Kelly Finishes 4th For Coach Of the Year

NFL: NFC Wildcard Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly did a fantastic job turning the Eagles around from 4-12 bottom-dwellers in the NFC East to 10-6 division champs. But that wasn’t enough to earn him Coach of the Year honors.

Instead, Ron Rivera took home the award after helping lead the Panthers to a 12-4 mark in the NFC South. Andy Reid finished second, Bill Belichick was third, and Kelly was fourth, per the Associated Press.

If you want one man’s (probably unpopular) opinion, I would have voted for Reid. I know he had some talent on that roster, but 2-14 to 11-5 in one season is pretty much as remarkable a turnaround as you’ll see in the NFL. I would have had Kelly second and Rivera third.

The most convincing argument against Rivera is that he created his own mess. In other words, the team probably underachieved in 2012, so is he getting a bit too much credit for 2013? Reid and Kelly inherited their teams and sparked impressive turnarounds right away.


Chargers QB Philip Rivers was named Comeback Player of the Year. Here’s how the award is defined:

The NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award is presented by the Professional Football Writers of America to the player in the National Football League (NFL) who shows perseverance in overcoming adversity, in the form of not being in the NFL the previous year, overcoming a severe injury, or simply a poor performance.

If you’re wondering what Rivers came back from, it was that last part – poor performance.

Jason Peters, meanwhile, finished tied for second. Peters came back from a pair of Achilles’ injuries, started all 16 games and earned All-Pro honors.


The Eagles did earn a couple honors though. Nick Foles earned the ‘Greatness on the Road’ award for his spectacular seven-touchdown performance against the Raiders.

Foles had a lot riding on that game after his struggles against the Cowboys. And he responded in a big way. The Eagles’ signal-caller said earlier this week that was the game that got the team really believing it could make some noise.

LeSean McCoy was named FedEx Ground Player of the Year. It’s the second time in three years he has won the award.

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    I can buy Ron Rivera, but not the other two…let’s be honest, Chip would have had to win a Super Bowl to get voted in the old boys club.. What exactly did Andy do? It’s not like KC had a good offense, they had one good player. Andy does nothing for the defense, and how many times did Suttons defense out score Andy’s offense. Bellicek was impressive considering injuries, but with Brady you should win that crappy division. None of them had to win with a backup everyone thought sucked lol

    FOles and shady keep stacking awards. Next year Peters will be back to his dominant self, what a joke giving it to a dude who overcame playing like If that’s the case king Dunlap should have won

    • mtn_green

      Andy played no turnover offense, and didn’t screw up Charles and defense, hurray.

      Rivera got over being stupid last year and using Cam wrong, genius.

      • GEAGLE

        Not even me much of Riveras success comes from Cam being in his 3rd year and having 40 games under his belt. That offense was nothing special..and when you spend 15 first round picks on defense,I would hope it’s good..

        All the dopes that our players sucked and lacked talent…that’s what Chip took to the playoffs!!! I don’t understand how they can crap on us All offseason, we do good, and don’t get credit?

        • BrickSquadMonopoly

          My boy is a diehard Panthers fan. Irrelevant but Ron Rivera is a terrible coach he got so lucky this year it probably saved his career in the NFL and he got a 3 year extension. This year was a fluke for the panthers. They wont get 12 wins again in the next decade.

        • Coatesvillain

          Rivera was on the hot seat and early in the season. Decided to be a little less conservative on 4th downs and the team turned around. So I’m not against him winning it. While this isn’t why he won he also did a great job getting the most out of his players.

          Reid helped change a losing culture in KC. Belichick dealt with a lot of injuries and he always manages to rank high in these votings. So I don’t think there was any crime done here.

    • anon

      Best record wins.

  • Dominik

    Rivera is a bad choice. Not that he had a bad year, but not good enough to be CotY against that competition, imho.

    Belichick, Reid or Kelly would have been the better choices. How to rank those three is difficult, though. Different starting situations, different style. You could rank Kelly third or first in that group, with the right arguments, I could life with it.

    • GEAGLE

      Think Rivera and Chip were better than Andy. You inherit 8 probowlers, a top defense that scored a ton of points, and trade for a veteran who cost multiple 2nd round pick then I expect you to have a good year. Does anyone think Chip couldn’t have done what Andy did with those players? Doubt Andy or Rivera would have done better with our guys than Chip did…no one can tell me that Chip wouldn’t do better with Cam than Rivera did. Chip would have Cam and Deangello ZOne reading their way to panthers offensive franchise rushing records, something Rivera couldn’t accomplish

      • Dominik

        It would be stupid to not think Chip would have made that offense better. But I doubt that he would have had such a great Defense.

  • Rick H

    I just want the Super Bowl to be over to see what the Eagles do in free agency. I would really like Worilds from The Steelers, Byrd from The Bills & (if I may go crazy) Greg Hardy from The Panthers (yes I know he was in a 4/3 but he can flat out play). Talk about an improved defense!!! Add in some round one stud nose tackle or WR and we are ROLLING…..

  • Brian

    Not bad for a serviceable backup QB, a Running Back playing without the opportunities afforded by a mobile QB, a gimmicky college Coach, and a Tackle that has lost a step while being injury prone. I hope they all fail like this next year!

  • UKEagle99

    IMO the only adversity BB has had to overcome was Hernandez and he knew what he was getting in to when he drafted him. Injuries are part and parcel of the NFL and whilst I admire the job he did, BB has spent many years making his bed, his defeciencies were his own.

    AR inherited a top D and added a safe and consistent player to the most important position of a previously inconsistent O.

    CK took a bottom rated D since JJ (god bless him) and made it stand tall and play hard, whilst statistically may not have been impressive, the turn around was.

    He then took a talented but massively dysfunctional and under achieving O and made them a unit. Whilst they had their highs and their lows they, for the most part scored and scored bigger than AR did with them. Career highs for WR and RB.

    I agree with Shiel, RR made his own mess. He won in a strong “on paper” division. TB imploded and Atlanta just massively under achieved. He beat down the Saints in a 2 horse race which is good as they are strong opposition but it’s not like it’s his first year!

    Chip or AR would get my vote. It’s harder to inherit and win than build and win (shut up Jon Gruden, you’re the exception to the rule).

    • GEAGLE

      Andy’s eagles were turnover machines who’s defense couldn’t force turnovers..Chip completely switched it. Bryce wasn’t fumbling, FOles wasn’t throwing picks and the defense was towards the top in forcing turnovers..implemented an entire new way of training….

      • Stephen Stempo

        2007-2012 that is somewhat true. 2000-2006 that is not true at all.

    • anon

      Billy B lost Herny, Gronk (best O skill player), Wilfork (best D player), had crappy WRs. I wouldn’t underestimate what he did this year, they beat some good teams.

      • UKEagle99

        I agree he did a good job but there is a reason the WRs were crappy an that’s on BB. It also helps having a future 1st ballot HoF QB under centre, although some would argue TB had a down year.

        • anon

          was a down year, think that was a product of the weapons around him. i do blame the GM for the receiver situation but Beilli changed the whole offense based on players, i can respect that.

    • Explorer51

      And CK won with a 2nd string QB.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    You would have picked Reid? He did this year what he does every year, beat the bad teams, and lost to the good ones. The Eagles are the only team with a winning record he beat. I know the playoffs don’t count towards the voting but that game was classic Andy and proof that he should have been no where near the top for the Coach of the Year award.

    • GEAGLE

      So true…not to mention, Andy is an offensive coach who is hands off on defense, that offense was average, carried by a top defense…typical Andy. He won’t ever get over the hump.

  • borntosuffer

    So, how many of those guys picked ahead of Chip do you guys want? I’m good with Chip.

    • Eagle in VT


    • anon

      belli is good

      • Eagle in VT

        Perhaps it’s because I’m in New England, surrounded by Pats fans, or maybe I’m bitter about spygate and want the moral high ground, but I’ll take Chip over Bellicheat.

        • George

          Yeah i live in western ct and its ALL pats and giants fans here. Its bad

        • anon

          I hear what you’re saying, i’m from MD, can’t find a good word to say about any redskin, though they haven’t had a good coach since…

  • Wilbert M.

    It’s all good. Chip was acknowledged. The good old boys don’t want to give a new guy too much credit. It should have been between Chip and Belichick, but apparently morons are voting. I could see Andy getting it, but Rivera is ridiculous.

  • ojdiddoit

    Kelly got a lot of players who quit on Andy Reid to play for him,so how does Big Red finish ahead of Big Balls

  • PaoliBulldog

    First year in the NFL, CK is voted fourth best coach in the league. I’ll take that, and spot you the points. He deserves to be higher voted next year.

  • BleedGreenJames

    Yeah Rivera getting this was a joke. Almost as much as Kuechly winning DPOTY. I know we had nobody in the running for DPOTY but Kuechly wasn’t even the best LB in his conference (Bowman).

  • cliff henny

    Rivers over Peters is biggest snub. Rivers had 2 down years, but they werent gawd-awful, more mid pack, and his ’14 wasnt all world, just very good. Peters is a 300+lb OT coming off twice repaired achilles-some people never walk correctly after this, it’s serious injury Peters was able to comeback and play at Pro-Bowl/All-Pro level, higher honors at his position than Rivers got at his. Peters lowest was lower, his higher was higher, but QBs have the stats. might as well etch Maclins name into trophy for ’15 if rumors are true, unless Matt Ryan goes off.

    • GEAGLE

      If that award goes to the player who rebounds from crappy play then frigging King D unlap should have gotten it over Rivers…what a joke

    • NickS1

      For me, it’s really hard to pick which is the biggest the snub. Each has a case that’s stronger than the winner, and in Chip’s case stronger than the other two ahead of him.

  • Beastmode

    I’m sure chip has his “I could really give two fucks” face on right now.
    If I wasn’t hung over id search for which team in the running for COTY had the most pro bowlers on it….the team with least PB talent with the best record should automatically win COTY.

  • Kev_H

    Claude Humphrey in the HOF! Dude was a key difference maker in the Eagles becoming a contender in the late 1970s and making their first Super bowl after 1980. He was the real deal back then and I often wondered why he didn’t get more post career hype.

  • Eagle in VT

    I would like to rant here, but I won’t.

    I’d like to say that any coach who knowingly drafts a thug who shoots people in the face should be instantly disqualified from any award, but I won’t.

    I’d like to say that if the award is between two coaches with big turn-around years, and that one coach replaced the other, that the one replaced shouldn’t be considered because he left a mess behind that someone else could fix when he seemingly couldn’t “get better at that.” But I won’t.

    I’d like to say that if it were between two coaches, and one took 3 years to figure it out and fix his own mess, and the second figured it out in his first year, that the latter should get the nod. But I won’t.

    I’d like to say that the league should pull their heads out of their collective butts and realize when a coach’s sports science program is a contribution to the league as a whole and that by embracing such a program they can show that they were working to reduce injuries and mitigate exposure to future lawsuits. But I don’t want the rest of the league having our sports science program, so I won’t.

    At the end of the day, there isn’t another coach in this league that I’d rather have. I believe in Chip and I’m glad he seemingly doesn’t care about such awards.

    …boy, glad I didn’t rant there…

    • Richard Colton

      You blaming Belichick for Hernandez? Its hard to make a championship team out of choirboys. You limit yourself – especially the Pats, who haven’t been drafting in the top five year after year. They took some calculated risks. Some of them paid off. Some of them flamed out. Good teams know when to accept a little risk. Pats vs. Bengals.

      There’s been a lot of hand wringing around here over not taking a shot at Vontaze Burfict, Honeybadger, and this year’s guy – Colt Lyerla.

      • GEAGLE

        Adding Charecter risks is all about timing. You have to have a strong locker room with established leaders in place to be able to entertain bringing those type of guys into your locker room. I believe we have that now with Meco,Cary, and Barwin. the Oline,Celek and young Nick so I think we can bring in certain Charecter type problems like getting busted for pot in college..but Chip won’t tolerate selfish, lazy type of Charecter guys…if guys have made mistakes in the past, but are Genuinly committed to being good team mates and doing anything to help this team succeed, I think those guys won’t get taken off our board…..Dying to know what Seantrel did to get taken off our draft board at the senior bowl

        • George

          It wasn’t just pot for colt…he got caught with coke

        • anon

          add Avant

  • jon h

    I’d rather our guys keep getting screwed with the awards – gives them more motivation going into next year.

  • Adam

    Lots of downvotes in here today. Must be some Panthers/Chiefs fans lurking around.

    • UKEagle99

      I even got a few, I feel quite proud of them, I think Geagle must be influencing me :-)

      • GEAGLE

        I’m losing my touch…tough to get more then two downvoted these days, it’s hurting my ego

        • UKEagle99

          Lol, nice too see that BBaaS and #7 still pop back even if they don’t post :-P

          I’m hoping the ‘Hawks win this one. Defence wins Championships. Watched Randall’s a football life earlier, saw my boys Jerome, Seth & Reggie on there :-)


    Yo….anyone hear Lurie’s comments RIPPING NNamdi?

    • Brian

      From Twitter: “The worst investment I’ve ever made was Nnamdi Asomugha.” – – Jeffrey Lurie

      • GEAGLE

        Hahahahahahahaha THANKS!!!!!


    I don’t understand how everyone keeps talking about the frugal “batting average” approach when we gave Barwin damn near 40million, and made Cary the highest paid free agent CB in last years market?

    WARD is COMING!!!!!! Hide your woman, hide your children, Ward is COMING!!!!!

    • anon

      What do you expect when you fire your 2 starting corners and you move to a 3-4? Gotta pay a cover OLB and gotta pay a corner since you needed 2 (really probably needed 3). Sadly we didn’t spend any money on a safety when there were several out there.

  • Wiztopher

    I think Chip should have won, flat out. Faced much more adversity, odds, and change. All of this in a high pressure football atmosphere. Making the jump from college to the NFL is hard enough, but doing so while not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them is remarkable. How many records were broken in the FIRST year of his career as head coach? Plus, IMO, changing the culture of a franchise in one season is also just as noteworthy.

  • NickS1

    Chip and Peters got hosed. Hard to tell which is the bigger snub.

  • UKEagle99

    No open SB thread! We need to talk Earl Thomas!

  • UKEagle99

    I’m intrigued to see the outcome of this game. Defence wins championships is the mantra. I feel our O is better than Seatlles but our D is way off, we need some play makers on that side! Go ‘Hawks (they’re Birds after all)

  • EDK215

    …..I believe, strictly on degree-of-difficulty alone, Kelly should’ve won Coach of the Year… He came from college without knowing a soul in the NFL (accept Belichick). Puts a staff together and organizes the mess Andy Reid left…. Deals with the Riley Cooper’s stupidity in training camp at the worst possible time after Maclin goes down for the year…. Coaches the team to a division title with two different styles of QB while breaking numerous NFL and franchise records…. He did it his way regardless of what various NFL Lifers had to say about him (which, most of the time, had a negative slant to it). Chip basically got snubbed due to the leagues bias against him. They didn’t want to get shown up by a guy fresh outta college with no ties to the NFL.

    • anon

      Bellicheck should have won he overcame way more. CK is second.

      • peteike

        while having the best QB in the league so no.

  • Scott J

    The irony of Ron Rivera winning COY is, he could lose his job next year if the Panthers don’t make the playoffs.

  • Dr Rick

    I’m mourning the live game chat!!
    Go Hawks!!
    I want to see our Eagles D play like this.
    I am coming to Philly for the Eagles-Seahawks next year.
    I’ll buy the first round for you guys here.

  • NickS1

    Congrats to Earl Thomas. F U Brandon Graham.

    • George

      I now feel sick to my stomach. Thank you for opening my wound and pouring gallons of lemon juice on it. Thank you.

  • NickS1

    I wonder if Gus Bradley is regretting leaving Seattle.

  • Kev_H

    I think Pete Carroll just won coach of the year. I’d like to see Kelly learn how to finish games like that, with play action downfield passes on first down rather than run, run, pass, punt.

    • anon

      He coached, john fox did not.