number of times a QB throws a pick and then when asked about it he’ll say he tried to throw it away. If you get hit while trying to throw it, or don’t get it across the field enough, it’ll turn into an INT.

            Take the sack.

          • NickS1

            I mean, it happened to Foles in preseason once, but let’s not overstate this and make it seem like 1 out of every 2 picks is because a throwaway went bad. Average might be one out of 10, if not more, in a season. So, I’ll take a high percentage throw away play over a sack. Sacks can be fumbles, ya know..

      • aub32

        It’s not about forcing passes as much as more games and luck. Foles, if healthy will start 6 more games this year than he did last year. So you figure some of those games might come with an INT. Also, fans keep pointing to this 27-2 number as if it didn’t have a heck of a lot to do with luck. Some of the passes Foles made would have been picked more often than not. DBs didn’t make the play or WRs, like DJax, prevented those would be INTs.

        • NickS1

          Think the count was 4 passes that could have been picks.

          • aub32

            Those were the obvious ones. Do you remember 2011 and 2012 where WRs and TEs would bounce balls in the air instead of making the catch. Those kinds of plays happen too. Foles didn’t have many of those flukey type plays that are INTs due to no fault of the QB whatsoever. That may change this year with two rookie WRs and Maclin being a year removed from actual play.

          • OldDocRoss

            Four fortunate “non-INTs” is hardly any though. Every QB has a few. It would be tremendously bad luck if every ball that could be intercepted was. And if we’re counting “lucky non-INTs” lets not forget the “unlucky non-TDs”. There were a couple against the Skins where the receiver got tripped up at the goal-line (one that only got overturned on review I think) and of course in the Snow Bowl a sure TD didn’t happen because Celek (?) took a seat to run out the clock.

            I don’t think anyone would argue that on balance Foles probably had more good luck than bad, but saying it was a heck of a lot to do with luck is probably overstating things.

          • aub32

            I was not saying everything that could have worked out for Foles did work out. That’s not true. We were luckier than most teams in regard to INTs, health, and schedule. Those things change each year. DCs have a full offseason to study Foles and Kelly. Our WR corp has some pretty big questions. Lane is facing a suspension. We face the NFCW. I am not saying Foles will be horrible. I just don’t think it’s that big a stretch to say he throws 10+ INTs. If he throws 38 & 12 and wins 10+ games I’ll be impressed.

          • Ron Swanson

            Of course it’s not a stretch to say he’ll throw 10+ interceptions but that doesn’t make it right to say that he absolutely won’t throw less than 10. Would 34 touchdowns and 8 interceptions be that shocking in this offense and with how well he played last year? Maybe it goes the other way but you can’t disregard the possibility of things working out very well.

          • Clamdigger

            Also a description of either of Eli’s SB wins.

        • John E. Zang

          Djax preventing an INT? Seriously? There’s was one that got tipped up that he caught for TD but that guy is worthless when the ball is up for grabs.

          • aub32

            Please rewatch the ARZ game. Then you can apologize.

          • cheapmeat

            O.K. Watch every other game DeSean has played. I’d love a ratio of balls he ‘fought’ for versus balls he caught like my kid sister…

          • aub32

            I think you are stuck in 2011. That’s ok. A lot of fans and pundits are. However, that wasn’t how DJax played the last 2 years. He took that huge hit from Reed in 2012. He made plays on the ball in 2013. The guy did his thing once he got paid and likely would have in 2011 had we given money to him instead of guys like Nnamdi and Vince Young.

          • cheapmeat

            sure, and he used to be pretty good a returning punts too…

            so you’re excusing him for being an entitled jealous child?

          • laurakfalconer

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          • cheapmeat

            up vote for basket catching

        • Amar

          The ‘Luck’ argument is a uninformed man’s ugly excuse. Every QBs TD-INT ratio is affected by some luck. You could argue those 2 INTs were bad luck and all 27 TDs were good luck. Truth is, he threw for 27 TDs and 2 INTs. Those are the facts that opinions can be formed upon.

        • myeaglescantwin

          No doubt.
          i don’t thing Jackson was to credit for the terrible passes that turned into big plays, he did have that tip TD. Cooper seems to know when he is going to get a terrible pass though. He had tons of practice with Kolb. ahha

          We all saw the plays where the ball was heaved up for anyone at the other end. Thankfully, the tipped pass, or the under throw was able to be swallowed up by the Eagles.

          Do we still get that lucky?
          hell luck was all over our schedule. From not playing AP, to Romo, to Rodgers & the snowbowl. A lot of things broke our way in 2013.
          9-7 wouldn’t be so much a regression but a step back to reality.

  • Robert Perri

    I am stunned that no one is mention Chis Carter’s sudden remembrance that being released from Philly saved his Career.

    • guest

      Because its not sudden. He’s praised Buddy Ryan (and specifically Buddy’s wife) many times throughout the years for saving his life. He thanked the two of them in his HOF speech. He’s always been thankful to the Ryans for what they did. Thats why no one is mentioning it.

      • Wayne Yeager

        Remember this?

        • anon

          coulda been talking about TO. Philly just doesn’t like good Wrs

          • Andy124

            Mike Quick.
            Harold Charmichael.

          • Richard Colton

            Tommy McDonald

          • Andy124


          • Richard Colton

            Jordan Matthews

          • OldDocRoss

            …..hallowed be thy name.

          • EaglefaninAZ

            Beat me to it.

          • Wilbert31

            I upvoted this, but with mixed emotions. Funny as Hell, but why? WHY?!

          • Maggie

            Is that the same McDonald who went to Green Bay and caught passes from Bart Starr?

      • Wayne Yeager

        Except when he’s tweeting about Desean Jackson being cut….

      • Robert Perri

        I was just about to respond how quick everyone forgets that while Chris Carter praised Buddy one day, he ripped the eagles in April saying that they should have never released him and he was clean and sober when they did.

        Cris Carter ✔ @criscarter80Follow

        @lewisjake239 truth is, that when I left Philly I had been clean from Cocaine/alcohol for 6 months.They didn’t believe I would stay clean.

  • NickS1

    Everyone remember this Fabiano guy. Big Pole Foles could go for 35 & 9 and it would be the proverbial c*cksmack to this guy’s forehead.

    • myeaglescantwin

      lets hope so.

      i get so pissed at these clowns that never played a snap of football trying to get into the details of the game.

      I can’t respect people that haven’t been in a huddle.

    • Maggie

      Fabiano is a FANTASY football guru. He always looks at how a player would or should be drafted onto a fantasy team for maximum effect. He has been known to not draft a premium wide receiver when that player’s QB got injured or O Line played poorly. It doesn’t mean that WR is any less valuable in real life, just in Fantasy.

      • NickS1


  • He just has to be able to run about as well as Andy Dalton.


    Foles: 56-225-4.0 2 FMBL

    Dalton: 61-183-3.0 3 FMBL

    a few sentences later: Foles averaged 3.95 yards per carry on 21 designed keepers, which is not terrible


    Unfortunately, Foles runs like Joe Flacco trying to carry Philip Rivers up a flight of steep stairs. This would not be a problem in other systems, but Chip Kelly needs those 32 designed carries from his quarterbacks, plus a few more .


    • aub32

      What are you arguing. Yes the writer is guilty of hyperbole, but the fact is Foles can’t run. That’s fine. He’s probably in the bottom 12. What does it matter if he’s 5th worst or 10th worst?

      • Andy124

        The bolded text. It’s a regurgitation of the “Chip needs a mobile quarterback” garbage that has been proven as such.

        • aub32

          Is it? Chip said himself that he wants his QB to have fuctional mobility. 10 times out of 10 it’s a safer bet to run McCoy out of the I than to have Foles carry the ball on a designed run. Yet Chip maintained that Foles was still going to run the ball. The quote did not say “Chip needs a running QB.” The quote mentioned Chip needs his QB to carry the ball. Seeing how Chip didn’t stop his QB from doing designed runs, even after switching from Vick to Foles suggests that’s how Chip wants to run his offense. The post is about the run game. The run game would undoubtedly be better with a QB like Vick, Romo, Rodgers, Luck, Wilson, and other QBs who are more fleet of foot than our beloved Foles.

          • no. it’s right there, extra bold. The fact that Chip needs guaranteed carries out of that position, aka a QB who does not run like [insert bad hyperbole]

            that argument has been beaten dead more times than Lebron’s Decision II at this point.

          • aub32

            But Chip never stopped rushing his QB. Part of the entire idea of his system is that a guy can be left unblocked because that guy has to keep an eye on the QB. That’s not to say that the offense cannot work with Foles. That’s just pointing out the run game would be better with a QB that can move.

          • Richard Colton

            its unwinnable. if CK has success in year two the narrative shifts from “…needs running QB…” to “…imagine what he could do WITH a running QB…”

          • aub32

            Since when have “what ifs” become taboo? Is it because they involve Foles? I remember asking year after year, “what if they got McNabb a real WR?” They did and we went to the SB that very same year. I would love to know what CK could do with Luck.

          • Richard Colton

            not taboo. just lazy. Chip did enough last year to earn more than “college offense, spread, read option” in the way of analysis.

          • dnabrice

            Good thing CK realizes the most important thing a QB does is run.

          • OldDocRoss

            From Tanier, whom theycallmerob takes issue with:
            “Chip Kelly needs those 32 designed carries from his quarterbacks”

            From Chip Kelly:
            “We don’t run designed quarterback runs”

          • thanks for making it even MORE explicitly clear. I’ll go with this next time.

          • Andy124

            The word, “needs” is right there in bold.

        • anon

          “need” is over used but the system would be great with a guy that was fast. See Oregon. I think it’s fine with Nick, gives you a better passer but worse runner.

          As you saw Vick was getting 40+yd runs untouched. Shady was easily busting them too. Even when the Giants game was horrible Vick was winning with his legs — but he just injured himself. Not what you “want” per se but it’s just another tool in the toolbox.

    • Richard Colton

      CK needs a running QB to execute his offense. Everyone knows that. Why don’t you?

      • aub32

        That’s not what the post said.

        • Richard Colton

          Tanier’s? Sure it did.

      • OldDocRoss


        Somewhere DeSean is downvoting you like there’s no tomorrow.

        • Richard Colton

          No way. He knows I’m an OG.
          obsessive grammarian

    • Maggie

      Rivers carrying Flacco would probably be much quicker. ;~)

  • aub32

    I think some of you are getting a bit too sensitive about the Foles/running QB issue. Chip likes to run his QB. This is obvious as he never stopped having designed QB runs even after Vick went down. He even brought in Brad Smith to run that horrid wildcat play. Chip does not need a mobile QB, but it’s clear that he wouldn’t be upset if his QB had that ability. There are definitely things more important than a QB having a sub 4.8 40. However, some of you get so upset the moment anyone mentions a QB that can move. Remember that guy DeSean who put up over 1300 yards. He obviously could produce in this system, but Chip doesn’t find him to be ideal. The same could be true with Nick. Personally I think the team would be way better off with a guy like Luck or Wilson than Foles. However, unlike receiver, it’s much harder to replace a QB who has shown the ability to give you most of what you want for your system.

    • Brennan Hildebrandt

      As long as he can get key first downs, and keep the chains moving that’s all you can ask for. Besides what’s the point of being a threat with your legs if you can’t keep yourself healthy and upright for 16 games.

      • aub32

        True. That’s why the article is strictly about the run game and not about Foles’ ability to pass. I can’t say stay healthy because he’s been injured twice in 2 years.

        • Brennan Hildebrandt

          True. But as of now it seems like he try’s the best of his ability to make the smartest play he can without exposing himself to constant punishment which will happen if you run too much.

    • JosephR2225

      I don’t think it’s a problem of oversensitivity. I think there are two issues. The first issue, raised by the article, is that the Eagles rushing offense suffers because Foles is not a running QB, and they are ranked behind Seattle. That’s a problem because by every statistical measure, the Eagles rushing offense was significantly better than Seattle’s last season, despite Nick Foles lack of running ability. Also, the notion that the Eagles would be number one if Foles “could only run as well as Andy Dalton” is just foolish, because 30 seconds of research confirms that Foles DOES run at least as well as Andy Dalton, and potentially better.

      The second issue is the “Chip Kelly needs/wants a running QB” narrative, that just won’t seem to die. If you could replace Nick Foles with a QB who can run for big chunks of yardage AND not sacrifice anything in the passing game, of course Chip Kelly, along with every other coach in the NFL, would take that. Running and Passing is better than just passing. However, I think there are two guys in the NFL that fit that description in Luck and Rodgers.(Wilson is in the conversation, and I am a Wilson fan but I am not totally sold on his abilities as a passer. RG3 is also in that conversation with the same caveat and, personally, I think he’s a drama queen.) So I think what you perceive is people “getting upset” at the mention of a mobile QB is people disagreeing with the constant narrative that the Eagles would be better off with a Colin Kaepernick or a Cam Newton because those guys can run and Nick Foles can’t. It ignores the fact that they are not polished passers, and the offense works better with a polished passer who can’t run than with a running QB who can’t pass.

    • Stephen E.

      Kelly does not do designed runs. He has plays where one of the options is for the QB to keep the ball.

      • aub32

        I must have imagined the Brad Smith play then or several other times where clearly the QB running the ball was the 1st option.

  • daggolden

    The Riley Cooper Myth. Ive been told how much chemistry Cooper Has with Foles and how big receivers are what Barney likes so I looked at Coopers last 6 games and the chemistry he had with Foles.
    Wk 11 Wash 3-37 yards
    Wk 12 Ariz 3-48 yards
    Wk 13 Bye
    Wk 15 Det 3-74 yards
    Wk 16 Minn 4-29 yards
    Wk 17 Dallas 3-39 yards
    Plyoffs NO 6-68 1 td
    What did he get a 5 year 25 million dollar deal? wow

    • OldDocRoss

      so I looked at Coopers last 6 games

      aaaaand got it wrong in several ways.

      We had a bye in week 12.
      We played the Cardinals in week 13.
      Week 14 existed.
      We played Minn in week 15.
      We played Chicago in week 16 (Cooper played about two quarters, got 3-53 and a TD).

      While we’re taking snapshots of WR’s stats over a short and arbitrary time period, here’s Calvin Johnson combined stats from weeks 13 to 17:

      Receptions: 12
      Yards: 193
      TDs: Zip

      Megatron sucks :(

      • Maggie

        Yay! Will always upvote for logic, especially combined with a little snottiness. ;~D

      • Richard Colton

        Barney? Help me out with this guy.

        • OldDocRoss

          I’m starting to think our Golden Dag is not a fan of Chip. Or Riley. I mean he hates Riley so much he won’t even write about week number 14 in his original post.

          It’s like DeSean’s CK thing but with numbers. Remembering Valentine’s day must be a nightmare for him. I feel sorry for the kid.

      • anon

        Look i think everyone makes the same arguments about DJax. Think the reality in this system is that people aren’t going to put up 200yds a game every game. It’s really about mismatches. So one week TEs will get off, another week RBs will get off, another week the WRs will get off, etc. depending on how we’re defended. To look for a constant 100/yd a game producer is to misunderstand the system.

        Excited for year two so we can stop trying to extrapolate off such a small sample size.

        • OldDocRoss

          Agreed entirely. Past experience of the guy posting suggests pointing out the context of each game would’ve been pointless though so I just went with the amusing (to me) number of blatant errors.

          To pick up on your point, Arizona we exploited a weakness against TEs. Washington we stopped passing just after the half. Detroit game was not conducive to passing. And so on.

          I’m not as optimistic as some about this year, mostly because I think last year exceeded expectations and we had our shar of good fortune, but we could take a step back in the W-L record and I could still believe we’re headed in the right direction. I liked Andy Reid more tha most for longer than most but Chip’s been like a breath of fresh air.

          Someone (Richard Colton?) mentioned something about McCoy finally having a smart coach who treated him like an adult and I think that sums it up perfectly for me. Other coaches can act like cheerleaders getting their team fired up and rattling their spears. We’ll be over here developing ballistic weapons.

          • anon

            Agree we had a TON of luck last year (division terrible, we played some teams without their stars, snowbowl, etc.) and it’ll be harder b/c there’s more tape on us. That said, Monday night against the redskins was AWESOME. Have lots of friends that are skins fans that talk sooo much s**t. Many were at the game. That almost made up for the 2012 season.

            I do have a lot of faith in Chip as a coach and a tactician. Whether we have talent / can execute are two different things but I trust chip on the offensive side of the ball. On defense I hope for the best. Honestly, I think if we keep averaging 2 TOs a game and 3-5 sacks a game I can live. I see what Chip is trying to do on defense and I buy into it. Again my only issue is talent. We don’t pay for it, we’ll see if that pans out — hopefully it does.

          • OldDocRoss

            On the D side, I just don’t think they’ve loved anyone enough to pay for them yet. Year one the D was a basketcase so it was just about getting competent bodies in and overhauling the whole thing. Year two…..we could’ve gone after Byrd but I think his longevity’s a question and the Saints overpaid.

            Apart from that we went D in round one (didn’t love the pick but it showed we placed value on improving that side of the ball) then D all the way after we’d addressed our lack of WRs. For me the D is still a major work in progress. It’s not that we haven’t tried to improve, it’s just that it was so hideous it’ll take another year or two.

            Sidenote – I completely disagree with them not giving Boykin a shot outside and think it runs contrary to the whole versatility thing, but that’s another issue.

          • anon

            I’m fine with Boykin on the inside. He’s super effective and sometimes they just use him to sit shallow and undercut routes. I almost think it’s a better use of his ball skills.

          • Wria978

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  • peteike

    85 comments and no mention of this “and has also drawn Shannon Sharpe/Ozzie Newsome comps..” seriously, Im not seeing that in Ertz, bit of high praise there.

  • eaglespur

    Foles’ quickness will improve this year, Jordan Matthews is sharing speed secrets with him.

    • TheSteve

      And if Matthews won’t, then Lane surely will.

      • Wria978

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    • Brennan Hildebrandt

      There’s no need to share them by the end of the year he’ll be the QB, and we’ll be throwing the ball to himself. He’ll start of under center, and also have enough time to catch up to the ball that he threw to himself. Man talk about versatility!! JK

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    I get so annoyed to read these glib off-season write ups of Foles. instead of writing about what he is not and what he can’t do, why not write about what he is and what he can. I believe in Chip Kelly, and he sees enough in Foles to design a top 5 offense with him as the signal caller, not just a game manager.
    Foles makes great decisions, doesn’t make mistakes, manipulates DBs, throws well and accurately. Sure, we’d love him to run like a deer as well, but the guys who can run like that don’t or can’t do.all the great stuff Foles can do.

  • Kev_H

    Ol’ Tim Rossovich, the glass and brick eater, ended up appearing as an actor on just about every TV show in the 1980s from Trapper John MD, to Jake and the Fatman, McGyver, Baywatch…He’s one of the first Eagle players I ever recognized since that glass eating and setting himself on fire kind of stand out to little kids.

  • Bird of Prey

    The internet and twitter have created more expert writers that ever. Some of these statements are so laughable it’s ridiculous. July 21st can’t come quick enough.

  • Wria978

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  • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

    “Unfortunately, Foles runs like Joe Flacco trying to carry Philip Rivers up a flight of steep stairs.” Made my day!