Eagles Wake-Up Call: Goode Eyes Bigger Role

Eagles LB Najee Goode puts on helmet

Two snaps into the Eagles’ Week 9 matchup against the Green Bay Packers, Najee Goode got the call.

Mychal Kendricks went down with a knee injury at Lambeau Field, and Goode was chosen to replace him alongside DeMeco Ryans at inside linebacker. He played the rest of that game and then started the following week against the Redskins.

“There was a lot of positive feedback, stuff I gotta work on, but a lot of positive feedback,” Goode said. “Getting in there, not necessarily messing up, doing some good things, showing a lot of good signs and flashes of being a good, consistent player. Making some pass break-ups. Green Bay, was able to disrupt the run a lot different than what they thought they were gonna get. It was a confidence booster for me and to also see what I’ve gotta work on.”

In the two-game span, Goode notched 11 tackles, a sack and a pair of pass break-ups.

Earlier this spring when Kendricks was temporarily sidelined again, Goode stepped in with the ones. And there’s a good chance that if Ryans or Kendricks gets injured during the season, he will again be the first man up.

“The playing time was kind of unexpected, but it’s something that you want all the time,” he said. “That’s what I was pretty much waiting for. I’m gonna get out there and do it again once my number’s called.”

A fifth-round pick by the Bucs in 2012, Goode was claimed off waivers by the Eagles prior to last season. He served primarily as a backup and contributed on special teams (eight tackles). While the defense rotated bodies along the defensive line and at outside linebacker, the starting inside ‘backers – Ryans and Kendricks – rarely came off the field. As we’ve noted on several occasions, Ryans played more snaps than any other inside linebacker in the NFL.

Defensive coordinator Billy Davis has vowed to give Ryans more rest going forward, but the Eagles didn’t make any significant moves at inside linebacker during the offseason. That means the door is open for Goode to earn more snaps in his third season.

“He’s ahead just because we’ve had a chance to spend an offseason with him,” said Chip Kelly. “Real smart football player. I know I say that a lot with a lot of our guys, but it’s true. Got a very good understanding of both linebacker positions inside. Played really, really well for us on special teams, actually scored for us against the Giants on special teams. Fast. He’s got kind of an extra gear that I think some of our backers don’t have. Explosive, can really run.”

If one of the Eagles’ defensive backs steps up in the summer, Davis could turn to more dime (six DBs). But more likely, someone like Goode or veteran Jason Phillips will come in to spell Ryans in certain sub packages.

Goode played in a 3-3-5 at West Virginia and said he’s used to setting up behind two-gapping defensive linemen. He’s hoping to build off last year’s performance and give Davis some more flexibility on defense.

“Learning from a guy like DeMeco is huge, and it brings us together,” Goode said. “And when he does sub out, I’m gonna be ready to come in. And if I need to start, I’m gonna be ready to start.”


Interesting insight from Kelly about why he delegates responsibility and lets his assistants do their jobs.

Did Riley Cooper fluke his way to 835 yards and eight TDs last year? What they’re saying.

Alejandro Villanueva is an intriguing prospect, says Kelly.


Jason Avant made some interesting comments about Kelly to the Charlotte Observer:

Avant was not a fan of Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly, however. Kelly’s first season in Philadelphia in 2013 turned out to be Avant’s last as an Eagle. Avant ranked sixth on the team in receiving yardage and, in his words, “mostly ran clear-out routes.”

Said Avant of Kelly: “When it came to certain things, we butted heads sometimes – route running and route technique. So I knew I didn’t fit his system.”

As for his release in March, Avant said it didn’t surprise him because he wasn’t the burner Kelly wanted as a wide receiver.

“I knew that was coming maybe four games into last season,” Avant said. “When they stop calling your number and guys start running some of the routes that you run – I knew from the beginning that I didn’t fit his style of offense, in that I’m a crafty guy that gets open in an atypical way.”

Tommy Lawlor of Iggles Blitz writes about the Eagles’ special teams:

I think Chris Maragos and Darren Sproles could be huge additions for him. Maragos seems like a natural STs leader. He knows he’s not Brian Dawkins, but Maragos is confident in who and what he is. He gets the big picture and is very professional in the way he approaches his job. He’s not afraid to speak up when needed. Sproles is a veteran RS who can help teach the other returners, but also work with the blockers. The return game has been an issue for several years.


Training camp is merely a month away.

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  • jmkrav

    From the 2012 draft. Good’s spider graph.
    3 most comparable players:
    Barry Gardener
    Lance Briggs
    Jerod Mayo



    • jmkrav

      And for what it’s worth. Here is Kendrick’s:

      Good is closest comparable. But Kendrick’s speed measurable a are off the chart for ILB so no real comps.

      • Kevin

        At least Goode is more comparable to Kendricks than Baldy’s man crush, Jamar Chaney.

      • Token

        Instincts matter so much more then speed for a ILB.

        • Andy124

          Then what’s your problem with Ryans?

          • Richard Colton


          • Andy124

            Eh. He’s still on the right side of 30. Salary can be renegotiated. He may not be all world, but he’s above average.

          • Richard Colton


          • Rick H

            I still read every article on here and have commented like you for a long time. I always really liked the good size nucleus of interesting comments by a lot of different people… Is it me or do I see a lot more negative commenting from newer people?

          • Andy124

            I do not know.

      • myeaglescantwin

        whatttttayyyya know,,, he matches up with Jamar Chaney!!

      • Reasonableeaglefan

        I always thought they should have drafted Levonte David instead of Kendricks.

    • Kevin

      If Goode can develop into one of those types of players, sign me up. I think Goode’s development is a key for the Eagles. With having an aging OL, it would be nice to know that you have an in-house replacement for Ryans, so that you can use the higher draft picks on a the OL and another right tackle (this assumes that Lane slides over to LT in a few years). Plus it would be nice to give Ryans a little breather.

    • guest

      Thoughts? That spider graphs and “comparables” mean absolutely nothing. Should I be excited that Goode is similar to Briggs or Mayo? Or should I be disappointed that Goode is similar to Gardner?

      He’s a nice developmental piece. But I think the “Ryans Replacement” talk is a bit much, and way too early. I still think ILB needs to be high on the list of next offseason’s shopping list. I’m as hopeful as anyone that Goode, or maybe Knott, can step up, but its far from a sure thing.

      Remember Jamar Chaney.

      • myeaglescantwin

        haha,, Chaney
        dude had all the tools and athletic measurables, just not football talent.

        & isn’t Knott suspended for 4 upcoming games??

        • Wilbert31

          I’m going to continue what Eaglehaslanded started above – because I thought it was awesome.

          Yes, Jake canKnott play in the first 4 games.

          • myeaglescantwin

            i see what ya did there.
            well played.

  • Eaglehaslanded

    Najee Goode is a good backup linebacker. Next year, the Eagles still need to find Demeco’s replacement. Denzel Perryman ILB from the Univ. of Miami 6’0 245 lbs. is a stud who can go sideline to sideline, cover, is physical, fast and seeks and destroys ball carriers like a heat seeking missle fits the bill. He reminds me (style of play and stature) of Ray Lewis. We need impact play makers at the linebacking position, that’swhat Perryman is. 2015 NFL draft, hopefully, he becomes an Eagle. The Najee Goode’s and Jake Knott’s of the world are Knott Goode enough.

    • Clamdigger

      No one cares about who you want to draft.

      • Richard Colton

        don’t be a d!ck.

        • Clamdigger

          Sorry. I held my tongue earlier this year because it’s expected. At least you have some draft projections and you know who’s coming out and who has which picks.

          But draft posts in June are ridiculous. They’re scouting players based on YouTube clips and TV and suggesting that their team drafts them, regardless of draft position or the team’s ability to even draft that player in whatever year he happens to come out.

          It’s just absurd.

      • Eaglehaslanded

        Yet, you found enough time to read everything I wrote, and, you cared enough to respond. LMAO, the irony. Yes, clearly you care!

        • Clamdigger

          Actually, that’s not irony. Irony would be me posting that and then immediately posting about who I wanted the Eagles to draft.

          Acknowledging that you’re making a draft post doesn’t require me to care about who you want drafted. See how that works? And for what it’s worth, I didn’t read your entire post.

          We just had a draft. It’s June for crying out loud. Give it a rest.

          • Eaglehaslanded

            This is a football site, and I am posting about a football related topic. If you do not like it that is fine, don’t continue to read it. Who are you yo determine whether or not something is absurd or not, or if no one cares to read it? I did not know you spoke for everyone on here and controlled what they think and feel. Once again, obviously you do care as you are still responding, or are you just a troll. I am fine with it either way. You are reading and concerning yourself with my thoughts and opinions so keep reading and commenting. I will continue to post. You are a good audience sir! I guess sir anyway, if not, my apologies madam.
            I also believe Trent Cole will need to be replaced. Lorenzo Mauldin 6’4′ 243 OLB from Louisville or Bernardick McKinney OLB/ILB 6’5″ 252 from Miss St would be good replacements in my opinion. If jeremy Maclin does not come back or fails to stay healthy, I like Sammie Coates WR 6’2″ 205 lbs from Auburn. :-)

  • You never know what a guy can turn into until you give him a chance…

    • Clamdigger

      Stop spamming.

      • Actually it’s called ‘sharing a link’. I hear people do that on the internet these days. Also spammers don’t respond to comments. This is an example of a response.

    • Mr.Budz

      If you are going to shove your articles down the throat of everyone here at least have a nice looking website. This looks like something I made during highschool in web design class.

  • Token

    Well they are gonna need to fill the middle somehow with someone.

    It seems to me they are buying into their “top ranked rush D” as much as some fans are. No matter that the 8 or so game stretch everyone talks about included games against a bunch of nobody rusher. I think Mendenhall actually gashed them a bit.

    So Instead of addressing the problem it seems they are going again with the idea that their amazing coaching will fix all.

    Well, maybe. But I doubt it. They are in the same spot as last season. You have Bennie Logan who was ok as a rookie. But got absolutely abused in the Saints game. Now hes supposed to be adding a bunch of weight, which isnt something I generally like to see a player do. And hes away from his more natural position at 3-4 DE trying to be forced into a NT role IMO. We will see how that works out. But for right now it seems like the middle is still weak.

    Then at ILB they are hoping Ryans doesnt continue to get worse. Which to me is quite a gamble. Especially when he will be playing so much. And Kendricks who is one of those players everyone will keep waiting on, but likely wont ever really come around. I dont think he has the head and instincts for the game.

    • Kevin

      And in other news, it’s always partly cloudy, the glass is half full, and the only upside is a limited downside.

      Logan wasn’t nearly as abused as “believed” in the saints game. It had more to do with our choice of D and a good game plan by the saints. There are several good breakdowns of the game out there that support this.

      Gaining weight is not bad if it is controlled and done properly. We aren’t talking about Mickey D’s Big Mac diet. This is a controlled program to add strength and mass, without losing explosiveness. It is also in a “normal” range, not like he is showing up looking like Grimace, just 10 lbs of muscle, which was probably predetermined based on his frame measurements.

      For a “weak” middle, the Eagles were 4th in the league in yards per rush for the season, so it’s more than an 8 game stretch.

      I agree that Ryans should get more of a break and has limited coverage skills, but he is still a quality starter and savvy vet. I would like to see a better 3rd down defense package.

      Kendrick’s has improved year 1 to year 2 and showed continued development last year, so I don’t understand the skepticism. If he regresses this year and shows a lack of consistency then yes, but he deserves two full years in a stable non-wide 9 defense before judgements are made, IMO.

      • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

        And how different is the Saints game if the offense shows up in the 1st quarter, and the Saint are forced to throw more? Because our much maligned secondary, aided by Barwin constantly chipping and frustrating Jimmy Graham, did a GREAT job that day on Brees, Colston, and company.

      • Token

        We have been through this many times before.

        Yea, nickle D in the Saints game. That doesnt really change the line guys. Logan getting blown off the ball has little to do with the D alignment. Such a weak argument.

        I really really hope im wrong. But I think a lot of you are in for a bit of a letdown this season. Last years overachieving with a weak schedule has really skewed opinions to a major degree.

        • NickS1

          Nevermind that Logan’s struggles were largely against an All-Pro guard in Evans. I’ll let the rook slide on that.

          • Richard Colton

            He needs to get better Nick, but he was a rookie who showed a lot his first year. I think he can. He made Sop completely irrelevant 1/2 way through the season (with an assist from Sop himself).

          • NickS1

            Of course he needs to get better, Rich. I agree wholeheartedly. But he’s a rook, in a system that seems to truly aim to improve players, so I believe he will. But I’m not going to use the Saints game while facing an All-Pro as the sole factor in judging the kid’s ability and career like our friend, Token.

          • sprawl

            Yeah but Logan had the benefit of not even being the starting NT for a year before playing against an all pro guard in the playoffs being coached by Sean Payton. This rookie had everything going for him and he blew it…

            Seriously though, his episode on the Eagles Beakly podcast was great!

            I like how he was playing paintball and hiding the fact that he played for the Eagles. People were like “How can you afford that truck???”

            “uhh.. my family helped me.”

            “Well, where do you work?”

            “Oh I work in Philly”

            Then the week after the podcast you see all kinds of pictures on twitter of him posing with people after playing paintball

          • NickS1

            Trying to figure out if you’re being sarcastic in the beginning paragraph. Think so, but want to double check…. and that’s awesome. Seems like a good dude, and this is definitely a good example of that.

          • Joe from Easton

            That podcast was great… he had me rolling!

      • NickS1

        How dare Logan lose multiple battles to an All-Pro right guard in Evans. Should have released him right then.

    • travis papa

      Look at Kendricks stat line and realize he missed 2 gms. He was a playmaker and improved as the yr went on. He has tremendous upside and now a 2nd off-season in the same system. He will be just fine and probably a cornerstone of the D for yrs. Demeco has at least 2yrs or better in him it’s just a matter of if the eagles will pay him $6.8 mil a yr. He had a solid season last yr and people act like he was playing from a wheelchair. Ilb and DL are the least of our worries improved secondary play and pass rush are the main concerns. I expect both of those areas to be improved and more consistent in yr 2. The future is bright.

      • Token

        Again, cant imagine how people draw the conclusion that Ryans has a lot left. The guy was getting run over at times last year. Him and Kendricks were missing plays left and right. Accumulating tackles doesnt mean you played well. How many times were they behind the play? How many times did they get stuck on a blocker? A lot.

        And you arent worried about the DL and ILBs? Cant get on the same page with you there. And you say the secondary and pass rush is improved. How is that? Its the same thing they trotted out there last year. Do you think Trent Cole is about to have a 15 sack year?

        • NickS1

          I’m not a huge fan of the Malcolm Jenkins addition and hope to be proved wrong, but you have to blind to not realize that: Malcom > Trash Can > Patrick Chung… The secondary actually did improve. You also seem to dismiss the idea of continuity, which is your prerogative, but isn’t dismissed by the rest of us. You get better with practice and repitition, something that the whole team has bought into. Let’s at least see how year 2 goes before we hop on the train to Negadelphia to judge the D, Davis, and the defensive philosophies of Chip.

        • travis papa

          I think the secondary is better with Jenkins by virtue of not being Patrick Chung and Nate Allen having some consistentcy and less responsibility. If Wolff is back there with Jenkins great now he has a mentor and the cbs don’t feel the need to cover up soo much for the S spot. I didn’t say demeco has 5-10yrs but maybe 2 and at the right price maybe for a 2 down LB. Pass rush could be helped by better secondary and more familiarity. Cole did have all of his sacks in the 2nd half of the season but I know he’s not the answer maybe Marcus Smith and Graham show something. Honestly I’m ready to move on from Cole and I love him so much I wanted to name my 1st born son after him but my wife said no.

    • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

      As Chris Collingsworth will tell you, MK95 was killing it down the stretch. He’s not a great pass defender, I’ll give you that. But when it comes to blitzing, and playing side to side, he’s a monster. Don’t go selling your stock just yet. This is year 3. I feel like he could make a big leap toward being a complete MLB this yr, his 1st not having to learn a new system, and just being able to play without thinking. I expect big things.

      • Token

        More than likely he will play just average enough to get a new contract. Then he will be the next Nate Allen. The guy that everyone is always saying is about to take a big step forward in year 10.

        • Joe Putin

          Does your name mean that you are the token cry baby Negadelphian of the comments section?

          • A Roy

            Every board needs a Devil’s advocate. Someone called him a Negative Nancy they other day, but he fills a role in the lineup.

        • Clamdigger

          Kendricks and Allen? Horrible comparison. Kendricks is a stud.

          • Token

            Can you explain how Kendricks can in any way be classified as a stud? Take your Eagles hat and jersey off before answering.

          • Clamdigger

            Rewatch some games and watch Kendricks in the run game. He’s a wrecking ball. Year 2 in the system should show an improvement in discipline in coverage assignments where he struggled at times by cheating and overestimating his own speed.

          • Token

            Huh? The guy misses tackles, takes bad angles, falls for misdirection to much, shows bad instincts and get manhandled by blockers quite often.

            I was a fan of him coming out. I wanted him. Loved the pick. But at some point you gotta take the fan hat off and just call things for what they are.

          • Clamdigger

            Every player does all of those things. I think you need to be more measured in your evaluations. He’s a playmaker and a good player. No fan hat. You’re being overly pessimistic.

          • Jeff Asay

            I have to side with Token when it comes to Kendricks. I’m hoping he takes a step forward, but he disappears for long stretches. And for the life of me how does a guy that fast completely fail at pass coverage?

            I’m not sold on the front seven at all. I think they just looked good relative to a sieve of a secondary. This defense needs playmakers. The slot corner is the only one thus far. Where’s just one of Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, and Reggie White? That beast had at least one stud at each level. We have one vs 3 receiver sets. Meh

          • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

            Go watch wk17 dallas game. Mk95 was a terror that day. He might end Brady’s season in August.

        • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

          And realize he went from playing OLB in a wide 9, to mlb in a 34. For once he will enter the season playing in the same scheme he did the year before. I wish people had this level of disdain for Fletcher Cox. Dude gets out played by 3rd rounders and udfas and all anyone says is he’s the best at ALMOST sacking the QB. Smh

    • Explorer51

      “Nobody rushers” like Matt Forte, the 2nd leading rusher in the league, who put up a big 29 yds on 9 carries or DeMarco Murray, who led the NFL in avg yds per carry @ 5.2 who needed 17 carries for a whopping 48 yds? In arguably the two most important games of the regular season…

      • Token

        In a game that wasnt a game. It was out of hand before they could think of running the ball.

      • TNA

        There was that stretch of games in which the Eagles’ opponents didn’t have their biggest or one of their biggest weapons at their disposals. Includes AP but of course they got shredded by the backups in that game. Also missed Ellington or the Cards scat back that was performing well until he got injured.
        That said, the biggest weakness was purposely giving up short yardage plays to cover up the big play. Unfortunately, teams were getting 4-5 yards on 1st down than a more manageable 3 yards. If the Eagles can press wideouts and also plug the lanes efficiently on 1st down better, they’ll be ok.

    • daggolden

      Kendricks is a bigger version of Ernie Sims. Fast and physically talented but over runs plays and is easily fooled “Hey your shoelaces are untied”..He misses to many tackles and cant cover anyone.

  • myeaglescantwin

    Do we believe that both Ryans and Cole will be gone in 2015??

    That’s two big contracts & two old dogs. (we can sub in ‘too’ here)
    With all the emphasis that Chip is placing on character, it’s hard to think he lets two of his top locker room pieces walk.
    (all depending on 2014 performances of course)

    • Richard Colton

      We keep trying to write Cole’s obit, but we still don’t have an answer for a dependable edge rushing ROLB. Barwin? Graham? Smith? Let’s find that guy before we jettison Cole.

      • myeaglescantwin

        I’m with you there, just trying to gage the fanbase you know.

        We really don’t have any concrete answers at any positions except DL right now.

        I think it’s going to come down to contracts for the both of these players. That and 2014 performance, but that’s a given.

    • Kev_H

      Aren’t there offseason quotes, maybe from the owner’s meeting, from Chip about always having new guys stepping up in leadership roles? Maybe if your roster was full of knuckleheads and you needed a few wise vets to crack the whip and keep everyone together, that would make sense, but that doesn’t seem to be what Kelly is going for here. If all your guys are good in the lockerroom/high character, you don’t have to retain expensive or substandard players for intangible reasons.

      • myeaglescantwin

        couldn’t you argue that’s exactly what they did this offseason?

  • HowieGambleChipsAllDay

    I was never a big Avant fan from day one when he put on TO’s number and had NONE of TO’s skills. Then the 2012, I believe, comments he made, along with Babin, and Casey Matthews, about fans being the problem when bums like them where the real issue. You’re all entitled to your opinions here, but as far as I’m concerned Avant’s punk. Always has been. And I’m thrilled to be rid of him. Completely justifies reaching for Huff to jettison that sloth.

    • ray jay

      Bad comment is bad.

      • LookLikeTarzanPlayLikeTarzanAl

        Whatever. People give that guy so much respect. He had great hands. That’s it. He was a jerk who harbored ill will towards Philly and it’s fans. Peace out. Have fun on the worst receiving Corp in the league in Carolina. I hate wasting years on mediocre players. Go find a winner with skills.

    • Kev_H

      I like how it seems like he feels put out that Kelly would want somebody fast at WR.

  • Tautalatasi Jr.

    Why the sour grapes Avant? you’re being replaced by the Pope, there’s no shame in that

    • Chris

      As a religious man, I expected Avant to be honored.

      • Tautalatasi Jr.


    • Rambler

      Pope Jordan is turning those sour grapes into wine.

  • Addicted2MAmula

    I like the young guys. When the vets leave we will still have a strong young team. Should move even faster

  • Token

    Reading some replies I really think many people are in for a rude awakening this season. You are getting a bit to high on this squad IMO. Last year was overachieving against a weak schedule.

    We are putting the same defense on the field again. One that isnt good enough. Weak middle of the D. Still weak secondary assuming Cary cant be moved from a prominent role because of salary. Jenkins is one of the most abused safeties in the league. I realize the argument is that Davis is such a genius that he will fix him. Even tho Ryan couldnt. Yea, I dont buy stock in that argument. Still no pass rush.

    We are one OL injury away from being in trouble, and thats assuming Herremans can be decent this year. They havent really addressed depth on the OL at all. Hopefully Barbre is ready to play.

    Sproles, eh. I was for Jackson being let go. I think the production will be made up for. But much depends on Maclin being healthy. Sproles cant play RB very effectively at this point. You essentially have no backup RB. Im hoping he still contributes a decent amount in the short passing game.

    In the end we are left hoping that the coaching is on such a high level that the players wont matter. And in addition to all that, hoping Foles is actually a player. Im a Foles fan. I think he can play. But even I cant sit here with confidence and tell you hes gonna be great yet.

    • Richard Colton

      Everything you said is true, Token.

      All I’d say playing devil’s advocate is that the question marks surrounding this team aren’t as big as the ones all three of our division foes have. That, and Jordan Matthews will give us a huge advantage in those rainy November, December games, as he can walk on water.

      • Token

        Yea dont get me wrong, im still ready for some football. Just cant get to that level on expectations. I expect a step back this year actually.
        Unless maybe some of these young kids really go nuts. Ertz, Matthews, those DL picks.

        • Richard Colton

          and a small step back in record might be OK, it was never a two year solution anyway. 2014 will be a successful year if Foles turns into a star and the 2014 draft yields returns like 2012 and 2013. I’m thinking 2015 is their first “window” year.

          • Token

            Yea we can be 100% sure Foles is a stud after this year it would make me feel better.

            I do worry a bit about what happens if they go 8-8 or worse. Is Chip patient enough for that? I think he knows Rome wasnt built in a day but im not sure.

            Its frustrating to seemingly always be the team building for the future that never comes.

    • peteike

      Agree with everything except a few details. Not worried about O line, in fact Herremans played better later in season and a 2nd year for Lane will be better. Also think the back end and backup CBs are much better which should help slightly if up front isnt getting pressure. I do think the lack of superior pass rush specialist will hurt and dont think Safeties are that much better but are still an upgrade. That upgrade I hope allows the corners to press more and not leave such big cushions. Overall on the D it improved significantly over the course of the season so thats where I put stock, that it will continue to improve. Not worried at all about Os production but can agree the schedule will temper expectations, it wont be easy. That being said, I think Foles in a full season as starter and improving is a good thing. Still needs to prove more but Im a believer while being objective. I think I buy the scheme more than Foles but both really.

    • Kev_H

      It’s tough to judge strength of schedule before the season even starts, but given that- Eagles’ 2013 opponents record in 2013 was .496, their 2014 opponents record was .478 or 20th toughest in the league. The Eagle face 5 “quality” (9 or more wins in 2013) opponents in 2014 (only six teams face fewer) and the point differential of their 2014 opponents is -297, (only 5 teams face worse).

      So, by all objective measures, your strength of schedule premise is way off base. By my subjective opinion, the rest is pretty much off base as well. The Eagles have a solid, strong team that should be much better in 2014.

    • Max Lightfoot

      What do you expect? After Reid’s drafting disasters (that will take at least three strong drafts to overcome) cratered the team, they had to rebuild – completely.

      You’re correct – the defense played way over their talent levels last year, but after a good draft, they will get better. It’s an incremental process, not an overnight turnaround. All this takes T-I-M-E.

      The Eags are rebuilding and are getting better. If anyone’s expectations are too high, it just might be yours.

      I’m gonna enjoy this season for what it is. Go Eags!

    • Brandon Boykin, LOL

      For once Token… I completely agree with you.

    • In the end we are left hoping that the coaching is on such a high level that the players wont matter.

      have you played the game before, at a high level? if so, you have to concur that going into a new season (2013) with new coaches and a completely different scheme (attacking 43–>2gap34) is a big deal.
      And even more importantly, being in the 2nd year of a scheme with a largely returning starting core has just as many positives as negatives, which you listed. Particularly since so many of the players are young.

      argue personnel til the paint drys. but this year clearly tells us almost all we need to know about the coaching. with a fresh infusion of talent at all 3 levels, and a high-scoring offense, we’ll know how the team took to the scheme.

      casting judgment on such a small, unreliable sample size is absurd.

      • Token

        The good old “do you even play bro?” argument. Come on rob, I expect more from you.

        In this league talent matters. Just my opinion. I dont think we have the horses on D. At least as it looks now. Maybe a couple of these rooks turn out to be monsters in year one. Unlikely tho. Other then that its the same not good enough group.

        You can expect them to take a big leap forward just from coaching and being in the scheme another year. I dont.

        I actually think thats a overrated concept. Jackson went out and had his best year ever in a brand new scheme. Foles came out of nowhere and flourished in a first year brand new scheme. Brandon Boykin new scheme, flourished. Cedric Thornton new scheme had his best year.

        The excuse of needing that continuity or needing a few years to grow into a system more often then not is used when talking about a sub par player. Nate Allen….. Kendricks. I expect, unfortunatly, that in 2017 I will see posts about how this is the year Kendricks takes a step forward. He finally got the system down etc…

        In the end you need talent.

        • I’m not here to change your mind, clearly impossible. but your outright dismissal only confirms my suspicions. Great you can pick on Ced, but Cox and Logan are almost definitely improving. Smith adds some help to a weak LB unit, and the presence of Jenkins and Watkins cannot be dismissed outright. Not to mention the likelihood of playing with a lead; we don’t need shutouts

  • sprawl

    Always fun when a college’s “Check out our college of industrial engineering student” post leads to an Eagles video:


  • A_T_G

    “…doing some good things, showing a lot of good signs and flashes of being a good, consistent player.”

    I like the guy, but when your last name is Goode, you should find some synonyms.

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