Kelly Grades Himself At 58.8 Percent


Chip Kelly was asked today to evaluate his first year on the job.

“I give myself a 58.8 percent,” he said.

How did you arrive at that number?

“That’s winning 10 games out of 17.”

The Eagles’ head coach addressed the media today for the last time in awhile. He has reviewed the film of Saturday night’s 26-24 loss to the Saints, mulled over the mistakes and started on an offseason plan.

“There were some plays that we talk about offensively, we left the meat on the bone a little bit,” he said. “We could have been a little bit better. There were some things defensively. We missed some tackles at times. There were a lot of positives, but they made more plays than us. The Saints did a really good job of executing, and we came up short. But there were some issues offensively, defensively and special teams that when you look at it, you wish we could have that one back.”

Asked if he allowed himself to have some time to unwind mentally, Kelly said: “I had yesterday. That was about it. I mean, it’s a tough process, and I think you can beat yourself up, and yesterday wasn’t a lot of fun. There were a lot of us, we weren’t supposed to be in as coaches, but there were a lot of us in as coaches, and you’re kind of, ‘What do we do now?’ But we’ve got to move forward. We have got to get going, and there’s a lot of things to do.”


As players cleaned out their lockers at the NovaCare Complex, several posed for photos with Michael Vick or asked him to sign various gear.

There’s a chance the veteran quarterback could return as a backup, but more likely, his career in Philadelphia is over.

Asked what it was like to coach Vick, Kelly said: “I love Michael Vick. I mean, that guy is awesome, and I think how he handled a very difficult situation, because of Nick [Foles’] success, I don’t think that… that’s not any indication of Michael’s non-success. And I think what we’ve asked him to do since I got here, he’s done everything.

“Unfortunately, he got hurt, and that gave an opportunity to another guy, and I think sometimes for a lot of people, you put yourself in those shoes, that’s hard to wrap your arms around because it’s not like Michael was wrong and Michael got benched. It was just a unique situation, and I think how he handled it, how he helped Nick through the process, it just tells you the type of person he is and the type of teammate he is, and I think that didn’t go unnoticed by me, and I appreciate everything he did my first year here.”


Asked about DeSean Jackson’s contract situation, Kelly said: “I don’t talk about contracts. I’m never going to have a discussion over it. I do think everybody in this should be paid more, though.”

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  • AL

    I believe the comment on Desean was everyone “in this room” should be paid more, but i’m nitpicking. I am fine with Desean asking for a new contract, I would prefer the Eagles restructure his deal. They should offer him an amount of guaranteed money which is less that what is contract currently will pay him over the next 2 years (currently $20 million I believe).

  • Beastmode

    Thank you sweet Jesus for giving us this coach. Watching Andy slowly implode on Saturday made me thankful as hell.

    • mtn_green

      I wanted Andy to win. Both teams were worst to first. I’m hoping that both sustain success. Poor Gus Bradley his dumpster fire is still raging.

      • BlindChow

        Frankly, after what Andy did to this franchise, I didn’t want him to have success right away in KC. I didn’t want him to suddenly learn from his mistakes, not after refusing to learn from them while he was here. And seeing him blow timeouts and lose a huge lead in that playoff game was very satisfying.

        I’m sure I’ll be less bitter next season, though.

        • Andy124

          Just about the only part of that game I got to see were the blown timeouts. I don’t wish Andy ill, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

        • JofreyRice

          word x 100000

        • GEAGLE

          Less bitter next year? He owes me 13 more years of this boneheaded crap in KC…and I hope they are just successful enough to keep suckering them in like he did to us

          • guest

            He was BY FAR the most successful coach this franchise has ever had. I dont know how old you are, but it doesn’t matter – you have never seen the Eagles have a stretch of winning seasons like they did under Reid.

            It was time for him to go (one year too late), and I’m all in with Chip. But Andy was a great hire by Lurie, and a great coach. We were relevant every year for a decade. That just doesn’t happen in this league. Show some f–king respect.

          • WorldPh_ingChamps

            Much respect for him, BUT YOU have to realize that as much as he was to credit for the SUCCESS, it were his bone-headed calls, clock mismanagement and stubborn pass happiness with the flawed mechanics of McNabb that cost them winning the most important games. Reid recently admitted that once he became more involved in personnel decisions it took away from the joy of coaching (which in my opinion lead to more questionable acquisitions in the draft and free agency, not to mention losing the team…..) So Reid did a lot to undo the success that he himself had built, to put it bluntly….

        • WorldPh_ingChamps

          Blown timeouts and passing 23 of their last 30 or so offensive plays…..but yet KC media doesn’t mention any of it to him…..they are still in love fest with him. Not to mention a lot of their 11 wins were smoke and mirrors. The only playoff team that they beat were the Eagles, with Vick at QB.

      • Beastmode

        Some people’s best is just not good enough. I think Andy would have made a great coordinator instead of a HC. And I say that with full appreciation for what he did for the city.

        • pkatz

          There was a comment on Saturday (I think, it might not have been Sat) where an announcer said that there were very few true head coaches in the NFL, just a bunch of coordinators who become head coaches for a few years, and then go back to coordinating.

          Just an interesting idea to support your thoughts.

        • GEAGLE

          PregAme Marshall Faulk brung up Reid’s horrible record of like 32 wins 55 losses (not exact numbers) against the top teams and basically the entire panel shut up, none had any idea that Reid’s record against top opposition was THAT bad

          • Pennguino

            I remember looking up his record on 8-8 teams or better from 2000 to 2004 and he was 1 game over 500 if I remember correctly. Him and McNabb made a living off of the crappy NFCE.
            The same could be said for Chip. Him and Foles/Vick played 5 teams that made it to the playoff and won one game against a Rogersless GB.

          • Kev_H

            I think he only had 1 or 2 wins in 14 years against AFC playoff teams. Something like 2-18.

    • theycallmerob

      I’d pay good money to drink beers with Chip, and just shoot the shit. he kills me with these pressers. “I won’t discuss contracts….but everyone should be paid more”.

      • Beastmode

        Yeah the ‘fucking score points line to Coop’ had me thinking the same thing!!

      • guest

        they left out a word. He said “everyone in this room should be paid more” meaning the media. You could have found a better line than that one. He’s full of them.

        He’s definitely the coach that would be the best to drink beers with though.

    • shutUface

      Just listening to Andy, stop to breathe every few seconds brought back terrible memories.

  • TheCatalyst

    I can fully admit that I was not onboard with the Chip hire but over the season, and especially now, I believe that he was the best man for the job. The guy sounds like he’s still getting ready to go play a game on Sunday…and he’s good at math on the spot. This team feels like it has nowhere to go but up while the rest of the NFC-E is on it’s way down.

    • macadood

      true that about the eagles being in a great spot amongst a set of imploding division rivals. Let’s just hope we can add the correct few missing pieces this offseason to evolve into a stellar team. I got faith in Chip

    • theycallmerob

      I think we’re capable of what the Pats pulled off- a decade of divisional domination. So long as Snyder and Jerrah are breathing, we’re in a 2 horse race

      • cliff henny

        in 2 yrs, dallas is going to ready for the glue factory. rg3 will be rg7kneeoperations and think eli’s new goal in life is to throw picks till coughlin red face explodes

        • Andy124

          He realized he could never match his brother td for td, so he’s working on int for td.

          • cliff henny

            he was handing out picks like i was snickers bars at halloween.
            eli’s coming up for contract. ’14 is 20m w 7m dead but ’15 is 19m w 2m dead. we need to start hyping eli is eli-te again. start passing out t-shirts. he needs a romo like contract

      • GEAGLE

        Giants are like 4 years behind…they made the biggest mistake they could have made..they bought the end of the season fools gold success just like we did with Andy, now they will waste a few more years trying to patch holes in a sinking ship only to eventually realize that they will never be successful again until they blow it all up and rebuild….I really hope the pay for hakim Nicks

        • Dominik

          Don’t forget that the Giants are a well run team.

          But I’m with you, I’m happy they kept Coughlin. He’s a good coach, but I think it would have been time to move on. Good thing they didn’t.

  • nicksaenz1

    I listened to WIP for a few minutes last Thursday and listened to the host say how he thinks Chip will bolt this offseason for the Texas job or some other very lucrative opening, stating that he’s a college guy and doesn’t think he likes the NFL. I’m still trying to figure out the basis for those comments.

    • Andy124

      Basis is simple. Radio people’s salary is inversely proportional to the amount of sense they make.

      • cliff henny

        what’s the ratio for them over at espn? man, imagine how much ashley fox could make at WIP

        • GEAGLE

          I def can’t speak on Ashley openly and honestly without getting banned from the entire internet :)…but props to those stronger then me who can pull it off

          • Andy124

            It helps if you picture Rachel Nichols instead of Ashley Fox. There’s a slight resemblance.

          • guest

            What you didn’t like how Ashley Fox mainly seemed to focus on Chicago teams when she wrote for the Inquirer? Lol. She sucks. I fully agree with you here.

    • FluxCapacitor

      WIP is a waste of space, time, effort and anybody listening. I mean, unless you are in that 5% of the completely stupid A-Hole fans in this City…then carry on.

      • GEAGLE

        Wow, what an IDIOT you are…radio hosts are all worthless! but WIP is extremely Valuable!!!
        Every Monday morning after a game they are the only station Chip grants an interview to..

        Howie Roseman answers fans questions openly and way more honestly then you would expect every Monday at 5pm..always wondered why this site doesn’t cover Howies extremely informative weekly radio show? Is it because it’s on WIP and Tim and Sheil ALSO work for it’s competitor the fanatic? I didn’t think this site was a fanatic affiliate so why waste resources and not cover Howie and the eagles on another station?

        • FluxCapacitor

          OK, so you just gave 30 minutes of how many hours? That show and channel sucks,

        • guest

          This site always has an article that touches on whatever Howie speaks about on Monday night. This week it was at the bottom of another article. If you read everything on here, you’ll find it.

  • Warhound

    67% Based on performance vs other coaches. The Eagles are picking 22nd next draft. That’s 21 he bested and 10 who did better than he.

    • theycallmerob

      That adds extra variables, such as other coach vs coach performances. Chip’s math is single variable, himself vs. x, more experimental control and greater validity.

      His # was more statistically significant :)

  • Sven

    Will the Saints defense accept the bounty on Skip Bayless’s nose. The idiot is such a Tony Romo Homer…just read his tweets about Chip and Nick.

    • George

      Look at this Gem:

      • Riley Martin

        To end it all? The man knows his name is a pejorative and doesn’t care because he makes money, which is the most important thing anyone can do. Shame means nothing to him. ESPN loves how he makes casual fans stupider because there’s less demand for quality on their end. I just wish the idiots would stop watching First Take.

        • Sven

          His first 2 man-crushes were Vince Young and Tim Tebow, now that they’ve both gone down the drain he keeps harping about Romo and Johnny Manziel. That reason enough to sell that stock if you ask me.

      • Bird of Prey

        I think the whole show for Bayless to make the dumbest statements possible, and show Steven A, make a face or reaction to how stupid it was. I always come away from that show a little dumber than when I started.

      • Sven

        Yup, that’s the one I was talking about.

      • guest

        Good point Skip. Also, we finally dont have to hear about this Aaron Rodgers guy anymore. He lost at home too. He must not be any good. Peyton lost at home him the playoffs last year too. But living in his brother Eli’s shadow must be tough.

        Kidding aside, Foles isn’t special. He’s good. Very good at times. He works extremely hard, and that might one day make him very good consistently. But I dont think anyone is calling him “special” without some serious hyperbole.

        But Chip is a genius, and LeSean is actually Barry Sanders. The Saints proved nothing. Skip Bayless, however, proved, once again, that he is a joke. But smart, because we’re all talking about him.

  • Guest

    The number should actually be 55.6.

    I thought Chippah did an amazing job this year. I was extremely impressed with his answers that just…made sense…always. I also thought how he handled things from a personnel standpoint at borderline brilliant. He was taught some things this year, but he showed he is a damn smart, very personable guy. Excellent, excellent hire.

    • Riley Martin

      58.8235294117647% exactly, actually.

      • kelly’springles

        He’s including the playoff loss in that 55.6

  • Pennguino

    Love me some Chip and Foles. But to look at Chip’s record with tainted glasses.

    Played 17 games (10-7)
    One and done in the playoffs at home against a dome team.
    Played 9 teams with .500 or better record. Won only 3. No Rodgers in GB, No Romo in Dallas, the Ref Game in AZ. (3-6)
    Played 4 AFC opponents. (1-3) Only win came against a 4-12 Oakland. The other three teams made the playoffs and he went 0-3 against them.
    Next year he plays 7 teams with a losing record from this year (NYG2, WAS2, JAX, TEN, STL) 3 of these games are from 7-9 opponents.

    The team had a great year and I really enjoyed the season. We beat who we were suppose to beat minus the no QB game vs the Giants and taking Minny lightly.

    Looking forward to next year!

  • coyote jody

    I made this call before the Saints ran the clock down that Chip should have let them score the TD with 2:30 on the clock and one timeout to get the offense back on the field and drive down and win it by a point… The Saints D were injured and tired and our boys were rolling..