Offseason Outlook: Cornerbacks

Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin (22) celebrates with his teammates on the field after making an interception in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. The Eagle beat the Cowboys 24-22. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin (22) celebrates with his teammates on the field after making an interception in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. The Eagle beat the Cowboys 24-22. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we’ll continue to offer offseason outlooks for the Eagles, position-by-position. Each day, we’ll answer a pressing question and rank the position on the priority scale. First up was quarterback. We covered running backswide receiverstight endsoffensive line, defensive lineoutside linebackers and inside linebackers. Now let’s look at their cornerbacks.

PRESSING QUESTION: Will Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher be the Week 1 starters?

Kapadia: I say yes.

Going into free agency, there are areas the Eagles absolutely have to address (safety, for example). And there are areas they won’t even be thinking about (running back). In between are a lot of grey areas, including cornerback.

Williams and Fletcher are solid, mid-tier corners. They play hard, are physical and have already played a year in the Eagles’ system. Bringing in players with similar skill sets/talent doesn’t make much sense.

If you have a shot at one of the top guys on the market (some names include Vontae Davis and Alterraun Verner) and feel they would provide a major upgrade, you certainly explore those options. If not, come back with Williams and Fletcher and see if someone in the draft catches your eye.

McManus: I say yes also, though I wonder how much consideration they’ll give to moving Brandon Boykin outside.

Boykin finished second in the league in interceptions (6) behind only Richard Sherman (8), and did so despite playing only half the team’s snaps. It’s only natural to wonder what kind of damage he could do if he was on the field full-time.

Billy Davis decided to let the 23-year old focus on the slot exclusively, and believes that really helped him thrive in the role. With Boykin being so young, he didn’t want to overload him. Now that he is more seasoned, do you add to his responsibilities? Boykin (5-10) isn’t the ideal size for an outside corner but can elevate, as he showed during an offseason hoops game last year.

Could he handle playing on the outside in base and sliding inside when the Eagles are in nickel? It’s worth experimenting with in my opinion.


* 1 indicates there is no need at all to address the position in free agency or the draft. 5 means it’s of the highest priority that the Eagles focus on the position in the coming months.

Kapadia: I’m only at a two here. Like I said above, going into 2014 with Williams and Fletcher is fine, especially if you surround them with better talent.

The Eagles ranked 25th in pass defense, according to Football Outsiders, but a lot of that had to do with horrible safety play and inconsistent (in coverage) linebackers. Again, if an upgrade presents itself – either in free agency or the draft – I’m all for taking a shot. But I’d probably address those other areas first.

It’s worth noting that the Eagles can cut ties with Fletcher without incurring any dead money. Per The Inquirer, the team has the option to pick up Williams’ $4.75 million salary for 2014 on March 16.

Meanwhile, Boykin will continue to serve as the nickel, and the Eagles should look to add depth.

McManus: Put me down for a three. While I agree that the trio of Williams, Fletcher and Boykin is acceptable, depth is an issue. The secondary struggled to hold it together whenever injury struck one of the starters, and you just can’t live like that. Upgrading should be a priority. Roc Carmichael and Curtis Marsh are the other CBs currently on the roster.

Because of the lack of depth, the Eagles rarely were in dime. DeMeco Ryans ended up playing more snaps than any other front-seven player in the league. It would be good to swap him in favor of a DB on obvious passing downs on occassion. I can see them adding to this group in free agency, and wouldn’t be shocked if they addressed the position early in the draft if the stars align.

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  • Vet Linc

    If anything we need depth beyond Fletcher Williams and Boykin. Our starters may not be ideal in a perfect world but I think they’d be more than competent if we upgraded the back end and figured out a way to get real meaningful pressure with just four guys.

    • mor

      Carmichael is terrible.

      • JReamer

        I guess Roc didn’t like your comment and voted you down.

    • Token

      You get some mid to late round guys and UDFAs you like. Coach them up. Thats the kind of guys you are looking for at #4 or #5 corner. As the Seahawks showed you dont need high picks everywhere. Just good talent evaluation and good coaching.

      • Vet Linc

        Just good talent evaluation and good coaching

        Something we didn’t have until Chip got here.

    • mtn_green

      Really good secondary depth is where a lot of your special teamers come from too. Chip tried hard to upgrade special teams but had some injuries Phillips, Benn.

  • FluxCapacitor

    McManus brings up a really good point – the top three CB’s are acceptable, but if one goes down we are in a world of hurt and we really didn’t have a dime option. It should be looked at as a position of need in the pass happy league we live in today.

    • GEAGLE

      We don’t play dime defense

      • FluxCapacitor

        Is that due to not wanting to play it, or due to not having the personnel? Unless you are close friends with Davis you don’t know that answer.

  • anon

    Its tough, Williams / Fletcher played better than people thought they would so it’s hard from a team perspective to just bench them by bringing in better talent unless it’s a top guy (don’t think that’s happening). However, it’s also not worth bringing in anyone worse than them.

    Marsh and Roc were obviously stop gaps be nice if we can find an upgrade with upside, but it’s not clear whether those options exist in the market — I like brent grimes.

    • GEAGLE

      Doubt we dabble in the FA corner market. It’s a position we need to get younger at

  • anon

    Would Asante Samuel be terrible — i really liked him before he dropped him.

    • Token

      Dont be that guy that asks if the Eagles should sign every FA that gets cut thats way past his prime.

      • anon

        Just for the Eagles connections — we can bring him and Clemons back.

      • pjcostello

        Seriously — they’re not the Phillies, after all!!

    • JofreyRice

      He’d work in the off-coverage, but I’m not sure they really want to play that way. I think they kind of have to, because they don’t trust the safeties.

      • GEAGLE

        Yup..which makes it an odd discussion: we WANT to have good enough safeties so that Assante wouldn’t work for us, but will We? If we have to play off again all year, which I know is not how we want to play, then I can’t say I would hate having Assante on the bench for those two games Bradley Fletch will miss. But I would prefer it really not come down to that…basically, can’t root for Assante, because that would mean we will have serious safety issues yet AGAIN

  • anon

    DE Michael Johnson will command “maybe $10 million a year” on the open market.

    According to reports…

    • JofreyRice

      Bad news: big pricetag, probably puts him out of the Eagles reach (or means we’d have Chung patrolling our secondary as a starter again).

      Good news: the reason Caplan claims the pricetag is so great is because he’s a legit prospect as a 3-4 OLB, and will have more suitors than if he were an end only.

      I think you’d have to have some creativity in interpreting his numbers–treating batted passes like sacks, and all that, to make it seem like he’s a legit edge threat. Kind of like Berwin, last year.

      • Token

        Geez I dont think id ever give him close to that. Im just not seeing it I guess. Hes never shown to be a dominant pass rusher. I feel like some team is about to make a mistake.

        • GEAGLE

          If you can get 10mil per, and GUARENTEED years, with 3 sacks…then we need to just skip FA alltogether

      • GEAGLE

        It’s not just that he is a legit OLB, he should never have been a DE to begin with. Just a case of someone trying to force a square peg in a round hole trying to re create Jason Taylor. The are 4-3DE like Graham who don’t transition well to 3-4OLB, but there are also some 4-3DE out there who should never have been DEs to begin with, Dion Jordan. MJ fit that Bill… I really have no concerns about him playing OLB, and I think he could really be an amazing player for us, but I wouldnt guarentee him a damn thing(figuratively of course)..I’m not telling him that it’s ok that with all that talent and Dunlap across from him that it was ok and acceptable for him to only have 3’s ok MJ, we will just guarentee you 10mil per year anyway..hell no we won’t!!! I would want nothing to do with that. But I also really believe in I him so I wouldn’t give him a 1yr prove it deal because I bet he would ball out and inflate his value thru the roof….

        But if we can offer him a deal that will make him a “40millionaire” if he provides the quality of play we expected, while also giving us out clauses, protection from him having too many more 3 sack seasons, he would be a fantastic addition and one of the few players we could sign who can make me not jump off the building if we don’t get one of the two safeties.

    • Tom W

      No way in hell. Same reports cooper is getting over 5 mil a yr. my ass. It’s agent bs

      • GEAGLE

        I don’t even see how that’s possible…and Adam Caplan is one of the few I respect! but I call BS!!!

        Greg Friggin Hardy has been sacking QBs 14plus times multiple seasons in a row, MJ played across from a Damn good DE in Dunlap, and only had 3 sacks all year..lm vocal about thinking we will consider him, but I do so under the assumption that we will get him at a Barwin type number..
        If a dude coming off a 3 sack year, gets 10mil per PLUS GUARENTEED, then I’m DEAD SERIOUS when I say, DONT SIGN A SINGLE FA. if you can get 10million and GUARENTEED with 3 sacks then I don’t want anything to do with this market

        What was Kruger’s deal last year? I know it was 41mil, but what were the terms? Would Kruger have gotten that type of money, if he were competing with Greg hardy,Bennett(SB winners always get money thrown at them by bad franchises), Jared Allen. Sure guys like Orakpo and Worlids won’t hit the market! but we could see some BIG NAMES cut and added to this list like Lamarr Woodley which I think is very likely(what did James Harrison get from the bengals 4mil?), Terrell Suggs could be a casualty.

        I write about the merits of signing MJ, but if we have to guarentee him much, then I want NOTHING to do with him. I believe in him, so I wouldn’t want him on a 1year prove it deal either. THE ONLY WAY I would want him Is if we can get him to a Barwin deal, where he can become SUPER RICH if he performs how he is supposed to, OR that 37-40million dollar deal can easily turn into a smoke and mirror one or two years and Done deal if you aren’t providing the Quality of play we expected to get when we offered you a contract that has the potential to pay you 40mil. The dude is a REAL talent, who we should hope we have to give 36million dollars to, because that would mean we got a damn good player at a crucial position, so I would have NO problems with us offering him 40million, as long as it is structured to where we can get out of It with out damaging us too much. If he plays to his potential he will be worth 10mil, but he only had 3 sacks this year on a good defense, playing across from a good DE..I know Geno got hurt! but I can’t believe that teams just tripled teams MJ all year, and just took their chances with Dunlap…

        If he wants to give us out clauses, gambling on himself that he will be the player we thought we were getting when we signed him, then he would really be an amazing addition…but If someone is dumb enough to accept mediocrity and overlook his 3 sacks without protecting themselves and giving MJ any incentive to play his ass off, then I want no parts of him….I’m not concerned that he played DE, I’m not even really concerned that he only had 3 sacks..I’m just completely against the message it sends to him that we would give him a boatload without any protection coming off of a mediocre season. DOnt like what it says to him, or our guys

  • Token

    Move Boykin outside to start with Fletcher.

    Get a rookie mid rounder you like that can play inside.

    Cut Cary. Him making 6.4 mil is laughable. If hed take a pay cut he can be the #4.

    Problem solved.

    I dont want to hold Boykin back anymore because of a player the caliber of Cary Williams. Time to see if Boykin can be a full time play maker on the outside.

    • Richard Colton

      CB group is serviceable. What did Sheil call them? Solid? I can live with it. Best thing about the group is the slot CB. I heard Boykin say he’d be open to playing on the outside more, but I haven’t heard about him politicking or hectoring the coaches for a move.

      • anon

        He’s so good on the inside, it’s almost more important than outside considering our LBs in coverage.

  • Ale (Brazil)

    I’d say find Fletcher’s/Cary’s replacement this year in the draft. Then, in 2015, make a call on one of them, or slide BBKing to the outside and go with this replacement guy to get young and fresh cutting them both loose. Would love if the Eagles get a CB in the second day, plus Aaron Colvin at late rounds. Just like Boykin, that was injured before the draft, this pick could very well payoff. Don’t see it as a blatant need like the guys mocking Darqueze Dennard to us with the 22nd overall.

    • GEAGLE

      Colvin falling to like round 5 would be awesome,..but those dirty Niners are always scooping up those injured draft and stash players before anyone else. having a stacked roster most likely allows them to consider those injured kids a little sooner than most teams in the draft.


    Dime defenses are slowly becoming extinct. Not every team uses it much, and it’s more of a testament to how insufficient the safety play has become league wide, then a case of teams not having 4 CB they want to put on the field…just so happens, we couldn’t play dime for both reasons…Not many teams have the trust in a safety where they can ask him to not only man up with TE, and WRs, But also function as a sure tacking LB. So yes Roc and marsh aren’t corners that we wanted on the field often! let alone at the same time. But even if we were to add a 4th I corner last year, who was the safety we would have trusted in dIme? Lol when teams have us spread out with 4WRs, dime is high risk high reward. You better have one fast, explosive, sure tackling Safety who you can trust to shut down sneaky teams trying to run the ball, or any underneath routes and YAC, because if you miss a tackle in a Dime defense,you are most likely giving up a TD..

    No way rookie Wolff and Nate Allen could have had that much pressure put on them, but I digress..I don’t know what giving this a two or a 3 means? I know we have our starters next year, but there is simply NO WAY that Both Roc and Marsh are our backups…I know who will start for us, but there is no shot in hell that we won’t tweak the backups..How? In what capacity?

    Undafted FA, signing off someone’s practice squad, all the way up to a 3rd round pick, I don’t see ANY scenario where we don’t have a single new CB on our roster next season,..How many CB did we Cary this year? Just 5(Boykin,Cary!Brad,Roc,marsh)?…I don’t see how Marsh survives. before Roc was kicking balls out of tenge ENDZONE he was doing some decent things, so I can ATleast make a case for why our coaches may want to work with him for one more year, but Marsha Brady has my shown me anything, I’m not even sure if he is doing anything on ST, it’s like he is the invisible man to me..
    I don’t see any scenario to where we won’t add ATleast one new name, but that’s not saying much and it’s easy to say when you can envision an Undrafted FA being an upgrade to what’s on your bench lol

  • NickS1

    Spitballin’ here, but what about moving Boykin to safety so he doesn’t have to come off the field? Bring in a 3rd safety for nickel, let Boykin move to nickel then, instead of bringing in one of those bums Carmichael and Marsh. Bring in Clemons, still draft a safety, but not until the 3rd or 4th. Just a thought. 99.9% won’t happen.

    • GEAGLE

      You would compromise your run defense

      • NickS1

        I don’t think it would much.

        • GEAGLE

          Ok..but it’s more complicated then that. Boykin is a damn good, cover corner. His game is predicated on having the speed and athleticism to actually run and cover WRs without having to play off, or get physical with them at the line..he is a real cover corner, who can run with you, and get in position to intercept the ball and break up the pass. If you wanted to move a CB to safety it would have to be Cary or Brad(I’m not recommending either)…If we have Good safeties, they will get up on WRs and play physical with them, but they are also good at playing off, letting you catch the ball, but imot in your YAC with sure tackles…Boykin isn’t that type of tackler. he doesn’t really have to be because he has real cover ability to where he can run with you the entire time, he doesn’t have to let you catch a 5yard pass on 3rd and 8 and then trust himself to make the tackle, he will just cover you and break up the pass….so stylistically there is nothing in Boykins game to suggest that you can play him as a safety, and count on him to consistently make important tackles…He has been a Nickle back, how often has he even had to play the run?

          Remember the chargers game, when they kept throwing underneath and our safeties couldn’t come up and ever make the tackle short of the first down? I don’t know what you could have seen in Boykins game to suggest that he could have played safety and consistently made those tackles short of the first down….just because we wish he was the Honeybadger,doesn’t mean that he is. Matheiu game is way more physical to where Boykin is that classic, Finess, shutdown athlete…
          I would trust Cary and Brad to come up and make the tackle short of the first down, helping our corners before I would ever trust Boykin in that role, and in my humble opinion, any of them in that role is a bad idea..We complained for year about Nate not being physical enough and he is a legit safety with decent size lol

        • GEAGLE

          Just because we want him to be the honey badger, doesn’t mean he is…Boykin is Not like Cary and Brad, and if we ever needed an emergency safety, both would be better options than Boykin. I honestly don’t see how you could have seen anything in Boykins game to make you think he could be a safety. We complain that Nate Allen isn’t physical enough lol

          Cary and Brad! would get up on WR and play physical if they had safeties we could count on. They are also capable of playing off, letting you catch a 5yard pass on 3rd and 9, and tackle you short of the first down..That skill set best translates to having to play safety, come up and make the tackle limiting YAC yards, a WR catches an underneath route on our corners…Boykin doesn’t play like Cary and Brad..why? Because he doesn’t have to. Boykin is an elite athlete who can play a classic cover corner game. he doesn’t need to jam you, or play off you, because he can run with you and stay on your hip the entire time, stay in position to get a PBU or INT…So he hasn’t had to work on playing off his man, and coming up to make a tackle short of a first down…He is also been strictly a Nickle CB so how much as he even experienced playing the run?

          You know I respect you and get along with you, so I’m hoping this didn’t come off dickish to you, because that is not my intent, I just don’t see how it would be possible. Honeybadger was always much strong and more physical by nature so he was able to pull it off…

          • NickS1

            I’m only responding to one of these novels….. I didn’t take it as you being dickish, just over-zealous. In fact, more so than usual, considering that I’ve already acknowledged it was a hypothetical that has basically no chance of ever happening. If anything, it’s more of a compliment to Boykin. He’s our best defensive player who sees the field 50% of plays, and that needs to change, this was merely an idea to facilitate that change.

            I agree we don’t know enough about his run support, however, depending on who plays next to him, we don’t that he’d be asked to much. And at 5’10 185, he can add 5-10lbs to size up a little and probably not compromise any speed. Secondly, again, know he’s probably not too well versed in off-coverage, he’s a smart kid that could pick it up, and he’d be immediately one of the faster safeties in the league who could definitely be a difference maker over the top with such closing speed. And as far as other looks, we already had to back Davis off the ledge of converting Boykin to an OLB with how much he loved him as a blitzer early on. And no offense, but the thought of either Cary or Brad as a safety is laughable. You talk about press guys who don’t do anything else, we know exactly what happens when these two aren’t in press man and play off (see: Vikings, Minnesota).

            Again, whole thing is just a hypothetical, one that’s far more reasonable, IMO, than, say, drafting a QB round 1. It’s a testament to his ability and the need to have him on the field more than 50% of the snaps. Also, I think he’s a better tackler than you give him credit for, on the limited tape we have of him tackling, since he’s never on the field in base D.


    Cary,Bradley and Boykins are starting if Healthy next year but I highly doubt that Both Roc and Marsh are safe. Cary and Bradley are NOT getting replaced with FA. We will want to draft, groom their eventual replacements. I hate playing rookie CBs, so even if I know and Want Cary and Brad to start, I still think it’s better to get their eventual replacements as soon as possible! the sooner we get them, the more we get to grow them before we ever have to really count on them…I highly doubt that someday we can just let Brad and Cary walk, because we have Roc and marsh ready to step in full time lol yikes. Ideally we are able to draft a CB in round 4 or 5 who can ball out for us on ST for two years and eventually replace one of our starting outside CBs.

    Highly doubt we are signing a FA CB
    Highly doubt we draft one in the first two rounds
    But I also HIGHLY DOUBT as in, NO SHOT in HELL that we won’t have a single new CB on our roster in September…that’s not really saying much considering I think we can replace Marsh with UDFA, other teams practice squad players, or 7th round picks and we can still find more eventual starting potential then Marsha Brady.
    We have to get ATleast one young CB with some type of potential growing into an eventual outside starting CB on our Bench. Ideally we need two, but I understand if the he second doesn’t come til next offseason


    I have a Question that I really need to get some opinions on from people more cap wise than myself. What type of money should we be investing in the safety position and OLB position as a whole? As in, how much should all our safeties combine to cost? How much should we be paying total for 4Olbs?

    We are GOING to have to pay for one FA safety who we can ATleast envision starting if the draft doesn’t go our way in terms of safety. this safety may be a Nate!Malcom!Mitchell type, or it could be a Byrd or Ward type! for now let’s call him “FA ???”…
    1) “FA ???”
    2) earl Wolff who makes 500k

    3) We have to draft another safety this year no matter what I between rounds 2-5, let’s say he costs 700k. ideally FA ??? Is good enough to start and Wolff and safety 3 compete for the other starting spot next year

    4) Chung isn’t going anywhere unfortunately. Too many safeties to replace right now. But he will get his pay significantly slashed to 2mil per, maybe even 1.5 to act as an emergency in case of multiple injuries/young kids struggling, while focusing on leading our ST

    5) This player could be a Colt Anderson type Veteran, but most likely he would be a 7th round pick, an UDFA. Or someone we traded away Curtis Marsh or someone we would cut for (like another teams 6th round pick of two years ago) so this player most likely won’t make more than 500k.
    Let’s forget #1, the FA ???. having 3 players on rookie contracts at one position that were drafted after round 2 means that financially, you are investing chump change in the position. For Safeties #2-#5 we could be paying a total of 3mil-3.5mil per year..
    if you are paying a combine total of only 3 million for 4 safeties, is it really possible that we can’t afford more than a 5-6mil per year Clemons Type? I mean if you were to break that frugal piggy bank open and say sign a Safety to a contract that pays him 9mega millions per year, you would still only be investing 12mil-12.5mil total in the entire position..That’s like having two starters who make 6mjl per year and 3 safeties on your bench playing for free. is it THAT ABSURD to pay 12million dollars for 5 safeties?
    Curious to hear thoughts…I mean the Seahawks by the end of next year will probably have more then 12million invested in their starting two safeties…

    If we are going to pay 3 safeties on rookie deals, how can we not afford more than a 5mil per year starting Safety?

    • NickS1

      Not a simple question to answer nor is there a right/wrong answer. The biggest variable, in my opinion, in how much you can invest elsewhere and for how long is, “How much is invested in QB?” If you spread out all 32 teams’ caps and looked, there’s probably a fair amount of variance in overall investment at the positions. Other variables to consider are needs based on scheme and ST preferences as well as approach to acquiring talent at the position. I don’t think you’ll find any one right answer. Every GM makes their team’s cap work a little differently.

  • Dear Howie,

    Sign Corey Graham.


  • daggolden

    Eagles have Earl Thomas. His name is Brandon Boykins. Boykins is bigger than Thomas and honeybadger and just as athletic. First off I understand the importance of a nickel corner but Boykins 35 plays a game is ridiculous and will be unacceptable again this year if it happens. I w0ould much rather stick his playmaking ass at FS for 75 plays a game and take my chances with drafting a slot corner to play 35 plays. Can you imagine Boykin roaming the deep middle making plays on the ball? You then take all your FA resources and bring in Ward. Williams, Boykins, Ward and Fletcher would be your starting secondary. You then have to find a nickel corner in the draft or FA. Boykins presence at FS shuts all the shit down in the middle of the field.

    • daggolden

      Name me another team whose best DB plays half the snaps? Does Sherman, Revis or Talib play half the snaps? For Boykins to have played half the snaps while Allen and Chung play 70 snaps a game is comical. Then Billy Davis says he didn’t want to overload Boykins? What is he friggin stupid? Pssst Billy you kept Boykin and his importance in the slot and guess where it got you. The worst pass defense in the NFL. It didn’t matter.

    • Token


      • NickS1

        You rang?

    • Michael Deen

      Earl Thomas is a 2 time All Pro, is a given 1-2 inches taller and has at least 20-25 lbs on Boykin. I love Boykin and would love to see him be a bigger part of the Defense, but they are NOT the same.

  • Cornerback is such a weird title.Surely we could of named it something different.

  • Tom W

    2 — We aren’t replacing any of our top 3 corners this year.

    We will draft one if not two corners in rds 4-7 to groom and possibly replace a starter or two in the next 1-3 yrs.

    Measurables — outside corners – 6 ft and above 190-210 preferably long arms

    Pierre Desir Lindewood 6 1 – 195 played well at e-w game and earned a trip to senior bowl where he held up well in press coverage (3-4 th rd)

    Stanley Jean-Baptiste 6 3 215 Nebraska — big long okay tackler. tad overrated. 3-4th

    Terrence Mitchell – oregon – 6 ft 190 — played both corner/safety – good tackler. may be better as a safety (3-4th) came out early. dunno why.

    Keith McGill – 6 3 214 – Utah — strong and long press guy who is athletic enough to turn and cover. my preferred player for Birds if he lasted till the 4th rd. (3-4th)

    Jaylen Watkins – Florida – 6 0 194 – the other athletic secondary player at florida. great junior yr ..okay senior yr. – switched positions. more suited and built for corner. fast. very lean. (3-4th) Sammy’s brother

    Bashaud Breeland – Clemon — 6 0 190 Like this guy as well. came out early. dunno why. practiced against the best wrs in the nation every day. big time prospect outta high school. (check his height after combine). played well against fsu wrs. gonna run real well — sub 4 42. physical enough to play safety. durability concerns (4th rd)

    Walt Aikens – Liberty — 6 1 205 — Reminds me of B Fletch alot. suprisingly not invited to combine after a good E-W game and senior bowl. Played at Illinois and transferred and arresting for petty theft at a store. not elite speed. can play press and cover well. athletic. tackles well. grabby at times. (4-5th rd). May take a tad longer to develop.

    Aaron Colvin – 5-6th rd Oklahoma impressed his senior year and senior bowl before he got hurt. 6 ft 186 physical corner. playmaker. tad over aggressive and draws pis.

  • MoreRecentTimes

    Williams and Fletcher played their butt off vs. Chi & NO against top recievers. On the other hans Fletcher Cox and Ced Thorton combined for only EIGHT measly sack. When you turn up the heat on QBs, your secondary benefits. The kid Dennard out of Michigan St. is a great looking prospect. If you have an opportunity to scoop a guy like that, it’d be hard to pass up. Also, if Brandon Browner were availlable, (currently suspended in the substance abuse program for smoking pot), you’d again have to consider taking a flyer. You’ll be getting a top tier CB on a low risk, low rent deal. A final option would be moving Williams to safety. He’s phyical enough, and could end up succeeding, allowing them to make a bigger upgrade at CB. But teams dont seem to make those types of moves often enough, as I harken back to the prior regime who chose to cut Sheldon Brown, instead of pairing he and Dawk on the backend.