Draft Debate: Chances Of a First-Round Trade?

Chip Kelly
As we count down to Thursday, Tim and Sheil give their takes on how the Eagles will approach the 2014 draft.

In case you missed our previous installments, on Monday, they each gave their three most likely targets for the Birds at No. 22. And yesterday, they debated whether the team will draft a QB.


Today’s question: What are the odds the Eagles will trade up, stay put or trade back in the first round?

Kapadia: Let’s start with the least likely scenario in my opinion: trading up. I’ll put that at a 10 percent chance.

I’m all for being aggressive, but there’s a time and place. The Eagles dealt a fifth-round pick earlier this offseason to acquire Darren Sproles. That leaves them with six total picks in what is largely considered a loaded draft. Giving up more resources to move up in the first round just doesn’t make sense to me.

Moving up for a wide receiver would be especially puzzling, considering the team let DeSean Jackson go for nothing and Howie Roseman has said he sees starting-caliber pass-catchers likely to be available in the middle rounds. If the Eagles eye a stand-out defender at a spot that’s difficult to fill (UCLA OLB Anthony Barr, Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix) and want to be bold, fine. But I still think it’s unlikely.

Next scenario? The trade-back. This one makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll put it at 30 percent. Really, the reasons are ones I’ve already mentioned. If you can pick up extra ammo later in the draft by moving down (or even out) in the first round, I say do it. In my opinion, this roster still needs plenty of work. There are obvious question marks at wide receiver, outside linebacker and safety. But an upgrade at corner wouldn’t hurt. And depth (on the offensive line, defensive line, inside linebackers) should be a priority also. I think the Eagles would definitely entertain the idea of moving back. The problem could be finding a partner who wants to move up. But it only takes one.

And finally, the most likely scenario: staying put. Tim and I gave our top three potential options for the 22nd slot earlier this week. But the draft can be unpredictable, and you never know who’s going to slide. Maybe someone like Alabama inside linebacker C.J. Mosley starts to drop. Or perhaps the media are higher on Barr than actual personnel people.

I still say USC WR Marqise Lee, Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller and Oregon St. WR Brandin Cooks are the three most likely options. But one way or another, the Eagles should be able to find a quality player at No. 22.

McManus: We’re pretty much on the same page, my friend, though I’m leaving the door a little more open for a trade up than you are. With all this buzz about them trying to move higher, I’m guessing  they have one or two guys that they are very keen on and are exploring ways to jump up if their target is within reach and the demands within reason. A lot of stars have to align, though, and the fact that they have only six picks makes the idea of depleting your resources in a deep draft less than appealing. For those reasons, it is still the most unlikely scenario in my mind.

Trading back could be the move. The more I read about the quarterback dynamic, the more I believe most of the QB-needy teams will pass on a signal-caller the first time around. That could create a situation where those teams attempt to move into the back end of the first round to ensure they get their guy rather than hoping he makes it into the second round when they are scheduled to pick again. All of a sudden, the 22nd slot is in demand. I’m looking at Cleveland in particular as a logical trade partner. They hold the fourth and the 26th selections in the first round, then pick again at 35. They need a QB, and are in great position to move up if need be. Would the Eagles be willing to slide back to 26? Could be.

Agreed, though, that staying put is the most likely scenario. And I have Lee, Fuller and Mosley as the potential picks if that’s how it shakes out.

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  • myeaglescantwin

    I’m going to go ahead and say 80%.

    We all know that Howie is notorious for putting his team in the positions to draft the players the coach wants.
    I could see us jumping up if a player drops.
    Hell, if the QB’s start to drop, I could also see us fleecing someone and moving back.

    One aspect i want everyone to take notice to, is the fact that next year’s draft seems to be loaded with top end talent. I really do believe that Chip will consider this when evaluating trading options.

    Much like when we sent our pick to Carolina, then used that to trade for Peters.
    A trade to get a player like Mariota will take at least 2 first rounders.

    • B-West

      Yup. I had this same thought back when Mariota announced he was staying in school. If any picks from this year get rolled into picks for next year, it’ll be an indication to me that Mariota is very much on the radar.

    • Richard Colton

      80% is really high. I’d say no higher than 50/50, considering we didn’t trade back last year, even though the roster had more holes.

      • CJ

        If you’re counting up and back, I think that’s right. Maybe even a tad low. I don’t see the Eagles staying at 22.

      • myeaglescantwin

        I was including later round movement.

        i think that’s where Chip will shine.
        he should have tons of NCAA backup on these next couple crops of talent. I’d expect decent turn out with UDFA as well.

        • Richard Colton

          Ohh. I assumed it was 1st round only because of the title of the article. In that case, 80% sounds right.

          • myeaglescantwin

            ahhah,, sorry. i totally overlooked the name of the article i guess.

            caffeine in the am gets me amped.

    • botto

      Foles for 1000 years

  • knighn

    Hey All – The Draft is just over 32 hours away now, but more importantly:
    Mother’s Day is only 3 and 1/2 days away now!!
    Don’t forget to take care of your Mom and/or the Mother of your Children!

    (No Shady jokes, please. That one doesn’t count).

    • myeaglescantwin

      for a second i thought that was a computer board comment hack scammerammy.

      but Knighn is just being compassionate.. i dig.

      • knighn

        …and trying to look out for Bros who are so caught up in draft stuff that they’re forgetting to shop for Mom’s Day.

        Damn this new draft schedule. It’s so distracting. We should be over the speculation and already be talking about how much the players we drafted suck / rock and who we should have taken instead!

    • Jorge Gutierrez

      I laughed

    • Eagles1018

      Speaking of, props to Teddy Bridgewater for getting his mom, the breast cancer survivor, a pink Cadillac Escalade for Mother’s Day. He promised her when he was 8 years old that he’d become a football player and buy her one. Awesome:


      • http://www.corcommunity.com/ theycallmerob

        Brandin Cooks did something similar for his mom; bought here a white mercedes recently.


        great write-up on him today on grantland.


        • Andrew

          That article on Grantland makes me want him to be an Eagle quite a bit more than I did before reading it. Skill, speed, character. Sounds like a great fit for our birds.

          • Mr. Magee

            I’m sure he’s a great guy, but I’ll take a pass (no pun intended)… If we had a legit #1 receiver, then he’d be a great compliment. But we don’t. So I’ll take somebody with size who can be a threat in the red zone.

      • Clamdigger

        Waiting for the NCAA to seize it.

        • anon

          Was just wondering how he paid for that. Must have got a 0 down loan.

          • daveH

            I also wonder how!! but figure they have graduated and they can work in a zillion ways already just on their hard work & recognition from college. ..right? they don’t have to sign to a pro team to earn marketing or promotional money . . .

          • anon

            true, think he might be out of ncaa rules once he declared

          • Clamdigger

            Way to kill the joke. :(

          • Richard Colton

            buzz killington alert…

            seriously though, most of the guys projected to go high in the draft take interest free loans from their own agents. that’s why DeSean still owes his money.

          • Amar

            I thought Desean gives them an offer they can’t refuse. 😀

          • Eagles1018

            I figured u were joking but my guess off the top is he got a loan from his agent. Just don’t be like that WR on the skins and not pay the guy back…..

          • Joe from Easton

            Probably wouldn’t be hard to get a loan when you’re about to be a first round pick with zero chance of being injured between now and your first paycheck.

  • GumboGumbo

    Barr, Fuller, Cooks, or trade back

  • JAMIN67

    If I hear one more mention of the rumor that we’re trading Foles and our first to move up for Johnny Football, I’m gonna lose my lunch. I’ll give you two words why I don’t think that’s happening: Marcus Mariota. If Chip truly wants to bring in a guy who is a more mobile QB, something tells me he’d rather take the one who is taller, stronger, faster and with a higher character…not to mention one that he coached firsthand. Even if that means waiting a year. All this talk about trading up for Manziel is just trying to drum up a trade partner at #22 in case he slides, IMO.

    • Fuddy duddy

      Where did you get the photo of that Bird’s helmet? I dig it!

      • JAMIN67

        Found it online somewhere a while ago. Wish they’d use it as their alternate helmet, I dig it too lol

    • cliff henny

      yup, if teams think they can wait till after eagles, this will force them to jump #22, and push a guy down. my guess is all the guys we are hearing they like, they don’t, they want other teams to pick these guys inside top 20 and hope it pushes the guys eagles want down. or, they like the guys, I don’t know, hope Howie has 31 GMs as confused as he has me

      • JAMIN67

        I hope so too. I’m perfectly content with trading down and getting another #2, and taking a Van Noy or Marcus Smith, and (fingers crossed) Latimer. Score on at least one or 2 of the rest of your picks and that’s a successful draft to me.

  • WorldPh_ingChamps

    I’m not on board with Lee, he is essentially Jason Avant, why mess up the chemistry to get rid of a leader like Avant to draft his physical clone who is not a team leader? If a stud defender is not available at 22, I listen to offers for the pick to move back and get a different receiver in the second or third. Almost all the other receivers that should be available in 2nd and 3rd are all 6’2″ or taller and can run better than Lee…

    • willissez

      I don’t know about the intangibles with Lee, but you are really selling him short by comparing him to Avant on the field. Don’t forget he played through an injury last year so his numbers were down.

      • WorldPh_ingChamps

        I’m not sure of the intangibles, either, but we know who and what Avant was. Lee is exactly 6’0″, about 200 pounds, same as Avant, had drop issues this last year, and his speed is underwhelming given his size. The two differences between Lee and Avant is that Avant has sure hands and we KNOW he was a team leader, who was happy with his role as #3 or #4. I think Lee benefited from playing in pass happy Pac12 to have the stats that he had in 2012 and being in these shoot outs with Matt Barkley at QB. I would really like to have seen Lee in front of the “firing squad” of football pitching machines to see how good his hands were. Given his size and speed, his hands need to be GOLDEN!!

    • Javi Echie

      You cant wipe out the two earlier years of elite production just because his play slipped last year while dealing with all of USC’s problems which include poor oline and qb play. If Lee was to come out a year earlier he was a surefire top 10 pick. The Avant comparison is ludicrous, if I were to compare him to anybody I’d say he’s more of a Maclin type. Strong fluid route runner who is more of a glider then a speedster. I would be very content with him at 22 if it happened

      • Tom W

        Poormans maclin. Does nothing elite. Not very fast. Skinny. Weak. Injuries. Why duplicate we need elite. Size and speed.

        • laeagle

          Wow. He’s pretty much the opposite of every adjective you used.

          • Tom W

            Nah not really. Tons of injuries bc he lacks lower body strength. going to have hammy and knee injuries his entire career. doesnt have elite speed. that is documented and a fact. doesn’t have elite strength like a latimer. that is documented. he mimics what maclin does … experts even compare him to maclin.
            Matt Waldman author of Rookie Scouting Portfolio was also way down on him. may be a better rookie but has little upside bc he is limited athletically. I doubt the eagles even have a first round grade on him after his combine and injury history.

          • Javi Echie

            Where you getting these so called facts that hes gonna have knee and hammy issues his whole career? Are you a doctor? He had a better college career then Maclin so at this point of both of there careers Lee is better then Maclin was. Also Maclin tore an ACL in college yet didn’t hear fake doctors sayin that hes gonna have knee problems his whole life. Your assessment is week. I would rather have Latimer to but to try and bash Lee is crazy, the man has a biletnikoff award under his belt already and has good college stats.

  • Breakerdog

    Looking at the draft order there isn’t a really a lot of teams that have a glaring need for QBs after the Vikings at 8. If one of JFF, Teddy B or Blake Bortles falls down to 22 thats when the fireworks will happen. Teams like the Texans, Raiders, Jags could be desperate to get ahead of the Chiefs at 23 or the Browns at 26. Trading down looks really good.

  • PaoliBulldog

    I don’t see ODB or Ebron lasting until 22, so of the three possible picks Tim mentioned, I’m guessing Fuller. Then Matthews in the second round.

    I can’t see a tradeup. But I’d think trading back is a solid probability.

    • eaglesfanqc

      Don’t even care about Ebron… We will take Lyerla with our 7 (or UFA).

  • daveH

    I hope we come away with a premier OLB and premier Safety.
    lots of great receivers in this league and we just let one of them walk for whatever reasons.. thus for these same ‘whatever reasons’ our O will be fine with another athletic dude.
    ..a BEAST Defense sells more stuff to fans. keeps us on national tv.
    our Offensive gameplan is stronger than our Defensive coaching at this point. therefore we can still be strong without having to jump to the top of the pack for a top reciever. on the other hand, 2 top athletes on D will be making huge strides.

    • Maggie

      Nice analysis, especially keeping on TV. Works well for us West Coast folks. OLB first, Kicker in 4th or 6th would work too.

  • Andy124

    Tim and Sheil, what about Graham and/or Curry and/or Brown being used as ammo to move up in the first?

    How many spots, if any, do you think they could net us?

    • guest1

      very few if any. Considering it usually takes at least a third to move up a few spots in the first round. Do you think any of those players could get a 3rd round pick straight up?

    • Matthew B

      Virtually nothing. Why would people give up anything valuable for our backups?Especially in the 1st round? Maybe Graham can net us a 5th rounder ina deep draft. Maybe….

      • Andy124

        Well, if you’re saying they’re worth a 5th, then that’s worth a couple spots in the 1st right there.

        Chicago runs a 4-3 and drafts 14th. I’m no Bears expert, but they seem pretty unsettled at DE and Graham and Curry could really excel there. I also don’t see much of anything in terms of running back depth. Throw in Brown and a late round pick and you jump a whole bunch of 3-4 teams that could be looking at Barr.
        From Chicago’s point of view, they get to add high potential back-up rb, and former first round pick DE who’s flashed anytime he’s been given an opportunity and another DE who’s proven to have a great first step and I still have a first round pick.

        But 5th round value is just a guess I’ve heard from a bunch of random internet posters. I’m definitely curious as to what Sheil and Tim think those guys could be worth.

        • Matthew B

          I don’t disagree that those players have value. but teams value 1st and 2nd round picks very highly, and throwing in one of those guys really won’t move the needle in the first round. Not without additional picks, which the Birds really don’t have. If the Birds are moving up in the first, it’s going to cost picks. Curry (who has the most upside), Graham and Brown won’t come in to play until late in this draft.

  • Scott J

    If no one drops and Fuller and Lee are off the board, then I think they should look to trade down.

  • Pennguino

    If they are actually looking to trade up to grab Anthony Barr OLB, don’t you think they should offer the same picks to Miami for Jordan? Chip has stated he would have taken Jordan at 4 if he was there. Jordan seemed to be a better prospect last year than Barr is this year. Might be because it is a stronger draft this year, I don’t know.

    • AK

      #22 for Dion Jordan? Done.

  • Tom W

    Id be utterly disappointed if we stayed at 22 and drafted lee cooks or fuller.

    • peteike

      what dont you like about Lee or Fuller? Minus a trade down and assuming Barr and ODB (and other obvious ones) are gone who would you prefer there.

      • Tom W

        I hate following the media mocks. Why get rid of djax and draft cooks? Lee is a Poormans maclin w worse speed and more soft tissue injuries history. Kid didn’t even want to rerun his 40 at his proday. Fuller is fine although I don’t think he can press in the 6 games i watched and we won’t play him for a year. Id rather have latimer, Robinson, attaboy or Marcus smith or van noy.

        • peteike

          cool, ya I get why on Cooks and good point about Lee although I kind of like him, he is similar to Maclin. Hadnt thought of that. I love ARob and Latimer, just wonder if a team would take em in first. Agree on all the others thats why it would be so crucial to trade down if they can

          • guest1

            While Cooks and D-Jax have very similar size and speed the two play the game completely different. Go watch the cut ups of cooks games and you see he often will catch balls in traffic/against defenders. He also works extremely well in the red zone (where D-Jax continually disappeared). I love Cooks to death and think a better comparison would be Steve Smith than D-Jax.

          • peteike

            right, dont disagree but they want bigger bodies and have said as much

          • guest1

            Chip said one quote regarding size. Did he mention specifically he wanted to be bigger at specific positions or just in general?? For all we know he wants to just get bigger on the lines, or defense only, or skill positions we just don’t know. Especially after only one draft under Kelly where they did draft a few prospects that were small for their positions (Logan and Wolff). I think people are over reacting to that one quote. If Kelly thinks Cooks can play and can beat press coverage in his system i doubt he won’t take him because hes not big. Plus we do know that Kelly loves versatility and cooks can play inside or outside and is also a good receiver in all areas of the field.

          • peteike

            true, and trust me I hope hes not stubborn enough to avoid talent for measurables, nothing could be worse. I like Cooks but Im leaning Lee in terms of who they would maybe take. You make good points though about how taking Cooks really doesnt equate to djax release. I still think fans would equate that regardless with a knee jerk reaction.

          • Eagles1018

            Heck yes. Totally agree. Cooks is about 15 pounds (of muscle) heavier than the skins WR. His film is awesome to watch.

        • mksp

          Cooks will have a better career than DJax. He’s far more versatile and better with the ball in his hands. Also thicker and stronger.

          • anon

            You’re setting a really high standard for him. Notwithstanding 2011/2012 djax has been a pretty exceptional player.

          • Tom W

            Maybe thats a bold statement … djax has had a nice career. one acl can change everything. my comparison is more based on height and limitations at the line of scrimmage. you don’t get rid of djax and turn around and draft cooks. it makes no sense. midget for a midget. cooks still has alot of trouble w press coverage and doesn’t run very good routes (can be taught but still). still gives Chip alot of the same problems that djax did … still need to move him around ….still cant block a 6 2 corner …. chip ideally wants a bigger wr w elite speed or someone that can play inside and out like beckham

          • Andrew

            Your comment about cooks not running very good routes is just plain wrong. He is one of the 5 best route runners in the draft this year, without a doubt.

            As far as limitations at the line of scrimmage and press coverage, also wrong. Show me a better 5’9 – 5’11 player getting off the line in the last 3-4 drafts.

    • cliff henny

      Lee? around pick #20 when he’s still sitting there, I’m going to being worrying for you TommyDubs. think the guy can play, and have no issue if he’s the pick. though, think Robinson and Latimer are more likely targets.

    • Neanderthal

      The disappointment will wain when he make pro bowl in yr 2

  • eaglefansocal

    Move up to get Barr, take Lee, Cooks or Fuller at 22, or move back to end of 1st round to pick up a 3rd or 3rd and 5th are really the only possibilities I see. Except that Chip and Howie can be very unpredictable!!!

    • Tom W

      Chip wants a big versatile wr … Cooks and lee don’t fit that. Lee isn’t even that athletic. Fuller plays a position we don’t need and won’t even get on the field for a year. Why waste a pick when we can get a corner to learn for a yr in the fourth. After Barr, Mosley or haha or odb I wanna trade back or take latimer.

      • anon

        Chip loves lee-looking at his track record of taking people that do well against him id say lee is the pick unless he’s not there.

  • Tom W

    Hmmm … I say 10 percent we trade up to 19 if Barr falls to get him before the Cards. Otherwise, I say 75 percent chance we trade back w Niners, browns, Vikes, Houston, Jags, Raiders, Vikes, Tampa, or Titans.

    If Barr, Mosely, and Haha are all gone by 22, I think we ideally want to trade back. If we trade back I could care less who we take I will be so happy. Ideally Latimer, Van Noy, or attaboy, or marcus smith.

    If forced to stand pat, I hope they take Latimer or Attaboy Or Marcus Smith or Van Noy. Blah blah value, I think they are better than lee, cooks, dee ford, hageman, tuitt, roby, filo, moses … fuller is probably as good as them (although I strongly question his ability to press) but I see corner as our 5th or 6th biggest need and would rather not draft a corner.

    • oreofestar

      If we trade up it will be because they love Barr and he is available in the later teens that is it Watkins, Evans, Mack, Clowney I love them but I am not trading into the top 10 waaaaaay to much to get there, you need 2 to tango so I am not sure we get what we want to trade back and I would rather stay put then take less to trade back

      • Tom W

        I take whatever anyone else is offering to trade back .. match whatever chiefs are offering. I would take less we need more picks … give me a 4th to move to 26. a third to niners at 29. a third to texans pick. third and fifth to jags. third and fourth to vikes. make it work howie. take less if need be. we need more picks.

  • Tom W

    Who I want when for eagles list:

    A) 2 Wrs
    1) ODB 1st or later
    2) Latimer 1st or later
    3) Robinson 2d or later
    4) Adams 2d or later
    5) Bryant 3d or later
    6) Moncrief 3d or later
    7) Norwood 4th or later
    8) Ellington 4th or later
    9) Huff 5th or later
    10) Herron 4th or later
    11) Coleman 5th or later
    12) Janis 6th or later
    13) Evans 6th or later

    B) Edge OLB
    1) Barr 15 or lower
    2) AttaBoy 1st or later
    3) Marcus Smith 1st or later
    4) Trent Murphy 4th or later (not ideal)
    5) Will Clarke 4th or later
    6) Ronnie Powell – 5th or later

    C) ILB
    1) Mosley 22 or later
    2) Van Noy 1st or later
    3) christian jones — 3d or later
    4) Kirksey — 4th or later
    5) lamin barrow – 5th or later
    6) preston brown – 5th or later
    7) jordie tripp — 6th or later

    D) Corner
    1) Gilbert – 22 or later
    2) Fuller – 26 or later
    3) Baptiste – 3d or later
    3) Desir – 3d or later
    4) P Gaines – 4th or later
    5) Colvin – 4th or later
    6) Exum – 4th or later
    7) T Mitchell – 4th or later
    8) W Aikens – 5th or later
    9) Richardson – 6th or later

    E) Safety
    1) Haha – 22 or later
    2) Buchanon – 54 or later
    3) Dontae Johnson – 4th or later
    4) Antone Exum – 4th or later
    5) Watkins – 4th or later
    6) Vereen – 5th or later
    7) Huff – 6th or later
    8) Dowling – 6th or later
    9) Sunseri – 7th or later

    F) 5tech
    1) Urban – 5th or later
    2) Hart – 7th or later

    G) Nose
    1) Ego Ferguson 4th or later
    1a) K. Quarles – 5th or later
    2) Deandre Coleman – 6th or later
    3) Stephens – 6th or later
    4) Kerr – 7th or later

    H) Guard
    1) Brandon Thomas – 4th or later
    2) Dozier – 4th or later
    3) Halapio – 6th or later
    4) Spencer Long and Trey Hopkins – 6th or later

    I) TE
    1) ASF – third or later
    2) Amaro – third or later
    3) CJ Fed – fourth or later
    4) arthur lynch – fifth or later
    5) colt lyeria – fifth or later
    6) rodgers – sixth or later
    7) Jensen – seventh or later

    J) RB
    1) Tre mason – third or later
    2) Sankey, Sims, Seatrunk – 4th or later
    3) McKinnon – 5th or later
    4) DAT or Dri Archer – 5th or later
    5) Storm Johnson – 6th or later
    6) James Wilder Jr – 7th or later

    • Matthew B

      Anyone else?

    • cliff henny

      upvote for effort alone

    • Richard Colton

      Right now, Will is on first_pick.com figuring out how to get all of them

  • John E. Zang

    Anyone catch Ron Burkes lates mock draft on comcast sportsnet? It’s the worst one I’ve ever seen. He has them taking Verrett a 5’9 corner in the first. He’s not even projected to go in the first round. He also has them taking that receiver from Colorado in the third. Can almost guarantee both of them will not be an eagle.

  • Maggie

    Just a thought. For weeks there have been a couple dozen names proposed by commenters here. Over and over. How many prominent names did Chip and company sign in free agency?

    • cliff henny

      apples and oranges

    • peteike

      hey now, Andy left already

      • Andy124

        I was only gone for like a week. Sheesh.

        • Andy124

          And not a single tear was shed.

          • Maggie

            This should make you feel better, lol.

          • Andy124

            Thank you. I’ll just pretend they were crying over me instead. All better.

          • peteike

            ya were all bored. Seems close I know yet a whole 1 more day of useless comments to go until pick 1….maybe……trade back or out of round 1 and we can talk about other teams for another day so theres that

          • Andy124

            I’ll only get to watch day 1, so I’m REALLY hoping we don’t trade out of the first round for purely selfish reasons. I’ll be making an entire weekend out of a 4-hour Brew Fest after that.

          • peteike

            nice, sounds fun enjoy. Anytime someone is away from TV its usually a good thing.

  • DEBO 215

    I don’t think they make any significant moves. They only have 6 picks. They’re probably not going to move up. If anything they trade back to pick up extra picks.
    I’m hoping they go Pryor, Cooks or Haggeman in round 1.

  • Andy124

    Wow, Hextall in as GM of the Flyers. Hope springs eternal.

    • Maggie

      Well, he can always grab a stick and fling it at somebody, or continue practicing his body slams, lol.

      • Andy124

        Maybe be the first GM to score a goal. h/t Kempski

  • jesse

    God I would really hate to see Barr goto Dallas and have to hate him for the rest of his career

    • anon

      Their whole team underperforms so i’m not that worried about who they pick.

  • Andy124


    Tommy alway posts good stuff, but make sure you sort the comments by oldest and check out Baloophi stealing the show with his do-not-draft list.

    • Joe from Easton

      This was GREAT! This guy is gold. The Borland bit and Logan Thomas bit had me getting funny looks in the office for laughing out loud.

    • Maggie

      I enjoyed Henderson as well.

    • NickS1

      That post was awesome. Borland was great, but I lost it when I read Lyerla’s.

  • Rick H

    Tim & Sheil both evaluations are excellent. It shows you guys have a very good understanding of the team and the draft. The reality is (as Tim stated) all possibilities are on the table. The Eagles can not lock themselves into one guy because that would be foolhardy.
    The draft will dictate their direction. This is very much like the 2013 which happened FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO!.

  • Jerry Pomroy

    Apparently Ha-Ha wants us to draft him. He recently texted Eagles director of player personnel Ed Marynowitz (whom used to be a ‘bama recruiter) telling them to “Come get me please. Whatever it takes.”

    I’m really don’t want to draft a safety that high but I guess if it does go down, the silver lining is that we shouldn’t need to worry about that plagued position for at least 3-4yrs.

    • NCBiRDMann22

      Where can you find this info…would like to read it

      • Jerry Pomroy

        I have the NFL.com app (on my phone) and it came across in my alerts. So you can probably find there online.