Bamiro, Now At Guard, Fighting For Spot

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Michael Bamiro spent a large portion of Monday’s OTA holding a rectangular orange blocking pad. As one of 16 offensive linemen competing for about half as many spots, it acted as his entry pass so he too could jump into drills and prove to offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland he’s more than just a practice player.

“I’m really just doing whatever I can to get myself on that field,” Bamiro said.

Other than soaking up wisdom from Jason Peters, Todd Herremans and Jason Kelce, Bamiro admits one determining factor in whether he’ll make the leap to the 53-man roster is an improved work ethic. After having difficulty adjusting to the NFL last season, his professional career got off to a slow start.

“I should’ve put a lot more effort into it than I did [last year],” Bamiro said. “It was real tough because I had to learn a lot on the fly and it didn’t come as easy to me as I thought it would. That’s all on me.”

One modification in Year 2 is that he’s changing positions, from tackle to guard. At 6-8 (340 pounds), Bamiro would’ve been tied for the tallest guard in the NFL last season.

You rarely see players his size inside because most play too high, Kelce pointed out. But the Eagles’ center thinks that won’t be a problem for Bamiro and that Bamiro’s long arms (that measure at more than three feet) will prevent interior lineman from getting into his body.

“Mike, his body and his ability to bend, he really fits the guard position,” Kelce said. “He has made strides across the board in all facets of his game. A full year in the weight room, he’s gotten a lot stronger. He’s one of the strongest guys on the offensive line right now which will really help him out.”

Bamiro spent last year on the practice squad, taking some reps at guard, but primarily lining up at tackle. Now that he’s a full-time guard, he’ll be able to dedicate all of his time to learning the nuances of just one spot.

“Playing there all regular season last year helped a ton,” Bamiro said. “It helped a lot because the speed inside at guard is a whole lot faster. Everything moves so much quicker because the ball is always going to be around you.”

After giving Bamiro a three-year deal worth nearly $1.5 million and $250,000 in guaranteed money last year, the Eagles hope he can take the step from project to contributor.

“I’m really excited to see how far he continues to progress through the summer and where he’s at once we start training camp,” Kelce said.

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  • Token

    Wasnt this the guy everyone was so high on? At his size when they move you to guard its out of desperation. Just hoping to get something out of you. Id say he likely wont be around much longer.

    Hopefully they stay healthy on the OL this year.

    • CrackSammich

      …Or they realize the most likely OL that needs replaced is Herremans, a guard.

      • Token

        At least think a little bit.

        If Herremans goes down its likely Barbre that goes in.

        How many 6’8 guards do you know? Just doesnt happen much. Too hard for a guy that size to do his job inside.

    • borntosuffer

      Versatility. With Chip, if you aren’t a “1” you have to be versatile. I think they feel like they already have the 1st tackle off the bench in Barbre. Can’t really argue with your point, though. It’s not encouraging from that perspective.

      • Joshua Chapman

        I totally agree with you. I think Kelly (and possibly Bamiro) realized that behind Lane, Peters, Barbre, and maybe even Dennis Kelly, there wouldn’t be a ton of time where he’d get the opportunity to see the field. However, inside, where there’s little competition, he’d get on the field a lot quicker in case of emergency. Also, the added versatility could help him get a leg up on the competition. He has the size and the length to play outside and the technique to play inside. With other positions that need as many bodies as neccessary (DL, CB, S, WR) it doesn’t hurt to have do-it-all lineman.

    • ztom6

      I tend to agree. I can’t believe I’m reading that “work ethic was an issue” for an off-the-street free agent in the NFL. Plus as you’re saying if a guy is 6’8″ 340 with long arms and athleticism and they’re not grooming him to be a tackle, there’s a problem.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        Sounds like he was getting frustrated from the learning curve.

    • JofreyRice

      yeah, don’t understand why they wouldn’t want him out at tackle, learning behind Lane. Doesn’t sound good, and I’m pulling for Bamiro.

      • Token

        It was assumed that because they didnt draft any OL that they loved their current guys. Well…..

        I do like Barbre from what we have seen. Glad hes first off the bench. But not much else leaves you feeling very good behind the starters. I think they could handle a full Herremans collapse by playing Barbre there. But what if Peters goes down then?

        • JofreyRice

          I mean, he did play Kyle Long at Guard, at 6’6, but the switch from tackle to guard seems a little ominous, considering the first guy up is pretty clearly defined.

        • C’mon. Name another team with solid backups for their 3 pro bowl caliber OL. Most teams would give anything for our 5. That’s like saying we’re screwed if Foles or McCoy gets hurt….you just can’t have 53 great guys.

          I don’t fault Kelly for trying the kid out at a position. What’s there to lose? clearly the vet Colledge who they brought in and let leave wasn’t going to beat these guys out

      • Johnny Domino

        They may want to see if he can play both in the interim, with a long range RT spot in the offing should Lane switch sides in a post-Peters era.

  • Andy

    Wait. So did he spend most his time on the practice squad at tackle or guard last year? Story says primarily tackle but his quote seems to imply he has a year inside under his belt

    • Josh Paunil

      He spent the majority of his time at tackle, but he took reps at guard the entire year too. He would just spilt it up between the two positions, with more at tackle if that makes sense.

      • Andy

        Ah, thanks.

      • Richard Colton

        you don’t even get a MOD next to your name? Or is this GEAGLE in disguise?

        • stamtown

          ha, love this board

          • Dominik

            And you, my friend, are obviously fan of a soccer player who’s so bad ass that he could play football. Like that. Although Stams country won’t win anything in the upcoming world cup. :D

          • stamtown

            Netherlands should have put him on the roster this year, he could still club somebody for them. Saw him play for AC Milan against Chelsea in Philly in ’04, will never forget the frigid death stare he gave me when I tried to get his attention. Has been my favorite athlete ever since!

          • Dominik

            On the other hand, there won’t be one opposing striker who hasn’t got that frigid death stare from him, so you’re not alone. ;)

          • UKEagle99

            Ahhh shortly after Ferguson had him shipped out of Manchester in the dead of night… Only 1 team winning the World Cup in Brazil…

          • …Brazil?

          • UKEagle99


        • Chris

          It must be earned.

        • Andy124

          Even McManus doesn’t get a mod next to his name. Sheil don’t share.

        • Dont trust the non-mods.


  • Brandon Boykin, LOL

    I saw the article pic and thought “Whoa… We signed KG?!”

    • cliff henny

      2 kg’s glues together, 340?!

      • Brandon Boykin, LOL

        Glue two KG’s together and everyone on the field would get cussed out. Twice.

        • cliff henny

          wonder is Bamiro likes hoo-ha’s that taste like cheerio’s also

          • Wilbert31

            This sounds like something I need to know more about…

          • Mark F

            I always thought they tasted like dirty sidewalks after a slight drizzle.

  • cliff henny

    340 and he’s fit enough to have veins showing in his head, that’s crazy. hope guy works out, if not, was good attempt, cost nothing more than money, nothing on cap. keep lining up guys like Bamiro, marinate them for a year or 2, keep the developmental funnel full, hopefully one might pop-out. sounds like team is much higher on Tobin and brought in another batch of UDFA and a Texan castoff, so funnel is reloaded.

  • mtn_green

    That’s a pretty sweet contract, if he makes the 53 he is paid very very little and if he is cut the guaranteed money is less than league minimum.

  • Richard Colton

    pry be the starting RT for the Chargers in 2 years.

    • Johnny Domino

      With King Dunlap at LT?

      • VarshaMoretoniss

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  • Ben

    It’s a little to premature to pass judgment on this kid, don’t ya think?
    He was and still may be a little raw.
    The team knew that going in and he wasn’t going to make the 53 but with an off season to improve and a year under Kelly’s system, who knows how good he can really be?
    If Kelce is claiming he is now one of the strongest players on the O line, to me that speaks volumes.

  • anon

    If they end up not liking him he’ll be easy to trade.