Roseman and the DeSean/Culture Question

Eagles QB Nick Foles talks to WR Desean Jackson during the Eagles-Cowboys game. 10/20/13
ORLANDO — It’s not really about the “if” anymore. The Eagles are looking to deal DeSean Jackson and everyone – from the executives roaming the halls of the Ritz-Carlton this week to the fans at home – seems to know it.

It’s really about the “why.”

Why would the Eagles be looking to get rid of a 27-year old wide receiver who is coming off a career year and his third Pro Bowl bid? If you are in serious pursuit of this franchise’s first Super Bowl championship, why remove one of the most productive players from that equation?

This is how Howie Roseman responded to that inquiry:

“I’ve always been open and willing to talk to [the media] and our fans if it’s appropriate. Other than speculation I’m happy to do that,” said Roseman during a half-hour session with the local media Monday. “Obviously, the only thing we care about is winning. We want to win and we are fortunate that we have an owner that gives us the resources to do it. I think if you even look where we are in terms of team spending this offseason, it’s high. We’re going to be aggressive and do whatever it takes. For us, it’s about building the team. We’re just starting. This is our first year in this program.”

What the general manager seems to be saying is that it’s not that the Eagles aren’t willing to spend, but want to allocate their resources to those that have been identified as core players who will be around for the build. It’s pretty clear by this point that Jackson isn’t a part of this team’s long-term vision. This certainly brings into question, though, whether they are committed enough to winning it all in 2014.

Roseman was hesitant to comment on Jackson directly.

“He’s still under contract,” was his response to the initial inquiry about the wide receiver. “For us, until there’s anything to report on our players, that’s where we are right now.”

Further questions specifically about the receiver were essentially turned away. So other avenues were explored. Specifically about the importance that Chip Kelly and the Eagles’ executives are putting on cultivating a particular culture.

“It’s going to be a constant commitment for us to have the right culture and the right chemistry,” he said. “When we looked at last year, it was the first year in that process. It was a great learning experience for us about what we had, what we needed and you’d like to get all of that right away but certainly that takes time. That’s the most important thing that we’re trying to do is develop that and develop a core group of players that we can go with for a period of time. But I think that’s something that is constantly evolving.”

Jackson is coming off his best year as a pro and was an integral part of an offense that established a number of team records, including most points, yards and touchdowns in a single season. Jackson’s 1,332 receiving yards was second in team history behind only Mike Quick. The argument that he is not a scheme fit doesn’t fly.

The idea that he may not be a fit in other ways certainly could apply.

“We’re trying to build a culture, we’re trying to build a team and obviously when you’re at this moment in time it’s hard to see the complete picture,” said Roseman, “but we have a plan and we’re trying to execute it.”

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  • Bukester

    Yikes. This is saying nothing

  • Leegles

    I guess DeSean won’t be attending the next Kenny Chesney concert.

  • Joe from Easton

    Bye Bye Jaccpot… I’m torn

    • Tikkit

      100% torn. My 2.5 year old has a DJax jersey. Love the play maybe don’t know the whole story behind the player.

  • Waffles

    Fake story speculated by bloggers with nothing to write about, picked up by lazy mainstream media. Very sad that people who run fan blogs, who have no real world connections, can just make up news.

    • andywoo

      this isnt a fan blog…. tim mac is inside sources…

      • Waffles

        I’m referencing Bleeding Green Nation, where a speculative post about trading DJAX got picked up by the Les Bowen’s of the world, to unfold into tabloid level fodder.

        • Nailed it!

          It was actually Jimmy Kempski from, who wrote a well reasoned post speculating on the Eagles and their wr moves which turned out to be very accurate, no have a seat the adults are talking.

          • Waffles

            and Jimmy K is an idiot with no real world sources.

          • JosephR2225

            If Jimmy totally made up the story, with no sources whatsoever, as click bait, and it has picked up steam to the point where it certainly appears as though Desean is on his way out of town, then I hope Jimmy’s next made up, non-sourced story is that the Eagles are trading Alex Henery for Calvin Johnson.

          • Jerry Pomroy

            If I’m not mistaken, Jimmy didn’t have any source feed him info. He read in between the lines based on a number of things he looked at and ran with them basically giving an educated guess.

          • Nailed it!

            And some people like the taste of cucumbers better pickled.

    • andrew bruno

      If you think this is 100% ignorable, you’re clearly not paying attention.

    • CJ

      Yep, standing in the same room with the team’s GM whose directly quoted. Totally fabricated, nothing to see here. How many people are reading your “fan blog”? Maybe you should work on your content there then criticize someone else’s.

      This is free content, and darn good content at that. Which means, you’re welcome to read it for free, and if you don’t like it, you’re free to see yourself out. You should go check out or bleacher report. You’ll fit right in.

      • Waffles

        I’m referencing the idiots at Bleeding Green Nation. I respect Sheil and this site. Saying “we listen to offers for all players” is expected from Howie. This “story” has had no facts about it. It is all speculation to this point.

  • melodically

    This is really a non-answer with respect to the Jackson issue.

  • cliff henny

    Howie, you and chippah might be on year 1, but i’m on about year 35…win a F’N Super Bowl before I die. makes no sense to me why, but thank gawd u2 have a plan

    • ACViking

      So did Nick Skorich — whose first Eagles team in 1961, as successor to Buck Shaw, went 10-4 and missed playing for a second NFL title that season by half-a-game.

      But things went downhill from there after Jurgensen hurt his arm. You just never know.

      • cliff henny

        as Tyson once said ‘everyone has a plan till they get hit’. let’s see what happens to this magical plan if things go in the crapper. last year was 100% freebie for Kelly. I wouldn’t of blinked at 4-12. this year, game on! jax no jax, guys get hurt, I don’t care…anything less than 9 wins and nfc east title is straight garbage.

        • Warhound

          I think it was actually: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
          Right up there with “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

    • Max Lightfoot

      Year 47 for me.

  • Mugzy Payton

    I’m not the biggest Djax fan but he obviously makes the offense much better by being out there. Howie has blown this 100%.

    It’s one thing to have traded Djax in order to get a rookie WR, but they have no leverage. Not only does every GM know you’re trading him, but they all also know that this year’s WR class is top notch.

    So with poor execution and poor timing, Howie has blown Djax value. He’s now worth a lot more to the team than he’s worth in a trade, but he’s also destroyed the connection with the player.

    Awful management.

    • CJ

      Not sure what you’d have wanted him to do different. We know how this team operates, and the way this is in the media is totally out of character. Someone in Jackson’s camp blew this thing up. Think that much is pretty clear. All that’s left now is who and why.

    • David Kaicke

      I’m not so sure. I love having him on the team as much as anybody but let’s face it, he is a little guy and basically a one trick pony. One good hit and he’s out for the season…then what? Once his speed is gone, there isn’t much left. If they can get a decent trade and no less than a second round pick, then why not trade him this year, and find a rookie or two who can spread the field?
      My view is that the FO is letting this little media circus play itself out. I don’t think he wants to leave, and I don’t think the team is seriously considering letting him go without a lucrative offer. Clearly, some teams are thinking about it. Will they bite? I wish I knew.
      Locker room culture? IMO it’s clearly obvious that DJax is in it for the money. That, in itself, doesn’t create a locker room poison, but it does raise questions about his character. If he starts eating his lunch in the parking lot, watch out!

      • Eagles4Life

        6 years in the league and he’s had ONE that took him down. C’mon, man.

      • Billy Logue

        They are talking about CUTTING HIM!!

  • Uncle Wonder

    So…what will the response of the board be if they trade him and get a 3rd or 4th? Contentment or dissatisfaction? What about if he is cut?

    • CJ

      If he’s cut? Dissatisfaction from me. If he’s dealt? At this point, i’ll reserve judgment on the compensation. At the rate this has denigrated I’ll almost be impressed if they manage to get anything.

    • Tikkit

      The birds are losing leverage as we speak. Right now they need to hold pat and let the hype machine run. Wait until draft day and get as high a pick as you can. If he gets cut? I’ll f-ing freak. From all reports Percy Harvin was a malcontent and he nets three picks including a 1st. If you can’t get a first your not doing it right.
      This being said I hate this move.
      That being said, I have faith that they’re trying to do the right thing for the team.

      • CJ

        I don’t see any way they let this drag on another 6 weeks. Everyone loses if they do that.

        If he’s not dealt this week, I think they’ll wait till draft day and you’ll end up right, but I can’t take another 6 weeks of this.

      • Uncle Wonder

        I hate it too…i was erring on the side of giving the benefit of the doubt on the inactivity in FA since we had a good season, but I just dont get why you would get rid of young talent as if star players grow on trees…somebody’s ego is responsible for this one, be it DeSean or Chip or the FO.

    • ochospantalones

      At this point there is no way they get even so much as a 4th round pick. Everyone is just waiting for them to cut him. They know the Eagles can’t bring him back. And it will be a disgrace.

      • juaniflaco

        that’s not true. if teams want him (and you can bet there are teams that do), they will have to compete one way or another, whether he’s released or traded. so they might as well pony up. Plus it’s pure speculation that he’ll be released. NO ONE in the Eagles organization has said that.

        • ochospantalones

          Haha. So you expect them to put out a press release that they plan to cut the guy they’re trying to trade? Makes sense.

          DeSean makes over $10 million this year. If teams wait for him to be cut they can sign him to a new deal with a lower cap figure. The Jets have plenty of cap room, so they may offer something in order to jump the line, but it won’t be much. Santonio Holmes returned a 5th round pick. Anquan Boldin returned a 6th. Steve Smith returned nothing. No one trades quality picks for a guy they know you can’t keep.

          • juaniflaco

            but they CAN keep him. They obviously prefer not to. But I think they A) want to control where he goes and B) unload his contract, not take dead money if they cut him. I agree that it won’t be a high pick but they will get something.

          • ochospantalones

            Yeah, they’re not legally obligated to get rid of him, but they are gonna get rid of him one way or another. They take the same hit on dead money whether they cut or trade him, but it doesn’t really matter because they already have plenty of cap room and there is no one left to use the savings on anyway.

  • jesse

    Listen I’m all for a a good cultured locker room, but that said I don’t need a team that sits around the camp fire and sing koombyya .. From all accounts I have read DJax is liked in the locker room. A team is made up of individuals and yes there is gonna be discrepancies amongst players on players as well as players on staff.that’s just the real world work environment. If chip (who I love as our coach) thinks he is coaching college kids then he is in for a rude awakening. Desean produces on the field he is worth more to us playing for us then what we would get in a trade
    . He has no major off field issues, he causes no unreasonable locker room problems .keep him play him till he becomes a problem or is no longer productive or can get value for him that’s what a winning organization does

    • If you can have a woman beater and a racist on the team – the guy who manages not to get in any trouble off the field shouldn’t be a problem.

      By “culture” I suppose they mean Chips way or the highway. But hell find me a DB or Receiver that’s not a diva and I just don’t want him around.

      • Birds4Life

        Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are not divas. You dont want them around!?! Stop making excuses. Chip took a 4 win team and made them a 10 win team in one year with basically the same guys! Why do you think you know more then him? Because you dont!

  • Amar (India)

    Culture don’t win Championships bro, playmakers do.

    • Ant

      You have football in India? We’ll trade you D-Jax for one of your sacred cows!!!

      • NJBird

        Come on troll, go back to or BGN. We don’t make personal comments here on Birds24x7

        • Warhound

          We don’t?!

          • Jerry Pomroy

            I do!…lol.

    • RJ Sprouse

      Steelers, Patriots, Manning Colts, Seahawks, Ravens all had a culture. It was called TEAM. Me players don’t exist on SB teams. Who are the hall of fame receivers on any of those teams besides the Colts?

  • jabostick

    I’m really interested to hear Chip speak because he isn’t the type to just not talk about something (except injuries, I guess). I’m just wondering what the reasoning is to rush to this decision. Maybe he thinks his offense can do to WR’s what the old Denver offense did to RBs and he thinks it’ll be no problem to find a speedy rookie to stretch the field.

    I’m skeptical but could maybe buy into that reasoning. It just seems unnecessarily risky given the needs at other positions and only 6 picks to go around.

    And given the scrutiny that Philly is under, I find it hard to believe that he could be THAT much of a locker room distraction last year that he needs to go (via trade or being cut).

    • Uncle Wonder

      We will nvr find out…Howie isnt Al Davis, we will just hv to hear speculation from the rumor mill forever

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Read the link above posted by ia. Those are the most valid points I’ve seen to date. One or two of those reasons listed, maybe isn’t enough. But the combined list, is more than enough to justify it as reason.

  • caso8

    Im all in with Chip and his program, but this Djacks thing is a problem for me, if there saying his attitude isn’t right for the new team culture, but they resign and give the racist that cant hold his liquor in public 5 million a year ?

    • ia

      Here’s some good reasons. He really is not as great as you think.

      • Jerry Pomroy

        I don’t want to see him go mainly because of my hesitance in wanting to take a step backward, but those are the most valid points I’ve seen to justify their reasoning. Two stand out in a major way. His ineffectiveness in the red zone and his fit with Foles.

        I just want something in return & am highly against a flat out releasing of him.

    • Warhound

      Sooo every man who has ever called a woman a b$!#h or a c#@! is a woman hating, misogynistic sexist?

  • Macsit

    My fear:
    they decided to deal DJax for various reason: attitude, not a Kelly WR, sport science saw fast declining etc…
    BUT they expected to strike an Harvin like deal (a 1st 3rd and 7th pick) but they didn’t come anywhere close to this and now they have created a problem in relationship with DJax and no one will trade for him so they’ll end up releasing him…

    • anon

      Ding. Ding. Ding. Djax is a marquee eagles name only behind shady. Sad to see him go, miracle in meadowlands? Brings a tear to my eye.

  • i like jackson but if the coaches dont think he is a part of the rebuild which makes no sense to me then so be it. i will most for sure miss the electricity and excitement he brings when he walks out on to the field and hypes himself and the crowd to return a punt. though he hasnt broke to many the past few years just his presence on the field alone makes you feel like there might be a chance! maybe we find another i sure hope so…

  • GiveMeABreak

    Howie is a worm but this call is being made by Lurie who does not want to spend the money. Losing this kind of talent will have a ripple effect throughout the offense. Face it, current management is not committed to fielding the best team. Budget first, season outcome second.

  • Brandon Baltic

    The whole “bad locker room fit” is total bs in my opinion. Chip had some questionable character guys at Oregon (Blount anyone?) and it worked out fine for him. The only theory that makes sense to me as to why they want to get rid of him so bad is this:

    He’s definitely going to holdout. His agent hasn’t gone public but has privately said to the Eagles Desean is holding out without a doubt if he doesn’t get a raise on a new deal. Howie doesn’t want to give him a raise (rightfully so because he’s worth what he’s getting now and not more) and therefore the only 2 options are trade or cut him. If you think about it, it’s the only scenario that makes a lot of sense.

    • Guest

      * “Chip had some questionable character guys at Oregon (Blount anyone?) and it worked out fine for him.”

      Blount was suspended almost the entire season.

      Chip kicked his starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and one his most talented cornerbacks Cliff Harris off of the team when they got into trouble with the law.

      Chip seeks high-character players.

      • Chip seeks to lose in the NFL. It take a certain type of personality to play a game and a position where folk are regularly trying to take your head off. These ain’t choirboys. And this ain’t college.

      • Brandon Baltic

        A) Desean never broke the law. You can’t compare him to criminals.
        B) Chip recruited these guys in the first place. It’s not like he was avoiding recruiting certain kids because of character issues like other programs do.

      • Eagles4Life

        Like Riley Cooper?

  • Michael Myers

    I love this pic.
    Even though Nickfolean is seated further away than DeSean, his head is approximately 2.3 times the size of djax’s head. priceless…

    • true story lol the mans dome piece is a str8 up dome.

    • Jerry Pomroy

      Well he’s also almost a foot taller. But take his head off and place on DJax’s shoulders.

  • BeastMode
  • Jerry Pomroy

    Apparently we’re taking a long look at Sanchez as a possible competition for Barkley at backup QB.

  • Mike Tyner

    Why in gods name do we need Mark Sanchez

  • Jerry Pomroy

    It appears as though Johnny Geags girl is back. Thought she’d be a Jets fan by now…

    • oreofestar


      • Jerry Pomroy

        Your kinda new…wait and you’ll see one of the vets on here pick it up.

        • oreofestar

          you talking about the 7 guy

          • Warhound


          • oreofestar

            Didn’t know She was a girl
            EDIT: NVM I am an idiot

          • Jerry Pomroy

            No not #7. That’s a dude. #7’s counterpart in fighting crimes & yes it’s a woman. The one that only comes out to protest for Vick and now apparently is taking up the same tactics with DeSean. She latches onto the players. Last yr Coop when Coop emerged under Foles, it wasn’t about the team responding with wins. It was about Vick sitting on the sidelines.

  • Chipper Devotee

    No Block, No Rock.

    Show me a highlight reel with #10 providing devastating downfield blocks on screens and running plays,… And you’ll see why the Chippah wants to keep him.

    Or not.
    So far, all I’ve seen him do is chase other players when he doesn’t have the ball.
    The offense has two methods for making yards. DJax would do well by contributing to both

  • Mike Tyner

    Basically what this means is we are picking a receiver early, preferably a bigger bodied guy. Not so much a trackstar as a “football player”

  • PaoliBulldog

    I’m sure that CK and Howie are trying to cultivate a culture that promotes keeping a quarter million dollars in cash around the house, flashing gang signs, running a music company and screaming at one’s position coach. They might ask Aaron Hernandez to Skype in a motivational speech.

  • Billy Logue

    i just don’t understand “getting rid” of one of the most dynamic playmakers in the league. I just can’t imagine them not getting equal value for him.